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Streaming Media
August 10, 2004

Table of Contents

Media 100 Showcasing New Developments with HD and 844/X V. 3
Toshiba Adds SD-M1912 DVD-ROM Drive
3Dlabs Demonstrates New Professional Graphics Accelerator At SIGGRAPH 2004
Casablanca to Show New Nonlinear Solutions
wondertouch to Demonstrate particleIllusion Plug-In for Adobe After Effects at Siggraph 2004
Focus Unveils New Digital Video Mixer Line and FireStore FS-4 DVR
Matrox Certifies nNovia QuickCapture Portable DVRs
LSI Logic DVD Recorder Processor Enables JVC's First '3-In-1' Digital Video Recorders

Media 100 Showcasing New Developments with HD and 844/X V. 3

Media 100 and Optibase will unveil major development efforts at IBC, including new streaming technology from Optibase and an extension of the capabilities of 844/X, the Media 100 nonlinear editing solution.

Media 100, a unit of Optibase, will be demonstrating the new Media 100 HD Version 10 software release, featuring 99 tracks of video, RGB/HSL color correction, an advanced keyer, and a software codec featuring full motion-alpha channel support.

Media 100 will also demonstrate 844/X Version 3.0, the largest software expansion of 844/X since the system's inception with many new real-time, multi-stream capabilities. 844/X Version 3.0, dubbed the Visual Effects Release, features advanced keying, 3D DVEs, shadow and glow effects, XML-based metadata interchange and a range of new performance optimizations for editing longer-form, layer-intensive projects.

Optibase will unveil MPEG MovieMaker 200S for Macintosh, its new high-end MPEG 1 and 2 encoder that supports Power Mac G5 and Mac OS X. Designed for the creation of DVD, SVCD and VCD content, MPEG MovieMaker 200S for Macintosh complements DVD Studio Pro, Apple's DVD authoring software, as well as the other main SVCD/VCD authoring tools on the market.

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Toshiba Adds SD-M1912 DVD-ROM Drive

Toshiba has announced he SD-M1912, the first U.S. offering from the Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Joint Venture. Shipping in mid-August, the SD-M1912 provides read speeds of 16X for DVD-ROM (21,600KB/sec.) and 2X for DVD-RAM (2,700 KB/sec.), with a 48X speed playback for CD-ROM (7200KB/sec.). Average seek times for the internal ATAPI drive are 93ms for single-layer DVD-ROM, 115ms for dual-layer DVD-ROM, 90ms for CD-R/RW and CD-ROM, and 200ms for DVD-RAM.

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3Dlabs Demonstrates New Professional Graphics Accelerator At SIGGRAPH 2004

3Dlabs Inc., Ltd., announced that its single-card professional graphics accelerator, Wildcat Realizm 800, will be demonstrated for the first time to the public at the SIGGRAPH 2004 trade show at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 10-12.

In addition, the two AGP 8X-based graphics accelerators which have just begun shipping, Wildcat Realizm 100 and 200, will join the PCI Express-based Wildcat Realizm 800 in delivering professional performance to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). The new AGP 8x-based Wildcat Realizm 100 and 200 professional graphics accelerators will be running applications such as Alias Maya, discreet 3ds max, NewTek Lightwave, Planet 9, and Side Effects Houdini at SIGGRAPH 2004. SOFTIMAGE|XSI v4.0 and Planet 9 applications will be demonstrated on the dual-VPU, PCI Express-based Wildcat Realizm 800 that achieves up to twice the performance of competitive products, according to 3Dlabs.

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Casablanca to Show New Nonlinear Solutions

MacroSystem has announced that its Casablanca Solitaire nonlinear editing system has been coupled with the real-time operating system VxWorks for increased editing speed. With background rendering and one-touch backup working in conjunction with Smart Edit and new add-ons like QuadCam and CB Paint, Solitaire includes the following features:

- Background rendering software uses every pause in editing to produce lightning-fast results
- Advanced hardware architecture with a 3.2GHz processor
- One or two removable 160GB or 300GB hard drives
- 512MB or 1GB RAM
- One-touch backup to integrated 160GB or 300GB hard drive
- Integrated dual-layer DVD burner and advanced authoring software for creating professional DVDs

Solitaire now includes the following software:
- Smart Edit 4 (when released)
- Title Effects
- 3D Shapes
- Fonts 1-4
- Fonts Pack Pro
- Effects 1-4
- Powerkey Software & Keyboard
- Presentation Options
- Refined design with heavy duty, background-printed glass.

MacroSystem will be showing its lineup of nonlinear editing produtcs, including the new QuadCam multi-camera editing feature, at WEVA EXPO 2004, to be held in Las Vegas, August 16 - 19.

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wondertouch to Demonstrate particleIllusion Plug-In for Adobe After Effects at Siggraph 2004

At SIGGRAPH 2004, wondertouch, a leading software developer pecializing particle effects tools for the visual effects industry, will demonstrate beta technology of its particleIllusion 3.0 plug-in for Adobe After Effects. The particleIllusion plug-in will provide motion graphics and visual effects professionals with access to the particleIllusion 3.0 software engine from directly within the After Effects environment. Adobe After Effects offers creative control to efficiently produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web, and the availability of the particleIllusion plug-in is expected to meet with widespread enthusiasm from the Adobe After Effects community of creative professionals. The software is scheduled for release early in the fourth quarter of 2004.

The particleIllusion plug-in for Adobe After Effects (Windows and Mac OS X) is expected to ship early in the fourth quarter 2004; pricing to be determined. wondertouch, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri., is a software developer specializing in particle effects for the visual effects industry. The company's flagship product is particleIllusion, a sprite-based particle effects application, focused towards the needs of creative professionals working in film post-production and pre-visualization, standard and HD video, commercial broadcast, and Web graphics industries.

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Focus Unveils New Digital Video Mixer Line and FireStore FS-4 DVR

FOCUS Enhancements Inc. made two key announcements this week, including a pair of new digital mixers and the FireStore 4, the latest addition to its FireStore line of camera-mounted or connected digital video recorders.

Focus will release its two new video mixer models, the MX-4 and MX-4DV, later this year. The MX-4 and MX-4 DV are designed for live event productions; they feature internal graphics store capabilities, additional I/O connections, and embedded CD-quality audio tools, the company announced.

The FOCUS Enhancements MX-4 Digital Video Mixer offers a host of features including:

- 10 bit 4:2:2 video processing with input comb filter circuitry
- A processor four times faster than its predecessor with flash-upgradeable memory
- Integral graphics store
- Ethernet for computer and network connectivity
- Four-layer video effects, including foreground graphics
- 700+ transitions, with cuts, fades, wipes, zooms, edges, shapes, and effects
- Two-channel TBC (Time Base Corrector)
- Faster cuts and transition speeds
- Input effects with preview, including brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, posterization B&W, B&W Negative, Horizontal or Vertical Flip, Mosaic, Color Negative, Color Correction, Strobe, and Chromakey
- PiPs (picture-in-picture) which can be enhanced with soft edges, colored borders and drop shadows for 3D-like impact

In addition to the above features, the MX-4 DV model includes four FireWire/i.Link (IEEE 1394) inputs and one FireWire/i.Link output to enable videographers to mix DV video and 10-bit analog video in real time with fast cuts. Another advantage of using DV is its full support for up to four channels of embedded digital audio with CD-quality audio performance.

The MX-4 and MX-4 DV are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2004. The suggested retail price of the MX-4 is $2,195. The suggested retail price of the MX-4 DV will be announced at a later date, the company stated.

In addition, Focus has come out with the Firestore FS-4, a new hard disk-based digital video recorder for handheld camcorders. Providing tapeless video acquisition, the FS-4 and FS-4 Pro record directly from your camcorder while you shoot using Direct To Edit (DTE) Technology, and connect to any FireWire-equipped PC to make footage immediately available for the NLE timeline.

FS-4, files are recorded to disk as RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime or QuickTime 24p. The FS-4 Pro model also includes MXF, Pinnacle AVI, and Avid DV-OMF support.

FireStore FS-4 weighs less than one pound, including the battery, and is 1.5" thick. You can mount the device directly to your camcorder using the optional hot shoe adapter, or clip the FS-4 directly to your belt.

FS-4 comes standard with a 40GB (3 hours) hard drive while FS-4 Pro is available with either 40GB or 80GB (6-hour) capacities. You can extend record times by linking two FS-4 units together for as much as 12 hours of recording. Both FS-4 models also feature slim removable battery packs or can be optionally powered via a wall outlet.

FS-4 interfaces with your camcorder using a single FireWire cable that passes audio, video, timecode and control information. When a tape is present, each press of start and stop on your camcorder's record button will create an individual clip on disk. FS-4 features a comprehensive backlit display, menu system and buttons allowing easy control and management. Both FS-4 and FS-4 Pro are field-upgradeable.

FS-4 Pro also includes retro-record mode; Scene Marking, which allows clips to be categorized into pre-named folders on disk while you shoot; user-definable time lapse; and loop playback modes.

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Matrox Certifies nNovia QuickCapture Portable DVRs

Matrox Video Products Group has completed compatibility testing and certification of the nNovia QuickCapture family of products for use with the Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro and RT.X10 Suite real-time video editing platforms. QuickCapture and QuickCapture A2D are designed for ENG and professional videographers to record "Edit-Ready" clips directly to an internal hard disk from any DV or analog camcorder, thus eliminating the "capture" step typical in nonlinear editing workflow.

Key features of nNovia QuickCapture and QuickCapture A2D include: Instant "Edit-Ready" video files (i.e. AVI Type-2 Matrox), compatibility with popular DV camcorders, compatibility with popular analog camcorders (QuickCapture A2D only), IEEE-1394 DV input/output, Composite and Y/C input/output (QuickCapture A2D only), Bi-Direction media converter (QuickCapture A2D only), up to six hours of continuous recording using an 80GB HDD, organizes content as you record, VTR & HDD emulation, compact and lightweight design, and battery or A/C adapter-powered operation.

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LSI Logic DVD Recorder Processor Enables JVC's First '3-In-1' Digital Video Recorders

LSI Logic Corporation announced that JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) has selected the LSI Logic DiMeNsion 8652 (DMN-8652) DVD recorder system processor for use in the unique JVC "3-in-1" DR-MX1 digital video recorder. By tapping the diverse features integrated into the single-chip DMN-8652, JVC's DR-MX1 integrates the capabilities of a DVD recorder, VCR, and hard disk drive (HDD) recorder into a single product.

Based on the LSI Logic DoMiNo architecture, the DMN-8652 processor was selected by JVC for its ability to enable a convergence of consumer digital video applications with highest quality video and audio, while reducing the time, cost and complexity of system design. The DMN-8652 accepts video from TV and other analog video sources and encodes it for storage on hard disk or DVD discs in standard recordable formats including DVD-RAM and DVD-RW/R. It supports simultaneous playback of video from HDD or DVD, and a range of background copying operations between the VCR, hard disk drive, and optical drive.

Leveraging the DMN-8652, the JVC DR-MX1 includes the following features:
- a 120GB hard drive for recording up to 224 hours of video;
- a fast dubbing feature enabling consumers to transfer video from HDD to DVD up to 32X
- two-pass MPEG encoding to achieve the highest quality
- six-way dubbing between HDD-and-VHS, DVD-and-VHS, and HDD-and-DVD
- multi-format spport
- 1.5x video playback

The DMN-8652 integrates a second dedicated ATAPI port, an NTSC/PAL TVencoder, video DACs, and a USB controller. It offers MPEG-4 video playback; concurrent operation of timeshifting (pause, rewind, and fast-forward of live television) while archiving programs from hard disk to DVD. Additional advantages of the DMN-8652 include LSI Logic's proprietarypre- and post-processing technologies, TrueView Pro and TrueScan Pro.

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