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Streaming Media
October 21, 2005

Table of Contents

Ulead Introduces New Version of PhotoImpact Image Editing Software
LaCie Selects Roxio for Latest FireWire DVD Burners
DDD Launches TriDef Vision+ Set-top Conversion Box
wondertouch Offers Discount on particleIllusion 3.0
ACDSee Pro Photo Manager Streamlines Professional Photography Workflow
Axion Ships New 4.2'' DVDMan Portable DVD Player
CyberLink Showcases Digital Home Software Solutions
VitalStream Announces Next-Generation Streaming Service for Flash Video

Ulead Introduces New Version of PhotoImpact Image Editing Software

Ulead Systems, Inc. has announced the release of Ulead PhotoImpact 11, Ulead's flagship PC image-editing software with easy-to-use tools for a wide range of personal and professional image and photo-editing needs. The latest version introduces an all-new interface system providing distinct modes for beginners and advanced users along with 16-bit editing/RAW support and next-generation tools for high-end digital photography and creative design.

The "My Workspace" interface system offers a set of five pre-defined modes, along with the ability to customize and save personal workspace layouts. Basic Photo Mode is the simplest of the ready-to-use modes; providing large, easy-to-identify icons with direct access to the most commonly used tools for acquiring, browsing, enhancing and sharing images. Specially-configured menus, toolbars and fewer option panels simplify the user interface for new and casual users. They can choose between Basic Photo Mode, Standard Photo Mode, Graphics Mode, Web Mode and Advanced Mode. My Workspace customization options allow users to configure the interface to their individual needs. Menus and toolbars can be re-organized with drag-and-drop ease. All panels may by docked or float freely for comfortable use across dual monitors. Shortcut keys and Menu and Command names are also fully customizable.

PhotoImpact 11 offers photography enthusiasts features that make the camera just the beginning for high-end digital photography. New RAW/DNG support allows users to capture full camera-image quality. Ulead Photo Explorer 8.6, included with PhotoImpact 11, provides intuitive browsing and batch conversion of RAW files. Enhanced 16-bit editing allows for a range of automatic and manual processing tools to adjust color and correct images in high-quality 48-bit color depth. Powerful new SmartCurves dramatically simplifies photo-tone enhancement with automatic correction of camera response curve anomalies. Based on Ulead's advanced HDR imaging technology, SmartCurves gives users high-quality tonal correction tailored for their camera.

ew SmartRemove Scene Compositor lets users selectively paint out moving elements from multiple shots of the same scene to compose an image with just the elements they want. In addition to removing unwanted elements, SmartRemove also makes it possible to create dramatic original photos by combining shots with people or objects appearing in different poses or locations.

PhotoImpact 11's new high-end photography tools include White Balance adjustment and Chromatic Aberration correction. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Color Cast tools have also been improved. Enhanced Creative Options New to PhotoImpact 11 are non-destructive Layer Masks, editable alpha-channel masks for objects. Layer Masks allow users to blend images and objects in creative compositions with even greater flexibility. With more and more users creating video projects and authoring DVDs for personal, business or education applications, PhotoImpact now incorporates features specifically designed for video productions. The Web Component Designer, first introduced in PhotoImpact 5, now includes a range of customizable lower-third graphics that make creating compelling overlay graphics simple and fast. A new "Save for Video" option simplifies the process of saving graphics for video projects.

The EasyPalette library of ready-to-use content now includes a range of DVD menu templates that can be customized and saved for use in Ulead DVD MovieFactory or Ulead DVD Workshop. Both products allow users to import menus using PhotoImpact's native UFO file format. Ulead's high-end video-editing suite, MediaStudio Pro 8, supports UFO files directly on the timeline. PhotoImpact 11 also includes a "Save for Mobile" option to enable users to easily create graphics for display on mobile phones, PDAs, the Sony PSP, and other mobile devices. Save for Mobile incorporates a range of intelligent templates to automatically format images to the correct size, color depth, file format and file size for a chosen device.

Box and electronic download versions of PhotoImpact 11 will be available in October for $89.99 through Ulead's Web site. Upgrades for registered PhotoImpact users will be available for $49.99.

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LaCie Selects Roxio for Latest FireWire DVD Burners

Roxio has announced that LaCie has selected Toast 7 for inclusion with their latest FireWire DVD double layer burners. Toast 7 became widely available earlier this month. The combination of Roxio and LaCie technology can be purchased at the LaCie Store online ( and will be available throughout LaCie's specialized dealer network later this month.

LaCie's 16X d2 DVD±RW Double Layer burns single layer (4.7GB) DVDs in five minutes and double layer (8.5GB) DVDs in 15 minutes. With an exterior case of aluminum alloy to protect it, this burner can be used with desktop Macs or mobile laptops. Some features include multi-image high-definition slideshows with pan and zoom effects, transitions and background audio, rich audio DVDs with over 50 hours of Dolby Digital music and advanced navigation, and data spanning, which allows users to backup large files, folders and applications across multiple CDs and DVDs.

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DDD Launches TriDef Vision+ Set-top Conversion Box

DDD Group has announced the introduction of the TriDef Vision+ 3D set-top box. Vision+ automatically converts most popular consumer video formats to 3D as they are watched, allowing any broadcast, DVD and videocassette content to be presented in 3D on the latest 3D displays and projection systems.

Using Arisawa's innovative 3D optics, the flat screen 3D televisions are capable of displaying conventional 2D pictures as well as 3D. When the viewer decides to watch in 3D, they simply activate the Vision+ set-top box using their remote control and put on a pair of 3D glasses. The system then delivers 3D images from any viewing position in the living room with the same clarity and quality as the latest 3D digital cinemas. In addition to the real-time conversion feature, the Vision+ also supports the playback of specially made 3D movies. This yields an important in-home distribution channel for the latest generation of Hollywood 3D movies that are in production for the new 3D digital cinemas that are presently being opened around the United States.

The Vision+ is compatible with DVD, video and broadcast standards used in the United States, Japan and Europe. Vision+ also supports twin projectors allowing it to be used in trade show and professional/educational venues where big screen 3D is required for large audiences.

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wondertouch Offers Discount on particleIllusion 3.0

wondertouch, a leading software developer of high performance particle effects creation tools, today announced a special limited-time upgrade promotion that allows registered owners of the Autodesk Combustion 3 or Combustion 4 desktop software programs to receive more than 50% off the USMSRP of particleIllusion 3.0, the latest version of the company's cornerstone, sprite-based particle effects software application.

The promotion - which ends November 15, 2005 - enables Combustion 3 or Combustion 4 software owners to purchase the standalone version of particleIllusion 3.0 for Windows or Mac OS X platforms, at a reduced price of $179.00, a savings of $220.00.

Designed as an easy-to-use, low-cost, high performance tool to efficiently and easily customize and modify effects, or create entirely new and realistic particle effects to any image, animation, or video footage, particleIllusion has been used in hundreds of feature films, TV episodes, and broadcast commercials worldwide. In 2001 the wondertouch development team integrated the particleIllusion 2.0 engine into Combustion 2 to provide creatives easy access to its powerful particle effects. Combustion 4, the latest version of Autodesk's leading visual effects and 3D desktop compositing software, still contains the particleIllusion 2.0 engine.

The standalone application of particleIllusion 3.0 offers Combustion 3 and Combustion 4 software users several advantages, including:
-- Speed acceleration: the particles in particleIllusion 3.0 run faster than those in Combustion, even with multiple emitters running on modest OpenGL hardware.
-- Forces: Influence particles after they are created, to create wind effects for example.
-- Super emitters: allows for the automatic creation of emitters to create other emitters, to achieve new levels of realism and creativity.
-- New color options: includes the ability to get the particle color from the background footage, allowing for a wide variety of artistic and simulated displacement effects, as well as a new "don't erase" function which essentially allows you to "paint" with particles.
-- Library manager :allows easy movement of emitters between libraries and quick access to any libraries on one's computer.
-- New emitter libraries: wondertouch releases a new emitter library for particleIllusion 3.0 every month. More than 1300 emitters have been released for particleIllusion 3.0, providing new users of particleIllusion 3.0 with a huge set of new effects to use immediately.

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ACDSee Pro Photo Manager Streamlines Professional Photography Workflow

ACD Systems International Inc. has announced ACDSee Pro Photo Manager. Developed specifically for the professional photographer, ACDSee Pro delivers advanced functionality designed to streamline the workflow of professional photographers, while incorporating the viewing speed and organizing capabilities synonymous with ACDSee products.

ACDSee Pro is a single platform where professional photographers can view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish and archive their growing digital photo collections. Key features include advanced workflow functionality, support for DNG (digital negative specification) and the latest RAW formats, RAW processing capability, batch IPTC editing, powerful color management functionality and professional publishing options. Workflow functionality in ACDSee Pro includes advanced multi-step batch processing that streamlines common modifications into a single step that can be saved as a profile and used repeatedly. Visual photo tagging allows photographers to quickly sort preferred images during or upon completion of a photo shoot for fast selection and deletion. Photographers can also customize workspace layouts, toolbars, and tabs and categories to provide instant access to all the information they need.

Photographers can process their RAW images to adjust the white balance, exposure, shadows, brightness, contrast, noise, sharpness and optical lens distortion. ACDSee Pro also features powerful, versatile color management support for ICC color profiles, including the ability to set precise color specifications and synchronize color profiles on multiple monitors. Photographers can also take advantage of the higher dynamic range of 16 bits per channel images. Additional image control features include new filters, the Shadow/Highlight tool for exposure correction and advanced image comparison complete with histogram and exposure details display. 

 ACDSee Pro for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP will be available in January 2006 for $129.99. Special upgrade pricing is available for users of ACDSee 8 and earlier versions.

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Axion Ships New 4.2'' DVDMan Portable DVD Player

Axion is beginning to ship its latest portable DVD player, the AXN-6042 4.2" DVDMan. The DVDMan also functions as a CD and MP3 player. The unit also features Axion's Axi-Port - a connection for a TV/cable tuner and a SEGA Gaming Joystick. The TV tuner provides full TV/cable tuning for viewing your favorite program. The gaming joystick provides a host of games from the SEGA Classics collection.

DVDMan Key Features
• High brightness/contrast TFT LCD screen
• Wide screen 960 x 234 resolution
• Stereo speakers w/dual headphone jacks
• Supports DVD, CD, MP3, picture CD and VCD formats
• Home/car lighter power adaptors
• Dolby Digital Surround Sound-ready
• Built-in Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries
• Axi-Port Options
• SEGA Classics Gaming Joystick
• TV Tuner (VHF, UHF and 181 cable channels)

Available for $139.99 from

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CyberLink Showcases Digital Home Software Solutions

CyberLink Corp. recently showcased its latest developments for the Digital Home Solutions.

Integrated digital home solution:
• CyberLink PowerCinema, the all-in-one media entertainment for the PC
• CyberLink MagicDirector, the automated video editing software that serves as a plug-in for PowerCinema and Windows XP Media Center Edition
• CyberLink SoftDMA, the UPnP media player

Linux-based solution:
• CyberLink PowerCinema, for Linux based TV entertainment PCs

Next-generation DVD playback solution:
• CyberLink PowerDVD, for playback of HD DVD content

The integrated digital home solution on display demonstrates real-world scenarios for enjoying media within the Digital Home. The latest version of PowerCinema serves as a media server device, capable of sharing all types of media files to networked devices. MagicDirector is a plug-in module for PowerCinema, allowing users to turn home video shots into stylish movies. This movie can then be accessed and played on any other PC using CyberLink SoftDMA. SoftDMA is a software-based digital media adaptor designed for accessing media files from the server to a client device across a UPnP network. CyberLink will also showcase the Linux version of PowerCinema that immediately turns a PC into a CE device. It features digital TV watching and channel scanning capabilities. Additionally, CyberLink will be highlighting its latest development of PowerDVD to support playback HD DVD content - a next generation DVD.

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VitalStream Announces Next-Generation Streaming Service for Flash Video

VitalStream's Streaming Service for Flash Video supports Macromedia's new Flash Media Server 2, which offers a combination of traditional streaming media capabilities and a flexible development environment for creating and delivering media applications.

Working closely with Macromedia, VitalStream is the first Macromedia partner to power streaming services for Flash. MediaConsole, VitalStream's workflow management toolset, now integrates with all streaming formats (including the new Flash 8), and includes a media manager, pre-built video skins and a real-time reporting dashboard. To accelerate its customers' Flash application development, VitalStream provides the MediaOps software development kit -- a library of Flash software and Flash-developed objects that enable developers to quickly and easily implement their Flash projects.

Additional features include:
• Authentication services -- VitalStream's authentication services act as a gatekeeper by letting only authorized viewers access content on customer Web sites; now available for live as well as on-demand events.
• Support for raw data logs -- VitalStream customers can now access raw data easily to quantify their streaming traffic, empowering them to create their own custom reports and analyze their Web traffic.
• Web services-based reporting -- VitalStream's reporting system offers an industry-standard SOAP-based portal, enabling users to connect to the server and create their own data feeds, target specific customers and identify problem areas.

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