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Streaming Media
February 11, 2005

Table of Contents

Tantus Launches ONEAlliance, Scalable Shared Storage Solution for the Content Creation Industry
Pioneer Expands Line of Professional DVD Recorders
PHD Computer Consultants Announces Catalog on DVD
Apogee and Zoran Partner for Integration into DVD and Other ICs
Mitsubishi Launches Super-Small Video Projector
Serious Magic Announces Free Closed-Captioning for Visual Communicator 2
Mystik Media Releases RapidRip
NCTC Endorses EGT MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder

Tantus Launches ONEAlliance, Scalable Shared Storage Solution for the Content Creation Industry

Tantus Corporation announced that it will begin configuring, installing, and supporting its new storage solution for the content creation and broadcast markets. The ONEAlliance Shared Storage Workgroup is a specialized Storage Area Network, implementing an NTFS-compatible file system that will allow any users on the network to have simultaneous read and write access to a single volume. The system additionally allows the storage capacity and aggregate throughput of the system to limitlessly scale while client computers are connected and accessing their data.

Personnel can ingest, edit, playback, composite, and color correct the same unduplicated video footage, from DV to HDV to Uncompressed 10-bit HD, while their render farms and broadcast servers all access the same files. All of this functionality is available starting at $15K. The system is built around both Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN technology, allowing both inexpensive/low-throughput and more expensive/high-throughput access to the system. ONEAlliance is also built around off-the-shelf, easy to maintain, tried and true hardware, open architecture, and common industry standards. The systems allows for multiple points of failure without downtime, and gives the ability to swap out faulty hard drives, power supply, cooling units, and RAID controllers while on-line and without losing performance.

Features include:
- Unlimited scalability - users, capacity, from DV to Uncompressed 1080i 10-bit HD Efficient
- ALL workstations/render nodes always have direct, simultaneous read/write access at the data block level to all of your storage
- Raw Performance - Disk Throughput increases as you add more storage - up to 4Gb/s per user
- Expand On-the-Fly - Add more seats or storage without bringing down the system or touching your data.
- Data Protection - System can handle multiple instances of hardware failure without consequence - individual hard drives, whole arrays, power supplies, cooling modules are all hot-swappable and will not bring down the system.
- Compatible with your existing hardware
- Use TCP/IP technology already available through your Ethernet connection, or add FibreChannel adapters.
- Workflow Enhancements - Add automatic encoding features for instant offline editing, or have multiple editors working with each other on the same project at the same time, off of the same, unduplicated footage.
- Direct Remote Access - Edit from across the world, inhibited only by the bandwidth of your internet/WAN connection.
- Advanced Security and Asset Management tools - control accessibility and organization.

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Pioneer Expands Line of Professional DVD Recorders

Pioneer Electronics, Inc. has announced the availability of the PRV-9200 professional DVD recorder. Coming with a 160-gigabyte built-in hard disk drive and 48X high-speed copying to the HDD, the PRV-9200 allows for the creation of compliant DVD-Video discs without the need for a computer or authoring software.

DVD-R/RW discs recorded on the PRV-9200 are highly compatible and can be played back in most DVD players, including industrial players, consumer players, in-car systems, portable DVD players, and personal computers.

Additionally, the recorder allows high-speed copying of content from a DVD-RW disc recorded in Video mode to be directly recorded back onto the internal HDD. Users can then repurpose content or make edits before recording it to a new DVD-R/RW disc. Users also can re-encode original HDD recording while making a copy simultaneously to a DVD disc in real time.

Other product highlights include:

• Extended Recording Times
• Multiple Copy Modes
• Disc Backup and Bit-for-Bit Recording
• Chase Play
• Smart Variable Bit Rate Recording (VBR)
• Full Motion Thumbnails with Sound
• Built-in Tuner
• IEEE-1394/DV Input/Output (i.LINK)
• Three-pin AC Power
• Supports NTSC and PAL/SECAM TV Formats

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PHD Computer Consultants Announces Catalog on DVD

PHD Computer Consultants' Catalog on DVD enables businesses to convert catalogs and complete Web sites into CD or DVD formats. This provides access to Web site content via a PC without the need for an Internet connection. Minor updates to the DVD data can be downloaded by mobile telephone, as necessary.

Catalogs transferred to Catalog on DVD can be upgraded to create fully functioning Internet shops, with inventory, order-processing, and payment functions. The catalog can then be re-published in Web site format with Catalog on DVD tools.

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Apogee and Zoran Partner for Integration into DVD and Other ICs

Apogee Technology, Inc., a provider of digital audio amplification solutions, announced that it has licensed its DDX Controller output technology to Zoran Corporation for integration into their DVD and other consumer electronics integrated circuits (ICs). Under the agreement Zoran will market ICs integrating DDX output and Apogee will support customer product development and market DDX Power IC solutions to end-users.

Apogee's DDX enables manufacturers to build compact, high fidelity audio systems. The solution consists of a Controller with patented DDX output modulation, licensed by Zoran, combined with a DDX Power Device. The DDX is available from Apogee in a broad range of power options up to 240 Watts.

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Mitsubishi Launches Super-Small Video Projector

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, a developer of home entertainment projector technology, introduced its PocketProjector. Weighing 14 ounces and fitting into the palm of a hand, the tiny LED projector is built for fun and creative applications. It can be battery powered or used with a universal car adapter for mobile video on the fly.

The PocketProjector has one of the shortest projection distances of any mobile projector on the market today: Users can create a 20-inch diagonal screen with only a little over a foot of projection distance, and a 40-inch screen image in less than a yard. The PocketProjector powers on or off quickly, and can display images from notebook computers, portable DVD players, and gaming consoles. It is lighted by three Lumileds LEDs (red, green, blue) that produce an SVGA image from the Texas Instruments' DLP chip. The projector's lighting technology is rated to last 20,000 hours.

Mitsubishi's new PocketProjector will be available in July 2005 through online retailers and major retail channels at a suggested retail price of $699.

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Serious Magic Announces Free Closed-Captioning for Visual Communicator 2

Serious Magic, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of closed-captioning for its Visual Communicator 2 software. This feature currently outputs for Windows Media and is available as a free download from Serious Magic's Web site. It will enable government agencies, educators, and professional trainers serving the government to be in compliance with Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act, which requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology be accessible to people with disabilities.

Visual Communicator 2 is based on a video production process that eliminates traditional editing timelines, allowing faster video creation. It offers an on-screen teleprompter, customizable graphics and titles, real-time transitions, and virtual sets; moreover, it includes a professional clip-on microphone and V-ScreenT foldable backdrop material for green-screen effects.

The update works with all versions of Visual Communicator 2, including Web, Pro, and Studio, and those that wish to upgrade from previous versions of Visual Communicator can do so for $149.95.

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Mystik Media Releases RapidRip

Mystik Media has released RapidRip, an audio CD ripping and batch conversion tool that provides complete FreeDB/CDDB/CDDB2 support, with options to automatically name output files from CDDB data and save CDDB data to audio file tags. Additionally, the program provides optional creation of output folders using CDDB album and artist information, error correction, block and buffer size control, ripping speed and jitter mode settings, option to maintain folder structure for conversion output, automatically transfer audio tags, and convenient playback of audio tracks. Supported output formats include WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, ADPCM, A-LAW, u-LAW, DSP, GSM, MP2, and VOX.

RapidRip provides frequency and bitrate options that allow for maximum control of the conversion output. Constant Bitrate options are available for the best compatibility with both hardware and software players, and Variable Bitrate is also provided for further optimized file sizes.

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NCTC Endorses EGT MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder

EGT, Inc. announced an endorsement from the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) to become the newest "Platinum Level" vendor, authorized to provide video encoders for its members. EGT's MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder allows operators to free up to 30 percent bandwidth, which can be used for HDTV, VOD, and high-speed data access.

 EGT's PicturePerfect compression engine continually optimizes rate control, motion estimation, and noise filtering parameters based on the content. EGT produces the only professional video encoders that can cascade up to 16 channels multiplexed into a single multi-program transport stream. EGT encoders' double-density chassis and cascading feature provide flexibility in rack configurations and service delivery options through a single multiplexer. The EGT encoders are compatible upstream and downstream with all MPEG-2 standard equipment. 

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