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Streaming Media
September 27, 2005

Table of Contents

Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 Video Compression Software Now Available
NetXposure announces Image Portal X 4.0 DAM Software
BlazeVideo Announces BlazeDVD 4 DVD Player Software with DVD Recording for Windows PC
Cirlinca Launches DVD-Audio Authoring for Consumers
xm|Edit Makes Industry Debut; Introduces Traffic for Final Cut Pro
ADS Tech’s New Portable Dual-Link SDI Converter Delivers Bi-directional DV and SDI Transcoding in the Field
Avid Technology’s SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 Now Available
Microsoft and Intel Back HD DVD as Next-Generation High-Definition DVD Format of Choice

Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 Video Compression Software Now Available

Sorenson Media has announced the availability of Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 Compression Suite for Windows and Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 for Macromedia Flash for Windows. Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 offers support for Macromedia Flash Player 8 and the integration of the professional version of the VP6 video codec from On2 Technologies.

Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 Compression Suite for Windows and Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 for Macromedia Flash are available now for free to current users of Sorenson Squeeze 4.0. The On2 VP6 professional video codec plug-in is available for $199.00. Upgrade pricing is also available for current Sorenson Squeeze 3 users. Mac versions are expected to be available in Q4 2005.  

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NetXposure announces Image Portal X 4.0 DAM Software

NetXposure has announced the upcoming release of Image Portal X, version 4, a Web-based digital asset management (DAM) solution built specifically for the Mac OS X platform. The latest version enables organizations with large digital libraries to integrate with Apple's advanced QuickTime video, Spotlight searching technology, and Adobe's Creative Suite.

Image Portal X is a Web-based repository for managing large libraries of digital images and other files and is used with Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID technologies.

Other features available with Image Portal X include Web services, WebDAV, LDAP support, auto-tasking, batch tasking, versioning (check-in/check-out), multiple user levels, user group access restriction, statistics reporting, localization for six languages, and workflow customization from NetXposure's Professional Services team.  

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BlazeVideo Announces BlazeDVD 4 DVD Player Software with DVD Recording for Windows PC

BlazeVideo has announced the release of BlazeDVD 4, the latest version of its DVD playback software. In addition to the features of a home DVD player, BlazeDVD provides other functions such as recording DVDs, optional skins, playback image and DV, image capture and bookmark, etc. It supports DIVX, MPEG4, RM, QuickTime, WMV, WMV-HD, Macromedia Flash, and other media formats.

BlazeDVD 4 is available at BlazeVideo Web site or many other affiliate distributors by electronic or CD-ROM delivery. The professional version sells at $49.95 USD MSRP, the standard version sells at $39.95 USD MSRP. Previous users of BlazeDVD can upgrade to the latest version at for $14.95 to $29.95 USD MSRP.  

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Cirlinca Launches DVD-Audio Authoring for Consumers

Cirlinca has announced the introduction of DVD-Audio Solo, the first PC based application to enable the creation of DVD-Audio discs.

DVD-Audio Solo can import audio tracks from PC disk files, built-in sound card recording, or CD extractors. Advanced users will be able to use pro-quality upsampling. The multi-channel import includes up to 6 channels, and the still video support includes resolution sampling rates up to 196Khz / 24 bits.

Other DVD-Audio Solo Features:
* Unique still video to each track, for creating music slide shows.
* Built-in audio player to preview the tracks before burning.
* Built-in recording facility to record from external analog sources like turntables at high resolution.
* Integrated DVD writing engine to write directly to DVD disc without the need for an external writing software.
* Choice of application skins.
* Support 1 to 9 groups and 1 to 99 tracks per group, for a maximum total track count of 314.
* Write to DVD±R/W and DVD+R DL (Double Layer) discs. DVD-Audio Solo is currently priced at $34.95 USD MSRP.  

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xm|Edit Makes Industry Debut; Introduces Traffic for Final Cut Pro

xm|Edit, has announced its industry debut and has formally introduced its flagship editorial companion solution, Traffic for Final Cut Pro.

Traffic employs a visual node-based interface, which provides professional editors with editorial and project management control of their projects and enables them to perform difficult, time-intensive editorial tasks, that in some instances, are impossible to complete in the industry standard time-line based approach to non-linear editing. Additionally, Traffic for Final Cut Pro employs Apple's XML interchange format. Traffic is currently undergoing beta testing with several industry-leading NLE vendors who have also embraced the XML interchange format.

Traffic gives editors the ability to: 
* Change attributes of filters and text generators globally across multiple sequences or even multiple projects; 
* Replace and insert footage based on complex parameters throughout multiple sequences and projects; 
* Iteratively loop sequences with real-time control over loop boundaries; 
* Create slates and slate information automatically through node-based connections.

xm|Edit has also integrated a plug-in architecture, which allows third-party developers to create "widget-like" plug-ins to extend the capabilities of the software. The Company is currently developing a formal Third Party Plug-In and Application Development program to enable third party developers to create, market and sell plug-ins for the Traffic family of solutions. Details of the program will be announced at a later date.

Traffic for Final Cut Pro will be available later this Fall and will be priced at $299.00 USD MSRP.  

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ADS Tech’s New Portable Dual-Link SDI Converter Delivers Bi-directional DV and SDI Transcoding in the Field

ADS Tech has announced its new portable Dual-Link SDI (Serial Digital Interface) Converter with embedded AES/EBU digital stereo audio functionality.

The Dual-Link SDI transcoder is a 1394a bi-directional device that converts DV audio/video to and from SDI video, the broadcast standard digital interface. Compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X, the device can be used with a portable battery pack for on-location news and event broadcasts. With the Dual-link SDI Converter, camera operators can do Betacam transcoding, transporting content for NLE production, and connecting to studio SDI network backbones or affiliate SDI matrices.

In addition to being SMPTE-259M-compliant, the ADS Tech Dual-Link SDI transcoder contains an embedded audio transmitter and receiver that conform to the SMPTE 272M-A standard. The video from Dual-Link SDI is embedded with AES/EBU digital stereo audio with a sampling frequency of 48kHz (synchronous to video).

Other features, such as the ability to adjust the default start-up options, let the user customize the device to speed workflow. A decode/encode switch is also included that allows users to change modes-even without being connected to a computer. The ADS Tech Dual-Link SDI Converter includes auto detection and support for both PAL and NTSC.

ADS Tech's Dual-Link Converter features 4-pin and 6-pin 1394a ports for DV Input and output and two SDI BNCs for simultaneous SDI signal broadcast as well as separate VITC input and output BNC connectors (SMPTE 12M) for analog decks. A 4-pin DIP Mode select switch enables audio pair selection and other modes. The device can be powered using the 4-pin male latching XLR for battery input or the DC power adapter input. A 9-pin D subminiature is also included for RS-422 remote machine control per the Sony protocol.

ADS Tech's portable Dual-Link SDI Converter for Windows XP and MAC OS X systems is available for $999 USD MSRP and will be available through ADS Tech's network of online and retail channels worldwide.  

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Avid Technology’s SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 Now Available

Avid Technology has announced the worldwide availability of SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 5.0, the latest edition of the company's flagship 3D animation software. Unveiled at the SIGGRAPH tradeshow in August, XSI v.5.0 software includes non-destructive character tools and a comprehensive set of migration tools for Maya.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 includes the GATOR attribute transfer system for re-purposing properties and animation between models; native 64-bit support for XSI and mental ray 3.4 software to create and render extremely complex scenes, and a new gigapolygon core that leverages multi-processor and multi-core platforms with a new memory management system.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 is available in the following configurations:
· SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 Foundation for $495 USD MSRP
· SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 Essentials for $1,995 USD MSRP
· SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 Advanced for $6,995 USD MSRP  

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Microsoft and Intel Back HD DVD as Next-Generation High-Definition DVD Format of Choice

Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corp. today announced that they will join major consumer electronics manufacturers, content providers and other companies as members of the HD DVD Promotion Group. After extensive review, both companies determined that the HD DVD format developed by the DVD Forum meets important criteria and delivers unique advantages, including PC and connected device interoperability and an easy, affordable transition to high definition for consumers. 

Intel and Microsoft are the two most recent additions to the HD DVD Promotion Group, joining such companies as NEC Corp., SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. and Toshiba Corp. and content providers such as Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures Corp. A complete list of over 100 companies can be found at

Microsoft and Intel cited the following consumer and industry requirements of any successful next-generation optical format for high definition, which is reflected by what HD DVD delivers today:
-Managed Copy: A first for DVDs. Managed Copy is a guaranteed feature within HD DVD that gives consumers the freedom to make copies of their discs to a hard drive or home server, including Media Center PCs using Intel Viiv technology, and enjoy them in every room of the house over their home networks. HD DVD discs also will allow copies of the movie to be played on portable devices.
-"Future-proof" compatibility. Using proven HD DVD "hybrid disc" technology, a single disc can store both high-definition and standard-definition versions of a film, allowing consumers to immediately enjoy the standard-definition movies stored on these discs on today's DVD players, while HD movies can be replayed later on the HD DVD platform. This is an opportunity for consumers to buy discs at launch that future proof their collections — in other words, helping assure customers that the discs they buy will remain viewable in the future.
-Proven low-cost, high-volume manufacturing: HD DVD discs use essentially the same manufacturing equipment as existing DVDs, meaning that production of HD DVD can ramp up easily and with lower costs.
-Superior capacity: HD DVD-ROM discs will offer dual-layer 30GB discs at launch, compared with BD-ROM discs, which will be limited to 25GB. Superior interactivity. HD DVD discs will offer greater interactivity using iHD technology, allowing for enhanced content, navigation and value-added functionality for high-definition films. For example, HD DVDs can offer advanced picture-in-picture capability so that other video, such as a director's commentary, could play on top of the movie.
-Superior format for notebook PCs: The compatibility of HD DVD with standard DVD facilitates and simplifies development of slim disc drives for integration in notebook PCs, one of the fastest-growing segments of the PC market.

As longtime leaders in the development of new industry specifications, Intel and Microsoft believe a single optical disc format is an ideal solution that would drive rapid consumer adoption. Although the companies have determined that HD DVD is the only viable solution at this time, each remains committed to working toward one format that meets consumer and industry requirements.

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