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Streaming Media
September 14, 2004

Table of Contents

Analog Devices' Video Compression Technology Enables Motion Picture Industry to Adopt JPEG 2000 as Digital Cinema Standard
Sonic Solutions Ships its New eDVD 3 Software
ViewCast Delivers Osprey-300 Video Capture Card
Sonic Debuts HD-series Real-time WMV HD Encoder
Canopus Releases Braodcast Line of Nonlinear Editing Solutions
Toshiba Demonstrates New Video Recording Products at CEDIA 2004
Optibase Releases High-End MPEG-2 Encoding Platform for the Mac DVD Creation Market
Leitch Unleashes VelocityHD NLE

Analog Devices' Video Compression Technology Enables Motion Picture Industry to Adopt JPEG 2000 as Digital Cinema Standard

Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), a consortium of seven major Hollywood movie studios, has formally adopted JPEG 2000 as the standard format for digital delivery of all motion pictures to theaters using digital cinema projectors. Analog Devices' ADV 202 chip, offering real-time integrated JPEG 2000 compression technology has proven to be the catalyst for DCI's adoption of the format.

The ADV202 JPEG 2000 video compression chip achieves high-definition image quality in real-time, according to Analog Devices, while offering flexibility and scalability in image delivery. Used in digital cinema applications in many stages of theatrical production, including high-definition theatrical projectors, video servers, and file storage, the ADV202 enables cinema equipment manufacturers to provide interoperable digital delivery systems based on the JPEG 2000 standard.

ADI's ADV202 solution features its patented SURF (Spatial Ultra-efficient Recursive Filtering) wavelet technology that enables real-time compression and decompression of moving and still digital images. With a flexible interface, the ADV202 can be used with multiple types of video and still image formats and comes in a compact 12mm x 12mm or 13mm x 13mm BGA (ball grid-array) package.

JPEG 2000, which was established as an international standard in January 2001, is a still image and video compression standard based on wavelet technology. In addition to compressing images 20% more efficiently than standard JPEG, JPEG 2000 provides for the extraction of video images from a signal stream with varying resolutions, frame rates, and image layers without further signal processing.

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Sonic Solutions Ships its New eDVD 3 Software

Sonic Solutions has announced the shipment of its eDVD 3 software, a new application for extending a DVD's interactivity with computer bonus features that play back on a Macintosh or Windows PC. eDVD bridges the gap between the personal computer and the DVD format by allowing producers to create links from a DVD to live Web sites and on-disc files such as catalogs, brochures, user manuals, registration forms, and high-resolution graphics. These links can be launched from a DVD menu button or triggered during video playback and are compatible with both Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and Mac OS X-based computers.

eDVD-enhanced titles offer the same playability on set-top DVD players as standard DVDs, according to Sonic. To alert viewers to additional bonus features and Web links available when watching the title on a PC, eDVD 3 includes video and still authoring assets that DVD producers can incorporate into their projects. In addition, eDVD 3 comes with packaging graphics that can be used to brand titles as Web-enabled, as well as Sonic's RecordNow industry-standard DVD and CD burning software, and a license to distribute the InterActual Player software on replicated discs.

Sonic eDVD links DVD-Video content to standard Web pages and document files located on the DVD using exclusive technology that combines DVD authoring with the creation of Microsoft DirectShow-compliant JavaScript. DirectShow is an applications programming interface (API) that provides playback of multimedia assets from local files or Internet servers, enabling video and audio content compressed in DVD, audio-video interleaved (AVI), and WAV formats to be decoded on the PC. A DirectShow-compliant DVD player such as the InterActual Player on the computer enables playback of the DVDs. eDVD 3 is available through Sonic's worldwide network of value-added resellers at a U.S. suggested list price of $899.

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ViewCast Delivers Osprey-300 Video Capture Card

ViewCast Corporation is now shipping the Osprey-300, which offers new features for the nonlinear editing market. The Osprey-300 combines the quality of Osprey video capture cards with the features of a standard IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) card, and offering full device control capability. The dual-channel capture card uses analog and DV capture independently and simultaneously and includes 1394b support. An optimal streaming and capture solution many Adobe users, the Osprey-300 is also the first ViewCast capture card to be certified for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe's prosumer nonlinear editing software.

Building upon the video streaming capabilities and performance of the Osprey-230, the Osprey-300 adds OHCI compliancy (IEEE 1394) for video capture. The Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI)-compliant IEEE 1394 standard allows users to transfer DV material into an editing system in its native DV format while maintaining original source quality and optimizing workflow for post-production houses.

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Sonic Debuts HD-series Real-time WMV HD Encoder

At IBC 2004, Sonic debuted its HD-Series real-time WMV high-definition encoding hardware, designed to offer high-quality video encoding capabilities for the next generation of DVD. The HD-series encoder provides video professionals with detailed control of Microsoft's Windows Media High Definition Video (WMV HD) codec using Inlet Technologies' Optimized Compression Encoding and Analytics (OCEAN) platform to create video and audio assets for use in WMV HD-DVDs.

Sonic's HD-series encoder integrates Inlet Technologies' OCEAN platform that has been specifically optimized for WMV and provides advanced compression encoding combined with comprehensive pre-processing and measurement capabilities. The result is a compression and analytics engine designed to deliver HD content with significantly reduced file sizes. Due to the efficiency of the WMV HD codec, high-definition encoded files require only slightly increased storage space over present-day standard definition encodes.

The Sonic HD-series encoder is PCI-based computer hardware intended for integration with a host computer and hard disk storage systems. It includes the following capabilities:
· Real-time CBR and VBR video and audio encoding from HD-SDI input
· Real-time audio encoding at 20 bit 48kHz via the Sonic audio I/O interface
· Real-time audio encoding via HD-SDI
· VTR machine control via RS422
· ATSC 720 and 1080 progressive resolution support

Available in Q4 2004, the Sonic HD-series real-time WMV HD encoder will be offered as an add-on to the company's SD-series encoding systems, as well as in standalone and all-in-one WMV HD-DVD creation workstation configurations.

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Canopus Releases Braodcast Line of Nonlinear Editing Solutions

Canopus Corporation announced that its broadcast line of nonlinear editing solutions, which include EDIUS HD, EDIUS SD, and the recently announced EDIUS H|DV SP solution, now support native editing of DVCPRO HD footage. Developed in collaboration with Panasonic, the Canopus DVCPRO HD codec provides HD video and real-time HD nonlinear editing performance with full DVCPRO HD (SMPTE 370M) compliance, according to Canopus press materials.

The new EDIUS H|DV SP solution also supports direct HD capture and print to tape with the Panasonic AJ-HD1200A VTR via EDIUS H|DV SP's onboard FireWire connector, in native 1080/60i /50i, providing an editing solution for DVCPRO HD on a Windows-based platform. Canopus is demonstrating real-time, native DVCPRO HD editing at the Canopus stand at IBC 2004.

EDIUS H|DV SP is comprised of EDIUS Pro real-time, mixed format, editing application software and Canopus's original hardware I/O boards. EDIUS H|DV SP hardware provides realtime integration and acceleration with EDIUS Pro software and interfaces with professional and consumer editing equipment, including DVCPR0 HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, HDV, DV, BetaCam SP and consumer analog formats. EDIUS H|DV SP also features component HD/SD video output for broadcast monitor preview.

The combination of Canopus and Panasonic technology provides groundbreaking high-quality, high-performance, realtime DVCPRO HD editing. The cost of a DVCPRO HD editing suite including an EDIUS H|DV SP turnkey workstation with 100 hours of 1080i HD video storage and a Panasonic DVCPRO HD VTR (AJ-1200A) is under $50,000 USD

The Canopus DVCPRO HD codec is included with both the EDIUS SD and EDIUS HD Canopus Broadcast solutions and is also available for the EDIUS H|DV SP solution with the Canopus Codec Option Pack, which includes the new DVCPRO HD, as well as the DVCPRO 50, software NLE codecs.

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Toshiba Demonstrates New Video Recording Products at CEDIA 2004

Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C., showcased its full line of Digital Audio Video products at this year's CEDIA show. Among the highlights, Toshiba's line includes two new Digital Media Servers incorporating DVD recording with TiVo technology and three DVD recorders.

Toshiba displayed three DVD recorders. The recorders come in three different configurations to address the varied desires of this emerging market: DVD Recorder, DVD recorder and VHS, and a DVD recorder with a built-in hard disc drive.

The RD-XS52 (October 2004, $599.99) features a 160GB hard disk drive. The unit allows users to record and play back TV shows as well as building personal movie libraries for archiving and preserving family videos. The RD-XS52 is one of the first DVD recorder models to incorporate High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) with upconversion capability to 720p or 1080i. This model provides a high-quality interface available today between a DVD player and a compatible HD television. The single cable connection ensures that all the signals remain in their pure digital form.

Toshiba's D-VR3 (Available now, $449.99) combines Toshiba's DVD recorder technology with VHS capability. The D-VR3 allows users to archive home videos of VHS tapes to DVD within the same device.

Toshiba also demonstrated the D-R2 (Available now, $299.99) DVD Recorder. The D-R2 offers DVD recording capability on DVD-RAM, DVD-RW or DVD-R. A front DV input, as well as front panel A/V input jacks allows the transfer of camcorder recordings directly onto DVD media.

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Optibase Releases High-End MPEG-2 Encoding Platform for the Mac DVD Creation Market

Optibase, Ltd. has announced that MPEG MovieMaker 200S, its MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 encoding board, has been released with support for the Power Mac G4, G5 and Mac OS X. MPEG MovieMaker 200S enhances the creation of DVD, SVCD, and VCD content.

MPEG MovieMaker 200S for the Macintosh complements DVD Studio Pro, Apple's DVD authoring solution, as well as the other main SVCD/VCD authoring tools on the market. The combination of Optibase's encoding platform and DVD Studio Pro improves the efficiency of the authoring environment, according to Optibase, by speeding up the encoding phase and allowing content creators to focus their efforts on the creative process.

MPEG MovieMaker 200S for the Macintosh supports advanced encoding features including bitrates up to 10Mbps, VTR control, digital inputs, real-time 5.1 Dolby Digital pass-through, variable bit-rate encoding, and automatic scene detection. In addition, it offers live previews while encoding. It comes bundled with Optibase's fully featured encoding management application, which offers an interface for selecting either preset consoles or individual encoding parameters.

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Leitch Unleashes VelocityHD NLE

Leitch Technology Corporation has announced that its VelocityHD HD/SD non-linear editing system is now shipping. Bringing real-time editing performance to high definition, VelocityHD extends the power of Leitch's Velocity non-linear editing line to the realm of HD video.

A key component of Leitch's high-definition product portfolio, VelocityHD extends Leitch's Integrated Content Environment solutions with a new HD editing solution. Integrating the new Altitude hardware platform with an enhanced version of the Velocity software interface, VelocityHD features HD playback of two video streams, two dynamic graphics streams, dual-stream real-time HD transitions and effects, and optional 3D effects with the A3DX DVE daughtercard. Altitude supports 1080i, 1080PsF and 720p frame formats at all common frame rates, with compressed and uncompressed (8-bit and 10-bit) recording and playback, and the flexibility to mix compressed and uncompressed footage within a project. In addition to SMPTE-292 HD-SDI I/O, Altitude also features VGA HD output, enabling HD playback to be viewed on VGA monitors and reducing the need for expensive high-definition displays. HD output is also simultaneously down-converted for monitoring on standard-definition displays. More than just an innovative HD non-linear editor, VelocityHD also features standard-definition editing performance, with real-time playback and mixing of multiple SD video and graphics streams.

The VelocityHD software combines new capabilities with editing features that include the following:
* Visual reference with the EyeCon View timeline interface tool
* Fully integrated, full-quality multi-camera editing
* Real-time color correction including three-way color-wheels, curves, color matching, and automatic white and black re-balance
* Interactive editing paradigm, enabling editing and effects application without stopping timeline playback
* Three and four-point editing with a choice between three-window and two-window trimming styles
* Real-time rolling/crawling titles and graphics keys
* Customizable window layouts, hotkeys, and timeline style
* Advanced real-time audio features with DirectShow and .VST plug-in support
* Direct timeline integration with eyeon software's included DFX+ advanced compositing and image processing software
* Virtual Tape File System (VTFS) for interchange between video files and popular graphics file formats
* Inscriber TitleMotion HD character generation software
* Ulead DVD Workshop 2 SE DVD authoring software
* Optional OMF and AAF interoperability

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