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Streaming Media
May 27, 2005

Table of Contents

Verbatim Shipping 2-4X DVD-R Dual Layer Media
Toshiba Improves Mobile PC Functionality with Upgrades to LightScribe-Enabled Slim-Line Drive
Instant Custom Quotes Available through Disc Makers’ New Quote-O-Matic Web site
NTI Adds LightScribe Support and Direct Disc Labeling Technology to CD DVD-Maker 7 Titanium Software Suite
NTI Enhances PC and Mac Products with DVD-R DL Support
UPnP Forum and Itophome Work Together on Interoperability Standards for the Connected Digital Home
4D Software Tools to Power HP Media Management Software
Blu-Ray, HD DVD Camps Present At Media-Tech Expo

Verbatim Shipping 2-4X DVD-R Dual Layer Media

Verbatim Corporation announced that it is now shipping 2-4X DVD-R Dual-Layer (DL) media for consumers. Verbatim has been providing media samples of the new discs to leading drive manufacturers and software developers for tuning their products and confirming drive/media compatibility. Fully compatible with the DVD-R DL specification approved by the DVD Forum, Verbatim DVD-R DL media provides a capacity of 8.5GB on a single side. At 4X speed, an entire disc can be filled in about 25 minutes. NEC, Pioneer, Plextor, Sony and others have announced burners that support the new 4X DVD-R DL format.

By offering two recording layers, Verbatim's new DVD-R DL discs provide a capacity increase of about 80 percent compared to 4.7GB DVD-R media. With the higher capacity, businesses, content developers and consumers will be able to store up to 3.5 hours of DVD-quality videos, more than 120 hours of MP3 audio, or 8.5GB of data without having to flip the disc. The higher capacity that the DL discs provide also make them useful for corporate backups and archiving.

Verbatim 2-4X DVD-R DL media is available on the Verbatim web site,, with an estimated street price of $24.99 for a 3-pack in jewel cases.

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Toshiba Improves Mobile PC Functionality with Upgrades to LightScribe-Enabled Slim-Line Drive

Toshiba Storage Device Division announced enhancements to its optical lineup with four new products, including the SD-R6572M, a slimline optical drive equipped with the LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology that now includes DVD+R double-layer capability. The SD-R6572M builds on Toshiba's previously announced LightScribe drive by adding double layer media capabilities. Developed by HP, LightScribe technology enables computer users to easily burn silk-screen quality labels onto CD and DVD discs directly from the drive, eliminating added steps for creating labels or using pens to identify disc content.

Toshiba also introduced three other drives developed and manufactured by Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies, (TSST):
· The SD-R5372V DVD-W drive allows consumers to record, edit, and play back DVDs on their desktop computers and has 6X +/-DL write speed. Other write speeds are 16X for DVD +/- R, 8X for DVD +RW, and 6X for DVD RW.
· The SD-C2732 DVD-ROM for mobile PCs is RoHS compliant and delivers read speeds of 8X for DVD-ROM, 2X for DVD-RAM, and 4X for DVD+/- R, DVD+/-RW, and DVD+R DL.
· The SD-M2012C DVD-ROM for desktop computers is also RoHS compliant and has read speeds of 16X for DVD-ROM, 2X for DVD-RAM, and 6X for DVD +/-R, DVD +/-RW, and DVD+/-R DL.

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Instant Custom Quotes Available through Disc Makers’ New Quote-O-Matic Web site

Disc Makers has launched its new Quote-O-Matic feature on its website, giving replication customers access to instant, custom quotes from the convenience of their home computer--24 hours a day, seven days a week. Quote-O-Matic takes customers through the entire CD or DVD project from packaging options and quantity to graphic design, mastering, and printing. Quotes can be saved, e-mailed, and modified the next time you come back to the site.

Quote-O-Matic also allows customers to compare various packaging and printing options. Disc Makers offers automated printers and duplicating systems as well as complete CD and DVD replication and custom packaging for independent musicians, filmmakers, and businesses. The company also offers custom design, packaging, distribution, and financing. To try Disc Makers' Quote-O-Matic website, go to

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NTI Adds LightScribe Support and Direct Disc Labeling Technology to CD DVD-Maker 7 Titanium Software Suite

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI), a LightScribe technology licensee, announced that it is enhancing CD DVD-Maker 7 Titanium Suite for consumers with support for LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling. When used with a LightScribe-enabled computer or aftermarket drive and specially coated LightScribe media, the software will create customized, silkscreen-quality labels directly onto a CD or DVD. No printer is required.

NTI CD DVD-Maker 7 Titanium Suite with LightScribe support can be used with Windows 2000/XP Home/Professional systems (including 64-bit systems) and has a street price of $79.99. Businesses can obtain a Site License directly from NTI at a discount price based on volume. NTI also offers an OEM bundle version of CD DVD-Maker Titanium Suite for CD and DVD drive manufacturers and PC/notebook system manufacturers.

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NTI Enhances PC and Mac Products with DVD-R DL Support

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI), announced that it has added DVD-R Dual Layer (DL) support to the latest versions of its Windows and Mac products. NTI products that have been enhanced with DVD-R DL support include the CD DVD-Maker 7 product line, Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite, and NTI DriveBackup 4.0 for Windows systems; and Dragon Burn 4.1 for Mac users. With DVD-R DL media support, NTI customers can record up to 8.5GB of data, up to four hours of DVD-quality videos, or more than 120 hours of MP3 audio on a single side without having to flip the disc.

For Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Home/Professional systems (including 64-bit systems), NTI offers CD DVD-Maker 7 Platinum, CD DVD-Maker 7 Titanium Suite, Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite, and NTI DriveBackup 4.0 with suggested retail prices starting at $49.99. Dragon Burn 4.1 for Mac OS X desktop and PowerBook notebook computers has a suggested retail price of $49.99. Businesses can obtain a Site License directly from NTI at a discount price based on volume. NTI also offers OEM bundle versions for CD and DVD drive manufacturers and PC/notebook system manufacturers.

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UPnP Forum and Itophome Work Together on Interoperability Standards for the Connected Digital Home

The UPnP Forum, a global leader in standards for device discovery and control, and Itophome, a leading industry consortium for home networking in China, announced today a cooperation framework to advance interconnection and interoperability between UPnP and Itophome devices. For consumers, seamless connectivity and hassle-free networking are concerns in the adoption of new applications such as multimedia networking. To help develop the market for home networking products, the two groups have agreed to cooperate to provide interoperability in future versions of their respective standardization efforts.

The UPnP Forum and Itophome were each established by their respective member companies to create interoperability and networking standards. Under the formal liaison agreement, members of the UPnP Forum and Itophome will work together on future generations of networking standards to provide interoperability between devices. This will include committee chair meetings and joint plugfests and interoperability events during 2005 and subsequent years.

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4D Software Tools to Power HP Media Management Software

4D, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement to provide HP with software tools to power its product, HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Media Operations 5.5. OpenView Storage Data Protector Media Operations extends backup applications as Data Protector with tracking and management of thousands of offline storage media, such as magnetic tapes.

Media Operations enables the user to define data retention and recycling policies to enable audit policies to be met and secure media. It also ensures that a sufficient amount of empty media is loaded before backups start. 4D, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is a leading maker of software solutions that simplify the process of developing and deploying database applications.

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Blu-Ray, HD DVD Camps Present At Media-Tech Expo

This year's Media-Tech Expo in Las Vegas, the leading annual trade show for the optical disc manufacturing industry, provided the setting for the first time that both high-density media camps -- Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD -- aired extensive details on their respective products under one roof. The event was also the place where the first announcement about the new 45GB HD DVD and the new DVD9 + HD30 Hybrid discs was made.

The Blu-ray Disc Association for its part stressed that the format was ready for cost effective manufacturing and will be making an announcement with details shortly. Leading figures from both the Blu-ray and HD DVD organizations were on hand to give in-depth technical presentations covering all aspects of next generation optical media technology and production. In addition, the Blu-ray Disc Association had its own dedicated pavilion, providing the opportunity to see their format in action.

The audiences for each set of presentations was made up of senior management from companies across the industry spectrum as well as the press and Hollywood studios. Among the representatives for the studios were Thomas Lesinski (Paramount Pictures), Bill Mandel (Universal Pictures), Christopher Cookson (Warner Bros.) and from Warner Home Video, Marsha King, Lewis Ostrover and Stephen Nickerson.

 From the HD DVD group of presenters, Masato Otsuka, Director R&D at Memory-Tech, a major replicator and developer of optical media technology, was very enthusiastic. "It is significant that Warren Lieberfarb, the 'godfather' of the DVD format, is strongly in favor of HD DVD. The demonstration of a movie trailer from Batman Begins gave everyone not only an idea of the quality of this format, but proved also the fact that already many major studios are in favor of HD DVD."

Another important message of the HD DVD proponents, says Otsuka, is the fact that unification of the formats is not to be desired. "There cannot really be a compromise on this as the disc construction is too different. HD DVD is more optimal for the future, as DVD is still growing and provides not only the most important revenue stream for the Hollywood studios but also the most profitable business model. HD DVD has more business opportunities in the long term."

The Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) was no less delighted with the results of their own day of presentations. Marty Gordon, Philips vice president and spokesman for the BDA, expressed his enthusiasm at the time, while fielding questions of unification and also reiterating the statement that there was no announcement to be made about a consolidation of the two formats. "Media-Tech was an important platform for the Blu-ray Disc Association," says Gordon. "The combination of our Blu-ray Disc Pavilion and Workshop helped us to successfully get the word out that Blu-ray Disc manufacturing is ready to go while providing detailed and specific information to the manufacturing community.

"The feedback we've received has been quite positive. Our workshop was very well-attended, with standing room only. Both following the workshop and throughout the show we saw an increasing industry recognition that the larger disc capacity and considerable room for growth of Blu-ray Disc will be key to adoption of a next generation optical disc format. Blu-ray Disc offers 50GB of capacity as a starting point and there have already been laboratory demonstrations of discs with a capacity of 200GB.

"During the Blu-ray Disc workshop, the disc manufacturing community heard from 9 of the 126 companies involved in the Blu-ray Disc format. We look forward to keeping the dialogue going with the disc manufacturing community through important venues such as Media-Tech."

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