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Streaming Media
February 21, 2003

Table of Contents

DEMO 2003 Unveils Sixty New Technologies DEMO 2003 Unveils Sixty New Technologies
New Adobe Photoshop Album Now Available
Nero Enterprise Edition for Linux Introduced
Nikon Announces Three New Coolpix Digital Cameras
Cirrus Logic Launches New Pin-Compatible Stereo A/D Converters
Oregan Networks Demonstrates UPnP Enabled DVD Players
InterVideo Introduces Real-Time MPEG-2 Software Encoding for Broadcasting
Miranda Launches Industry's First DVI-to-HD/SD Video Port for Mac and PC Systems

DEMO 2003 Unveils Sixty New Technologies DEMO 2003 Unveils Sixty New Technologies

The technology industry gathered at DEMO 2003 on Monday, focusing on security solutions, collaboration and innovative new e-mail applications. Produced by IDG Executive Forums, a division of Network World, Inc., the conference opened to an influential audience of technology executives, venture investors, business development executives and leading influencers. The morning session was highlighted by a "state of the industry" view from Executive Producer Chris Shipley, who noted "the technology industry is very much alive and in many ways is healthier than it has been in a long time. Today's entrepreneurs are innovators. Indeed, it takes much more innovation and invention to build a great product and a great, value-rich company today than it ever did during the Internet boom."

Also in the spotlight were key announcements from...

TerraDigital Systems, which opened the conference with a demonstration of its digital audio jukebox that lets users retrieve, manage and play
      their music collections through a simple touch-screen interface.
Meaningful Machines, which introduced Concept Miner, a remarkable
      technology that extracts semantic meaning from unstructured text in
      order to provide deeper and more efficient searching of information.
Mok3, developer of a graphics tool that automatically creates three-
      dimensional scenes from two-dimensional photographs, reducing the time
      and cost involved to create 3D images for video games and other
      applications.  (

Monday's program underscored developments in...

Organizing and staying on top of the daily deluge of information.
      Several companies unveiled new technology that helps business users
      find and manage unstructured information much more effectively.
Managing IT assets. IT assets have been severely curtailed in the
      months since the tech bubble burst.  DEMO companies today debuted
      technologies that will help IT departments maintain existing assets,
      build new resources, and discover the next generation of Web services.
Fighting SPAM. DEMO introduced two new entrants to the market who
      promise to eradicate e-mail SPAM in the enterprise arena.
Digital music services that go beyond Napster-like music file sharing.

Monday's Breakthrough Demonstrations featured ActiveWord, bringing new efficiency to Windows users by integrating typing and clicks into the user interface; Lifescape, creating a new way to manage and view digital pictures; ManyOne, transforming Web sites into portals with Internet access, IM and e-mail capabilities; and Pixim, imaging that combines digital capture and processing into a single system. Other breakthrough applications came from Electronics for Imaging, IronPort, and BravoBrava!

The DEMO Conference features live, on-stage demos, product test drives and spirited discussions with the thought leaders who are shaping the technology industry. Hundreds of start-up and established companies alike vie to debut new products and services at DEMO, but only a select few are chosen by Executive Producer Chris Shipley.


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New Adobe Photoshop Album Now Available

Adobe has announced the immediate availability of  Photoshop Album, new Windows-based software that extends the legendary Photoshop product line to digital camera users who need an easy way to find, fix, share and preserve their lifetime of photos. Consumers can now purchase Photoshop Album for $49.99 on as well as at major retail outlets.

Photoshop Album software gathers thousands of digital photos for viewing in one convenient place—the photo well—and automatically organizes them by date. No matter where pictures are stored on a computer, one can find any photo using the timeline view, which displays photos taken over a period of time, or the detailed calendar view, which shows the exact day and month when each moment was captured. Photoshop Album takes full advantage of the ubiquity of Adobe Acrobat Reader and the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), creating an accessible way to share digital photos with friends and family. Photoshop Album is also equipped with one-click photo backup to CD and DVD to ensure that memories can be preserved for future generations.

A step-by-step wizard helps users create slide shows, printed cards, calendars, and photo albums. Direct links to online partners, Shutterfly and, allow users to order high-quality prints and linen-covered hardbound photo books. Online services may vary worldwide.


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Nero Enterprise Edition for Linux Introduced

Ahead Software, the makers of Nero, a technology leader in CD/DVD recording, introduced Nero Enterprise Edition at the Intel Developer Forum. Building on the success of Nero, Ahead continues to expand by introducing software into other important areas including the 64-bit Enterprise market with support for Windows and, for the first time ever, Linux.

Nero Enterprise Edition is a CD/DVD recording application offering native 64-bit support as well as 32-bit support in emulation mode. The Windows and Linux versions support all current CD and DVD recording devices, offering up to 4.7GB of storage capacity on a single DVD disc. In addition, using the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), users can now share data between pre-boot, as well as exchange data between Linux and Windows platforms.

Nero Enterprise Edition Key Product features the following improvements:

Create FAT boot images on-the-fly
Make EFI bootable CD/DVDs
Generate CD/DVDs to exchange data between Windows, Linux and EFI (pre-boot)
Supports 64-bit native and 32-bit emulation mode support

Nero Enterprise Edition is available immediately for the list price of $999.


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Nikon Announces Three New Coolpix Digital Cameras

Nikon Inc., a world leader in photography, recently introduced three new 3x Optical Zoom-Nikkor digital cameras: the Nikon Coolpix 2100, Nikon Coolpix 3100 and the Nikon Coolpix SQ.

The Nikon Coolpix 2100 and Coolpix 3100 share the smallest Coolpix body design, fast operation and are among the first with Nikon's new Scene Assist function to guide users toward the ideal shot. All three cameras are also among the first to utilize Nikon's exclusive new One-Touch Red-Eye Fix, built into the NikonView 6.0 software, which instantly fixes red-eye within most digital photos with a simple click on the computer.

The Nikon Coolpix 2100 offers 2.0 effective Megapixels while the Nikon Coolpix 3100 incorporates a 3.2 effective Megapixel CCD, each with Nikon's enhanced image-processing technology which gives photographers the freedom to shoot wider, crop tighter and print larger, without concern for sacrificing image quality.  With a maximum resolution of 1600x1200, the Nikon Coolpix 2100 can print clear pictures at sizes of up to 8x10 inches.  The more powerful Nikon Coolpix 3100 produces a maximum resolution of 2048x1536 and will make larger prints—up to 11x14 inches. Both cameras employ Nikon's legendary Nikkor optics and exclusive 256-Segment Matrix Metering to ensure crisp images and vibrant color.  The Nikon Coolpix 2100 has a zoom range of 36-108mm while the Nikon Coolpix 3100 features a 38-115mm lens (both 35mm equivalents).

Nikon's new Scene Assist combines 4 of the most popular Scene Modes to guide the photographer toward the ideal composition, focus area and exposure for every shot. For example, when taking an off-center portrait using the Scene Assist mode, a graphical overlay visible on the LCD helps the photographer compose the shot, and then adjusts focus and exposure automatically.

Four of the most popular Scene Modes—Portrait, Landscape, Sports, and Night Portrait—are accessible with the turn of a dial and each features Scene Assist.
Ten additional Scene Modes are menu. Scene Modes range from Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dawn/Dusk, Night Landscape, Party, Museum, Fireworks, Close-Up, Copy and Backlight. Special effects such as a halo effect, black and white, and sepia tones can be quickly added to images in the camera.

Nikon has also enhanced its Movie Mode.  The Nikon Coolpix 3100 can record up to 40 seconds of QuickTime video (at 15 frames per second) in Movie Mode (320x240) and 20 seconds in TV Movie (640x480) format.  The Nikon Coolpix 2100 can shoot 15 seconds and 7 seconds, respectively.  Movies can be shot in color, black and white and sepia tone (at 5 frames per second).

The Nikon Coolpix SQ will capture stunning images with its 3.1-megapixel CCD, 3x Optical Zoom-Nikkor lens and swiveling body design, which allows the lens path to remain in a straight line, using original light without the use of prisms. The camera connects to the computer through Nikon's Cool-Station Power Base, a system included with the camera that not only transfers images to the desktop or the Web, but also charges battery in-camera and can charge a spare.

The Nikon Coolpix 2100 and Nikon Coolpix 3100 provide users with all the equipment they need to get started including the new NikonView 6.0 software CD-ROM, wrist strap, USB cable, video cable, a Lexar 16 MB "Speed Rated" Starter Memory Card and a CR-V3 lithium battery.  A Coolpix rechargeable NI-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery and Quick Charger kit is also available separately.

The Nikon Coolpix 2100 will have an MSRP of $249.95 while the Nikon Coolpix 3100 will be available for $349.95.  Both cameras will be available nationwide in March 2003.  The Nikon Coolpix SQ will appear in Spring 2003.

(, (

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Cirrus Logic Launches New Pin-Compatible Stereo A/D Converters

Cirrus Logic Inc. has added two new 24-bit, 192 kHz multi-bit audio analog-to-digital (A/D) converter products to their product line, the CS5340 and CS5341.

These pin-compatible, stereo A/D converters are targeted at mainstream consumer products such as DVD recorders, audio/video receivers, personal video recorders, DVD players with karaoke support, DVD receivers, and set-top boxes. Additional applications include digital mixing consoles, multi-track recording systems, outboard converters and automotive audio systems.

The CS5341 delivers 105 dB dynamic range and 98 dB THD+N in a low-profile 16-pin TSSOP package, as well as 24-bit conversion and support for all standard audio sample rates from 32 kHz to 192 kHz, making it DVD-Audio compatible. The CS5340 is pin compatible with the CS5341 and delivers 101 dB dynamic range and 94 dB THD+N, making it an ideal solution for applications that require the most cost-effective solution. Other key features of both units include proprietary automatic sample rate detection, single power supply operation from 3.3V to 5.0V, a multi-bit Delta-Sigma modulator, a single-ended input architecture, and on-chip level translators for direct interface to external audio processors.

The CS5340 and CS5341 are currently in sample production. The CS5341 is priced at $2.47 in 10,000 quantities, and the CS5340 is priced at $1.92 in 10,000 quantities.


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Oregan Networks Demonstrates UPnP Enabled DVD Players

Oregan Networks, a provider of middleware solutions for delivering interactive services to digital entertainment devices, demonstrated at the Intel Developers Forum a Universal Plug 'n' Play (UPnP) enabled DVD platform, capable of streaming media content and services from a PC.

The Enhanced DVD reference platform, will allow consumers to use their televisions to view photos and movie videos stored on their PC, or play MP3 files through DVD audio systems.  All content is discovered automatically, and offered through a series of intuitive menus on the TV. Regardless of whether the content is stored on an UPnP enabled PC, PVR, or MP3 player, the technology permits remote access, presentation, and control of that content from any other UPnP supporting device on a home network.

The DVD player demonstrated is based on a Cirrus Logic CS98200 Enhanced DVD reference design.  Oregan offers a sophisticated portability layer as part of its product, enabling the middleware to be ported to other silicon and reference designs with minimal effort.  The companies are in discussions with additional silicon vendors to market this solution as a standard in the DVD marketplace.


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InterVideo Introduces Real-Time MPEG-2 Software Encoding for Broadcasting

InterVideo, Inc. has introduced a real-time, software-based MPEG-2 solution for broadcast video encoding. InterVideo's new patent-pending solution is a paradigm shift from hardware-based MPEG encoding to a software-based MPEG encoding environment. For the first time ever, desktop processors offer enough power and speed to replace specialized components within a broadcasting infrastructure.

MPEG encoding is at the heart of almost all Digital Video Broadcasting. Traditionally, high-quality MPEG encoding for broadcasting applications has been performed by dedicated, expensive hardware. Increased speed and technology improvements in CPU technology (such as Intel's new Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology) together with the evolution of InterVideo software allows high-end PC's with appropriate I/O interfaces to perform this computationally intensive task.

One advantage InterVideo's new software has over hardware solutions is it's flexibility. The software can switch from SD to HD or MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 with
just a software update and, if necessary, an increase in the CPU speed.  The software can expand to accommodate new technologies such as more sophisticated rate control, multi-pass, and other improvements. Hardware is excellent for labor-intensive tasks, but not as good as software for complicated logic.


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Miranda Launches Industry's First DVI-to-HD/SD Video Port for Mac and PC Systems

Miranda Technologies recently announced the launch of the DVI-Ramp, one of the industry's first DVI-to-HDTV/SDTV video ports. The DVI-Ramp enables workstation operators to output computer graphics directly as HD or SD video for post-production, editing and compositing applications, or for live play to air.

The output of the workstation graphics card is routed to the DVI-Ramp via a single or dual DVI connection. The DVI-Ramp uses pixel-to-pixel mapping to extract the portion of the graphics signal appropriate for the HD or SD video format. The digital RGB signal is then converted to 4:2:2 using the appropriate color matrix, and the signals are output as HD SDI or SDI. This signal conversion process adds less than a frame's worth of delay.The unit also has a reference input and generates a TTL-level sync output to allow the workstation's graphics card to be synchronized with house sync. The compact, 1-RU chassis can be rack- or table-mounted.


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