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Streaming Media
January 28, 2005

Table of Contents

Avid Announces Availability of Alienbrain Studio 7.1
Infrant Technologies Announces ReadyNAS Products to Ship with GBM Pro Network Edition Backup Software
Express Logic Introduces USB Support for ThreadX RTOS
Plextor Increases DVD Recording Speeds with Free Firmware Upgrade
Zoran HD Display Processor Used in Samsung Blu-ray Disc recorder
Gateway Launches New Line of eMachines Desktop PCs
MF Digital’s Director EC Office Duplication Publisher Offers Spindle Select to Alternate Copying between CD and DVD Media
Inlet Technologies Demonstrates Real-Time, HD Encoding at Hollywood Post Alliance Technology Retreat

Avid Announces Availability of Alienbrain Studio 7.1

Avid Technology, Inc. announced the worldwide availability of Avid Alienbrain Studio 7.1 asset management software, offering increased support for teams developing CG games, 3D simulation programs, and animated film projects. Alienbrain Studio 7.1 delivers faster previews, expanded help and search capabilities, and improvements for remote collaboration.

Alienbrain Studio 7.1 software enhances the digital content creation process by storing, versioning, and tracking assets in a central location. The software also offers plug-ins for the leading 3D, 2D, and programming pipeline tools. The new version improves performance by speeding up the display, local caching, and server-side pre-generation of thumbnails and previews. Change set workflows have also been optimized and extended with support for changes as entire logical entities; therefore, results of a merge operation can now be redirected to a change set for further pre-submit inspections. Alienbrain Studio 7.1 offers the option for content creators - working either remotely or locally - to access files simultaneously. Creators can check out and merge assets based on previous versions in the history. Searching capabilities have also been refined to include a search across asset and change set histories, as well as across local assets. The software also incorporates context-sensitive help options, allowing users to reference the subject matter that is of most interest to them.

Pricing and Availability
Alienbrain Studio 7.1 Developer Client for $690
Alienbrain Studio 7.1 Designer Client for $1,250
Alienbrain Studio 7.1 Manager Client for $2,190 

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Infrant Technologies Announces ReadyNAS Products to Ship with GBM Pro Network Edition Backup Software

Infrant Technologies announced that all ReadyNAS family of products will be shipped with Genie Backup Manager (GBM) Professional Network Edition from Genie-Soft. ReadyNAS's family of products is the first Network Storage Processor (NSP) based Network Attached Storage (NAS), supporting SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and hardware RAID 5.

Starting in February, every NSP sold by Infrant will include Genie-Soft's GBM Pro Network Edition on the installation CD-ROM. Customers who purchased any NAS product based on Infrant's NSP will be granted a license to use the GBM Pro Network Edition on their computers.

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Express Logic Introduces USB Support for ThreadX RTOS

Express Logic, Inc., a provider of royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), announced USBX, a modularized, royalty-free USB communications stack for its popular ThreadX RTOS. Fully compatible with ThreadX, Express Logic's USBX eliminates the development, integration, and debug time required to write custom USB host/device support software.

Express Logic's USBX software allows application developers to create embedded systems that communicate via USB 1.1 and 2.0 protocols with existing commercial devices for data transfer and storage. USBX capabilities are useful for digital electronics products such as digital cameras, DVD players, medical equipment, 3G phones, set-top boxes, photo printers, MP3 players, and games consoles.

Supporting both USB Host and USB Device mode operation, USBX is composed of a core USB stack and a set of USB-IF approved USB classes that include mass storage, audio, printer, HID, and hub. USBX also supports popular embedded 1.1 and 2.0 USB controllers like OHCI and EHCI, found in the IP of many SoC devices and discrete controllers.

USBX works in conjunction with Express Logic's FileX embedded file system to support USB mass storage devices. USBX supports the USB 2.0 specification with OTG extensions. USBX is priced at $12,500 for a single-product development license with no run-time royalties. Broader licensing is also available.

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Plextor Increases DVD Recording Speeds with Free Firmware Upgrade

Plextor Corp., a developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, announced a free firmware upgrade for PX-716 Series DVD±R/RW drives. The new software boosts recording speeds to 6X DVD+R Double-Layer and 6X DVD-R Dual-Layer, thereby protecting the investment of customers who previously purchased a Plextor PX-716 series drive.

This firmware supports 2X DVD-R DL and 6X DVD+R DL on 8.5 GB DVD DL media, along with 8X DVD+RW and 16X DVD±R on recommended single-layer DVD media with Plextor's AUTOSTRATEGY recording optimization feature. Release 1.05 will support 6X DVD-R on DL DVD media.

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Zoran HD Display Processor Used in Samsung Blu-ray Disc recorder

Zoran Corporation announced that its Generation9 integrated high definition display processor powers Samsung Electronics' Blu-ray Disc (BD-R1000) recorder, which is the first to record and playback Blu-ray, DVD, and CD formats with a single optical pickup.

Samsung announced the release of the BD-R1000 recorder last month and stated that consumers will be able to record and edit up to 12 hours of high-definition TV broadcasts onto the 23-gigabyte Blu-ray disc. The BD-R1000 maintains high picture and sound quality by directly recording digital signals, which avoids picture clarity degradation.

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Gateway Launches New Line of eMachines Desktop PCs

The new eMachines PC lineup offers music downloading, digital photography, and digital video editing. Each of the new PCs can access digital content and connect to digital devices with USB 2.0 ports. Some models include 8-in-1 digital media readers and the latest DVD±RW multi format drives. The PCs are all network and broadband-ready with integrated 10/100 Ethernet. Each comes with a 56K V.90 modem.

eMachines T3958
The eMachines T3958 includes a 16X DVD±RW multi-format drive. The DVD±RW drive lets consumers store digital video and photos onto DVD media. Also, the drive uses new double-layer DVD technology to give PC users up to 8.5GB of data on double-layer DVD media. Users can access and store digital media with the system's 8-in-1 digital media reader and large 80GB hard drive. The new PC also features an Intel Celeron D 340 (2.93 GHz) processor, Intel Extreme Graphics 3D, 512MB of DDR SDRAM (expandable to 2GB), Cyberlink PowerDVD, and Nero 6 Suite.

eMachines T5026
The eMachines T5026 delivers extra processing power for the latest digital media hobbies and other advanced applications. Powered by an Intel Pentium 4 519 (3.06GHz) processor, the eMachines T5026 features 512MB of dual-channel memory that is expandable to 4GB and a 160GB Serial ATA 7200 RPM hard drive. Users can access, store, and share digital media with the system's two optical drives, a double layer DVD±RW multi-format drive and a CD-ROM drive. Further digital media features include the 8-in-1 media reader, seven USB 2.0 ports, and three IEEE 1394 ports. Lastly, the T5026 also comes with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 with Direct X 9 support, Cyberlink PowerDVD, and Nero 6 Suite.

eMachines T3958 is priced at $499.99
eMachines T5026 is priced at $599.99

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MF Digital’s Director EC Office Duplication Publisher Offers Spindle Select to Alternate Copying between CD and DVD Media

Enhancing the its networked based CD/ DVD publishing systems, MF Digital has added a capability to all Director Office DVD / CD duplication production equipment. Previously only available on Director EC PRO, this new feature allows the Director Office Publisher to automatically pick and burn appropriate media.

The Director EC Office produces CD or DVD copies upon receiving local or remote burning requests. With the Spindle Select enhancement, the system can identify which media is to be burned based upon the type of image submitted. The Spindle Select feature eliminates the need to have a person manually swap media types. The system will choose the most appropriate spindle and disc to reproduce onto from the image submitted. The Director EC systems also feature automatic editing of print jobs, unlimited job queuing, and production burning of CD / DVD duplication or unique one off publishing for CD / DVD distribution.

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Inlet Technologies Demonstrates Real-Time, HD Encoding at Hollywood Post Alliance Technology Retreat

Inlet Technologies, a provider of professional encoding solutions for high-definition content creation and distribution, demonstrated Inlet Fathom at the Hollywood Post Alliance 2005 Technology Retreat this week. Inlet Fathom is a hybrid software and hardware solution for Windows Media High Definition Video content creation.

Inlet Fathom was demonstrated as part of Microsoft's showcase of post-production solutions for producing WMV HD high-definition content. Fathom combines a professional encoding software application with hardware acceleration to deliver the first real-time encoding of WMV HD content. Fathom produces high-quality, high definition content at reduced file sizes.

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