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July 22, 2005

Table of Contents

Nero Launches Nero Digital Pro For Audio and Video Compression
Disc Makers Releases Automated DVD Duplicator
New InterVideo Products Receive “Designed to DLNA Guidelines” Status
LaCie Unveils Biggest S2S SATA II RAID Tower
New DMP Specification Shows Need for Patent Pool
JVC Ultra-High Resolution Projector To Be Featured In 3D Theater at SIGGRAPH 2005
Condre Technology Releases Piranha Automated CD/DVD Destruction Device
Tivity Releases Macromedia Flash Authoring Program

Nero Launches Nero Digital Pro For Audio and Video Compression

Nero has announced the release of Nero Digital Pro, an audio and video compression solution bundled with full versions of five different applications: Nero Recode 2, Nero ShowTime 2, Nero PhotoSnap, Nero MediaHome, and NeroVision Express 3. Nero Digital Pro is an upgrade from the Nero Digital 30-Day Trial version recently offered to provide the user with an opportunity to create, play, and share Nero Digital content for a limited time.

With Nero Recode 2, non-copy-protected DVD films can be compressed into Nero Digital format yet still offer top quality video. User can then playback Nero Digital format with Nero ShowTime 2. With Nero MediaHome, users can then share Nero Digital content through any UPnP or DLNA-compliant multimedia device, PC, or laptop in a home network. With NeroVision Express 3, videos can be captured, edited, and exported to Nero Digital file format. In addition, Nero Digital Pro also contains the full version of Nero PhotoSnap editor and PhotoSnap Viewer. Nero PhotoSnap offers a variety of functions for digitally processing photos.

Nero Digital is a complete audio/video codec solution based on the MPEG-4 standard, but also supports the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec, already adapted as a mandatory codec for future standards, such as HD DVD and Blu-ray. Its compression technology allows for large volumes of data to be saved. Video material is compressed to about 20% of its original volume, delivering top quality results that can be shared and used on mobile devices. Nero Digital videos can be played back on PCs running the Nero Digital codec and on the growing number of certified Nero Digital consumer electronic devices.

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Disc Makers Releases Automated DVD Duplicator

Disc Makers has released the MicroUltra, a powerful single-drive automated DVD duplicator optimized to work exclusively with the company's Disc Makers Ultra media. The MicroUltra, the sister product of Disc Makers' EliteMicro, is also available with a 4800dpi Autograph6 color inkjet printer for $1,690.

The MicroUltra, with 16X Plextor DVD±R drive, 48X CD-R drive, and a 75-disc input bin, can achieve hours of unattended DVD and CD duplication. Using only Disc Makers' high-grade Ultra media, the MicroUltra produces virtually no rejects and has the fastest duplication in the industry, according to Disc Makers. The MicroUltra's footprint fits on most desktops, and the unit is backed by Disc Makers' two-year warranty on robotics and free lifetime technical support. Completing the package is the optional 4800dpi Autograph color inkjet printer, which produces detailed images and vibrant colors for high-quality on-disc printing.

The MicroUltra can write up to six full (4.7GB) DVD±Rs per hour or 12 full (700MB) CD-Rs per hour and comes with the Padus DiscJuggler software suite with network capability and Discus label design software. Users will also receive 100 free Disc Makers Ultra 52X CDs or 50 16X DVDs with a MicroUltra purchase and discounted pricing on future blank media purchases.

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New InterVideo Products Receive “Designed to DLNA Guidelines” Status

InterVideo has announced that its new InterVideo Media Content Server has been given "Designed to DLNA Guidelines" D2G status from the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). As a member of the DLNA, InterVideo is focused on helping this global organization develop an interoperable network through a specific framework.

Products receiving DLNA's "Designed to DLNA Guidelines" D2G status undergo testing for interoperability between consumer electronics devices and personal computers or mobile products in a wired or wireless home network. InterVideo Media Content Server also complies with the requirements to serve media content to digital media players with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology. A certified UPnP server, InterVideo Media Content Server manages and streams digital entertainment content including audio, video, and photo images from a PC to other UPnP-connected devices throughout the network. UPnP is a networking architecture that provides compatibility among networking equipment, software, and peripherals vendors that are part of the Universal Plug and Play Forum. Certification by the UPnP Implementer Corporation (UIC) is another provisional stage before commencing the DLNA Certification Program.

InterVideo Home Theater 3, an all-in-one digital home entertainment software solution, also recently received "Designed to DLNA Guidelines" status. As a UPnP-certified digital media player, InterVideo Home Theater can play media content from any digitally compliant media server. InterVideo Home Theater 3 turns a PC into a complete entertainment center for watching TV and DVD movies, viewing photo slideshows, and listening to music including radio stations MP3, WAV, and WMA files. It also allows users to play back content streamed through the network from InterVideo Media Content Server and other UPnP-licensed devices such as CE devices and PCs within a home network.

"Designed to DLNA Guidelines" products must comply with all mandatory requirements in the DLNA Home Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines. Both the InterVideo Media Content Server and InterVideo Home Theater passed a conformance checklist of the Design Program test assertions. Both products also had to meet the UIC Certification requirements prior to participating at these Plugfest events.

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LaCie Unveils Biggest S2S SATA II RAID Tower

LaCie has announced the Biggest S2S, a five-bay RAID tower capable of reaching interface speeds of 3GB/sec with serial ATA (SATA) technology. With sustained transfer rates of 187MB/sec, this compact tower works well for fast real-time storage of uncompressed video files thanks to its true SATA II-to-SATA II connection. Biggest S2S offers a combination of up to 2.5TB capacity, RAID security, and fast throughput.

Biggest S2S can be easily configured in to the following settings: Fast (RAID 0), in which disks are striped together for best performance without redundancy; Safe (RAID 1), in which all data is mirrored on duplicate disks for ultimate redundancy; Safe + Fast, (RAID 0+1) a combination of striping for speed and mirroring for redundancy; Big, in which drives are strung together or concatenated and treated as one large volume for maximum storage; or JBOD, in which each physical disk is independent and mapped completely to its logical volume.

LaCie Biggest S2S will ship in the U.S. beginning July and worldwide in September. All units ship with drives preconfigured to Fast (RAID 0) for immediate use. Biggest S2S comes with necessary cables and the LaCie SATA II 3GB/s PCI-X Card 4E. All Biggest S2S towers include a standard two-year warranty. The 1.25TB model is priced at $1,999 and the 2.5 TB model at $3,499. More information can be found at

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New DMP Specification Shows Need for Patent Pool

The Digital Media Project (DMP) is a non-profit organization devoted to developing worldwide standards for music, video, and other creative works that are digitally recorded and transmitted. Such standards allow creators to be compensated for their works, the public to fully enjoy the benefits of digital recordings, and other businesses to provide products and services consistent with these principles and the Digital Media Manifesto.

DMP was founded by Leonardo Chiariglione, who developed worldwide standards for digital audio and video coding, such as MP3 and MPEG, while chairing the working group of the International Standards Organization. In April 2005, DMP produced the Specification for a Platform for Interoperable Digital Rights Management, for which it would be beneficial to establish a patent pool in order to have clear and acceptable licensing terms for the underlying patents.

One of the members of the Digital Media Project is helping set up the patent pool; Sisvel will arrange for a team of independent patent experts to evaluate patents that may be essential in this field.

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JVC Ultra-High Resolution Projector To Be Featured In 3D Theater at SIGGRAPH 2005

JVC's DLA-QX1 ultra-high resolution projector will demonstrate high-definition (HD) productions in Stereographic 3D at SIGGRAPH 2005 32nd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technologies to take place July 31-August 4, 2005 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The 3D theater will exhibit two DLA-QX1 projectors featuring Mirimax's "Spy Kids 3D" and NCSA scientific visualizations of "Flight to the Galactic Center," "Jet Instabilities in a Stratified Fluid Flow," and "The Visualization of F3 Tornado," on a 15-foot wide screen as part of SIGGRAPH'S Emerging Technologies Theater.

The DLA-QX1 features JVC's Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) technology that delivers high-resolution images in a theater projection system. The projector's 3.2 million pixels result in a film-like picture depth and true-to-life presence of film, according to JVC.

A white paper authored by Rod Sterling titled "High-Performance Stereoscopic Methods for 3D Viewing Using D-ILA Projectors" will demonstrate improved methods of visualization. The presentation will be held on Wednesday, August 3, at the Emerging Technologies Panel.

The Emerging Technologies exhibit will allow visitors a chance to interact with digital experiences that move beyond digital tradition and display work from many sub-disciplines of interactive techniques, with a special emphasis on projects that explore science, high-resolution digital-cinema technologies, and interactive art-science narrative.

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Condre Technology Releases Piranha Automated CD/DVD Destruction Device

Condre Technology, Inc. has announced the release of Piranha, an automated CD/DVD media disc destruction device designed for government, corporate, SMB, and home office environments. Featuring a unique media handling system designed by Condre Technology's experienced engineering team, the Piranha offers a 100-disc capacity and can completely destroy up to 12 CDs or DVDs per minute. The unit operates a robust grinding mechanism that dimples the disc rather than grinding or shredding it, thus protecting the environment and surroundings the unit is installed in, according to Condre.

The Piranha has a Suggested List Price of $ 399.00 and is available from an authorized Condre Technology VAR or Dealer. The Piranha system is patent pending and utilizes Condre Technology's Intellectual Property and proprietary media-handling method and is designed and manufactured in Minnesota.

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Tivity Releases Macromedia Flash Authoring Program

Tivity has announced the release of Xtivity, a new, professional Macromedia Flash (SWF) Authoring Software program. Users can use Xtivity to produce the same visual results as Flash in a layout-style workflow. Xtivity exports the completed project to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format which plays in the Flash Player on 98.3% of the world's Internet browsers, just like Macromedia Flash, according to Tivity. Xtivity provides a workflow environment that focuses on productivity and simplicity.

Xtivity allows users to directly import Adobe Photoshop PSD files and add interactivity to each individual layer. If users edit a Photoshop file, they can automatically flow these changes into Xtivity, and each layer in the project will be updated automatically. Xtivity also directly imports and converts MP3, WAV, MOV, and AVI files ready for the Web.

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