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Streaming Media
December 07, 2004

Table of Contents

Video Convergence Unveils iVDO Streamer 2/4 Encoders and Decoders
Sequence PhysicalStudio Offers S3 Graphics Chip
DV Caddie Announces Caddie Shoulder Rest
Artbeats Introduces New Extreme Sports Collection
ADIC Releases Update for AMASS Storage Management Software
Condre Technology Releases New Line of Turn Key CD/DVD Automated
Wave Guide–Lightwave Training CD-ROM from Patrik Beck Released
Plextor Bundles Creator 7 with New 16X DVD Recorder

Video Convergence Unveils iVDO Streamer 2/4 Encoders and Decoders

Video Convergence, the video surveillance products and integration services division of Cornet Technology, Inc. (CTI), has announced the availability of iVDO Streamer 2/4 encoders and decoders. The iVDO Streamer 2/4 enables simultaneous streaming of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video for IP-based video systems. This dual-stream capability allows users of intelligent transportation and video surveillance systems to view MPEG-2 videos while simultaneously storing low-bitrate MPEG-4 videos.

iVDO Streamer 2/4 features include the following:

• Flexible Architecture—The iVDO Streamer's DSP-based architecture is capable of downloading any algorithm, including H.264 (MPEG-4/part 10), Windows Media Player, and others, according to Video Convergence. As new algorithms are created and adopted, the iVDO Streamer can be remotely upgraded to accommodate them.
• On-site configuration and troubleshooting--The iVDO Streamer's VT100 Craft Port enables on-site technicians to configure and troubleshoot the system directly through the use of a laptop or any computing device with a serial port.
• Supports NTSC and PAL formats in D1 resolution.
• Front-panel LEDs include video loss indicator.
• Less than 200ms latency from camera to display.
• Hardened chassis to withstand wide operating temperatures.
• Two serial ports include built-in local and remote loopback capabilities, enable user-selectable UDP and TCP/IP protocols, and support RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces.
• Web server, SNMP MIP 1, and 2 RMON remote download supported.
• Support of RTP, UDP and multicast standards.

In addition, the iVDO Streamer 2/4 offers seven lines of on screen display (OSD), including a date and a time field, and user-defined alphanumeric messages up to 30 characters.

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Sequence PhysicalStudio Offers S3 Graphics Chip

Sequence Design has released S3 Graphics which uses the company's PhysicalStudio optimization software to reduce timing and noise violations on S3 Graphics' graphics processors. PhysicalStudio concurrently analyzes and optimizes chip timing and signal integrity before routing in an avoidance mode and after detailed routing in a post-route correction mode, according to Sequence, thereby ensuring reductions in timing and signal integrity violations.

PhysicalStudio enabled designers at S3 Graphics to do the following:
• Recover 17% slack (750ps slack on a 225MHz design)
• Fix 1750+ timing violations resulting from crosstalk delay

PhysicalStudio features include the following:
• Post-route correction supposedly closes timing faster and at higher clock speeds than other methods
• Repairs cross-talk delay, glitch, IR drop, and electro-migration failures
• Analyzes and optimizes timing and signal integrity concurrently
• Supports both block-level and top-level optimization
• Large 10M+ gate SoC designs optimized hierarchically
• Works with existing physical design infrastructure
• Enables design flows to achieve design closure at 180 nm and below

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DV Caddie Announces Caddie Shoulder Rest

DV Caddie announces a new addition to their product line—the Caddie Shoulder Rest. The Shoulder Rest helps in the stabilization of smaller handheld cameras by adding points of contact to the user's body. It comes with two support pieces, one long for over the shoulder and one short that can be used against the chest or as a handle. Both support pieces are detachable and interchangeable. Each may also be formed to fit.

The Shoulder Rest can also be used in conjunction with either the DV Caddie or the DV Cadie Junior, when the user desires further support of the weight of the camera.

Suggested retail price is $99.25.

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Artbeats Introduces New Extreme Sports Collection

Extreme Sports, Artbeats' newest collection of daredevil stunts, is now available with over 30 clips of extreme sports enthusiasts participating in some of the world's most dangerous sports. With royalty-free footage, Artbeats Extreme Sports features clips including base-jumping, kneeboarding, mountain climbing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, white water kayaking, wind surfing, and anchor diving.

All products in Artbeats' library are licensed royalty-free, and offer a number of options for creative professionals seeking the perfect imagery for a variety of applications, including broadcast, film features, commercial, desktop video, game development, and multimedia.

Extreme Sports is available in D1 NTSC-720x486 or D1 PAL-720x576 resolutions and is priced at USD $499.

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ADIC Releases Update for AMASS Storage Management Software

Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced the availability of a new version of the company's AMASS archive software, offering expanded support for a variety of drive, media, and operating platform technologies.

New in AMASS 5.4 is support for UDO (Ultra Density Optical) drive technology, and for Plasmon and HP libraries, which integrate the new high-capacity optical storage. UDO drive technology offers optical storage users 30GB of data storage per 5.25-inch form factor media, three times the capacity of earlier generation magneto-optical systems. ADIC maintains that UDO provides secure Write Once technology and long-term media life coupled with fast access to data, characteristics important for customers with rapidly growing archives and requirements for extended data retention.

The 5.4 AMASS release also adds support for newer generation Quantum SDLT and Sony AIT drive technology, IBM 3592 drives, as well as the latest generations of tape library control software—ADIC's SDLC version 2.5 and StorageTek's ACSLS version 7.1. Operating platform support upgrades in the new release include later versions of SGI IRIX and HP Tru64 operating systems.

AMASS, designed for direct-attached and network-attached storage environments, is intended as a solution for enterprises that have more data than their disk capacity can support. AMASS transforms tape and optical libraries, typically considered "off-line" storage, into online direct-access mass storage—enabling users, administrators, and applications to archive terabytes or petabytes of data. AMASS presents an automated optical, tape, or DVD library as one device and one mount point, through a standard UNIX file system interface consisting of directories and files. Users or applications can save or access files residing on libraries in the same way they would with magnetic disk.

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Condre Technology Releases New Line of Turn Key CD/DVD Automated

Condre Technology, Inc. recently released its new Stylus CD/DVD R Publishing Systems. Featuring a 2.8GHZ embedded processor, 80GB Hard Drive, and 128MB RAM, the Stylus Publishing Systems now provide users with an out-of-box turn key automated robotic solution for burning and printing CD and DVD media. No external PC is required. The new Stylus Publishing Systems will ship with burn and print and print only configurations. The suggested list prices are $4995 and $4495, respectively.

The Stylus Publishing Systems ship with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Customers plug in the devices, turn on the system, and are ready to publish CD and DVDs, according to Condre. Condre's proprietary Simple Copy or Simple Print software are pre-installed on the systems, and utilize the Windows XP operating system. The Stylus Publishing systems are available from a Condre authorized VAR, Dealer, or System Integrator.

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Wave Guide–Lightwave Training CD-ROM from Patrik Beck Released

World-renowned LightWave animator, author, and instructor Patrik Beck of Electric Crayon Studio announced the first volume in the Wave Guide -Lightwave Training Series on CD-ROM. Wave Guide is a series of instructional lectures accompanied with real-time screen capture so users can both see and hear the instruction as it is presented.

The discs are compatible with both PC and Mac, and include LightWave content and rendered samples of topics described in the program material. Each disc contains a dozen or more sections that concentrate on a unique technique, or reveal common stumbling blocks in performing some of LightWave's tasks.

The current batch of topics reflects the desires of most new users and areas under-serviced by existing instructional material. This series is designed for the beginning to intermediate LightWave user, and covers LightWave version 8 features using the more familiar 7.5 interface.

The first volume of Wave Guide contains these four titles:

-Industrial Strength LightWave-This disc covers the basics of getting users up and running quickly, with techniques and special effects that can be done quickly but look impressive. (4 hours)

-Adventures in the 2nd Dimension-Learn how to make LightWave-rendered images look as if they were hand drawn. The techniques demonstrated go far beyond the Cell Shading plug-ins to describe methods that will mimic the style of ink, charcoal sketch, and even blueprints. Line weight, frame rate, cartoon style, and much more. (3 hours)

-Creating Elements for Compositing-LightWave can be used as a compositor, but it is much better at creating elements to be used in a composite. How to generate and cast reflections or shadows on background images, how to manipulate background shadow-casting geometry, and how to use fixed projection and shadow alpha are just some of the topics covered. (2.5 hours)

-Introduction to Dynamics-LightWave 8 has introduced its Dynamics System; this disc explores the application of dynamics in Layout. Basic operation and function of the different types of dynamic effects are explored, and the viewer is walked through examples of practical applications. (2.5 hours)

Exclusively available at Safe Harbor Computers, each title may be purchased individually for $39 (MSRP $44.99), or purchase the entire volume for $149.99. Available January 2005, advance orders are being taken now.

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Plextor Bundles Creator 7 with New 16X DVD Recorder

Roxio, Inc. announced that Plextor has selected Roxio's Easy Media Creator 7 Basic DVD Edition software to ship with their new PX-716 series 16X DVD+/-R/RW recorders. The PX-716 series of drives, bundled with Easy Media Creator 7, are currently available at North American retailers and are available via the Plextor Web site.

Easy Media Creator 7 Basic DVD Edition is shipping with the Plextor PX-716UF external and PX-716A internal 16X DVD±R/RW drives, as well as the recently announced PlexWriter PX-716SA internal Serial ATA drive. Each of these drives is a 9-in-1 DVD/CD burner that supports 4X DVD+R Double Layer, 16X DVD+R and 16X DVD-R Writing, 8X DVD+RW and 4X DVD-RW Rewriting, and 16X max DVD reading; as well as high-speed 48X CD-R writing, 24X CD-RW rewriting, and 48X max CD reading.

Using Easy Media Creator 7 Double Layer capabilities, Plextor's PX-716 series of drives will enable users to burn nearly twice the amount of data (from 4.7GB to 8.5GB), or record more than three hours of MPEG-2 (DVD-quality) video content on a single DVD+R DL disc more quickly and easily than was possible on previous DVD drives, according to Plextor representatives.

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