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Streaming Media
September 06, 2005

Table of Contents

Sonic Announces Support for Blu-ray in Roxio Consumer Products and AuthorScript SDK
SmartSound Lowers Price of Sonicfire Pro
Ulead Announces Free Beta Preview of Updated MediaStudio Pro Video Editing Package
Muvee Announces photoCentric stylePack
AudioDev Introduces CATS DVDR Pro
Condre Now Shipping Disc Imager II CD/DVD Media Printer
Epson Introduces Stylus Photo RX700
Samsung Offers High-Speed Twin-Tray DVD Recorder

Sonic Announces Support for Blu-ray in Roxio Consumer Products and AuthorScript SDK

Sonic Solutions has announced broad support for Blu-ray Disc in its Roxio-branded DigitalMedia Archive, Easy Archive and DigitalMedia Studio consumer software products. In addition, Sonic announced its AuthorScript Blu-ray software development kit (SDK), enabling third-party PC application and consumer electronics chip, middleware and application developers to deliver Blu-ray-based recording and playback solutions. 

Support for writing data to recordable BD will be incorporated into Roxio DigitalMedia Archive, the first Blu-ray-capable archiving solution for home entertainment center PCs, as well as into the Easy Archive component of Roxio DigitalMedia Studio, Sonic's easy-to-use yet complete digital media burning solution. Currently shipping in non-Blu-ray versions on PCs from major manufacturers, both products help users to quickly find and back up their personal media such as music, photos, home videos, and TV shows. Roxio will also add Blu-ray support to its CinePlayer line of DVD player software, allowing PC viewing of HD video from Blu-ray Discs.

Sonic's newest SDK, AuthorScript BD Navigator, along with AuthorScript BD Recorder, offer a complete recording and playback solution for PC and CE system and software developers looking to add Blu-ray support to their own products. AuthorScript BDNavigator supports the key playback functions of a Blu-ray Disc title, including play, stop, fast forward, rewind, and chapter selection. AuthorScript BD Recorder supports data recording to BD-RE media, allowing storage of up to 27GB on a single disc, as well as the recording of digital video and HDTV to BD-RE media in the BDAV format. Developers interested in receiving the new AuthorScript Blu-ray SDKs should contact Sonic at

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SmartSound Lowers Price of Sonicfire Pro

SmartSound Software, Inc. has announced a price cut on the Standard and Bundle Editions of its SmartSound Sonicfire Pro software. Although many video editing suites contain powerful audio editing tools, busy professionals have found the looping tool included in these suites to be insufficient in helping them create a score for their movies. Sonicfire Pro automatically presents the user with multiple cuts of a music track at any length needed score their movies, and the new price points let users integrate this functionality into their workflow as a critical addition to their existing audio editing tools.

Price reductions to Sonicfire Pro are as follows:
- Sonicfire Pro Standard Edition (Sonicfire Pro 3 software plus two royalty-free SmartSound Music CDs): Reduced to $249 (from $299)
- Sonicfire Pro Bundle Edition (Sonicfire Pro 3 software plus five royalty-free SmartSound Music CDs: Reduced to $399 (from $499)

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Ulead Announces Free Beta Preview of Updated MediaStudio Pro Video Editing Package

Ulead Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of the beta pre-release version of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8, the latest version Ulead's professional video editing software, with final release set for Q3 2005. The new release incorporates a wide range of enhancements including a new single track editing interface, Smart Proxy mode for efficient HDV editing, advanced color correction, 5.1 audio editing, and Smart Compositor, an all new tool, for quickly creating professional composited sequences for openings or segues.

MediaStudio Pro 8 incorporates major advances in workflow and usability. The new single-track interface allows for multiple timelines and virtual clips, plus transitions on every track. For controlling effects, the Keyframe Manager now offers large buttons and expandable view for precise positioning. To further streamline workflow, users can drag, resize and distort overlays directly in the full-size preview window.

A significant new feature in MediaStudio Pro 8 is the Smart Compositor, a unique tool that allows users to dramatically speed the creation of complex, eye-catching opening sequences and segues employing masks, frames and moving paths. Users simply select a theme, add their own video or images, modify the text and set the background music. Composited sequences then appear in the MediaStudio Pro 8 timeline as virtual clips that can be opened and further edited to conform to the style of the production. Smart Compositor delivers speedy turnaround without the 'cookie cutter' effect of templates.

MediaStudio Pro 8 is indeed future-ready with extensive HDV support. Users can capture from the latest HDV camcorders and decks, then edit either in full-resolution lossless native format, or Smart Proxy mode. Building on MediaStudio Pro's renowned flexibly and robustness in working with different video formats, the software lets producers mix and match formats such as DV, MPEG, and HDV on the timeline with confidence. MediaStudio Pro 8 furthermore supports formats such as WMV-HD and 24P, and offers output options to SD, HD, or back to DV, analog or HDV device. Smart Proxy offers users real-time HDV editing on mid-range or mobile machines. With Smart Proxy enabled, MediaStudio Pro automatically creates lower-resolution, resource-friendly copies of project clips in the background. Final output always links back to the original full-resolution files, making the process completely transparent and lossless. Smart Proxy offers an attractive solution for producers shooting HDV who want to edit on the go, as well as for collaborative editing. Users can package and share proxies among multiple editors and then combine their work as multiple timelines referring back to original footage.

Other enhancements in the release include a new Audio Editor offering channel steering to create Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio tracks, even allowing upsampling from standard stereo tracks. The product also boasts an all-new Title Tool with dramatic text effects and animation. SmartSound Auto Music Maker enables users to create custom royalty-free soundtracks which precisely match the duration of the video, and built-in DVD authoring with templates lets users author single- or double-layer discs. MediaStudio offers a professional, yet easy-to-use, approach to video editing suitable for video enthusiasts, newly-professional video editors, documentary filmmakers, wedding/event videographers and media producers in corporate and education.

The free preview beta version is available for download immediately from the Ulead Website at The box and electronic download versions of MediaStudio Pro 8 will be available in October for $399.99 through retail channels and Ulead Websites.

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Muvee Announces photoCentric stylePack

muvee Technologies has released its new photoCentric stylePack, which is optimized for making muvees out of digital stills. The photoCentric stylePack is a plug-in for muvee's PC-based autoProducer software, and features 6 unique styles: Action!, Contemporary ‘50s, Sepia Flicker, Night Scenes, Motion Pix and Showcase.

Unlike other photo slideshow or video editing programs, the stylePack's styles aren't static templates that photos get slotted into. Rather, thestylizing effects are dynamically modified in response to the user's chosen music so users can create something new simply by changing the music. Each muvee style has its own set of themed effects and transitions, which are intelligently applied to video highlights and pictures, and automatically synchronized to the tempo of the user's chosen music. Users can instantly give their video and pictures a new look and feel by applying a different style.

The plug-in photoCentric stylePack retails at US$19.95 and is now available for download from

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AudioDev Introduces CATS DVDR Pro

AudioDev recently released its new analyzer for recordable DVD media, CATS DVDR Pro. It is now possible to measure all DVD formats in one single CATS analyzer, which improves flexibility when changing between production of, for instance, DVD+R and -R. The CATS DVDR Pro can, just like its predecessors, measure both unrecorded and recorded disc signals, making it a useful tool for all quality needs, from QA to process control and also R&D.

The new analyzer is the only reference-class replica analyzer that is aligned with both the DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW formats. It combines the widely accepted CATS de-facto standard signal analyzers for DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW. In addition, AudioDev has also released a new stamper tester - CATS DVDR Stamper Pro which offers the possibility to test stampers and replicas for the recordable and re-writable DVD formats in one single analyzer. The analyzer is suited for detailed process supervision as well as high level developers and offers a comprehensive test-template design and a fully scalable user interface.

As a standard feature, the new stamper analyzer is able to measure ISI jitter (Inter Symbol Interference). ISI measurement, including the unique ISI data-to-clock, is a valuable tool for analyzing the performance of media, drives and write-strategies down to individual symbol combinations. Using CATS for quality control, manufacturers can be sure that their discs will be compatible with the drives on the market, since more than 80% of all drive manufacturers and material suppliers use CATS both for R&D and final QC.

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Condre Now Shipping Disc Imager II CD/DVD Media Printer

Condre Technology, Inc is now shipping Disc Imager II, a new ink jet direct to disc printing system. Disc Imager II is based on a high performance Lexmark print engine and is compatible with almost all white or silver printable matte disc surfaces, including Condre's own Go Video PDS media line.

In addition, the system features a plug and play USB 2.0 interface and includes Discus software for easy label creation and image alignment on the disc. The Disc Imager II has a suggested list price of $899.

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Epson Introduces Stylus Photo RX700

The six-color Epson Stylus Photo RX700 all-in-one ink jet offers a variety of convenient and user-friendly features, including the capability to print on ink jet printable CDs and DVDs. Epson was the first and still is the only inkjet printer manufacturer in the U.S. to include this feature on its photo printers and now is also the first to include this feature on an all-in-one device.

The Epson Stylus Photo RX700 offers Epson Photo Fine technology, an innovation which is currently featured on the popular Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer. The Epson Stylus Photo RX700 also gives customers the ability to make reprints and enlargements from slides, negatives and photos, in addition to providing one-step color restoration with Epson Easy Photo Fix scanning technology. MSRP is $399.

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Samsung Offers High-Speed Twin-Tray DVD Recorder

Samsung, a worldwide innovator of DVD technology, is reinvigorating the DVD-recording category with the introduction of the DVD-TR520, the industry's first sub-$500 twin-tray DVD recorder. Samsung's latest innovation offers consumers the fastest dual-deck DVD recorder available on the market today, allowing disc-to-disc copying at 2X, 4X and up to 6X speeds.

With two DVD trays, the multi-format DVD-TR520 allows users to copy directly from disc to disc at speeds of 2x for -RAM to RAM, 4x for -RW to -RW and up to 6X for -R to -R.. Samsung's twin-tray recorder uses multi-format technology that allows flexibility in the face of competing recording formats. DVD-R's non-contact optical pick-up allows each disc to be scratch-free for repeated use, and it can adapt to DVD-RW for playback on other players. It also allows for a mixed storage of video, audio and additional types of data from PC and AV products. The DVD-TR520 will be available in late September for 449.99. 

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