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Streaming Media
March 01, 2005

Table of Contents

Adobe Premiere Pro HDV Plug-in Now Available
InterVideo InstantON Technology Ships with Toshiba Express Media Player
Rimage Announces Inkjet Photo-Quality Printing at PMA 2005
Nero 6 Supports DVD-R Dual-Layer Recording
TDK Introduces Durabis Hard-coating Technology for Blu-ray Discs
Turtle Beach Announces Video Advantage USB
MoCA Enables Set-Top Box As Home Digital Entertainment Hub
Photodex Announces ProShow Gold 2.5
Consumers Amenable to Music CDs with Copy Protection
Media Rights Technologies Announces the Release of SeCure DVD Technology

Adobe Premiere Pro HDV Plug-in Now Available

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced the availability of a free HDV plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, its professional video editing software. The HDV plug-in expands IEEE-1394 support in Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling the software to work directly with the HDV format and HDV-capable cameras such as Sony's HDR-Z1 and HDR-FX1. Adobe Premiere Pro users can now capture, edit, and output HDV video.

Adobe Premiere Pro supports editing in DV, SD, HD and now HDV formats, giving editors greater flexibility. With this new HDV plug-in Adobe Premiere Pro is now able to handle real-time editing of high-definition video. Using the same IEEE-1394 (iLink, Firewire) connector natively supported in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, this plug-in provides direct HDV format device control and video capture without the need for additional hardware. HDV format projects in Adobe Premiere Pro can be delivered for high-definition broadcast, film prints, high-definition Windows Media, and DVD. 

Registered Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 customers can download the free HDV plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro from the Adobe Premiere Pro page of the company web site at Users of earlier versions of Premiere can upgrade to Premiere Pro 1.5 for $199.

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InterVideo InstantON Technology Ships with Toshiba Express Media Player

InterVideo, Inc., a provider of software solutions, announced that its InterVideo InstantON technology is now integrated with Toshiba Express Media Player Notebooks.

 With the integration of InterVideo InstantON technology into Toshiba Express Media Player, the notebooks include a comprehensive multimedia package for DVD movie playback and surround-sound for audio CDs.

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Rimage Announces Inkjet Photo-Quality Printing at PMA 2005

Rimage Corporation announced the availability of inkjet photo-quality printing on CD and DVD media at the PMA 2005 booth 3163, Orlando, Florida. Users of Rimage Desktop systems can now take advantage of new Rimage Photo Inkjet Cartridges to create high-resolution, full-color graphics.

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Nero 6 Supports DVD-R Dual-Layer Recording

The recent update to Nero 6 provides users with enhanced Dual-Layer Recording tools including DVD-R DL disc support for 8.5GB data storage or 120 min playback time for DVD-Video. Nero Express 6 and Nero Burning Rom allow users to burn standard data and digital audio discs with up to 8.5 GB in size.

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TDK Introduces Durabis Hard-coating Technology for Blu-ray Discs

TDK, a leader in digital recording solutions, has unveiled DURABIS, an exclusive coating technology designed to significantly increase the durability of the Blu-ray Disc, eliminating the need for cartridges to protect the media's recording layer. As a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, TDK is playing a key role in the development of the new format, the company says. Because the Blu-ray Disc format can store up to 25GB of data on a single disc that is the same size as a standard DVD, increaseed recording media stability and precision are mandated. To realize the narrow track pitch and high recording density required by Blu-ray Disc without sacrificing reliability, TDK has developed new disc formulations and manufacturing technologies.

TDK has unified its hard coating technology under the name DURABIS, and has produced a logo to identify it. DURABIS, which was coined by combining the words "durability" and "shield," is intended to convey the high durability of products that include the hard coating technology.

For writable Blu-ray discs, TDK's DURABIS provides protection to the recording layer, which is very close to the disc surface. According to TDK, DURABIS technology resists scratches, which can cause recording and playback errors. The coating also resists other common contaminants such as fingerprints and dirt. Because the DURABIS coating technology rapidly discharges static electricity, the discs also resist the accumulation of dust. Eliminating the need for a cartridge will contain manufacturing costs, TDK says, keeping Blu-ray Disc pricing in line with today's standard recordable quadruple layer optical recording media.

Additionally, TDK has developed a new CuSi inorganic film formulation that provides stability with narrow track pitches and high recording densities, such as those employed by the Blu-ray Disc format. The material is so precise that TDK has already been able to achieve 6x (216Mbps) recording speed in the lab with blue laser media, the company claims.

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Turtle Beach Announces Video Advantage USB

Turtle Beach has announced the Video Advantage USB, a hardware/software solution for converting analog video into digital format. The device serves as a video-capture and editing system for authoring, archiving, and sharing videos on DVD, CD-RW, or via the Internet.

Video Advantage USB utilizes a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, allowing it to capture video in high-quality DV format or compressed MPEG formats. Programs include AD FullCap, for capturing in AVI or DV formats; Cyberlink PowerDirector DE, for capturing in MPEG format and authoring movies; and Cyberlink PowerProducer Express, for transferring to DVD, SVCD, VCS, DV Tape or streaming video for the Web.

The Video Advantage USB is priced at $129.95.

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MoCA Enables Set-Top Box As Home Digital Entertainment Hub

Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (MoCA) will demonstrate at the Digital Living Room 2005, a home digital entertainment network, which will run multiple streams of HDTV, multi-player gaming, and Internet over coax using MoCA technology.

MoCA enables the set-top box to be the hub of the digital entertainment home network without new wires. With MoCA, a set-top box with an integrated DVR or cable modem is able to communicate with PC media centers, thin clients, and other devices to become a whole-house network solution.

MoCA is also developing specifications for the transport of digital entertainment and information content over in-home coaxial cable.

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Photodex Announces ProShow Gold 2.5

Photodex Corporation recently released ProShow Gold 2.5, its newest version of slide-show software for photo enthusiasts and professionals. Slide motion effects, captions effects, and over 280 quality transitions allow users to generate DVD, PC, and Web slide-shows.

New features include a lightbox view for organizing large numbers of slides, audio CD soundtrack tools, custom menu options, auto-correction for images, voice-over recording for slide-show narration, and an option to back-up project files to CD or DVD.

ProShow Gold 2.5 is priced at $69.95 for electronic delivery.

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Consumers Amenable to Music CDs with Copy Protection

Contrary to widely held industry beliefs, U.S. consumers are not overwhelmingly antagonistic toward the concept of copy-restricted music CDs, provided these CDs come with the proper incentives, according to Parks Associates' forthcoming report Digital Rights: Content Ownership and Distribution.

Among respondents in Parks Associates' survey entitled, Profiles of PC Usage, when given a choice between a normal music CD and a copy-once CD priced $5 less, 33% of those who do not rip CDs and 27% who do rip CDs preferred the copy-once CDs.

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Media Rights Technologies Announces the Release of SeCure DVD Technology

Media Rights Technologies (MRT), a software company that develops and licenses content-control solutions, has announced the availability of SeCure DVD, a software-based product that prevents and controls digital ripping, copying, and burning.

SeCure DVD mitigates the issue of DVD piracy while at the same time allowing for a full-quality DVD audio and video experience. MRT's new technology is completely transparent and is only apparent when a user attempts to illegally rip/burn the protected DVD content. To ensure ongoing protection for copyrighted works, SeCure DVD implements a dynamic update process, guarding against future ripping applications and technologies.

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