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Streaming Media
July 01, 2005

Table of Contents

StorageQuest Announces REFLECTOR for Rimage
Sonic DVD Player and DVD Creation Software Now Shipping on HP PCs and Workstations
Red Giant Software Announces Magic Bullet Editors 2 with Real-Time Film Look Acceleration
Telestream Announces Flip4Mac WMV Compatibility with Apple Tiger 10.4
MF Digital Introduces New PicoJet Inkjet DVD/CD Printer
Digigami Ships MPressionist HDTV 3.0: Testing and Analysis for HDV, ATSC HDTV, DVB and HD-DVD MPEG-2 Video
Nexsan Supercharges Serial ATA Storage With Introduction Of SATABoy
EventDV Signs On Digital Video Industry Veteran Dan Huggins as Associate Publisher

StorageQuest Announces REFLECTOR for Rimage

StorageQuest Inc. has announced its REFLECTOR line of network backup and archive solutions, which uses the off-the-shelf CD/DVD publication hardware from Rimage to offer small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a data protection solution and an information publishing solution at a cost less than most tape-based solutions. 

Features that set REFLECTOR apart from traditional tape backup solutions include file spanning, file splitting, and media labeling. REFLECTOR'S file spanning will automatically record as many discs as required for the backup dataset and optimally pack the data so that it requires the smallest number of discs, according to StorageQuest. File splitting manages files larger than a piece of media to be split across multiple discs. Split files can be restored without using the Reflector software on any operating system. REFLECTOR will print a full size label on each piece of media, with the information the user has specified during the setup process, automatically so each is easily identifiable.

StorageQuest's REFLECTOR is available today for all Rimage publishing systems. Pricing starts at US $795 for the Server Edition. An optional Client Pac, intended for users requiring the functionality of the server edition at their desktops, is available at US $150 per user in single quantities. Discounted multi-client packs are also available. The StorageQuest REFLECTOR products include a full year of software updates.

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Sonic DVD Player and DVD Creation Software Now Shipping on HP PCs and Workstations

Sonic Solutions, the leader in digital media software, today announced that Sonic's DigitalMedia Plus application suite is shipping on HP desktop PCs. A task-based application hub with streamlined user interface, DigitalMedia Plus gives HP the flexibility to select multiple Sonic application modules and create custom software offerings for different markets and SKUs.

DigitalMedia Plus modules include CinePlayer for DVD playback, MyDVD for DVD creation and video editing, RecordNow for music and data mastering, Easy Archive for backup, Drive Letter Access (DLA) for drag-and-drop CD/DVD burning, and Express Labeler for Lightscribe-enabled disc printing.

For HP business PCs and workstations, Sonic is providing an end-to-end solution including DVD playback, video editing and DVD creation, music and data mastering on CD and DVD, DLA packet writing and CD/DVD disc labeling. DigitalMedia Plus for HP consumer PCs offers powerful features and capabilities including music and data mastering on CD and DVD, video editing, and DVD creation, archiving and backup of important files, and CD/DVD labeling.

In addition to centralizing and streamlining most digital media tasks, DigitalMedia Plus allows multiple Sonic applications to run simultaneously and share Sonic's powerful CD/DVD formatting and burning engine. For OEMs, the DigitalMedia Plus architecture saves substantial time in testing and qualifying applications and lowers the CPU processing resources required to run complex digital media software. For end users, DigitalMedia Plus greatly streamlines the digital lifestyle by allowing them to perform multiple tasks, such as archiving photos to DVD and ripping an audio CD simultaneously. With DigitalMedia Plus, HP can also offer its users a path to easily upgrade to Sonic's complete line of DigitalMedia products directly from HP and Sonic online, or in retail locations worldwide.

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Red Giant Software Announces Magic Bullet Editors 2 with Real-Time Film Look Acceleration

Red Giant Software today announced Magic Bullet Editors 2, a plug-in for popular editing applications that enables moviemakers to add film treatments right on the timeline. Using NVIDIA graphics technology, Magic Bullet Editors now runs up to 12x faster than the CPU alone, according to Red Giant, allowing users to do real-time film look treatments on the desktop in standard definition.

Magic Bullet Editors 2 also adds support for Apple Motion 2, in addition to the existing applications: Avid AVX 1.5 systems, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas. Based on The Orphanage's award-winning Magic Bullet technology, Magic Bullet Editors delivers film stock emulation, diffusion filters, and film-look presets inspired by popular productions, such as The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, Traffic, and Amelié.

Magic Bullet Editors' 65 custom-designed Looks alter shading, contrast, and tints of scenes to mimic the elusive look of film. Users can choose preset Looks from a pop up menu or customize and save their own film treatments.

New Features in Magic Bullet Editors 2 include the following:

  • Real-time Look Suite acceleration with 6 or 7 series NVIDIA graphics card
  • Playback acceleration is more than 12 times faster
  • Render to disk acceleration is more than 6 times faster
  • New De-artifact tool to smooth out DV and HDV source media
  • Added support for Apple Motion 2 Fx Plug
  • 10 new Magic Bullet Looks to emulate movie looks and film treatments

Magic Bullet Editors will be available by the end of August 2005 through Red Giant Software for $395 USD. Upgrades from any previous version of Magic Bullet Editors are $99 (download) or $149 (box). Visit for additional product information.

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Telestream Announces Flip4Mac WMV Compatibility with Apple Tiger 10.4

Telestream, provider of Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Macintosh, today announced official Flip4Mac WMV compatibility with Apple Tiger OS X 10.4 and QuickTime 7. Flip4Mac WMV provides the components for importing, exporting, and playing Windows Media files from within QuickTime-based applications.

Compatibility with Tiger 10.4 and QuickTime 7 follows testing conducted by Telestream on current versions of Flip4Mac WMV products. The company also recently announced version 1.0.1 release of Flip4Mac WMV Player software which provides major enhancements to the Flip4Mac Safari web browser plug-in. The v1.0.1 release is available now to existing customers as a free upgrade.

For the first time, the Flip4Mac WMV components enable Macintosh OS X users to make, edit, and play Windows Media from within their QuickTime-based media applications. Current Flip4Mac WMV versions include: WMV Player/Pro v1.0.1 and WMV Studio/Pro v1.0.5. Trial versions of the Flip4Mac WMV software are available at

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MF Digital Introduces New PicoJet Inkjet DVD/CD Printer

MF Digital has introduced its own proprietary inkjet DVD/CD printer based on HP 5650 technology. By combining the HP 3-picoliter ink technology with MF Digital mechanisms, the PicoJet delivers photo-quality graphics and laser-quality text to in-house producers of CDs and DVDs, according to MF Digital.

MF Digital's PicoJet inkjet printer offers fully automated, direct-to-disc printing and is compatible with MF Digital's PC-Based Scribe PC, Scribe SA Standalone, Director Publisher, and Director PRO Publisher. As a 4800dpi printer with 16.7 million color capacity, the PicoJet provides edge-to-edge printing for standard 120mm CDs and DVDs, CD business cards, and 80mm mini discs.

The proprietary SureThing labeling software is included and can be used with most design packages, including CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop.

The PicoJet carries an initial manufacturer's suggested price of US $1695. Shipping of the product has just begun. The PicoJet replaces the OptiEC PRO in MF Digital's line of thermal and inkjet printers.

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Digigami Ships MPressionist HDTV 3.0: Testing and Analysis for HDV, ATSC HDTV, DVB and HD-DVD MPEG-2 Video

Digigami today announced it is now shipping MPressionist HDTV 3.0 for Macintosh OS X (BSD unix-based) workstations, its flagship diagnostic testing and analysis tool for HDV/DTV/DVB device designers, and quality assurance, broadcast, and software engineers working with standard (SD) and high-definition (HD) MPEG-2 bitstreams.

The product, in it's third major revision, combines bitstream syntax analysis, bitstream standards conformance, encoder performance feedback, statistical bitrate/compression diagnostics and comparative picture analysis tools into an environment designed to increase engineering productivity by linking the engineer's technical expertise and MPEG knowhow with the bitstream syntax and actual moving picture frames. The toolset, which combines a demultiplexing/analysis preprocessing pass with true random access to the bitstream, makes it possible to understand and visualize all aspects of compressed MPEG-2 video, including the spatial/visual, statistical and syntatical elements.

First developed as an internal tool to bootstrap HD encoder development at Digigami, since it's initial public 1.0 release the feature set has grown to encompass a wider variety of testing and diagnostic activities. The product is now in use in codec development, quality assurance, compression service bureaus and post-production facilities, educational and training institions, and broadcast environments.

Built on top of the industrial-strength BSD unix platform of Macintosh OS X, the product works in conjunction with other tools customers have already developed in-house. Because the underlying OS is unix-based, the engineer has access to all the standard unix tools that are commonly used in the professional/engineering workplace. The ability to run on Macintosh hardware also means HD engineers can connect one or more 30" Apple Cinema displays and work with multiple 1920x1080i MPEG-2 HD bitstreams simultaneously.

When dealing with a complex problem space such as HD MPEG-2, the ability of an operator to increase their own knowledge of the domain depends almost exclusively on comparative analysis. It is by objective comparison, and through the identification of key and useful differences, that one's own knowledge expands. Whether it's comparing the statistical bitrate graph of two bitstreams, comparing the relative sizes of I,B and P-frames, comparing gop_header values, comparing source video quality to compressed MPEG quality, or comparing well-formed bitstreams with problematic ones, MPressionist HDTV provides both the visualization tools which lead to intuitive leaps along with the factual bitstream data that is driving the display. Problems are resolved sooner, reducing time-to-market, decreasing support costs, and increasing the productivity of key design and engineering personnel.

The new 3.0 version of Digigami "MPressionist HDTV" is available now for $2997.00 USD. Registered users of version 2.0 are entitled to a free upgrade. Site licenses, educational and volume discounts are available. Digigami is a privately held company headquartered in the greater Los Angeles area. Digigami was founded in 1994 and released its first MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoder, MegaPEG, in 1996 along with an early Netscape plug-in that provided streaming video in AVI, QuickTime and MPEG formats. For the past 10 years, Digigami has been continuously improving its MPEG compression technology; MPressionist.X Pro HD and MegaPEG.X Pro HD are the most recent additions to the Digigami line.  

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Nexsan Supercharges Serial ATA Storage With Introduction Of SATABoy

Nexsan Technologies, the leader in innovative storage solutions, today announced the SATABoy, the latest member of its award-winning InfiniSAN line of data storage devices. Building on the technology advances of the company's ATABoy storage arrays, SATABoy provides organizations with improved storage flexibility.

The scalable SATABoy is designed for storing large amounts of information online, such as fixed content, reference data, and for disk-to-disk backup and disaster recovery. Its also enables faster response times for high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming and seismic processing, according to Nexsan.

SATABoy incorporates SATA II technology along with advanced features such as dual RAID engines, a high-performance cache-mirroring ASIC, and 4-port active/active failover to deliver uncompromising availability and reliability, feature-rich functionality, and high-speed performance that exceeds the most demanding requirements for throughput and transaction-processing applications. Each controller has dual 2GB Fibre ports and dual Gig E ports.

Nexsan's SATABoy is the latest offering in Nexsan's line of cost-correct enterprise and departmental disk-based RAID for SAN, NAS or DAS environments, and delivers the latest in form and function. The advanced hardware design of the SATABoy is supported by Nexsan's Extreme Intelligence software, NexScan, which delivers sophisticated centralized management and monitoring. Tele-Guard, Nexsan's phone home manager, provides monitoring and reporting of all system conditions. The SATABoy's built-in NexScan management is platform-independent, with design created to simplify installation and enable remote management and configuration of multiple arrays from a single GUI.

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EventDV Signs On Digital Video Industry Veteran Dan Huggins as Associate Publisher

Information Today, Inc., announced today that longtime digital video industry sales professional Dan Huggins has joined the staff of EventDV as Associate Publisher, effective immediately. Huggins brings 13 years' experience in professional sales, most recently a distinguished four-year stint with CMP Media's DV Magazine.

"Dan's proven track record in this industry makes him a perfect fit for EventDV," said Information Today Group Publisher Bob Fernekees. "Building the visibility and market share of a new magazine is always a challenge. With Dan on board, we're in a great position to seize the opportunity we saw when we launched EventDV in January of this year."

Huggins is no stranger to the digital video industry. For EventDV, Huggins' track record in the video market was a key factor in his hiring. "It's great to have a veteran like Dan with a reputation such as his come aboard," said Joel Unickow, Associate Publisher of EventDV and Information Today's Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook. "His addition to the EventDV team really makes us nothing short of the best. It's a great time to be in the business, surrounded by this level of experience and commitment."

Huggins also brings significant experience with the technology itself, and the type of videography that EventDV readers practice. "As a video producer himself, with a longtime commitment to this industry, Dan lives and breathes this stuff, just like our readers," said Stephen F. Nathans, editor of EventDV. "He'll bring a deep understanding of the technology and business to his relationships with vendors. That's a great asset to have in an associate publisher."

Huggins, who will coordinate sales efforts from his office in Clovis, California, had this to say: "I am excited to be part of EventDV. I look forward to working with an experienced team, and with all the vendors who make this industry something I am proud to be a part of."

About EventDV
EventDV, The Authority for Event Videographers, is read by wedding and event videographers as well as those doing corporate, academic, sports, documentary, legal, and other videography work. These professionals rely on the unique blend of business, technical, and creative guidance they find in each issue of EventDV. Event videographers have widely adopted digital video acquisition and postproduction tools because their clients demand it. For videographers, EventDV is essential reading in a crowded field of more general video publications. For more information on EventDV, The Authority for Event Videographers, please visit

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