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November 01, 2005

Table of Contents

The Driving Range: Primera DUP-07 Tower Duplicator
EventDV Magazine Selects "Best of 2005"
Bauhaus & Sony Media Software Announce That Mirage Studio is Now Available Through Sony Media Software Catalog and Web Store
InterVideo MediaOne Gallery and WinDVD to Be Bundled with Select Intel Desktop Boards
RE:Vision Effects releases Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur for 64-bit Discreet Systems
Samsung Electronics Develops Largest Flexible LCD Panel
Kano Technologies Qualifies RocketRAID 2224 RAID-5 SATA host adapter with X-SPAND SATA Systems
Total Training for Final Cut Pro 5 Now Available
ClearPlay Settles Nissim Lawsuit

The Driving Range: Primera DUP-07 Tower Duplicator

     These days it seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is cobbling DVD and CD copiers in their basement workshops. So it's reassuring to have options available from established vendors. Best known for its Editor's Choice-winning Bravo line of automated systems, Primera Technology has expanded its offerings to now include a manually operated standalone tower duplicator.
     The new DUP-07 is a combined DVD/CD copier capable of turning out up to seven discs at once. For the time taken by someone manually loading and unloading discs, tower duplicators offer much greater throughput than robotic systems. This quick-turn capability makes the DUP-07 well-suited for everything from on-the-spot event jobs to studio and office copying and is practical by itself or as a complement to an existing autoloading unit. As well, Primera offers several bundles pairing the tower with its Bravo color inkjet autoprinters to handle disc labeling.
     The DUP-07 is housed in a smart black metal and plastic case roughly the size of an ordinary PC. As a self-contained unit, it's ready to go out of the box equipped with seven Plextor PX-716A DVD/CD recorders, an 80GB hard disk, and a modified ASUS DVD-ROM drive. A front-mounted eight-key membrane control panel and 40-character backlit LCD screen control the system and check on its status.

Experience has taught me to be a minimalist when it comes to duplicator design. Pretty styling elements and doodads can get in the way as they sometimes did in the DUP-07. For example, I found disc loading and unloading to be a little awkward due to the recessed position of the unit's recorders and their cosmetic bezels. Other accoutrements, however, were on the money including an easy-to-read display, well- spaced control keys and a conveniently placed power switch.

The DUP-07 makes copies in a couple of ways. The fastest is to operate on the fly, using the DVD-ROM drive to read the original disc while simultaneously writing to each of the recorders. Over multiple test runs the unit performed competently, taking, on average, 4:08 to copy full CDs while single-layer DVD-Rs clocked in at 8:51 and DVD+R DLs at 19:15. However, while disc-to-disc copying is convenient, it's also fussy. Writing time and success depend upon a host of factors including the reading limitations of the DVD-ROM drive, the quality of the master discs, and any number of other anomalies.

For most copying I prefer to first transfer original discs to the unit's internal hard drive (which has the capacity to store multiple images), as it provides a more stable platform from which to work. Although this adds additional time up front, the hard disk feeds the recorders more consistently and faster than does the DVD-ROM drive, thus shortening the time of some larger jobs. For example, it took roughly 7:32 to load and copy the first pass of CDs, with subsequent runs completing in an impressive 3:11. Similarly, DVD-Rs transferred and copied in 20:48 with successive turns in 8:48 (8X-rated discs) and 7:21 (16X-rated discs). Not surprisingly, these times increased under less than ideal conditions since it took only one recorder in the chain throttling back to drop the speed of the entire unit. This was a regular occurrence using multiple brands of 16X DVD±R media. Eventually, I settled on the unit's 8X setting as it proved to be more predictable and often faster than 16X. In fairness, this is not unique to the DUP-07 but rather relates to the realities of high-speed recording.

The DUP-07 offers some attractive features in support of its standard duplication modes. These include quick one-button auto copying, bit-for-bit comparison, a disc counter, password management, selectable read and write speeds, and audio CD compilation, as well as handy disc identification (including ATIP and MID codes). On the quibbling side, it's tiresome to navigate through each of the 14 menus used to access these additional functions. The unit's shutdown routine is also inconveniently buried among the options.

With good performance and well-rounded features, the DUP-07 is a credible first stab by Primera at a standalone tower duplicator, albeit at a somewhat higher price than its competitors.

DUP-07 $1,695
DUP-07 with Signature Z1 printer $1,795
DUP-07 with Bravo II Autoprinter $2,995
DUP-07 with BravoPro Autoprinter $3,495

Hugh Bennett (, an EMedia contributing editor, is president of Forget Me Not Information Systems, a reseller, systems integrator and industry consultant based in London, Ontario, Canada. Hugh is the author of Understanding Recordable & Rewritable DVD and Understanding CD-R & CD-RW, both published by the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA).

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EventDV Magazine Selects "Best of 2005"

EventDV magazine has published its "Best of 2005" list, announcing 17 products that merit top honors for videographers working in the field. Selected by 12 EventDV columnists and contributing editors, the "Best of 2005" list was announced in the cover story of the magazine's December issue, which hit newsstands today.
    Topping the list for HD Today columnist Anthony Burokas--no surprise--were Sony's HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U camcorders, which brought high-definition video to the event videography mainstream in 2005 with their successful implementation of HDV technology first introduced by JVC in 2003. The Sony HDV cameras, Burokas wrote, are "the reincarnation of the VX-1000, which revolutionized videography and introduced the world to a solid performer. Sony's FX1 and Z1U are here. They are solid. They perform." 
    EventDV editor Stephen F. Nathans acclaimed Focus Enhancements' FireStore FS-4 as the best product of 2005. "A compact, cost-effective, and time-efficient direct-to-edit, tapeless storage solution, [the FS-4] is one of the standout products of this or any year in event video production."
     EventDV and EMedialive contributing editor Hugh Bennett cast his vote for TDK's PrintOn DVD-R photo-quality inkjet-printable DVDs, which he says produce "stunning results unrivaled by any direct-labeling technology."
     Todd Gillespie acclaimed Apple's DVD Studio 4 for its "distributed encoding" feature. "With Apple's `distributed encoding,'" Gillespie wrote, "anyone can create clusters of computers to render blazing-fast encoding."
    Other Best of 2005 selections include Apple's Final Cut Studio, Grizzly Systems' r-Three camera remote system, LitePanels' 1'x1' and RingLite, NewTek's TriCaster, and the iRiver 700 & 800 series of MP3 recorders. For complete details on EventDV's "Best of 2005," read "Best of 2005: Editors' and Columnists Picks" in the December 2005 issue, or or check it out it on the EventDV Web site. 
    Published by Information Today, Inc. of Medford, New Jersey, EventDV is a monthly magazine with editorial offices in Madison, Wisconsin. With a current subscriber base of 24,000, the magazine is available free to qualified professional videographers. EventDV received a 2005 Folio Eddie Bronze Award for editorial excellence. For more information about EventDV, please visit

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Bauhaus & Sony Media Software Announce That Mirage Studio is Now Available Through Sony Media Software Catalog and Web Store

Sony Media Software and Bauhaus Software have announced a new co-marketing relationship to offer Bauhaus Software's flagship product, Mirage Studio, to the ever-growing Sony professional/prosumer customer base. By combining Sony's expertise in video and audio production tools with Bauhaus' creative motion graphics and animation production software environment, Sony customers can now take advantage of a new content creation and post production solution.

Mirage Studio is a unified software environment that simplifies the creation of animated graphics and special effects. By combining real-time paint, animation, and effects functionality into a single product, Mirage centralizes the workflow for visual effects production in film, video, cartoon/2D animation and the Web. Mirage's advanced feature set, speed and ease of use make it a powerful and versatile addition to any creative environment. For additional product information, please visit

Bauhaus Mirage Studio will carry a suggested retail price of $695.00 when purchased through the Sony Media Software channel. For a limited time, Sony will offer a 10% discount for an introductory price of $625.00. Mirage Studio can be purchased through Sony's Web site ( or through the Sony catalog. Mirage is currently available on Windows XP/2000 and OS/X.

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InterVideo MediaOne Gallery and WinDVD to Be Bundled with Select Intel Desktop Boards

InterVideo, Inc. has announced that Intel Corporation is including InterVideo MediaOne Gallery Gold and WinDVD 5.1ch OEM with the new Intel Desktop Boards Media Series. The new Media Series will be targeted for use in PCs featuring Intel Viiv technology which is expected to launch early in 2006. PCs incorporating the new digital home entertainment platform will integrate music, movies, photos and games.

With the MediaOne Gallery and WinDVD bundle, users have access to multiple digital media software applications in one and the world's most popular software DVD player from a single, tightly integrated interface. The InterVideo MediaOne Gallery and WinDVD bundle supports the excitement of Intel's next-generation digital home platform with capabilities ranging from importing, sorting, organizing and browsing to playback, burning, sharing, backing up and searching multimedia content.

Intel will also include a custom version of Ulead Video Studio 9 from InterVideo's partner company, Ulead. Designed to work seamlessly with today's leading digital home technologies, InterVideo MediaOne Gallery, Ulead VideoStudio 9, and WinDVD offer a broad range of integrated media management capabilities that will appeal to users at every level. By bundling InterVideo's MediaOne Gallery and WinDVD software with its motherboards, Intel provides a complete hardware/software solution that has been tested to ensure compatibility. This provides OEMs and system integrators with the assurance that they can deliver their systems with ready-to-use tools for maximizing their customers' enjoyment of TV, videos, video CDs, photo slideshows and music. Ulead VideoStudio 9 SE DVD, which will also be bundled with the Intel Desktop Boards, offers users easy-to-use tools to edit video captured in Microsoft's DVR-MS format and author the video to DVD. "

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RE:Vision Effects releases Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur for 64-bit Discreet Systems

RE:Vision Effects, Inc. has announced 64-bit support of their Irix Discreet Systems (Sparks) versions of Twixtor, their popular retiming solution and ReelSmart Motion Blur, which adds and removes motion blur based on per-pixel calculated motion. The new releases also work within the Linux versions of Smoke and Flint and are available for Burn render farms. Twixtor 4.5 raises the bar in motion estimation.

What's new for Twixtor 4.5.2 and ReelSmart Motion Blur 3.2.2: 64-bit support for Discreet Systems (Flint, Flame, Fire, Inferno and Smoke) for the Irix operating system. Users must make sure that they update their Burn plugins of Twixtor and RSMB when updating to the new versions available today.

Twixtor Sparks licenses are priced at $795.00. Burn render licenses are priced at $198.75. RSMB Sparks licenses are priced at $189.95. Burn render license are priced at $53.99. Current licensees of the Twixtor Sparks version 4 and RSMB Sparks version 3 may update to the new version with both 32 and 64-bit Irix support for free.

Both products are now available for 64-bit Discreet Systems. Continues to be available for 32-bit Irix versions Flint, Flame, Fire, Inferno and Smoke and on Linux for Smoke, Fire and Burn. Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur also continue to be available for Apple Shake and Final Cut Pro, Avid Editing Systems, Autodesk Combustion, Eyeon Digital Fusion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Quantel systems and others.

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Samsung Electronics Develops Largest Flexible LCD Panel

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has announced that it has developed what it calls the world's largest transmissive TFT LCD (thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display), with sufficiently high resolution to display digital television content. The seven-inch, 640x480 (VGA-standard) flexible display uses a transparent plastic substrate that is thinner, lighter and more durable than the conventional LCD glass panels used today. Moreover, the full-color transmissive LCD panel maintains a constant thickness even when it is bent.

This technology involves the use of pliable plastic instead of rigid glass substrates in TFT-LCD production. The plastic will not break when flexed, allowing much greater freedom in commercial designs requiring flexible full-color, high-resolution display components, according to Samsung. The seven-inch flexible TFT-LCD is optimized for mobility applications, including cell phones and notebook computers. System designers and OEMs also may apply the advanced Samsung display technology to new applications, such as fashion-enhancing or wearable electronic display designs, thanks to its differentiated flexible format.

The new display is double the size of Samsung's five-inch flexible LCD display prototype announced in January 2005. Drawing on technology adopted for the production of low-temperature (less than 130 degrees Celsius) a-Si TFT LCD and color filter, Samsung's proprietary LCD technology minimizes substrate deformation by preventing not only changes in thickness but also distortion of images by binding two extremely-thin panels together through a new proprietary system design. The latest flexible LCD panel was developed under a three-year program funded by Samsung Electronics' next-generation display development group under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, supported by Samsung's Corporate Research Fund.

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Kano Technologies Qualifies RocketRAID 2224 RAID-5 SATA host adapter with X-SPAND SATA Systems

Kano Technologies Corp., a market leader in high-performance Serial ATA storage products for Apple Macintosh and Windows systems, has announced the HighPoint Technologies RocketRAID 2224 SATA II host adapter has been qualified for use with the X-SPAND PRO multilane SATA storage systems. The X-SPAND PRO tower and 1U rackmount solutions boast a 4-channel multilane connector and shielded cable to deliver up to 3.0Gbps to each SATA drive channel without performance loss.

 The included multilane cable features a sturdy steel connector which significantly improves connection reliability over existing external SATA products while simplifying cable management. With the addition of the HighPoint RocketRAID 2224 host adapter, the X-SPAND PRO system is now one of the industry's first external multilane SATA storage solutions with RAID-0/1/5/10 support for both Mac and Windows systems. The RocketRAID 2224 is a 64-bit PCI-X SATA II RAID controller supporting NCQ, 3Gbps transfer rate, hot spare and online capacity expansion.

A single 4-bay X-SPAND unit can be attached to the external multilane connector on the RocketRAID 2224 for up to 2TB of SATA storage. The internal SATA RocketRAID 2224 connectors can be converted to an external multilane connection with a Kano multilane port adapter. This allows for an additional 2TB X-SPAND SATA system, increasing total storage capacity to 4TB.

For more information about the X-SPAND PRO, S-LINK or other Kano Technologies serial ATA storage products, go to

For more information about the RocketRAID 2224 or other HighPoint Technologies serial ATA storage products, go to

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Total Training for Final Cut Pro 5 Now Available

Total Training, Inc., a provider of video-based training, has announced the availability of Total Training for Final Cut Pro 5: The Essentials. Visual effects guru Brian Maffitt helps viewers get up to speed on the leading Mac-based video editing application.

With 12 hours of comprehensive videos and access to the same footage used by the instructor, viewers are able to sharpen their skills as they experiment with new techniques. Total Training's will be found at booth (#548) at DV Expo.

Highlights include the following:

  • Learn all the ins and outs of working with HDV, the exciting new video format that lets you create HD content on a DV budget.
  • Discover how to save time with real-time effects processing on everything from DV to fully uncompressed HD.
  • Understand how to fix common audio problems with Final Cut Pro's built-in audio tools and effects.
  • Learn the right way to output your final edits as high-quality Web clips using Apple's amazing H.264 High Definition video codec.

Total Training for Final Cut Pro 5: The Essentials was produced in state of the art High Definition (HD). Viewers will benefit from a 165% larger screen size for viewing on a computer monitor, crystal-clear image capture to easily read text and fine details, and higher frame rate support for smoother playback when viewing the DVD-ROM Tutorials.

Total Training for Final Cut Pro 5: The Essentials ($229.99 USD) is available now. To place an order, visit or call 1-888-368-6825.

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ClearPlay Settles Nissim Lawsuit

After 18 months of litigation, ClearPlay Inc. has resolved its patent dispute with Nissim Corporation. As part of a settlement agreement, ClearPlay has agreed to license certain patent rights from Nissim, and both ClearPlay and Nissim have dismissed all claims against each other.

ClearPlay is a leader in parental control technology for consumer electronics. The company has been impacted by litigation for the past three years--first from Hollywood over copyright issues and most recently the Nissim patent lawsuit. All Hollywood claims were dismissed in August 2005 as a result of the Family Movie Act. With this Nissim settlement, the company is free and clear of any legal entanglements for the first time since 2002.

ClearPlay's movie product filters violence, sex, and profanity from DVD movies. Prior to the Nissim litigation, it was introduced as a feature on RCA players and carried in Wal-Mart and other retailers. Despite extensive press coverage and very positive consumer reaction, the RCA product was temporarily halted due to the lawsuit, although ClearPlay has continued to market its feature under other brands.

In addition to ClearPlay for movies, the company will also launch ClearPlay TV in 2006. ClearPlay TV filters "offensive" language from broadcast television and can be implemented in TVs, set-tops or as a standalone device. ClearPlay TV's technology is substantially different and vastly superior to early entries in the market.

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