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Streaming Media
August 19, 2005

Table of Contents

Sony Introduces Tenth-Generation DVD Burners
Microboards Ships New Print & Burn DVD/CD Duplicator
Toshiba Delivers HDD Based on Perpendicular Magnetic Recording
NTI Launches Shadow v2.0 Next-Generation Backup Software
Media Supply Introduces the OmniTowerSL
Ulead Announces CD & DVD PictureShow 4
MAGIX Announces Movies on CD & DVD 4
VWB's MediaREADY 5000 Advanced Media Center to run SageTV's Media Center Software

Sony Introduces Tenth-Generation DVD Burners

Sony Electronics has introduced its tenth generation of DVD burners. The internal DRU-810A and external DRX-810UL models support 8X DVD+R Double Layer (DL) recording speed, and can burn up to 8.5GB of video, data, music or images on compatible media in about fifteen minutes. The 810 series of DVD burners also features 4X DVD-R DL, 16X DVD±R, 8X DVD+RW, 6X DVD-RW, 48X CD-R and 32X CD-RW recording.

The drives come bundled with a feature-rich software package suite from Nero for burning, authoring and editing home movies, creating digital scrapbooks, and backing up critical data. The internal DRU-810A will be available next month for about $100, while the external DRX-810UL is expected to ship in October for around $150.

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Microboards Ships New Print & Burn DVD/CD Duplicator

Microboards is shipping a new disc creation system (MSRP $2,995) with a high-speed DVD/CD recorder and industrial printing technology from HP to give users professional publishing in a petite package. Combined with custom label design and recording software, the system makes in-house disc creation easy and inexpensive. Co-developed with Hewlett Packard, the DX-1 offers a more robust choice among entry-level systems on the market.

The out-of-the-box solution contains a publisher with full automation, printing, and recording capabilities, as well as software for label design and recording. The unit features 16X DVD recording and 48X CD recording, and supports virtually every disc format for CD and DVD, including the dual-layer DVD standard. Microboards has patented gravity-feeding "singulation'"technology, which loads and unloads CDs with minimal moving parts and in a small area. The integrated disc printer is capable of up to 4800 dpi printing in full color. The unit can print up to 75 discs per hour, dependant on coverage and resolution, and ink consumption costs as little as $.05 to $.15 per disc.

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Toshiba Delivers HDD Based on Perpendicular Magnetic Recording

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD), the industry pioneer in small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs), has announced shipment of the first HDD based on perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR). The new 1.8-inch HDD, used primarily in consumer electronics (CE) devices, enables up to 10,000 songs or 25,000 photos on a single 40GB platter. The MK4007GAL HDD 1.8-inch HDD packs 40GB on a single platter, the largest single-platter capacity yet achieved in the 1.8-inch form factor, according to Toshiba.

This technology sets new benchmarks for data density with the highest area density currently on the market at 206 megabits per square millimeter (133 gigabits per square inch). The 1.8-inch PMR HDD is now shipping in Toshiba's new Gigabeat F41, enabling the MP3 player to store up to 10,000 songs.

Toshiba says it is the first company in the storage industry to commercialize PMR, providing unsurpassed recording density and high operating reliability on its 1.8-inch HDDplatform. The technology is based on a new magnetic disk structured to support perpendicular recording, a new high-performance perpendicular magnetic head, and disk and head integration technology that maximizes their combined performance. Conventional longitudinal recording stores data on a magnetic disk as microscopic magnet bits aligned in plane. Although advances in magnetic coatings continue to improve data recording densities on HDD, when the densities become too extreme, the magnetic bits repulse each other due to in-plane alignment. Squeezing more bits on to a disk will eventually reach a point in which crowding degrades recorded bit quality. As such, HDD manufacturers face fast-approaching limits on storage capacities. By standing the magnetic bits on end, perpendicular recording reinforces magnetic coupling between neighboring bits, achieving higher and more stable recording densities and improved storage capacity. Toshiba is currently shipping the 40GB MK4007GAL to OEM and channel partners.

The company plans to apply PMR technology to its 0.85-inch HDD in 2006, increasing capacity to 6GB-8GB per platter and supporting Toshiba's efforts to pioneer the market for ultra-small form factor drives.

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NTI Launches Shadow v2.0 Next-Generation Backup Software

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) has announced the launch of NTI Shadow v2.0, a convenient, always-on, data backup solution. Easy to install, set up and use, NTI Shadow's real-time and continuous backup application puts an end to losing data that was added or modified in between scheduled backups. The software works transparently in the background without disturbing the user or having to stop virus and spyware scanning programs.

During the next 90 days, visitors who visit the NTI Web site or click on NTI's new "Shadow for the Price of a Song!" banner ads can download the software for only $.99-a savings of $29 over the MSRP. Anyone clicking on the banner ad (purchasers and non-purchasers) will be taken to a page offering a 50% savings toward the purchase of any NTI product. Those that purchase NTI products with the coupon by November 15, 2005 will automatically be entered in the NTI drawing for an Acer Ferrari Notebook (winner to be announced December 2005).

With NTI Shadow, PC, Mac, and network users can set the application to automatically back up data, photo, audio, and video files in their native format every time a change occurs to ensure that the backup is always in sync with the original file and restoring is as easy as drag and drop. NTI Shadow can be used to synchronize digital content stored on all internal and external, local and/or network HDD drives, including external USB devices such as Flash drives, mobile drives, USB pen drives, USB Personal Media Players, NAS devices, and more.

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Media Supply Introduces the OmniTowerSL

Media Supply, Inc., a wholesaler of premium-quality CD and DVD recordable media, has added an advanced duplicating tower to its popular Omnitower line. Evolving from the original, low-cost, 3- and 7-drive Omnitower duplicators, the new OmniTowerSL features Premium Plextor PX-716 slot-load drives in a black case.

"Intelligent Recording" is a combination of technologies designed to achieve high-quality results when using media of varying quality:
1. Intelligent Tilt, a precise laser and three-dimensional tilt control to reduce jitter and achieve optimum recording.
2. PoweRec, a write strategy that provides superior quality recording at maximum speed for certified media.
3. Autostrategy, a feature that determines the standard deviation mark of any blank disc and then automatically optimizes the write strategy for the unknown media.

Media Supply has also developed a Quick Start Guide and detailed Operating Manual specifically tailored to the OmniTowerSL. Omnitowers, known for affordability, speed, accuracy and reliability, offer finely tuned firmware and software tested for compatibility and clean operation.

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Ulead Announces CD & DVD PictureShow 4

Ulead Systems, Inc. has announced the release of CD & DVD PictureShow 4, the latest version of its slideshow creation software. CD & DVD Picture Show 4 is designed specifically for novice or first-time users and yet has powerful features that should satisfy most enthusiasts.

Users can select an Instant-Show theme template, which gives them all the aspects of an entertaining slideshow with just one click. Templates mix themes with rich special effects. There are also many powerful features, including built-in audio and video trim functionality, intelligent photo enhancement tools, customizable audio and transition settings and DVD menu creation capabilities.

New Features in CD & DVD PictureShow 4:
- Customizable pan-and-zoom adds excitement as users can pan across or zoom into the details of their photos.
- Built-in photo repairs with the ExpressFix Wizard enables users to quickly fix common photo problems such as incorrect exposure, color cast, saturation, and focus - they can also "beautify" skin.
- Trim audio lets users adjust music to the desired length. It's the perfect built-in tool to add small clips or sections of audio to a slideshow.
- Multi-trim video lets users select segments from a video file and insert them into a slideshow so they can view their photos and video together on one disc.

Ulead CD & DVD PictureShow 4 is available in North American retail stores, catalogs and at for $49.99. Previous CD & DVD PictureShow customers can upgrade to the latest version at for $29.99.

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MAGIX Announces Movies on CD & DVD 4

MAGIX has announced MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD 4 for enhanced home entertainment. MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD 4 restores and preserves collections of home videos, favorite TV shows, VHS films, and video downloaded from the Internet. MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD 4 converts all your favorite movies into high-quality CDs or DVDs to enjoy on your home or portable entertainment systems.

Old video camcorder and VHS archives can now be part of the digital revolution in just three easy steps: import, edit (with or without supplied templates), and burn. Available at retail September 15, MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD 4 is priced at $39.99.

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VWB's MediaREADY 5000 Advanced Media Center to run SageTV's Media Center Software

Video Without Boundaries, Inc. and SageTV, LLC, Have announced their collaboration to release the MediaREADY 5000 Advanced Digital Media Center, powered by the Linux-based SageTV Media Center software. The SageTV software running on the MediaREADY 5000 will enable complete media center capabilities, including PVR, DVD/CD burning, music and photo management, Web browsing, email, and more.

The all-in-one SageTV Media Center platform allows VWB to offer its media management capabilities in a highly reliable Linux-based solution and helps minimize price by avoiding expensive Windows license fees. Boasting special features such as intelligent recording of TV shows of interest based on household viewing habits, the single graphical user interface enables consumers to access their entire media library without the delays typically experienced on other platforms while switching applications.

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