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Streaming Media
February 18, 2003

Table of Contents

Deep Video Imaging and LG.Philips LCD Strengthen Alliance
SONY Introduces New Wireless Camera System
VBrick Systems Unveils VBXcast
TerraDigital Systems LLC Debuts Wireless Digital Audio Jukebox
IronPort Previews 'SenderBase' at DEMO 2003
HP Announces New Pavilion Desktop PCs with Advanced Digital Entertainment Features
FastVDO and Xybernaut Combine Bandwidth Management Technologies with Wearable Computing Devices
Alera Technologies DVD/CD Shredder?Now Only $39.99

Deep Video Imaging and LG.Philips LCD Strengthen Alliance

Deep Video Imaging Ltd., creator and developer of Multi-Layer Displays, has announced the signing of a Business Alliance Agreement with LG.Philips LCD Co., Ltd of Korea.  Under the terms of the document, both parties pledge to work together for the first time at an operational level to meet mutual business objectives.

One key aspect of the agreement sees both parties undertaking to work side-by-side to actively promote Multi-Layer Display technology through global cooperative marketing efforts. Since February of 2001, LG.Philips LCD has demonstrated its support for Deep Video Imaging's MLD technology utilizing TFT-LCD technologies through the provision of custom panels for use in the production and development of MLD products.  

MLD technology is scalable in size, resolution, brightness and color depth.  The additional depth provides simultaneous dual plane application support without glasses, viewing restrictions or special software requirements, and is compatible with all existing software and hardware platforms.

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SONY Introduces New Wireless Camera System

Sony Electronics has introduced a new MPEG-based wireless camera transmitter and receiver system that significantly expands production capabilities, streamlines operations and improves overall workflow for crews covering sports, concerts and other live events.
The lightweight WLL-CA50 wireless transmitter is a portable system that converts a camcorder's digital video signal into a DVB-ASI MPEG-2 MP@ML bit-stream and transmits it at 2.4GHz. Transmission range is up to 2,000 feet from a stationary camcorder or 650 feet from a camcorder moving at 35mph.
The high-quality pictures are encoded into an MPEG-2, 12 Mbps stream and then transmitted using a highly efficient OFDM and error-correcting scheme, which provides a high degree of reliability even in congested RF environments. The transmitter clips onto the back of nine Sony standard-definition digital camcorders, including the DVW-700 series, 709WS and 790WS Digital Betacam models; all Betacam SX® models, and the MSW-900 MPEG IMX™ camcorder.
The new WLL-RX50 unit receives 2.4 GHz transmissions and outputs DVB-ASI streams to an outboard decoder. To help prevent unauthorized access, only receivers with the proper secure encryption key can decode the transmission. The receiver can be located up to 160 feet from a supplied antenna. The antenna cable can extend to a maximum of 1,000 feet by adding three WLL-BA50 booster amplifiers.
The new BDX-D1000/3 MPEG decoder, which produces a short system delay of only 2.7 frames, is compatible with the new wireless camera receiver. The MSB-2000 (firmware version 1.30 and higher) is also compatible. The BDX-D1000/3 decoder is scheduled to be available in April. Meanwhile, the WLL-CA50 wireless camera transmitter, WLL-RX50 wireless camera receiver and WLL-BA50 booster amplifier are scheduled to be available in June.


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VBrick Systems Unveils VBXcast

VBrick Systems, Inc., a provider of networked video appliances, introduced VBXcast, its new MPEG-4 intelligent video appliance at DEMO 2003.

VBrick's VBXcast enables individuals to experience the benefits of live sight and sound communications, while preserving the ease of use and reliability of conventional communications. Among other applications, enterprises can use VBXcast to send live company news directly to employees.  The information is delivered to staff via their PCs within a private network or anywhere the Internet reaches.


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TerraDigital Systems LLC Debuts Wireless Digital Audio Jukebox

TerraDigital Systems LLC has introduced its TerraPlayer wireless Digital Audio Jukebox product at the on-stage demonstration phase of DEMO 2003.  With a colorful interface and a sound system that delivers full, high-fidelity sound, TerraPlayer is positioned to influence change in the way consumers manage and listen to music.

Unlike other text-based consumer electronics interfaces, TerraPlayer offers a graphical user interface.  TerraPlayer's magic is its TerraTouch OS—a "drag and drop" GUI and LCD touch-screen that displays album cover art or any personalized icons, enabling consumers to select music with the touch of a finger.

A TerraPlayer system, with its custom design and software, consists of two components-the TerraPlayer Base and a TerraPlayer Radio.  The Base acts as the wireless "radio tower" that grabs the digital content from the PC (via a USB connection) or a group of PCs on a LAN (via an Ethernet connection) and communicates with the Radio, which plays the music with sound that's remarkably full and rich. (Users do not have to be network literate to install TerraPlayer.) The Base and Radio typically can be separated up to 500 feet, allowing most consumers to listen to music anywhere in or around their home.  

There are two types of TerraPlayer Radios:  the TerraPlayer TR-100 (Table Radio), and the TerraPlayer CR-100 (Component Radio).  The TerraPlayer TR-100 is a Table Radio that, in addition to its digital audio content access and playback capability, houses a sound system and conventional AM-FM tuner.  For customers who want to listen to music through their existing stereo system, TerraDigital offers its TerraPlayer CR-100, which is a Component Radio that plugs directly into, and plays through, a component stereo system.  TerraPlayer also supports streaming audio for Internet radio.

TerraPlayer is bundled with a PC application that captures and displays automated intelligent music information (metadata)—meaning the album title, artist name and song titles—using recognition technology and related data provided by Gracenote CDDB Music Recognition Service.  All music metadata, including cover artwork, is displayed through the TerraTouch OS.

TerraPlayer will be available for purchase in spring 2003. The TerraPlayer TR-100 will sell for $895. The TerraPlayer CR-100, $795.

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IronPort Previews 'SenderBase' at DEMO 2003

IronPort Systems, provider of one of the world's leading Messaging Gateway Appliances, announced that it was selected as a presenter at this years' DEMO 2003 Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona from February 16-18. The company's founders, Scott Weiss, IronPort CEO, and Scott Banister, IronPort CTO, will be on hand to showcase the company's new e-mail information service, SenderBase, at the DEMO 2003 Pavilion.  In addition, Scott Banister, will present SenderBase on stage during a General Session of the DEMO conference.

SenderBase provides mail administrators and other IT professionals with the data and the controls required to optimally handle Internet messaging by helping to establish the "credit worthiness" or integrity of a company's incoming e-mail messages. The service provides unprecedented visibility into a sender's identity, empowering e-mail receivers to make informed decisions in managing and protecting e-mail.  SenderBase is available as a stand-alone offering,, or as part of IronPort's Messaging Gateway Appliances.


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HP Announces New Pavilion Desktop PCs with Advanced Digital Entertainment Features

HP recently extended its HP Pavilion desktop PC line to include the HP Pavilion 754n and 764n, providing customers the first HP PC with DVD+R/+RW for less than $1,000 and the first six-in-one media card reader in the Pavilion line.

The six-in-one media card reader, positioned on the front of the PC, enables consumers to easily transfer data from all common flash media formats. For example, the reader will enable consumers to plug the memory card from their digital camera directly into the Pavilion 764n PC to download the images, without the need for an external card reader or special printer.

With standard DVD+R/+RW, CD-RW drives and increased processing and storage capacities (as compared to previous Pavilion models), the two new PCs are ideal for consumers looking for powerful, cost-efficient systems for photo and music sharing and storage, and high-resolution graphic and video editing. Additionally, the 764n features the NVIDIA GeForce MX 440 graphics card with 128 MB DDR graphics memory.

The Pavilion 754n features an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor 2.53 GHz; 80 GB Ultra DMA hard disk drive, integrated Intel Extreme graphics with up to 64 MB shared video memory, and available AGP slot for graphics card upgrades. With an estimated retail price of $999, the PC is expected to be available in stores and on beginning Feb. 16.

For the estimated retail price of $1,199, the HP Pavilion 764n features an Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.66 GHz, 120 GB Ultra DMA hard disk drive, six-in-one card reader and 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 graphics card.(4) It is expected to be available in retail stores and on beginning March 2.

Both of the new Pavilion models feature DVD+R/+RW; 512 MB DDR SDRAM; 48x max CD-ROM drive; Polk Audio stereo speakers; front- and rear-access USB 2.0 ports; 10/100 Base-T LAN interface; Internet keyboard; PS/2 optical mouse; and front- and rear-access 1394 IEEE Firewire ports, providing a single plug-and-socket connection on which up to 63 devices can be attached with data transfer speeds up to 400 Mbps. All HP Pavilion desktop PCs also come bundled with a variety of software programs like HP Pictures and Video Toolkit. The toolkit is integrated into the operating system, so it's task-based, and it features ArcSoft Showbiz PhotoImpression, Greeting Card Creator and FunHouse, HP Memories Disc Creator and HP Photo Printing software for complete home photography and video editing.


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FastVDO and Xybernaut Combine Bandwidth Management Technologies with Wearable Computing Devices

FastVDO LLC, a leading provider of rich media and bandwidth management technologies, today announced a teaming agreement with Xybernaut Corporation, a leader in the wearable computer industry.

Solutions created and marketed under this agreement will bring high quality video to mobile users. The goal for the combined solutions is increased quality and greater efficiency of information technology investments for organizations or individuals that need high quality video. Applications include military, law enforcement/security (surveillance/monitoring), field force automation, video conferencing, video-on-demand, entertainment/leisure, remote training, distance learning, photo/video journalism, interactive marketing, and inspection/maintenance.

FastVDO and Xybernaut indicated that initial research programs have already begun. These first programs concentrate on techniques for high quality video delivery to mobile platforms. FastVDO helps organizations improve the quality and efficiency of video transmissions over public or private networks such as the Internet, satellite and other wireless broadband services, or secure intra/extranets.

Xybernaut mobile/wearable computing technologies have proven beneficial to organizations—both large and small—in increasing productivity in various field force automation applications. FastVDO and Xybernaut both share experience and expertise in developing solutions for a large number of vertical industry sectors.

Various organizations within the U.S. Government use FastVDO solutions to improve their delivery of high quality video. Organizations currently employing Xybernaut wearable computers include Bell Canada, Boeing, various U.S. and foreign militaries, DynCorp, FedEx Express, GE Power Systems, International Truck, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and NTT DoCoMo.

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Alera Technologies DVD/CD Shredder?Now Only $39.99

Alera Technologies, developer and manufacturer of Advanced DVD and CD recording solutions, has announced a significant 33% price reduction for its popular DVD/CD Shredder, a unique data security tool that permanently destroys the data layers on DVDs and CDs securely preventing unauthorized use.??A recent study by Meridian Research makes the projection that by 2006 the financial institution sector alone will lose $8 billion to identity theft. It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, yearly, more than a million people have pieces of their identity pilfered for fraudulent purposes according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.  A Privacy Rights Survey recently found that it takes 23 months and 175 hours to repair the damage caused by identity theft.  In addition, the average person spends more than $1000 to clear their name, NOT including lawyer's fees. States are passing laws that hold businesses responsible for ID Theft damages to their clients if they don't take the proper measures to dispose of personal data.  While legislation making businesses responsible will help, no legislation by itself can successfully contain the identity theft problem.??When information is stored on DVDs and CDs the amount of data and the danger of loss is enormous.  Failure to securely dispose of discs containing sensitive data that has become partially obsolete has the potential to destroy you and your business.  A single CD holds the equivalent of approximately 80 four-drawer cabinets of text data.  One side of a single DVD disc holds about 560 four-drawer cabinets filled with data, seven times CD capacity.   Even when information is not considered confidential, it will be damaging if it falls into the wrong hands.  Most company trash contains a gold mine of information and taking items or information from someone's trash is entirely legal.??The DVD/CD Shredder is an ideal security tool for corporate, government, education, and consumer applications.   The DVD/CD Shredder (Alera Technologies Part # 240114, Ingram Micro SKU # 561008) has a new low estimated retail price of only $39.99.


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