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Streaming Media
March 22, 2005

Table of Contents

Avid Technology, Inc. to Acquire Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
InterVideo Inc. Announces Intention to Purchase Controlling Interest in Ulead Systems
DV 101: Peachpit Press Publishes Jan Ozer's New Book for Digital Video Producers
GEAR's PRO Mastering Edition 7.0 Features New Multi-Threaded, Multi-Target Design
X Software Releases Video Vault with DivX Video Technology
Moser Baer Ramps Up Output of Lightscribe CD-Rs
EnXnet, Inc. Announces MoxyCard Contract
Promise Rolls Out Eight-Port PCI-X SATA Controller for Internal Storage
Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces Single-Chip Video Filter/Driver

Avid Technology, Inc. to Acquire Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Avid Technology, Inc. and Pinnacle Systems, Inc. announced that Avid has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Pinnacle in a cash and stock transaction. Under the terms of the agreement, Pinnacle shareholders will receive .0869 shares of Avid stock and $1.00 in cash for each Pinnacle share. At closing, it is expected that Avid will issue approximately 6.2 million shares and pay $71.3 million in cash, for a total estimated value of $462 million based on Avid's stock price of $62.95 at market close on Friday, March 18, 2005. Upon completion of the transaction, the 6.2 million shares to be issued to Pinnacle's former shareholders will represent approximately 15% of Avid's outstanding common stock.

The acquisition is subject to satisfying a number of closing conditions, including shareholder and regulatory approvals, and is expected to close in the second or third quarter of 2005. The purchase price represents a 30% premium over Pinnacle's closing stock price of $4.97 on March 18, 2005. Assuming a closing date of July 1, 2005, Avid expects the transaction, excluding acquisition-related charges, to be dilutive to its pro-forma earnings per share in the third quarter and accretive in the fourth quarter, resulting in full-year 2005 pro forma earnings per share of approximately $2.70 per diluted share. In 2006, Avid expects the transaction to be approximately 10 cents accretive, resulting in pro forma earnings per share of approximately $3.20 per diluted share. After payment of the cash portion of the purchase price, Avid expects its cash position to be $280-$300 million at the end of 2005.

Following the closing, the parties expect that Pinnacle's professional products - such as the MediaStream broadcast playout server and the Deko on-air graphics system - will enhance Avid's end-to-end broadcast production pipeline, which has helped Avid become a global leader in that industry. In addition, Pinnacle's consumer video business - which to date has shipped more than 10 million units - will form the basis for a new consumer video division at Avid, providing the company with an immediate avenue into that segment.

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InterVideo Inc. Announces Intention to Purchase Controlling Interest in Ulead Systems

InterVideo, Inc., a provider of DVD software, has announced that subsequent to a previous purchase of 18.5 percent, it has extended a tender offer to purchase an additional 30.1 to 65 percent of the issued shares of Ulead Systems, Inc., a developer of video, imaging, and DVD authoring software. The all-cash tender offer will be made at 30 NT (US$0.98) per share of Ulead common stock. Assuming the successful completion of the tender offer, the transaction will be valued at between US$23 and US$49 million. The deal is expected to be accretive to InterVideo's 2005 earnings based on InterVideo's current understanding of Ulead's business.

Upon completion of the tender offer, InterVideo will own between 50.1 and 85 percent of the issued shares of Ulead. These figures include the 18.5 percent of Ulead's issued shares currently owned by InterVideo, the shares to be purchased in the tender offer and an additional 1.5% of Ulead's shares to be purchased outside of the tender offer. InterVideo has entered into stock tender agreements with several Ulead shareholders pursuant to which the shareholders have agreed to sell a minimum of 22.5 percent of Ulead's issued shares in the tender offer. The tender offer is scheduled to expire on April 13, 2005.

InterVideo believes that its investment in Ulead will strengthen InterVideo's technology offering and allow the company to provide a more comprehensive digital media solution to both retail and OEM customers. Ulead's strengths in professional DVD authoring, video editing, and still image processing complement InterVideo's tools and provide enhanced opportunities for addressing emerging and rapidly growing markets including multimedia home networking, high-definition and Blu-ray DVD, and multimedia mobile phones, according to a March 14 release from InterVideo. Upon completion of the tender offer, InterVideo and Ulead plan to commence the integration of products and technologies of the two companies.

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DV 101: Peachpit Press Publishes Jan Ozer's New Book for Digital Video Producers

In late February, Peachpit Press delivered EventDV Contributing Editor and Moving Picture columnist Jan Ozer's latest book, DV 101: A Hands-On Guide for Business, Government & Educators. Edited by EventDV editor Stephen Nathans, DV 101 provides corporate and institutional videographers (and just about anyone looking to expand their pro videography skills set) with invaluable primers in several key tasks, including the following:

  • Set up and shoot common projects such as interviews and training
  • Select and connect an external microphone to your camcorder
  • Produce professional-quality lighting inexpensively
  • Capture, edit, and output your video for Web or DVD
  • Author and burn a DVD
  • Integrate your video into Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentations
  • Create a streaming presentation with Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint
  • Create 508-compliant closed-captioned text for streaming and/or DVD

Ozer addresses all these pursuits from the perspective of the budget-conscious producer who may be flying solo and working to squeeze professional results out of limited resources. Chapter titles include "Mastering the Video Shoot," "Capturing High-Quality Audio," "Guerilla Lighting," "Digital Production Workflows," "Editing Techniques," "Shooting for Compositing & Streaming," "Rendering Your Projects," "Producing DVDs," "Using Video in Presentations," "Streaming with Producer for PowerPoint," and "Producing & Deploying Closed Captions."

While Ozer avoids tool-specific discussions in the book that would limit its usefulness to current versions of NLEs and DVD authoring tools, he augments DV 101 with PDF workbooks that explain how to do the tasks described in the book using popular applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, Apple Final Cut Express, DVD Studio Pro, and Pinnacle Studio. Each workbook walks readers through the projects outlined in the book. Readers can download the workbooks and read more about DV 101 on Ozer's Web site at

DV 101 is available at ( and from other major booksellers.

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GEAR's PRO Mastering Edition 7.0 Features New Multi-Threaded, Multi-Target Design

GEAR Software has announced the release of GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7.0, a professional premastering software solution for production of CD and DVD titles. The GEAR PRO Mastering Edition leverages the latest optical recording technology and internet transfer capabilities to give publishers, record labels, audio mastering facilities, and replicators a complete tool to create their CD and DVD titles. GEAR PRO supports virtually any disc format, hardware, and recording media, including new dual-layer types. GEAR PRO Mastering Edition's new multi-threaded design also controls multiple DVD and CD recorders simultaneously, an especially useful feature for duplicators and self-publishers.

GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7.0 can master WMV-HD titles, write DVD-9 titles to DVD+R DL, and create professional DVD masters on Digital Linear Tape (DLT). It provides professional-level control for disc image creation, including the placement of the layer break and the orientation of the track path. GEAR can also convert CD and DVD titles to DDP images for real-time electronic transfer to replication facilities. GEAR's Mastering Edition 7.0 includes integrity checksums and checksum verification, as well as built-in FTP and image compression capability. DVD authors can use GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7.0 to create titles using the Content Scrambling System (CSS).

GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7.0 for DVD/CD-RW/Tape is available at GEAR's Web site or from GEAR Software's distributors for $399.

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X Software Releases Video Vault with DivX Video Technology

DivXNetworks, Inc., the company that created the patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and X Software, a provider of DVD and video software, have announced that X Software will use DivX video compression technology to allow consumers to archive video in their newly launched Video Vault product.

Video Vault delivers to consumers a single, organized storage location for their collection of DVDs, tapes, and computer videos which, at the click of a button, can be transferred and viewed on device such as PDAs, laptops, Smartphones, DVD players, and emerging technologies such as personal video players and wireless media servers. DivX compression technology not only enables Video Vault users to store hundreds of compressed videos, but also ensures compatibility with DivX-certified devices.

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Moser Baer Ramps Up Output of Lightscribe CD-Rs

In the face of increasing market demand and escalating orders from its OEM partners, Moser Baer India Limited has announced plans to substantially increase production and shipments of Lightscribe-enabled Recordable Compact Discs (CD-Rs). Moser Baer is currently one of only two optical media companies in the world to be licensed by Hewlett-Packard to manufacture the high-precision discs, according to Moser Baer press materials.

Lightscribe is a direct disc labeling technology that gives consumers the ability to create labels on their discs using their CD and DVD drives. The technology, created and patented by Hewlett-Packard, provides users a previously unavailable method of labeling discs, both in graphics and text.

At the inception of this new technology by HP, it entered into a technology license agreement with Moser Baer for the manufacture of optical media using Lightscribe technology. As one of the first media companies working on this technology, Moser Baer has been working on enhancing the manufacturability, functionality, and appeal of customized recordable and rewritable optical media for professional, commercial, and consumer applications.

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EnXnet, Inc. Announces MoxyCard Contract

EnXnet, Inc. has entered into an exclusive agreement with One28 Marketing Group, LLC of Tampa, Florida to manufacture and supply optical media utilizing its new ThinDisctechnology in conjunction with patented technology provided by One28. One28 is introducing the MoxyCard, a patented Multimedia Gift Card that combines the functionality of a gift card with the electronic capabilities of a CD or DVD.

With MoxyCard, merchants' brands have an opportunity to ensure the value of a gift card will go towards the purchase of their product through placement of a rich media advertisement containing special offers, printable coupons, or even full video presentations and web link connections.

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Promise Rolls Out Eight-Port PCI-X SATA Controller for Internal Storage

Promise Technology, Inc., a provider of ATA RAID data protection and storage solutions, has announced the SATAII150 SX8 Serial ATA controller card capable of connecting up to eight SATA drives through a high-speed PCI-X bus. The SATAII150 SX8 offers OEMs, system integrators, and VARs a cost-effective, high-capacity storage solution for applications such as servers and workstations, network attached storage (NAS), and CD/DVD duplication systems.

Drawn from Promise's specialized development solutions, the Promise SATAII150 SX8 PCI-X SATA controller offers a cost-effective solution for large capacity Serial ATA storage with support for up to eight SATA drives per controller. The ability to assemble a system with a large number of low-cost, high-performance SATA drives and incorporate a customer's own application software serves a specific segment of server and workstation users.

The SATAII150 SX8 controller features command queuing and staggered drive spin-up in addition to compliance with the Serial ATA II, Extensions to SATA 1.0 specification. The SATAII150 SX8 controller has an SMBus interface for enclosure services or other system management purposes. The controller also supports Serial ATAPI devices for attaching CD/DVD drives in duplication applications. The SATAII150 SX8 controller is connected through the PCI-X bus. With up to 1 GB/sec of bandwidth, PCI-X offers enhanced performance compared to the standard PCI bus. With PCI-X, the improved bus enables the system to take greater advantage of the faster throughput of the Serial ATA drive interface. The SATAII150 SX8 controller supports PCI-X bus speeds up to 133 MHz. The SATAII150 SX8 controller is engineered to be Linux friendly, with driver support integrated into the Linux kernel. An open source driver is available. The controller also supports Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

Promise also offers a SATAII150 SX8 product development kit that includes the documentation and reference code that provide system developers with the needed tools to develop advanced, high-density Serial ATA storage solutions and accelerate their time to market. The SATAII150 SX8 controller lists for $199 (MSRP). The SATAII150 SX8 controller is currently shipping. Users can acquire the SATAII150 SX8 controller and other Promise ATA and Serial ATA storage solutions through our excellent coverage of worldwide distributors.

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Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces Single-Chip Video Filter/Driver

Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the FMS6403, a video filter selectable for standard definition (SD), progressive scan (PS), or high definition (HD) standards and offering tri-level sync and a bypass mode that permits passing of 1080p and HDTV signals.

Fairchild's FMS6403 can be used in two ways. Its most common function is as an anti-aliasing filter to remove high-frequency noise prior to A/D conversion in such applications as HDTVs, media centers, and home theater receivers. It can also be used as a reconstruction filter to remove high-frequency artifacts introduced during D/A conversion in products like HD/SD set-top boxes and DVD players and recorders. This performance capability helps designers achieve high image quality with one compact device.

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