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Streaming Media
September 21, 2004

Table of Contents

Sonic Licenses AuthorScript to Adobe
Alera Technologies Products now available from Ingram Micro Canada
NEC Electronics Launches One-Chip Video Decoder LSI Chip with 3DYC Separation and 3D Noise Reduction Functions
Vizrt Offers End-To-End Workflow Solution, Integrating Omneon's Spectrum Media Server System
Maxtor Unveils New Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits
StereoGraphics Releases SynthaGram 404 Public Display LCD
Rimage Corporation Introduces DiscLab
TASCAM to Ship New CD/Cassette Recorder Combo

Sonic Licenses AuthorScript to Adobe

Sonic Solutions announced that Adobe Systems Incorporated has licensed Sonic AuthorScript for use within its new Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 software for Windows. By incorporating AuthorScript, Adobe has added functions to Photoshop Elements 3.0, such as the ability to create photo slideshows on Video-CDs that can be played in most set-top DVD players and the archiving of photos to CD-ROMS and DVD-ROMs.

Sonic AuthorScript is comprised of modules for converting video and audio data into DVD and VCD-compliant data streams, formatting and burning DVD-Video and Video-CD projects, data mastering for CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, music CD ripping and burning and DVD-Video and Video CD playback. The AuthorScript SDK (software development kit) allows third-party developers to add a broad range of DVD and CD creation functionality to their applications. AuthorScript's SilentSelect technology offers developers the ability to automatically support new CD and DVD burner models as they become available without requiring an update or patch.

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Alera Technologies Products now available from Ingram Micro Canada

Alera Technologies announced that Ingram Micro Canada, a subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc., will be distributing Alera Technologies' full line of Digital Imaging Products, DVD/CD-Recorders and Duplicators, Recording Media and Accessories.

Ingram Micro Canada will feature Alera Technologies' products including:

· High Performance Stand alone DVD/CD Duplicators
· DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro Provides video professionals and enthusiasts with 8x speed and key features for creating DVDs or CDs without a computer.
· DVD/CD Copy Tower Pro Makes up to 3 DVD copies simultaneously at up to 8x on DVD-R and DVD+R media without a computer.
· DVD/CD Copy Tower Pro Makes up to 7 DVD copies simultaneously at up to 8x on DVD-R and DVD+R media without a computer.
· Digital Imaging Products
· Digital Photo Copy Cruiser Flash Memory to CD-R/CD-RW copier
· Data Security Products
· DVD/CD Shredder Permanently destroys the data layers on DVDs and CDs preventing unauthorized use.
· DVD/CD Shredder Plus cuts DVDs, CDs, Floppy Disks and Credit Cards into small unusable strips with carbon steel blades and 1/2 horsepower motor, permanently preventing unauthorized use and it is HIPAA compliant.
· Disc Repair Products
· DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus A complete disc repair kit including a motorized system with buffing, cleaning and repair wheels, and specialized liquid solutions for the disc restoration.

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NEC Electronics Launches One-Chip Video Decoder LSI Chip with 3DYC Separation and 3D Noise Reduction Functions

NEC Electronics Corporation and its subsidiaries in Europe and the United States, NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH and NEC Electronics America, Inc., introduced the uPD64012 video decoder designed to integrate five main video processing functions onto a single chip. With its main functions, including three-dimensional (3D) noise reduction and 3D luminance/chrominance (Y/C) separation, integrated onto a single chip in miniaturized form, the uPD64012 chip enables design engineers to reduce a design's footprint by approximately 50 percent and system component costs by approximately 30 percent.

Using circuit technology and a unified memory technology that allows the consolidation of multiple discrete external memory devices into one memory device, the uPD64012 LSI chip incorporates the following five functions:

  • Video decoder that converts analog video signals into digital video signals
  • 3D noise reducer that removes the noise in analog video signals and eliminates image flicker
  • Anti-alias filter that eliminates noise exceeding the video signal bandwidth
  • 3DY/C separator that separates the luminance and chrominance in NTSC signals to reduce dot-crawl and cross-color artifacts and enable better video capturing
  • Support for all the major analog signal interface standards, including the SCART system used in Europe; the S system used in Japan; the component and composite systems used worldwide; PAL and SECAM, major TV broadcast signal standards used in Europe; and NTSC used in Japan and the U.S.

The uPD64012 chip enables higher image quality for consumer products such as flat panel TVs by simultaneously applying 3DY/C separation and 3D noise reduction to analog video signals and by offering a direct connection to the uPD64031A chip, an NEC Electronics LSI device that reduces ghosting in Japan's terrestrial analog broadcast signals, to enhance image quality. The uPD64012 chip also digitizes progressive signals to achieve smooth images with little flicker from high-image quality DVD players.

Samples of the uPD64012 chip are available now and will be priced at US$30 per unit. Mass production is scheduled to begin in December 2004 with a planned production of 500,000 units per month. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

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Vizrt Offers End-To-End Workflow Solution, Integrating Omneon's Spectrum Media Server System

Vizrt announced the integration of its product line with the Omneon Spectrum media server system, providing a complete end-to-end workflow solution for the creation and airing of live graphics based on Omneon's networked server solutions. With this combination of technologies, graphics are integrated with live video from content capture, through to storage, and playout. Selected video is played out through Vizrt's Viz|Engine 3D renderer in a continuous production process.

By utilizing Omneon's software development kit, Vizrt developed its own media sequencer plug-in (a device driver) for the Omneon Spectrum video server and storage infrastructure. Currently, Viz|Content Pilot content management, control software and Viz|Trio character generator system are integrated with Omneon's media server system, with Viz|Weather, a 3D weather software, and Viz|Ticker, a 3D ticker system, to be integrated shortly after the IBC convention.

The Omneon Spectrum media server system is a video server and storage infrastructure for television production, playout, and archive applications. Media server solutions from Omneon enable broadcasters to migrate from analog to digital, from tape to disk, from standard definition to high definition and from single to multi-channel operations.

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Maxtor Unveils New Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits

Maxtor Corporation is shipping its new Maxtor SATA Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits, with a 16MB buffer and 7200 RPM performance.

The Kits come with a Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive and offer capacities up to 300GB, allowing consumers to store 5,000 hours of their favorite MP3s, 230,000 digital photos (JPEG) or 144 high-definition video games, the company describes.

Maxtor's Ultra16 Hard Drive Kit includes an installation guide with step-by-step instructions, an SATA cable and mounting screws. The kit also provides Maxtor's popular MaxBlast installation software, which partitions and formats the drive for use, and helps copy files from the old hard drive to the new Maxtor drive. In addition, the new Ultra16 drive offers a 150MB/sec interface speed and SATA II features including Native Command Queuing (NCQ) for more intelligent hard drive operation, and runs quietly with a fluid dynamic bearing motor.

Maxtor is also shipping its new Maxtor DiamondMax 10 hard drives to OEMs and channel partners around the world. Based on an integrated, single-chip native SATA solution, the DiamondMax 10 drives feature native command queuing (NCQ), the company's proprietary dual-processor technology, and a new 16MB buffer to deliver faster speeds than the traditional 7200 RPM drives in their class.

PC or Mac users who play intense games, edit digital videos, juggle multiple applications at once, or who have an older parallel ATA system are perfect candidates to upgrade their systems to SATA. To upgrade, customers simply install a Maxtor Ultra16 hard drive and a SATA controller card, or install the drive directly with any new motherboard that supports SATA. Compared to parallel ATA, new SATA-enabled PC systems, particularly with NCQ, will show improved performance while multithreading or running two streams of multimedia content at the same time.

Maxtor 250GB and 300GB SATA Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits are available through major distribution and retail channels. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices are $239.95 and $279.95 respectively. Parallel ATA Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits will be available in Q4 2004.

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StereoGraphics Releases SynthaGram 404 Public Display LCD

StereoGraphics Corporation has announced its new glasses-free 3D display device, the SynthaGram 404 Public Display LCD monitor.

The SynthaGram creates crisp, bright and wide-angle still and moving images. Applications include advertising, retail spaces, trade shows, presentations, lobbies and point-of-contact audience environments.

The SynthaGram 404 can also display DVD-quality 2D content, and automatically transition between 2D and 3D. The SynthaGram 404 can be wall mounted as well as displayed on a counter or podium.

The SynthaGram 404 is currently available for MSRP US $15,345.

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Rimage Corporation Introduces DiscLab

Rimage Corporation today introduced DiscLab, a new CD/DVD publishing system designed as a network appliance to meet the specialized requirements of digital point-of-sale and medical imaging applications.

The new single-box DiscLab system is being integrated into OEM equipment related to the retail digital photography, automatically creating custom content CDs and DVDs with indelible direct-to-disc printing. In addition, DiscLab is supporting development efforts with Rimage's partners in such retail point-of-sale applications as software vending, in-store CD audio creation and self-service video DVD authoring.

Due to an embedded microprocessor that eliminates the need for an external host computer, DiscLab has a footprint that is only 10 inches wide. This compact unit also incorporates Rimage's EverestII color printer, which imprints discs with waterproof, scratchproof and photorealistic images. Sophisticated software and robotics enable users to record CDs and DVDs with customized content, from two independent data streams, on an on-demand basis. DiscLab is attached to the user's local area network, permitting access by multiple users throughout an office or store.

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TASCAM to Ship New CD/Cassette Recorder Combo

The TASCAM CC-222mkII combination CD and cassette recorder and player, a new version of the first unit to combine CD and cassette recording in one rack-mountable package, will ship this fall, the manufacturer announced.

The new design features a number of enhancements, including digital attenuation control added to the analog inputs, and CD digital converters upgraded to 24-bit resolution for better dynamic range performance.

The CC-222mkII retains the features found in the CC-222 for CD and audio cassette recording applications:

  • Uses professional and consumer CD-R and CD-RW discs
  • Bi-directional cassette mechanism
  • Dolby B noise reduction o ±12% pitch control on cassette deck
  • RTZ (Return to Zero) function 
  • RIAA phono input for direction connection of turntables
  • S/PDIF digital coax and optical digital I/O for CD recorder
  • Unbalanced RCA analog I/O for CD recorder
  • Unbalanced RCA analog I/O for cassette recorder
  • RC-222 wireless remote included
  • 3u rack-mount design
  • Headphone output with level control

The TASCAM CC222mkII CD/cassette recorder /player has an MSRP of $949; street pricing is available around $799.

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