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Streaming Media
January 18, 2005

Table of Contents

Maxell Announces DVD-Rpro
Cinema on Web (COW) Announces Partnership with DivX Networks
Century Optics Offers New Viewing Options for Panasonic DVX-100/100A
EZQuest Introduces Thunder Pro A/V Firewire Hard Drive at Macworld
EDGE Tech Corp Introduces Digital Picture Frame Plus MP3 Player
MPEG-4 Part 10 and VC-1: Must-Haves for the Set-Top Box of the Future
Rorke Data Targets Apple & Windows Video & Broadcast Resellers with Galaxy-HDX SATA-II RAID Program
Hauppauge MediaMVP Network Media Player Offers Networked Audio and Video for Electronic Home Integrators

Maxell Announces DVD-Rpro

Maxell Corporation of America has announced DVD-Rpro, a new premium line of media designed to withstand both abuse and contaminants. Maxell's new 4.7 GB DVD-Rpro media features the company's MAXPRO Hardcoat technology, producing a media surface that is 40 times more scratch-resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media, according of so-called standard DVDs.

The MAXPRO hard-coat surface is designed to make the DVD-Rpro media impervious to scratches that can render data unreadable, and its anti-static quality is built for harsh or dusty environments, and for applications that require frequent media handling and interchange such as jukeboxes. According to Maxell, the new protective coating is also resistant to smudges, water and fingerprints, all of which can be easily wiped off the disc. Maxell's proprietary dye further is designed to ensure data integrity and longevity.

Maxell's 8X DVD-R Pro is currently available, with 16X DVD-R Pro media planned for availability in March 2005.

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Cinema on Web (COW) Announces Partnership with DivX Networks

Cinema On Web (COW), an online technology multiplex that broadcasts "premium cinema quality" Bollywood films, entertainment, and television content, has announced the launch of a secure, DivX video-on-demand service.

Using the DivX Open Video System, the new service from COW is among the first to deliver and broadcast cinema-quality, licensed Bollywood film content to Internet users, according to COW. All content available through the system is duly encrypted & licensed, protected from piracy and available at the highest level of visual quality. Titles include pay-per-view sports, feature films, first-run, and simultaneous-release Bollywood and independent films available to global audiences through COW's worldwide content delivery networks with a choice of wireless, dialup, mobile and broadband capability. A sneak preview of the most popular Bollywood songs in high-quality DivX Film justifies the same.

Cinema on Web expects over 500 million pay-per-view customer traffic from year 2005-2007, each buying a $5 pay-per-view ticket for a simultaneous release movie and $0.90 to $1.99 for old classic hits.

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Century Optics Offers New Viewing Options for Panasonic DVX-100/100A

Century Optics has announced two new professional camcorder accessories, the LCD Hood and LCD Widescreen Magnifier for Panasonic AG-DVX100 and AG-DVX100A camcorders. The Century LCD Hood is designed to fit most camcorders that feature a 3.5" diagonal LCD screen. Weighing 3.8 oz., the durable matte black hood slides over the camcorder's flip-out screen. Once in place, it facilitates glare-free viewing even in bright sunlight, according to Century Optics. The suggested list price is $60.

The new LCD Widescreen Magnifier provides optically corrected viewing when shooting with a 16:9 widescreen adapter. By using a multi-coated glass element, the Widescreen Magnifier compensates for the compression that occurs when a 16:9 image is squeezed onto the 4:3 LCD screen. Thus, when viewed through this add-on, the image appears normal (unsqueezed). The suggested list price is $295.

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EZQuest Introduces Thunder Pro A/V Firewire Hard Drive at Macworld

EZQuest has introduced the Thunder Pro A/V FireWire 400, the first in its new generation of Pro A/V hard drives at Macworld 2005. The company will add FireWire 800 drives to this product line within a few weeks. EZQuest also previewed its Thunder Pro A/V RAID FireWire 800 drive and will formally introduce it later this month.

Designed for audio/video professionals, the sleek Thunder Pro A/V FireWire 400 comes in an anodized-aluminum enclosure and is one-third smaller than competitive drives. The Thunder Pro A/V is very quiet because it has no internal fan, and it offers data transfer rates of up to 36MB/sec read and 34MB/sec write. In addition, it features EZ Port, an extra front-access FireWire port for fast connect and disconnect, and Smart Switch, which automatically turns the drive on when it is plugged in. The Thunder Pro A/V comes in four configurations: 160GB, 200GB, 250GB and 400GB. All four configurations will be available in late March. EZQuest offers a two-year warranty and 48-hour repair turnaround for all of its Pro A/V products.

Thunder's key software features include A/V tuning and Disk De-frag. The drive is also optimized for audio-editing programs such as Digidesign Pro Tools; video-editing packages such as Apple's Final Cut Pro, Avid Express Pro Studio, and Adobe's Premiere Pro; and computer-animation programs such as Discreet's 3ds max 7, Alias' Maya 6, and Softimage's xsi 4. The drive has a total of three FireWire ports, and is compatible with Mac OS 9.1 and Mac OS 10.1.5 or later; and Win 98SE, Win 2000, Win ME and Win XP. MSRPs are: $249 for 160GB, $289 for 200GB, $349 for 250GB and $699 for 400GB capacities.

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EDGE Tech Corp Introduces Digital Picture Frame Plus MP3 Player

EDGE Tech Corp, a supplier of DRAM and Flash memory upgrades, portable computing products, storage devices, and other technology solutions has announced the launch of its Digital Picture Frame plus MP3 Player. The Digital Picture Frame plus MP3 Player by EDGE is now available at the company's reseller and distribution partners, as well as the EDGE Tech Corp online store.

The picture frame is compatible with most digital cameras that store JPEG images and motion files. Using the built-in digital media card slots, users simply place their flash memory cards in the appropriate slot located on the back of the frame and view photos stored on the card. The device also has a slideshow option to automatically display and rotate the pictures onscreen as well as the added ability to play MP3 background music through the built-in speakers on the frame. The picture frame supports up to 12 Mega Pixel image files and has a 5.6" TFT active matrix LCD screen. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $199.99 after mail-in rebate.

The Digital Picture Frame plus MP3 player supports SD Memory Cards(TM), MultiMedia(TM) (MMC) Cards, Memory Stick(TM), Memory Stick PRO(TM), SmartMedia(TM) Cards, Type I/II CompactFlash(R) Cards, and IBM Microdrive(R). The picture frame ships with integrated speakers and a lightweight, credit card-size remote control.

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MPEG-4 Part 10 and VC-1: Must-Haves for the Set-Top Box of the Future

Advanced video decoders are finding a role as standard features of Internet Protocol set-top boxes (IP-STBs). According to new studies from ABI Research, they will be found on virtually all new STBs by 2008.

MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC), the ISO standard codec that is the algorithm of choice for the DVD and digital broadcast industries, and VC-1, the compression component of Microsoft's Windows Media technology, are included in about 30% of currently available IP-STBs, says the company.

"IP-STBs are not yet as numerous as 'regular' digital STBs," says ABI Research analyst Joseph Yau, "but they are definitely a growing segment of the set-top box market. More and more telcos and IPTV providers are deploying video over IP and DSL, and their subscribers will need these IP-STBs and residential gateways to decode the signals."

ABI Research's study "IP Set Top Boxes: MPEG-2/4 IP STBs, Gateways and Media Centers" offers timely data on the penetration of emerging Telco TV, IP set-top box, and gateway technologies, examining global trends in shipments, average selling price (ASP), and revenue growth across IP set-top box devices. Another study, "The Future of Cable, DBS, IP and Terrestrial Set Top Boxes" covers various distribution networks, including digital cable, DBS, fiber, terrestrial, DSL and IP-based networks.

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Rorke Data Targets Apple & Windows Video & Broadcast Resellers with Galaxy-HDX SATA-II RAID Program

Rorke Data, a subsidiary of San Jose-based Bell Microproducts, Inc., has announced that the Galaxy-HDX (SATA-II) RAID and SAN systems based on the company's new fourth-generation RAID engine is now shipping. Targeting Apple and Windows-based NLE resellers, the HDX includes highly margins, according to Rorke, backed by a complete professional services and maintenance program for VARs in the high-definition video market while providing film and broadcast users one of the industry's lowest cost per GB with solutions starting at $13,750.00 USD MSRP for a 6.4TB solution. The 3ru (rackmount unit), Galaxy-HDX also offers one of the highest storage densities available among today's comparable HD and content-centric RAID solutions.

Available in both Fibre Channel and U320 SCSI dual-host versions, Rorke Data's HDX-series integrates InfoTrend's new family of high-capacity, high-density redesigned RAID enclosures integrated with latest controller technology. Performance benchmark tests demonstrate a greater than 300MB/sec sequential sustained write performance for both models, and up to 450MB/sec reads; easily exceeding the throughput requirements for High Definition (HD) as well as 2K/4K film application environments.

The Galaxy-HDX subsystems offer capacities ranging from 1TB to 100s of TBs depending on the configuration and application environment; support for OSX, Windows, Linux, Irix and Solaris, online expansion for adding, copying and replacing drives. Broad RAID level support includes 0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD, and NRAID.

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Hauppauge MediaMVP Network Media Player Offers Networked Audio and Video for Electronic Home Integrators

Hauppauge Digital, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of digital video, TV, and data broadcast receiver products for personal computers, has announced its MediaMVP network media player. The announcement, made during the 2005 International Builders Show in Orlando, is aimed at home builders and electronic home systems integrators wishing to offer cost effective, PC-ready, "whole-house" digital media networks to handle the distribution of music, video and digital pictures around the home.

Hauppauge's MediaMVP allows PC-based music, video, and pictures ("MVP") to be played anywhere in the home over a home local area network. The 6" x 6" device, priced as low as $80 per unit in OEM quantities, connects to a home's Cat5e cabling system and can be installed within a wall or ceiling inside a junction box. Speakers, video monitors, TVs and other playback devices are then linked to MediaMVP via a suitable wall outlet. The device supports common multimedia formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX, MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), JPEG and GIF, and connects to monitors and TVs through Composite or S-Video and stereo audio connections.

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