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Streaming Media
October 12, 2004

Table of Contents

I/OMagic Set to Ship 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drives
Chyron Ships HyperX HD Graphics System
CyberLink Launches DVD Burning Suites
Blu-ray Disc Association Launches With More Than 70 Companies
Canon Unveils LCOS Ultra-Brite Widescreen Projector
Panasonic Introduces Seventh-Generation Plasma Displays
LSI Logic's DMN-8602 and DMN-8652 Single-Chip DVD Recording Processors and Manufacturing Kits Receive DivX Certification
Streaming Media Company's Debut Product Provides Consumers Access to Digital Home Media From Anywhere in the World

I/OMagic Set to Ship 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drives

I/OMagic Corporation, a provider of data storage and digital entertainment products, has begun shipping its new 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drive into the North American retail marketplace.

I/OMagic Corporation, a provider of data storage and digital entertainment products, has begun shipping its new 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drive into the North American retail marketplace.

The 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drive is a dual-format, double-layer portable device that is compact (5.7" x 0.8" x 6.5") and lightweight (just over one pound with power supply and USB cable). The drive's dual-format technology allows users to read and write in most formats, including DVD+R and DVD+R double layer, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, and CD-RW, as well as choose either a DVD or CD format, whichever is most compatible with a user's personal computers or home DVD players.

I/OMagic's new 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drive will write at 8X speeds using DVD+R and DVD-R media, at 4X for DVD+RW and DVD-RW media, and at 2.4X speeds using DVD+R double layer media. The drive also includes software to enable users to create videos, burn DVDs and CDs in various popular formats, and play as well as store, music, photos and movies on either DVDs or CDs. I/OMagic's 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drive supports Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE operating systems.

I/OMagic has started shipping the 8X External USB 2.0 Slim DVD Rewritable Drive to Staples stores this week with an introductory suggested retail price of $199.99.

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Chyron Ships HyperX HD Graphics System

Chyron Corporation has started shipping the Duet HyperX HD graphics system to customers including Turner Studios in Atlanta, WJW-TV in Cleveland, and KAKM-TV in Anchorage, AK.

The Duet HyperX is a CG system that can be configured as HD only, SD only, or a combination HD/SD, offering a flexible and scalable migration path. Duet HyperX runs Lyric, Chyron's content creation and playout software, and offers multi-channel operation and full-motion compressed clips with key and RAID 5 storage. The system is MOS-ready and includes Chyron's proprietary Intelligent Interface.

3D playout is achieved with the Duet HyperX. 3D scenes and objects may be imported from a wide variety of sources, viewed, and edited in 3D space within Lyric, then incorporated within Lyric messages. All operations, including 3D, clips, and animations, are real-time with no rendering, according to Chyron.

Other options available for the HyperX include Lyricstore by Proximity, a graphics management system that enables users to search and deploy graphics content from a variety of devices for repurposing in Lyric. Chyron MOS is available for either Avid iNews or AP ENPS systems, and includes a simplified UI that enables fast updates to the producer's rundown and easy image replacement for pre-built templates.

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CyberLink Launches DVD Burning Suites

CyberLink Corp. has launched two retail versions of CyberLink DVD Solution (CDS). CDS Gold is a 7-in-1 suite designed to meet the needs of DVD burning hobbyists while CDS Platinum is a 9-in-1 suite offering a "total solution for video enthusiasts."

Both suites feature a task-based interface called PowerStarter. Users can choose functions they need via the interface and CDS will launch the programs necessary to fulfill each function. CDS Gold is a 7-in-1 suite that includes CyberLink's leading PowerDVD 5 Basic, PowerProducer 2 Gold Express, Power2Go 3, MediaShow 3, PhotoNow, PowerBackup and PowerStarter. It provides users with the functions of DVD playback, authoring, burning, slide show creation, photo retouching, and file backup.

CDS Platinum is a 9-in-1 suite that includes everything in the Gold version plus PowerDirector 3 and PowerDVD Copy, providing video editing and DVD-to-DVD copying functions. PowerDVD Express provides richer audio playback than PowerDVD Basic.

Playback technologies include CLEV and CLVP to provide brighter colors and non-distorted images on wide-screen monitors. Burning technologies include Right-to-Disc QuickBurn and Double-Layer disc support, offering quick burning functions. Video editing technologies include Smart Video Rendering Technology II and Buffered Capture delivering speedier, easier, and higher-quality editing functions.

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Blu-ray Disc Association Launches With More Than 70 Companies

More than 70 companies from the consumer electronics (CE), information technology (IT), media and software industries held the first official meeting of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), in support of the continued development and promotion of the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format.

Earlier this year, membership was opened to organizations interested in promoting the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format. The growth in membership follows the recent announcement by Sony that PlayStation 3 will support the Blu-ray Disc format and by Twentieth Century Fox that it would join the Association as a member of its Board of Directors. The addition of these 50 new members will foster greater competition and creativity in the development of new products, applications and business opportunities for BD, according to the BDA.

Currently, the Blu-ray Disc Association's Board of Directors consists of: Dell Inc.; Hewlett Packard Company; Hitachi, Ltd.; LG Electronics Inc.; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Panasonic (Matsushita Electric); Pioneer Corporation; Royal Philips Electronics; Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; Sharp Corporation; Sony Corporation; TDK Corporation; and Thomson.New members of the board of directors include : Twentieth Century Fox.

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Canon Unveils LCOS Ultra-Brite Widescreen Projector

Canon has introduced the Realis SX50 1400 x 1050 SXGA+ multimedia projector. Featuring SXGA+ resolution from Canon's patented proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) technology, the unit offers brightness and contrast with high image quality in a compact size.

At the core of the Realis SX50 projector is Canon's proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical technology, a patented means of achieving both the brightness of 2500 ANSI Lumens and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 while also reducing projector size. AISYS fully maximizes the performance of LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) technology, which has major advantages over traditional projection methods, including higher (SXGA+) resolution, seamless imagery, enhanced performance on motion images, and display of text, the manufacturer describes.

The Realis SX50 projector includes multiple input jacks and connectors, and can accept a wide variety of digital and analog computer-display formats. Other inputs include DVI video and all major component, composite, and S-video inputs. All connectors attach from the side of the projector housing, making for a more attractive presentation environment.

Designed and manufactured by Canon, the projector weighs 3.9 kg and features a genuine Canon high-performance 1.7x optical zoom lens that can project a 100-inch image on a screen from 10 feet away. Designed for the HDTV era, the Realis SX50 projector can display 16:9 720p HD broadcast images. And for digital cinema enthusiasts, the Realis SX50 projector's 3:2 pull-down circuitry converts interlaced 480 and 575 video to progressive-scan imagery.

The Realis SX50 projector also features Multiple Image Modes that provide a wide range of options depending on user needs. These Image Modes include four Color-Preset Modes, which are designated as Standard, Presentation, sRGB, and Cinema.

Suitable for front or rear projection, the Realis SX50 projector measures 286 x 284 x 96mm (WxDxH) and comes complete with a wireless remote control, connector cables, and a soft carrying case. In addition to such standard features as digital keystone adjustment, PIN Code Lock & Key Lock, a user-friendly menu system (in 13 selectable languages), ceiling mount compatibility, and RS-232 control/USB mouse control, the projector also offers several optional accessories.

The Realis SX50 multimedia projector will be available in November at suggested manufacturer's list price of $7,500 CDN ($5978 U.S.).

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Panasonic Introduces Seventh-Generation Plasma Displays

Panasonic Broadcast has introduced its seventh generation of plasma displays. The line-up consists of five new 7-Series models, including the largest Panasonic model to date, the 65" TH-65PHD7UY, as well as the 50" TH-50PHD7UY and 42" TH-42PHD7UY high definition panels, and the 42" TH-42PWD7UY and 37" TH-37PWD7UY standard definition panels.

The new 7-Series family boasts high contrast (4000:1 on SD models and 3000:1 on HD units) and multi-slot functionality, plus they incorporate improvements in peak brightness, displayable colors, service life, multi-screen capabilities, and customization options, according to Panasonic.

The 16:9 plasmas feature a Real Black Drive System, a Deep Black Filter, Super Real Gamma System, Adaptive Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Motion Picture Disturbance (MPD) Noise Reduction, 3D Color Management, and Active I/P (Interlace/Progressive) Conversion for enhanced image quality.

The Super Real Gamma System reproduces gradations in steps equivalent to 2,048 shades and up to 8.58 billion colors for image depth and subtle nuances in dark scenes. A new Multi-facet Asymmetrical Configuration Hyper-pixel (MACH) panel features a bounded cell structure and new phosphor material that improves a panel's service life to 60,000 hours, boosts peak brightness by more than 10% (from prior models) and increases the resistance to static-image burn-in to the same level as CRT displays.

The 7-Series panels are equipped with Dual Picture that combines any two AV signals and displays them in three different modes (two picture-in-picture and one picture-out-picture modes); a Digital Zoom to enlarge a portion of an image up to four times normal size and display it full screen; and a built-in video wall processor that enables up to 4X 4 multi-screen configuration. Sixteen 65" TH-65PHD7UYs can be configured to create a massive 260" diagonal display.

For the HD panels, the TH-65PHD7UY and TH-50PHD7UY have a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, and the TH-42PHD7UY delivers 1024x768 pixels. The TH-42PWD7UY and TH-37PWD377UY offer a resolution of 852x480 pixels. The units can display 1080p 24p/24sf, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60, 480p/I, and 576 p/i and offer support for VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, and UXGA resolution.

The panels come equipped with multi-function slots where a variety of optional IT networking or AV input boards can be added or exchanged to customize the units to meet specific application, and an extensive list of accessories is available.

The new 50" TH-50PHD7UY, 42" TH-42PWD7UY and 37" TH-37PWD7UY high-definition models are now available at suggested list prices of $6,495, $2,795 and $2,395, respectively. The 65" TH-65PHD7UY and 42" TH-42PHD7UY will be available in November with pricing to be announced.

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LSI Logic's DMN-8602 and DMN-8652 Single-Chip DVD Recording Processors and Manufacturing Kits Receive DivX Certification

LSI Logic Corporation has announced that the second-generation LSI Logic DiMeNsion DVD recorder system processors (DMN-8602 and DMN-8652) received DivX certification from DivXNetworks, Inc., the company behind the patent-pending DivX video compression technology. This marks the first single-chip DVD recorder solutions to pass the certification requirements needed to gain DivX Home Theater Certification status.

LSI Logic's line of DiMeNsion DVD recorder processors consists of the industry's first single-chip DVD recorder solutions. The DiMeNsion processors include features such as LSI Logic's Direct Digital Dub technology that simplifies the transfer of personal digital content from a camcorder to DVD over FireWire, with one-touch control via a single remote.

Additional advantages include LSI Logic's proprietary pre- and post-processing technologies, which provide progressive scan output, and noise handling on analog inputs. The level of integration on a single chip reduces design complexity and provides system designers with savings on the overall bill of materials (BOM). In addition, LSI Logic offers manufacturing kits (MKs) that include everything needed for manufacturing-ready solutions to accelerate time-to-market and reduce BOM costs.

DivX video technology includes a complete Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, enabling new business models such as video-on-demand for content providers, consumer electronics companies and retailers. The DivX Certified consumer electronics products have the capability to play rented and purchased DivX video content.

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Streaming Media Company's Debut Product Provides Consumers Access to Digital Home Media From Anywhere in the World

Orb Networks, Inc. has introduced a service that provides a way for consumers to view, hear, and control all kinds of their digital content from virtually any Internet-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

Orb's solution provides spontaneous access to a person's music, live television, videos, photos, and other digital content from any device that can connect to the Internet, such as a cell phone, PDA, or notebook, allowing users to create their own "personal media portal."

Orb's solution allows consumers spontaneous mobile access to all kinds of their digital media--securely, through password-protected accounts. Using any Web browser, Orb provides an interface to the user's content located on their home PC or on the Internet. By removing the complexity and limitations of many of today's digital entertainment products and services, Orb Networks will be demonstrating its solution during this weeks DigitalLife 2004 conference at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, October 14-17.

In addition to offering its services via the Orb Web site, the company is also working with a number of different content providers/creators, wireless carriers, electronic distributors, and consumer electronic companies to offer Orb as part of their packaged solutions. Orb's architecture is secure, efficient and flexible, making it easy to support partner's current and future hardware devices and standards and grow with the expanding digital marketplace.

Orb Network's first "personal media portal" will be available starting in mid-November starting at $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year for the first user. Additional users (up to five) start at $3.99 per month/per user or $29.99 per year/per user. Orb is offering two months of free service for anyone who signs up prior to December 31. For more information, please visit.

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