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Streaming Media
June 10, 2005

Table of Contents

CVS/pharmacy Introduces Digital One-Time-Use Video Camcorder
Roxio Launches iPod Software Suite: The Boom Box
Alias to Launch The Art of Maya 3rd Edition
ART VPS Releases AR350 PURE Ray-Tracing Card
SBS Technologies Announces AdvancedMC High-Resolution Video Graphics Controller Card
RIDATA 16X DVD-R Media Now Available From Advanced Media
Samsung Announces a New Lineup of Advanced LCD and Plasma Monitor Display Solutions Tailored to the Pro A/V and Corporate Communities
Muvee QuickSpin Takes You from Zero to Muvee Hero in a Snap

CVS/pharmacy Introduces Digital One-Time-Use Video Camcorder

CVS/pharmacy is offering a single-use, point-and-shoot, digital video camera. The CVS Digital One-Time-Use Video Camcorder retails for $29.99. Video camera processing is $12.99 and includes a CVS DVD, which features Pure Digital's SmartShare e-mail computer application for sharing videos.

Using just three buttons, consumers can capture up to 20 minutes of digital quality video and sound, in as many separate segments or clips as they wish. The video camcorder's 1.4-inch color playback screen lets consumers instantly enjoy their home videos and even delete unwanted segments with the press of a button. Once finished shooting, consumers return the video camera to their local CVS/pharmacy store and get a DVD to view and share the very same day.

CVS Digital One-Time-Use Video Camcorder Features and Benefits:

  • Simple-to-use, pocket-sized camcorder weighs less than five ounces
  • Holds 20 saved minutes of digital quality video and sound
  • 1.4-inch color playback screen
  • Ability to playback and delete videos
  • Return to any CVS/pharmacy one-hour photo lab for DVD

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Roxio Launches iPod Software Suite: The Boom Box

Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, has launched the Boom Box, a Mac software suite comprised of five premium applications designed to reveal the iPod's full power and potential. The suite enables iPod users to expand their portable music collections and broaden their audio entertainment beyond music to include podcasts and Internet radio broadcasts. In addition, The Boom Box allows users to convert Web pages, email, and other text-based documents into audio files and create their own personal audio books that they can listen to on the go.

The Boom Box features two applications that enable iPod owners to rediscover their music collections. CD Spin Doctor offers a straightforward way to digitize vintage vinyl and tape recordings including powerful features for automatically detecting tracks, removing unwanted noise, and enhancing overall sound quality. MusicMagic Mixer is a personal, portable DJ. Using sophisticated algorithms, MusicMagic Mixer analyzes acoustic elements of each song in a user's collection to automatically generate complementary playlists.

The Boom Box also includes three applications that empower iPod owners to broaden their listening experience. Audio Hijack captures audio from an application in real-time. Users can schedule the recording of a favorite Internet radio show and then listen to it at a time that is most convenient. With iPodderX users can subscribe to their favorite podcasts and have them automatically delivered to their desktop, ready for transfer to their iPod. Rounding out the suite is iSpeak It, which makes it easy for users to convert text-based documents such as email or web pages into spoken word audio files or create their own personal audio books.

The Boom Box is available now at and will be widely available at retail stores later this month for a suggested retail price of $49.95.

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Alias to Launch The Art of Maya 3rd Edition

Alias announced that on June 17 it will officially launch the 3rd edition of The Art of Maya. This inclusive title offers a look inside the world of the 3D computer graphics used in many well-known animation and special effects projects made with Maya software. The work of companies referenced in the book include: Turner Studios; The Mill; Weta Digital and its work on the The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King; and Oddworld Inhabitants and its latest game, Stranger's Wrath. Maya master Derald Hunt of Turner Studios will be on hand to speak at the launch, taking place in Vancouver at Chapters' Broadway and Granville location on June 17.

The Art of Maya takes the reader on a visual exploration of the theory of Maya software, at the heart of many blockbuster movies and top-selling game titles. Rich with diagrams and illustrations that demonstrate the concepts of 3D time and space, this book helps the reader understand the concepts critical to conveying artistic vision through the medium of 3D.

The Art of Maya includes Maya Personal Learning Edition software. The book closes with a series of production notes detailing how skilled Maya artists have worked with the software to create outstanding work in feature film, games, and television production, as well as in medical and scientific visualization. Redesigned and resized to an 8"x10" version, the third edition has 262 pages and retails for $44.99.

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ART VPS Releases AR350 PURE Ray-Tracing Card

ART VPS has released a new PURE ray-tracing card with twice the processing power for dedicated 3D final-frame rendering, 66MHz PCI-X compatibility, and 64-bit core rendering software. The PURE card is unique in its ability to support 3D image rendering larger than screen resolution. Using 16 AR350 ray-tracing processors, the PURE PCI-X produces images that are identical to a high-quality photograph, but with the added value of realistic 3D effects and animation.

The AR350 is the latest processor available from ART VPS. PURE enhances efficiency by assessing each frame and adapting ray depth requirements for specific sections of the image. The AR350 ray-tracing chips process 66 million ray-triangle intersections per second per core. Each AR350 has two cores.

The PURE PCI-X card is bundled with RenderPipe plug-in interfaces for current and past versions of 3ds Max, Maya, and VIZ. RenderPipe supports Windows and Mac OS platforms. It contains a library of advanced materials, lighting tools, ray tracing, radiosity, HDRI support, motion blur, and depth of field. RenderPipe upgrades are free for the first year, and the software will support global illumination in its next release, slated for early fall.

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SBS Technologies Announces AdvancedMC High-Resolution Video Graphics Controller Card

At SuperComm 2005, SBS Technologies introduced the Telum 2001-VGA AdvancedMC video graphics controller card. This single-width full-height card is compliant with PICMG's AMC.0 specification RC1.1. It features video support for 1280x1024 at 60Hz, 8MB SGRAM memory, 3D and 2D hardware acceleration and BitBLT, and a standard DB15 front panel connector.

Telum 2001-VGA graphics adapter supports a variety of SVGA/CRT monitors in single display configurations. The Telum 2001-VGA's feature set includes a complete 3D rendering suite, hardware support for MPEG/DVD playback, a robust 2D drawing engine that supports bit block transfers, transparent block transfers, color expansion, and line draw.

Designed to handle high-resolution graphics displays, the Telum 2001-VGA AdvancedMC has a Silicon Motion Lynx3DM8+ accelerator and 8MB of high-performance on-chip SGRAM. The display mode supports many standard screen resolutions up to 1280x1024 at 60Hz with 24-bits-per-pixel color depth. List pricing for the Telum 2001-VGA is $799.

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RIDATA 16X DVD-R Media Now Available From Advanced Media

Advanced Media, Inc. has announced the addition of 16X DVD-R discs to its RIDATA brand lineup of high quality recordable media. The new RIDATAwrite-once formatted 16X DVD-R is a high-capacity multimedia data storage medium that can accommodate an entire full-length movie on a single disc. The RIDATA brand 16X DVD-R discs are available through selected retailers, distributors, and online outlets in North and South America.

The write-once formatted 16X DVD-R RIDATA disc has a 4.7GB capacity. The new write-once media features high compatibility with all popular DVD-R recording hardware. The disc is also backward compatible with DVD-R recorders that have proper firmware upgrades and can be used at all recording speeds from 1X through 16X.

It offers a high-quality, stable medium through the use of premium organic dyes for accurately recording all types of data. The new discs are ideal for recording up to 2 hours of DVD quality movies, crisp audio performance, archival storage, duplication, network backup, multimedia presentations, and stunning digital video/photography resolution. It too has long-term data archiving and 30 years safe storage life functionality through its excellent UV and heat resistance. A limited lifetime warranty is also included on all RIDATA media.

It features convenient single formatting for both video and data storage; constant linear data density; long archival and storage life; very low recording error rate; and low jitter.

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Samsung Announces a New Lineup of Advanced LCD and Plasma Monitor Display Solutions Tailored to the Pro A/V and Corporate Communities

New 40" and 46" LCD displays and 42" and 50" plasma displays Samsung has announced a new lineup of advanced LCD monitor display solutions tailored to the Pro A/V and corporate communities, and unveiled three new additions to its family of high-end plasma displays. Samsung's latest family of LCDs include the network enabled 46-inch SyncMaster 460pn ($8,949 estimated street price) and the 40-inch SyncMaster 400pn ($6,749), as well as the new large-screen 46-inch SyncMaster 460p ($8,159) and 40-inch SyncMaster 400p ($5,959). The new plasma lineup includes the 42" high-definition PPM42M5H, the 42" standard-definition PPM42M5S, and the 50" PPM50M5H. All new LCD and Plasma monitors will be on display at InfoComm 2005 at Samsung's booth #2318. The SyncMaster 460pn and 460p are currently shipping, and the SyncMaster 400pn and 400p will be shipping by the end of June. Pricing and availability dates for the Plasma monitors have not yet been determined.

Samsung's latest large-screen LCD monitors are specifically designed for use in commercial and corporate applications. Samsung's SyncMaster 460pn and SyncMaster 400pn offer an Ethernet connection and Samsung's MagicNet technology, which allows users to send content to any MagicNet display on a network from a server. MagicNet allows users to show different content on different displays at different times, and schedule content up to a month in advance. At InfoComm 2005, Samsung will also be unveiling its SyncMaster 460p and SyncMaster 400p, offering the same high-end display technologies without the MagicNet enhancements, for those without network-related applications.

Samsung's new high-end plasma monitors offer a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,100cd/m2 brightness level. In order to achieve this super-high 10,000:1 contrast ratio, Samsung has developed an exclusive octal plasma pixel structure that increases the electrical separation between the pixels. This reduces the tendency for one pixel to influence the adjacent pixel, which increases the contrast. Samsung has also chosen a high-Xenon gas, which is up to 50% more efficient in generating brightness.

The 42" PPM42M5H features a 1024x768 resolution and is true high-definition by matching the 720p HDTV format without the need for processing. The standard-definition 42" PPM42M5S is a more economical display solution incorporating a 852 x 480 resolution. The 50" PPM50M5H sports a 1366x768 resolution.

Samsung's new lineup of plasma displays offer advanced Anti-Burn Technologies including Auto Pixel Shift that keeps the images moving imperceptibly and Samsung's Always White technology combines with its Signal Pattern Process to eliminate electrically charged residual images. Each display device includes inputs for composite video, component video that offers 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i viewing, S-Video for gaming applications, DVI for digital video sources, and an RGB input for use with a PC.

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Muvee QuickSpin Takes You from Zero to Muvee Hero in a Snap

Muvee Technologies has launched its new zero-click automatic video production tool, Muvee QuickSpin. Offered as a free download, QuickSpin takes fast, easy, and fun Muvee-making to the extreme, and adds in an element of surprise.

Upon launch, Muvee QuickSpin's intelligent media selection technology scans a user's My Documents folder for video, pictures, and music, and automatically creates a finished Muvee for preview in a matter of seconds without any user intervention. QuickSpin offers some basic preference settings that let users pick a different style and specify which media folders to use before automatically making their Muvees. There are also more than 100 additional styles themed for various occasions that are available for download from Muvee's styleLabs at Muvee QuickSpin can be installed alongside Muvee AutoProducer, and is now available for download from

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