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August 20, 2004

Table of Contents

EZQuest Introduces 16X Dual-Layer Drive
Pioneer Chooses Sonic Technology for DVR-A08XL Double Layer DVD Writer
All Pro Solutions Introduces Hera Series
TDK Unveils New PrintOn Recordable DVD Media
Universal Digital Asset Protection Now Available with HexaLock CD Security Solutions
Philips Announces 16X DVD+R Discs
Ahead Announces Nero Recode 2.1
Digital Audio Wave Launches DAWin G5000 PC Digital Audio Workstation

EZQuest Introduces 16X Dual-Layer Drive

 A 16X Boa DVD± FireWire drive that is compatible with all popular CD and DVD media types, including 8.5GB dual-layer DVD, is available now from EZQuest. The Boa 16X DVD± drive offers the highest speeds available: 16x for DVD±R; 4X for DVD+R dual-layer and DVD+/- RW; 32X for CD-R; and 24X for CD-RW.

The new drive provides high quality and reliability during high-speed writing and is ideal for recording audio CDs and DVD movies, and backing up or transferring up to 8.5GB of data. The Boa 16X DVD± is also available in USB 2.0 and internal models. The FireWire model comes in two versions. Version K16660 for Macs and PCs bundles Toast Lite, Retrospect, and Easy CD/DVD Creator software, and has an MSRP of $199. Version K16661 for Macs and PCs bundles Toast Titanium 6, Retrospect and Easy CD/DVD Creator, and has an MSRP of $259.

The USB 2.0 model, K16760, for PCs bundles Easy CD/DVD Creator and Retrospect, at an MSRP of $189. FireWire and USB models come with cables. The internal model comes in two versions. Version K16130 for PCs includes Easy CD/DVD Creator and Retrospect at an MSRP of $129; Version K16150 includes both Mac and PC software, including Easy CD/DVD Creator, Toast, and Retrospect at an MSRP of $139.

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Pioneer Chooses Sonic Technology for DVR-A08XL Double Layer DVD Writer

Sonic Solutions today announced that Pioneer Europe has chosen to bundle five of Sonic's top software solutions for digital media with its new 4X double-layer DVR-A08XL DVD writers. The collaboration allows Pioneer Europe to provide its users with proven, powerful CD and DVD burning technology that gives them the ability to easily create and enjoy CDs and DVDs for music, data, video, photo slideshows and backup.

The software to be bundled with the DVR-A08XL includes Sonic MyDVD, RecordNow, Cineplayer, Simple Backup and Drive Letter Access. MyDVD and RecordNow utilize the Sonic HyperMux-DL engine which leverages Sonic's successful history of creating multi-layer disc authoring systems for Hollywood studios by applying advanced title layout, buffer management, layer-break management, and frame selection technologies to consumer DVD creation applications for the first time. The Pioneer DVR-A08XL DVD writer will be available from the end of August at retail outlets across Europe at the suggested retail price of €179 Euro.

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All Pro Solutions Introduces Hera Series

All Pro Solutions Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of CD/DVD Duplication Equipment, offers a complete line of CD/DVD duplication and printing systems from PC Connected series to fully automated stand-alone series. We proudly announce the new release of our HERA SERIES fully automated stand-alone CD/DVD duplication systems configured with 3 drives / 330 disc capacity or 6 drives / 630 disc capacity. Price starts at $2,999.

The HERA System is a fully self-contained CD/DVD Duplicator with it's own hard drive. No PC or MAC host is required. The system is controlled using a simple 2-button keypad. The menus are very intuitive, making the system as easy to operate as a photocopier.

• Unattended operation
• Save time and money
• Strong industrial body
• Big disc capacity
• Fast interchangeable towers from CD to DVD
• Tower can be used as a manual duplicator too

• 3 or 6 drives
• Drive speed: 52x for CD; 8x for DVD-R and 12x for DVD+R
• Capacity: 330 or 630 discs

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TDK Unveils New PrintOn Recordable DVD Media

TDK, a world leader in digital recording and playback solutions, has announced the introduction of its PrintOn recordable DVD media line. The progressive new media products enable customers to personalize every aspect of a disc by printing colorful, eye-catching images, text and graphics directly on the DVD surface itself. Available in three products that are all formulated specifically for direct-on-disc printing, PrintOn recordable DVD media offers customers an attractive personal alternative to labeling kits and hand labeling. TDK PrintOn DVD media is designed for use with compatible inkjet printers, such as Epson Stylus disc-printable models.

To satisfy a broad customer base, TDK will offer three PrintOn DVD products - PrintOn DVD Photo Quality, PrintOn DVD White Matte, and PrintOn DVD Color Matte. All three products will be available in both DVD+R and DVD-R formats, in a variety of pack configurations, including spindles and DVD-style movie cases.

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Universal Digital Asset Protection Now Available with HexaLock CD Security Solutions

HexaLock, Ltd., a leader in CD copy protection technology and digital rights management solutions, has released Version 3.0 of its CD copy protection suite. Publishers, developers and content owners can now protect all their digital assets from unauthorized copying and use. PDF documents, HTML files, XML files, MP3 audio files, AVI and MPEG video files and GIF, JPG, and BMP image files are just a few examples of file types that can now be protected on CD-Rs as well as CD-ROMs.

Key Improvements:
-Completely redesigned and easy to use AutoLock Wizard.
-Support for protecting content files in addition to Program .exe files.
-Flexible, publisher-selected, user rights options.
-Password protection options.
-Improved signature designs, particularly for combating cloning /copying software.
-Full compatibility with new productivity tools designed for use with major CD-ROM
-Mastering Suites and industry-leading CD-R duplication systems.
-New and easy to use Toolsets for creating multiple protected CD-RX discs.

HexaLock Website registered users can download this updated software and its associated toolsets and documentation at: 

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Philips Announces 16X DVD+R Discs

Philips Electronics announced that its new 'All Speed' DVD+R blank medium is the first to be approved for 1X up to 16X recording speeds. This allows consumers to use this single disc at all recording speeds - from real-time 1X video recording speed up to the maximum achievable 16X speeds. A 16X DVD drive writes the full 4.7 GB DVD+R disc in about 5 minutes. Mass volume shipments of this new 16x DVD+R medium will start in August.

The new 1-16X DVD+R disc was co-developed by Philips Optical Storage and CMC of Taiwan. The disc uses a new Oxonol dye developed by FujiFilm, containing no heavy metals/banned substances. The developments are based on the results of Philips Research's innovations in optical-storage technologies, which include the development of a new write strategy for high-speed writing.

Philips new DVD+R disc was the first 16x media to be approved by the DVD+R/RW Verification Laboratories Group (DVLG). The format verification laboratories test newly developed DVD+R, DVD+R DL and DVD+RW discs from media manufacturers to verify that read and write performance comply with the standard specifications to ensure optimal recording on discs. 

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Ahead Announces Nero Recode 2.1

Nero Recode 2.1 is available now via a free download to Nero 6 Ultra Edition users. The program allows importing, recoding (or compressing) and burning DVD-Video titles that would normally be too large to fit onto a recordable or rewritable 4.7 GB DVD discs.

Import complete contents of non-copy protected DVD-Video discs or DVD-Video file structures from your hard drive. Select the video, audio, and subtitle content that you want to keep and control the quality of the video content that needs to be recoded. Add your own data files and recode and burn a new DVD-Video to DVD disc, DVD image file or hard drive folder in one easy step. The newly recoded DVD will have the same menu navigation as the source DVD-Video.

Nero Recode version 2.1 highlights:
-Faster DVD-9 to DVD-5 recoding speeds
-High-Quality Mode for all around better DVD performance
-Faster Nero Digital/MPEG-4 recoding/encoding
-Creating Nero Digital/MPEG-4 movies from AVI, AVS, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MOV, VOB, and WMV and the ability to create chapter marks
-DVDs can be recoded to Nero Digital/MPEG-4 with the original chapters
-Integrates the optimized and available profiles of Mobile, Portable, Standard, Cinema, and HDTV 

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Digital Audio Wave Launches DAWin G5000 PC Digital Audio Workstation

The ultra-quiet (18dB) DAWin G5000 digital audio workstation is a desktop system with Intel Pentium 4 Processor supporting HT Technology Extreme Edition 3.4 GHz, two 74GB Western Digital 10000RPM Raptor SATA drives powered by Intel(R) Matrix RAID Technology, and NVDIA PCI Express X16 graphics card.

G5000 features:
-PCI Express bus architecture delivers over 3.5 times more bandwidth for graphics cards than AGP8X, supporting the latest high performance graphics cards. It also offers over 3.5 times more bandwidth than PCI for I/O cards, for top-notch performance with Gigabit Ethernet devices.
-Intel Matrix Storage Technology enables increased storage performance on dual hard drives via Native Command Queuing and RAID 0 stripping, while helping to protect your valuable digital archives through RAID 1 mirroring. Native hot plug capability lets you swap hard drives while your PC is running.
-Dual-Channel DDR2 533 memory delivers up to 8.5GB/s bandwidth for incredibly responsive realistic high-definition audio, high-definition video, faster 3D modeling, and better system performance.
-DAWin G5000 features deliver a compelling solution for both consumer and corporate market segments.
-800-MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) enables support for today's highest- performing Intel Pentium 4 Processors with HT Technology Extreme Edition 3.4 GHz
-Optimized for Intel Pentium 4 Processor supporting HT Technology to enable improved system performance and responsiveness.
-Enhanced performance architecture, with 800-MHz system bus processors and DDR2 memory, optimizes data transfers between the processor and system memory
-Flexible memory support, with dual-channel DDR2 533 / DDR2 400 memory, providing up to 8.5GB/s memory bandwidth, in configurations up to a maximum of 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM).
-PCI Express delivers up to 4GB/s per direction for graphics bandwidth and up to 500MB/ s concurrent data transfers for I/O. -Intel Matrix Storage Technology, with integrated Raid 0 and Raid 1 capabilities using the latest SATA interface, for accelerated disk I/O performance. Serial ATA hard drives deliver enterprise-class specifications with 10,000 RPM. The newest generation Western Digital Raptor SATA drives offer the digital audio market 74 GB capacity, and Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF) technology to maintain hard drive performance in high-vibration environments. These new class of hard drives match SCSI reliability and exceed comparable SCSI performance in audio-video workloads while providing simplified connectivity for less cost than SCSI drives. Serial ATA incorporates significant technical enhancements over traditional ATA making it ideal for RAID implementations. Along with several configuration benefits, SATA technology improves data transmission through a point-to-point topology, eliminating bus sharing and delivering a full 1.5Gb/s bandwidth to each drive. -Intel High Definition Audio features eight independent DMA audio engines (192 KHz at 24-bit converters) can enable multiple separate, simultaneous audio streams with support for major audio formats, such as Dolby Digital and 7.1 surround sound. 

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