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Streaming Media
February 15, 2005

Table of Contents

Baystor Introduces BK-1500 and Teletext
Telestream Adds Xsan Support, Mac version of MAPone
Discreet Announces combustion 4 Desktop Compositing Software
Canto Cumulus 6.5 Delivers Digital Asset Management
NVIDIA Launches GeForce Go 6600 GPU
CoreMedia Showcase New DRM for Convergent Networks
NovaStor Announces NovaBACKUP 7.2
Ingrian DataSecure Release 4.0 Scales Encryption for Enterprise Deployments

Baystor Introduces BK-1500 and Teletext

Baystor has launched two new products designed to economize asset management for the broadcast industry. These products complement the company's BK-2500 DVD burning system, which retains original timecode, closed captions, metadata, and vertical blanking data to an industry standard optical discs. The new products being unveiled by Baystor at NAB 2005 are the BK-1500 and Teletext, and both can be added to existing station environments by connecting them via a Gigabit LAN.

With an MSRP under $5,000 Baystor's new playback-only BK-1500 facilitates retrieval of assets stored on DVD. The BK-1500 can be used to play back assets while archiving others on the BK-2500 recorder. With built-in RS-422 and frame accuracy, DVDs are guaranteed to operate the same as tape, according to Baystor, preserved with original timecode, CC, and VBI. A built-in 40GB hard drive and programmable playback allow this unit to be used as a video server.

Locating assets that reside on your network is easy, Baystor says, with Closed Caption Teletext, the company's new search software. Just like an Internet search, users can type in a keyword or phrase and instantly see the timecode In & Out locations and keyframe of the clip containing that phrase. This software will search assets that reside anywhere on the network of BK-2500's and within the BK-1500 player. Once the original clip is located, you can play it back, copy it to a DVD, schedule it for playback, or transfer it directly into your editing system, all without generation loss.

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Telestream Adds Xsan Support, Mac version of MAPone

Telestream has announced expanded support for the Mac platform with a number of new workflow automation solutions. Enhancements to Telestream's FlipFactory and MAP products enable all-digital workflows for the Mac community. New Flip4Mac products bridge the Mac/PC format gap, simplifying the way professional users export and import files directly on their Macs.

Telestream adds support for Apple's Xsan SAN file system. FlipFactory now provides Final Cut Pro workgroups connected to an Xsan network with media and metadata exchange between a range of professional video devices, including leading media servers, NLEs, asset management systems, streaming servers, as well as communication with automation systems.

A Mac version of Telestream's award-winning MAPone personal IP delivery software application makes its NAB debut. Priced at under $1,000, MAPone for the Mac provides videographers and journalists with a solution for transmitting review-and-approvals, digital dailies, news cuts, and other edited material over any standard or wireless IP network. MAPone for the Mac transcodes and delivers broadcast-quality media files directly from Apple's Power Mac G5 systems or PowerBook notebooks running Final Cut Pro HD or other QuickTime-based software.

The new Flip4Mac MXF Import Component provides for direct import of MXF media from Sony eVTR and XDCAM systems for Macintosh users. Available by NAB2005, the MXF Import Component automatically transcodes Sony digital news acquisition formats into Mac-based formats for an upcoming version of Final Cut Pro HD software.

The Flip4Mac WMV Export Component, available now, enables Mac users to create Windows Media 9 Series SD or HD files directly from within QuickTime-based applications, including Final Cut Pro HD, Final Cut Express HD, iMovie, QuickTime Player, Discreet Cleaner, and the new Sorenson Media Squeeze 4 Compression Suite. Available the end of March, the new Flip4Mac WMV Import Component allows Mac users to import Windows Media files for viewing in the QuickTime Player, thus enabling the great playback capabilities in QuickTime for this popular transport format.

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Discreet Announces combustion 4 Desktop Compositing Software

Discreet, the media and entertainment division of Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), has announced combustion 4 software, a full-step upgrade to its visual effects desktop software solution. combustion software for Windows and Mac features tools for visual effects creation, including vector paint, particles, effects, animation, and 3D compositing tools. Version 4 provides motion graphics and compositing artists new creative capabilities, interface improvements, new paint tools, and enhanced interoperability with most 3D animation products including Discreet's 3ds max animation software, and Discreet's cleaner encoding software and its systems products including flint, flame, inferno, fire, and smoke.

New features in combustion 4 include the following:

  • Discreet's Diamond Keyer—the second generation of sophisticated keying algorithms derived from flame, Discreet's online visual effects system. The Diamond Keyer adds a new level of advanced keying technology to the capabilities already available to combustion users via the Discreet Keyer.
  • Time-Warp—a fully keyframeable, time-remapping operator for quickly creating slow motion and speed-up effects
  • B-spline vector shapes and new point-grouping for faster, more efficient rotoscoping
  • New optimized Fast Gaussian Blur
  • Custom capsules—create and save encapsulated single or grouped operator nodes
  • Gbuffer builder—enables custom building of Discreet's Rich Pixel Format (RPF) data structures from bitmap files for more extensive use of combustion's RPF nodes
  • Merge operator—new optimized operator to quickly merge two layers of the same size using any of combustion's transfer nodes
  • UI enhancements including edit-operator, navigation, filtering, and compare tool improvements
  • New file import/export options—import of images into color mixer, import ASE (ASCII Scene Export) camera targets from 3ds max, import Windows Media, Open EXR-compatible output
  • Enhanced paint—new paint tools, grids, and rulers, Bspline in paint, and new customized brushes
  • Ability to read media directly from Discreet stone filesystems for enhanced interoperability with Discreet's online systems: inferno, fire, smoke, flame, flint, and backdraft

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Canto Cumulus 6.5 Delivers Digital Asset Management

Canto, a developer of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, announced the release of Canto Cumulus 6.5. The newest version of Cumulus focuses on new authentication methods and administration tools.

Cumulus 6.5 supports built-in user management modules, LDAP directory servers, and authentication API. User authentication can be based on passwords stored in the built-in authentication method or on an LDAP server, on system passwords (e.g. domain passwords), and with the new authentication API.

Cumulus 6.5 also provides Image Color Management (ICM), offers enhanced CMYK support in the Pixel Image Converter, and allows rotation of JPEG originals on the hard disc. The original image quality remains unchanged when opened in any application.

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NVIDIA Launches GeForce Go 6600 GPU

NVIDIA Corporation, a provider of graphics and digital media processors, announced the release of GeForce Go 6600, a mobile GPU. The GeForce Go 6600 GPU is available immediately from OEMs and ODMs including Acer, Asus, Gericom, Medion, Toshiba, and several other notebook suppliers worldwide.

The GeForce Go 6 mobile GPU series offers a variety of multimedia features, including compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0. The mobile GPUs are also compatible with NVIDIA PureVideo technology, an embedded video processor for HD multimedia content. All NVIDIA mobile GPUs function with Intel Centrino mobile technology, featuring integrated wireless connectivity with IEEE 802.11a/b/g networks.

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CoreMedia Showcase New DRM for Convergent Networks

CoreMedia, a provider of digital rights management (DRM), is appearing at the 3GSM WorldCongress in Cannes, February 14-17, with HP and IBM to show the future of comprehensive DRM technology.

At the HP Solution Centre, CoreMedia will showcase its DRM technology for wireline and wireless multi-domain management in the digital home. CoreMedia DRM, which runs with over 200 mobile handset models, also comes with a client SDK for PCs and set-top boxes. Services include a wide variety of content including full-track music, games, and video clips. CoreMedia DRM also allows new P2P business models including promotion, gifting, and Superdistribution.

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NovaStor Announces NovaBACKUP 7.2

NovaStor Corporation, a provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, released NovaBACKUP 7.2, which enables data backup and recovery for small businesses and consumers. The new version contains new user interfaces, user wizards, and integrated disaster recovery capabilities.

NovaBACKUP delivers data protection with a completely redesigned user interface. New step-by-step backup, restore, and disaster recovery Wizards guide users through the creation of backups for critical data. NovaBACKUP also supports technologies such as dual layer, HD-DVD, and blue laser DVD formats; moreover, it has updated support for Iomega REV drives, CD/DVD drives, local and remote disk drives, and tape drives.

NovaBACKUP 7.2 Professional Edition has a list price of $69.95 and NovaBACKUP 7.2 Server Edition has a list price of $149.95.

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Ingrian DataSecure Release 4.0 Scales Encryption for Enterprise Deployments

IngrianNetworks, Inc., a developer of data privacy solutions, announced the release of DataSecure 4.0. Ingrian's new platform can now handle over 8,000 cryptographic operations per second, with a latency of less than 0.3 ms for a single request. DataSecure 4.0 also features new authorization policies, granular access control lists, and external LDAP server integration.

 DataSecure 4.0 also allows administrators to perform secure replication of configuration information, via XML and graphical user interfaces.

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