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July 29, 2005

Table of Contents

Octave Systems Releases New Robotic Duplicator
ADS Tech Shipping New Instant VideoXpress with Automatic Movie Creation
LaCie and Hitachi Collaborate to Deliver External Storage Solutions
Telestream Expands Flip4Mac MXF Ingest for Final Cut Pro Users
Aleratec Eliminates Host Computer with USB Copy Cruiser Plus
FOCUS Enhancements Introduces New Multi-Channel, High-Definition Media Players
ARCHOS Introduces Pocket Media Center
Avid and Pinnacle Shareholders Approve Acquisition

Octave Systems Releases New Robotic Duplicator

Octave Systems has released its new line of Copy Master II Pro Robotic DVD/CD duplicators. Users can copy large volumes of DVDs or CDs via three new models, all with built-in Plextor PX-716A DVD/CD recorders.

The Copy Master II Pro Robotic autoloading arm allows users to set up a duplication job and walk away until it has completed. The new line of autoloaders features an easy-to-read LCD display and a 160GB hard disk drive, and it offers duplicators with four, six, or seven optical recorders. A PC is not required to operate the Pro Robotic line. Depending on the user's needs, 4.7 GB DVDs can be copied at up to 16X, 8.5GB dual-layer DVDs at up to 6X, and CDs at up to 48X, according to Octave Systems.

A new feature of the Copy Master II Pro Robotic autoloader is the Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT), which allows the user to set up and execute multiple duplication jobs without interruption.

Prices for the Copy Master II Pro Robotic line are as follows: $3,600 for a four-drive robotic duplicator, $4,600 for a six-drive robotic duplicator, and $5,100 for a seven-drive robotic duplicator.

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ADS Tech Shipping New Instant VideoXpress with Automatic Movie Creation

ADS Tech has announced Instant VideoXpress, the newest member of its USB Instant audio/video capture product line. The new device is designed for inexperienced users and people with limited time; it includes automatic movie-making, the ability to create photo slide shows instantly from snapshots and direct recording of home videos.

With Instant VideoXpress, users can grab snapshots while they view their video by pressing the space bar. They can also preview at 60 frames per second and grab de-interlaced images for sharper image quality.

Instant VideoXpress is an external USB 2 device that is automatically recognized when connected to a Windows XP computer. With the high-speed connection, audio and video can be captured from analog sources—uncompressed, for the highest quality, or in the compressed AVI, MPEG-1, or WMV 9 video format. When the VideoCD format is selected, one hour of video can be recorded to a single CD. For even higher storage capacity, WMV 9 compression can be used to record two hours of video to a CD. The device also includes support for the NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video formats for multi-national use.

ADS Tech has enhanced Instant VideoXpress with its USB Video Grabber application, which enables users to preview video and grab Bitmap snapshots from the video as it plays, and three multimedia software applications.

Instant VideoXpress is available for immediate delivery with an MSRP of $59. It is compatible with Windows XP Home and Professional systems. The external device comes with an integrated 6 ft. USB 2 cable, a CD containing Instant VideoXpress hardware drivers, Ulead MovieWizard, muvee AutoProducer, PhotoShow light, and a 30-day trial version of Ulead VideoStudio 9 SE video editing software.

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LaCie and Hitachi Collaborate to Deliver External Storage Solutions

LaCie and Hitachi have announced a collaboration to deliver three external hard drives for both consumer and enterprise users. LaCie selected 500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 hard drives for its 2TB Biggest F800, 500GB Ethernet Disk mini, and 2TB Bigger Disk Extreme storage solutions. Hitachi has incorporated a number of design features that make its 500GB hard drive well-suited for use in digital video editing, multi-drive RAID storage, and other high-bandwidth applications.

Several Deskstar 7K500 design attributes combine to enhance system performance and usability, including fast data transfer rates, low power consumption, and "Smooth Stream" technology, an advanced error recovery process designed to improve digital content management, according to Hitachi and LaCie.

The following LaCie solutions include 500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 internal hard drives:

LaCie Biggest F800 is a RAID subsystem offering a high level of data protection for professionals with secure storage for 2TB data. The 4-bay array supports RAID levels 0, 0+1, 5, and RAID 5+hot spare in an aluminum enclosure with FireWire 800 and Hi-Speed USB 2 interfaces for use on PCs or Macs. Biggest F800 allows for easy installation of four arrayed disks with no driver required. Should the system overheat or a drive fail, the Biggest F800's smart alarm will notify the administrator via an audible sound and automatically begin rebuilding a faulty drive for those using RAID 5.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is an affordable network hard drive for use in homes or small offices with 500GB shared storage space. Anyone plugged into the dual-purpose Ethernet Disk mini can share files via the fast Ethernet connection without having to install drivers, or the drive can be attached via USB 2 to any individual computer for faster throughput and a private connection. Designed for small office and home environments, the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is plug and play--no prior networking experience is required.

LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme is a compact and sturdy drive designed to support multi-stream audio/video editing in a variety of formats with burst transfer rates reaching up to 85MB/sec and 2TB capacity. A plug-and-play device, the LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme has a built-in RAID 0 configuration that allows for instant high-speed data transfers of up to 85MB/s and immediate large-scale backup. LaCie Bigger Disk Extremes are hot-pluggable for file sharing among FireWire 800/400 and iLink/DV workstations. No drivers or software installation is required for those using Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Mac OS X operating systems.

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Telestream Expands Flip4Mac MXF Ingest for Final Cut Pro Users

Telestream has announced Flip4Mac MXF support for Apple's Final Cut Pro HD editing application. The Flip4Mac MXF Import Component currently ingests media files from Sony XDCAM production systems into Final Cut Pro Version 5 for native IMX editing. With Flip4Mac MXF Version 1.0.2, Final Cut Pro HD users editing DV content can now use the same file-based workflow. Telestream's Flip4Mac MXF is a QuickTime component that provides direct, digital ingest of MXF content from Sony XDCAM production systems into Final Cut Pro HD for DV editing and into Final Cut Pro 5 for DV and native IMX MPEG editing.

The Flip4Mac MXF solution provides an all-digital workflow for transferring media files directly from Sony digital acquisition devices into Final Cut Pro editing environments. This file-based solution eliminates the need to return to baseband video to accomplish the same task, according to Telestream.

The Flip4Mac MXF Component allows Final Cut Pro users to browse and import MXF content from Sony XDCAM systems for quick, easy access to media for editing. Sony systems supported include the XDCAM Camcorder and PDW-1500 Compact Deck for all Final Cut Pro users, plus the eVTR for Final Cut Pro 5 users. Content is automatically transferred to the Mac, then re-wrapped to a .MOV file for Final Cut Pro editing.

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Aleratec Eliminates Host Computer with USB Copy Cruiser Plus

Alera Technologies has introduces the new USB Copy Cruiser Plus, which provides a direct USB to USB connection eliminating the need to connect USB devices to a computer to share information between them. The USB Copy Cruiser Plus has two standard USB 2 ports and an 8-in-1 memory card reader. It features a backlighted LCD display that shows device capacities, space availability, and data transfer progress, and allows users to select and copy specific data down to the file level for making custom compilations.

The USB Copy Cruiser Plus uses PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) developed by the International Imaging Industry Association to allow the transfer of images from digital cameras to computers and other peripheral devices without needing additional device drivers. With the USB Copy Cruiser Plus users can copy photos directly from their digital cameras to their USB flash drives without removing the photo memory card. The device weighs 4.3 ounces with the batteries. PTP is supported by most popular digital cameras including Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony.

The USB Copy Cruiser Plus has a street price of $79.99 (batteries not included). It includes a built-in 8-in-1 memory card reader/writer that supports CF (Type I and II), SD, SM, MMC, MS, MSPRO, and MD.

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FOCUS Enhancements Introduces New Multi-Channel, High-Definition Media Players

FOCUS Enhancements has introduced its Visual Circuits Mantis line of multi-channel high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) media players. The Mantis MC and Mantis MG provide on demand video playback for audience-driven applications. The new Mantis media players are now available through FOCUS Enhancements' network of authorized dealers.

The Mantis MC Multi-Channel HD Media Player provides two channels of HD or SD video and 32-bit accelerated graphics. It is also available in a single-channel configuration that can be upgraded to two channels by adding a Smartcard. Mantis MC is a simple network 1U rackmount player.

The Mantis MG Enterprise Media Gateway enables the deployment of numerous digital media applications across multiple locations. Featuring the addition of four and eight channel configurations, the Mantis MG provides flexibility to scale SD and HD channels with cross channel synchronization to support multiple monitors in customizable installations. With a large 3U form factor design, Mantis MG digital media players are designed for professional digital signage and visual marketing applications. Scheduled or interactive playback is available supporting up to four HD or eight SD independent outputs from a single rackmount system, according to FOCUS Enhancements.

The Mantis products combine standard and/or high-definition video with a 32-bit graphics accelerator. Designed around FOCUS Enhancements' proprietary hardware and software, Mantis supports all 18 of the standard ATSC digital television formats in both NTSC and PAL video standards and decodes MPEG-2 transport, program, or elementary stream, according to FOCUS Enhancements.

Content management tools, from the company's Windows-based Media Messenger, are used to manage, schedule, distribute, and audit content via the Internet to ensure optimized messaging for target audiences.

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ARCHOS Introduces Pocket Media Center

ARCHOS has introduced the new Gmini 402 Pocket Multimedia Center. The 20GB hard drive-based video, audio, and photo device is now Microsoft PlaysForSure-compatible, supporting both protected download and subscription music services, and it features a 2.2" color LCD screen and metallic casing. The Gmini 402 is an upgrade from the Gmini 400, released last year.

The ARCHOS Gmini 402 is designed for media enthusiasts who want to take their video, photos, and music with them on a pocket-sized device. The Gmini 402 measures 4.17" x 2.37" x 0.69" and weighs 5.64 ounces.

The ARCHOS Gmini 402 is available now at select retailers and online, and it is priced at $329.95. The Gmini 402 comes with earphones, USB cable, USB Host adaptor, AC power charger, Quick Start Guide, and a protective pouch. Optional accessories include a car adaptor, protective case, additional power charger, sound case, FM remote control, and double headphone kit.

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Avid and Pinnacle Shareholders Approve Acquisition

Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) and Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCLE) have announced that the shareholders of both companies have approved proposals necessary to allow Avid's acquisition of Pinnacle to move forward. The closing of the transaction remains subject to approval by European regulators.

"We're looking forward to integrating Pinnacle into the Avid family, and having the shareholders of both companies on board brings us one step closer to putting our combined strategy into action," said David Krall, Avid's president and chief executive officer. "We're eager to complete the deal and begin capitalizing on the many opportunities that lie ahead in both the consumer and professional video industries."

On March 21, 2005, Avid and Pinnacle announced that Avid entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Pinnacle in a cash and stock transaction. Under the terms of the agreement, Pinnacle shareholders will receive .0869 shares of Avid stock and $1.00 in cash for each Pinnacle share. At closing, it is expected that Avid will issue approximately 6.2 million shares and pay $71 million in cash.

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