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Streaming Media
February 25, 2003

Table of Contents

Settec Chooses Eclipse To Implement CD-Audio & CD-ROM Copy Protections
Digital Voodoo Announces HDjiridiumXP for OSX
PacketVideo MPEG-4 Software Powers Symbian OS-based Multimedia Phones
DVD-Copying Software Maker Offers Reward
Alliance Urges Royalty-Free H.264 Video Standard
High-Resolution Home Theater Projector Now Available for Under $5,000
Canopus Announces DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools
Video Without Boundaries Unveils MediaReady Internet/DVD Player

Settec Chooses Eclipse To Implement CD-Audio & CD-ROM Copy Protections

Eclipse Data Technologies, a new innovator in DVD and CD mastering formatters and software, announced that they have implemented support for Settec's new Alpha-Audio CD-DA and Alpha-ROM CD copy protections in their products. This includes support on the Eclipse ImageEncoder formatter for LBR mastering and EclipseSuite software used for analyzing, copying and verifying images in the manufacturing process.
Eclipse is a leading supplier of LBR formatters in the market, with the ImageEncoder formatter representing a majority of the new purchase and factory modernization installations. Their large installed base of formatters and a reputation for working closely with new developers is why Settec approached Eclipse to implement its copy protection schemes. Settec of Korea has been successfully developing copy protections, data security and rights management software since 1997. Settec's copy protections are used by many of the leading Korean and Japanese CD manufacturing facilities, including: Columbia Digital Media (formerly Nippon Columbia), LG International, Jeil Records and other manufacturers. In addition, Settec's copy protections are offered by manufacturers in the US and Europe. Settec's copy protections fulfill the need for a high-level security protection, while maintaining a wide-range of CD drive compatibility.

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Digital Voodoo Announces HDjiridiumXP for OSX

Digital Voodoo announced recently that its HD|IridiumXP for OSX, a high definition output-only broadcast design card featuring two 10 bit broadcast SDI outputs, is now shipping. As an added feature, the card has a standard definition SDI down converter to allow users to view high definition and standard definition pictures simultaneously. Though the HD|IridiumXP is compatible with all high definition design applications for the Macintosh, it was designed specifically for broadcast designers and graphic artists who want the flexibility of viewing their work on a high definition or standard definition broadcast monitor—especially for those working in high definition with Adobe After Effects or PhotoShop, Discreet's Combustion, or Boris FX. Users can work with uncompressed 10 bit 4:2:2:4 or 4:4:4:4 dual link video directly in YUV colorspace.??Key features of HD|IridiumXP include:?
2 x BNC 10 bit HD SDI Outputs
1 x BNC 10 bit SD SDI output
10 bit 4:2:2:4 or 4:4:4:4 dual link video output
10 bit simultaneous SD and HD key support
Real-time uncompressed 10 bit QuickTime playback and capture without any kind of video compression
Cross platform codecs supplied for the ultimate in workflow management
Can be selected to operate in either 1080i/1080PsF
Functions as a second Mac monitor when not in use for real-time uncompressed playback
Video output preview for Adobe After Effects and Discreet Combustion
16 bit colorspace support for Adobe After Effects
Built-in safe area generator helps when using applications that don't include this function
Video genlock allows HD|IridiumXP to be locked to station reference

HD|IridiumXP is fully compatible with both Apple Xserve and Apple G4 dual 867or higher powermacs. Either will run full 10-bit playback up to 1080i/29.97. Dual link 4:4:4:4 operation is only possible with an Apple Xserve.??HD|IridiumXP is immediately available from all Digital Voodoo resellers, and is priced at $7,995.  It is bundled with Digital Voodoo's Media Transfer application.  Media Transfer permits the frame accurate capture and insertion from and to RS-422 controllable digital tape deck.


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PacketVideo MPEG-4 Software Powers Symbian OS-based Multimedia Phones

Responding to customer requests for MPEG-4 support in processors for wireless phones, PacketVideo Corp., a global leader in mobilemedia software, and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. demonstrated mobilemedia applications including PacketVideo's MPEG-4 streaming video solution for Samsung's S3C2410 application processor.

The application processor, developed by Samsung Electronics' System and embedded with PacketVideo mobilemedia applications, is a system solution for smart phone manufacturers that will significantly reduce development time for adding high-quality multimedia streaming and playback capabilities to mobile devices built on the Symbian platform. PacketVideo software has been optimized for the S3C2410 development platform to combine maximum performance. To demonstrate the processing performance of the S3C2410, PacketVideo has optimized its technology to highlight the following advanced multimedia and messaging reference applications:

MPEG-4 Video Player with AAC/GSM-AMR Audio Decoder for video
MPEG-4 Video Encoder with GSM-AMR Audio Encode to File for
video capture
MP3 Audio Playback for high quality music playback
JPEG Still Image Capture and Viewing

These applications were optimized for the S3C2410 by PacketVideo, and the multimedia features are 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) compliant. PvPlayer also offers proven interoperability with PacketVideo's pvServer, a leading 3GPP, 3GPP2 and MPEG-4 mobilemedia distribution system, as well as other wireless multimedia video servers.

The first public demonstration took place at the 3GSM World Congress Conference, held this past weekend in Cannes, France, where prototype board-level smart phones made voice and data calls from Samsung's booth.

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DVD-Copying Software Maker Offers Reward

321 Studios, a maker of DVD-copying software, is offering $10,000 bounties for tips about people who are using the product to pirate movies, but the company says the move is not directly related to its legal fight with Hollywood. The company, based in the St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield, wants to work with Hollywood and the government to prevent piracy, CIO Mike Wozniak said, calling that "one of [their] highest priorities."

In the first week after offering the rewards, 321 Studios did not field any tips of suspected piracy and does not expect that to change, said Robert Moore, 321's founder and president. "It's primarily our response to the Motion Picture Association of America's continued claims that this software is a piracy tool," Moore said.

Moore said his "Piracy Prevention Program" does not suggest the company is caving in to Hollywood's challenges of 321's DVD Copy Plus or its follow-up DVD X Copy. About 200,000 copies have been sold online or in stores for $100 apiece since its November rollout.

The software by 321 lets users copy a DVD to a blank CD or DVD by defeating the copy protections encoded onto the original movie disc. Moore has said that DVD X Copy injects electronic barriers into the copies it makes to keep them from being duplicated further. That software also inserts digital watermarks and identifying information that Moore said can trace the source of any file transmitted over the Internet.

Still, the studios say the software contains the power to unleash digital piracy, and they've asked a federal court in California to stop 321 from selling or distributing it further, citing the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The studios also seek damages derived from 321's software sales. The next court hearing is set for April 25.

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Alliance Urges Royalty-Free H.264 Video Standard

A group of over 20 companies, working in conjunction with the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC), have formed an alliance to advocate the final approval of a royalty-free baseline profile for the upcoming H.264 Advanced Video Coding (H.264/AVC) standard. The royalty-free profile will enable industry to bring an open, internationally standardized video codec to market quickly, without time-consuming and fractious licensing negotiations while avoiding the market risks associated with proprietary codecs.

Alliance members include Cisco Systems, Deutsche Telekom, FastVDO, Glance Networks, Polycom, RADVISION, Sand Video, Sun Microsystems, TANDBERG, UBVideo, ViXS Systems, and Vweb, plus more than 10 other leading technology firms along with the IMTC.

The H.264/AVC standard is approaching completion by the Joint Video Team (JVT), which brings together video experts from industry and academia in the International Telecommunications Union's Video Coding Experts Group (ITU VCEG), and the International Organization for Standardization's Moving Pictures Experts Group (ISO MPEG). H.264 will be simultaneously known as MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC. This cooperative effort has resulted in a standard that is believed to perform better than any existing standard or proprietary codec. This advanced performance is expected to create a revolution in how digital video is created and disseminated. H.264 can enable high-definition movies on DVD, two to three times more TV channels on cable and satellite, smooth video over mobile phones, and promising new applications. The outstanding technical issues for the standard were settled at the December 2002 meeting of JVT in Japan; H.264 is due to be released as an international standard in the summer of 2003.

While alliance members note recent efforts to offer proprietary codecs for license, an open standard that is truly royalty-free will most efficiently encourage the widespread use of the state-of-the-art technology, which benefits consumers and industry worldwide. Only technical proposals offered on terms compatible with the royalty-free goal were accepted for the baseline profile by JVT, whose charter includes the royalty-free goal. In addition to the alliance members, Germany, Norway and the United States have taken strong positions supporting the royalty-free baseline at ITU meetings in Geneva.


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High-Resolution Home Theater Projector Now Available for Under $5,000

Optoma Technology, Inc., a developer of projection and digital display products for the business and home, recently announced the availability of the Optoma H56, an XGA Digital Light Processing home theater projector priced below $5,000. Using advanced DLP technology, the H56 displays clear images as large as 16 1/2 feet on the diagonal. In addition, the projector delivers a high contrast ratio of 2000:1, two times greater than professional film-based movie theaters. With an estimated street price of $4,399, the Optoma H56 is among the lowest cost high-resolution home theater projectors on the market.

In 4:3 ratio, H56 delivers a resolution of 1024 x 768, and in 16:9 format, the resolution is 1024 x 576, a 61% increase over standard TVs in this same mode. H56 also offers a unique Native Mode feature that allows the incoming video signal to be displayed at its native resolution without scaling.

Optoma combines many high-performance technologies in the H56, including Double Data Rate (DDR) DLP technology from Texas Instruments. The projector also uses the advanced Silicon Image Sil504 de-interlacer. As a testament to H56's proficiency in de-interlacing, Optoma recommends that users defeat line doubling on many DVD players to allow the process to be accomplished inside the H56. In addition, the projector's flawless reverse 3:2 pulldown and other processing technologies allow movies to be displayed as the director intended them to be viewed -- without artifacts and jerkiness, a common problem with some other projectors.

With the same attention to quality, the H56 is optimized for true color projection and features a new six-segment color wheel coated with an advanced material that achieves superb color saturation—especially in the area of projecting rich reds. The brightness, contrast, color, and aspect ratio settings are optimized for each video source at the factory while also allowing users to make adjustments to gamma controls, viewing formats, and other image settings. Users can then save different settings for each video source.

The H56 accepts HDTV connections in the form of component video cables as well as next-generation DVI-I digital video. It also supports present-generation signals including S-Video and composite video and "up-converts" them.  The new Optoma projector does all this while running quietly at 32dB.


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Canopus Announces DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools

Canopus Corporation, developers of digital video editing solutions, has announced the availability of DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools. The next generation in the DV Raptor series, the DVRaptor RT2 combines Canopus's industry leading DV codec, along with realtime DV and analog out in Adobe Premiere. Targeted at the video enthusiast market, DVRaptor RT2 is a professional-quality DV capture, editing and DVD authoring solution. DVRaptor RT2 is fully scalable—as CPU speed increases, so does editing performance. To provide the ultimate realtime functionality to DVRaptor series users, Canopus has developed the DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools, a collection of powerful effects tools, including realtime 3D Picture-in-Picture for use with Adobe Premiere 6.5.

DVRaptor RT2 includes EzEdit, Canopus's own nonlinear editing software, which combines ease-of-use features with a straightforward interface. Canopus's DV capture tool provides single-pass scan and capture for up to three video streams at once. SoftMPG, for quick creation of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video, and the award-winning Ulead DVD Workshop SE authoring software are also bundled with DVRaptor RT2 to make DVD creation easier than ever.

Users of Adobe Premiere 6.5 gain even more editing power with DVRaptor RT2, including the ability to handle multiple moving titles and graphics layers using three streams of video. When combined with Premiere, DVRaptor RT2 provides users with 24 realtime video filters, such as Color Correction, Mosaic, Emboss, Picture-in-Picture, Chroma Key, Luma Key and Chrominance, as well as 30 simultaneous realtime title and graphic layers.

Canopus is offering DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools to DVRaptor RT2 customers, as well as current DVRaptor RT users. The DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools package brings the very latest in Canopus Effects Technology to Adobe Premiere, delivering six video filters and eight 3DRT transitions. New video filters include Mirror, Raster Scroll, Tunnel Vision, Loop Slide, Strobe, White Balance, and Black Balance, which bring additional color-correction capabilities to DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT.

DVRaptor RT2 is available this week from Canopus and its authorized dealers for a suggested retail price of $499. DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools is also available this week and is priced at $99. The new software tools can be purchased jointly for $549.


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Video Without Boundaries Unveils MediaReady Internet/DVD Player

Video Without Boundaries, Inc. has announced the debut of the MediaReady Internet/DVD Player, an easy-to-use home entertainment device that makes it possible to surf the Web, send email, watch DVDs, and sing karaoke with any television.

Similar in size and appearance to a conventional DVD player, MediaReady combines a DVD player and Web browser with a full-sized wireless keyboard, a media player for Web-based streaming media, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, picture-in-picture capability, a karaoke microphone jack, and other features that enable consumers to access most popular forms of home entertainment. The DVD player supports CDs, VCDs, SVCDs and CDs with MP3 files as well as DVDs, allowing users to play the latest video and audio.

MediaReady supports most forms of Internet connection including 56kbps modem, dynamic DSL, cable modems, and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. The built-in Web browser includes SSL 3.0 for secure online shopping. MediaReady's VWB Internet picture-in-picture feature allows users to multi-task pastimes, such as viewing the Web while watching a DVD movie or television program.

The product supports the most popular inkjet and laser printers, including Epson Stylus, HP Deskjet, Canon BJC, and PostScript laser printers. It is also compatible with the optional VWB Digital Camera, making it possible to add photos to outgoing email.

MediaReady's Intel Mobile Pentium 266 MHz MMX processor with 64 MB flash storage and 128 MB DRAM deliver powerful Internet and email capability.  A user-friendly, TV-optimized user interface allows even first-time users to navigate with ease.  The unit also ships with a remote control, microphone, and all cables needed for installation.

Video Without Boundaries' MediaReady Internet/DVD Player, Model VWB-3000, carries a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $349.  The product will be available for purchase via a network of resellers and retailers across the U.S. in early March.


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