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Streaming Media
March 07, 2003

Table of Contents

VisionTek to Launch New Line of RADEON Processors into U.S. Retail Markets
Teradyne Tests Amlogic's Next-Generation Device for DVD Players
MPEG LA to Hold MPEG-4 License Information Meeting at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre on 19 March
AUNA TLC and OpenTV Sign Agreement to Launch New Interactive TV Services on AUNA TLC's Digital Television Platform
muvee Technologies Launches New autoProducer DVD Edition
Discreet Unveils cleaner XL for Microsoft Windows
Laird's capdiv Direct DV Recorder Now Shipping
Video Without Boundaries & Lafayette Electronics Team To Launch New Line of Interactive Consumer Electronics

VisionTek to Launch New Line of RADEON Processors into U.S. Retail Markets

VisionTek, a division of Hartford Computer Group and a leading supplier of advanced PC graphics cards and memory solutions, recently announced details about its new line of 3D graphics accelerators based upon the newest visual processor units in ATI's RADEON family of products.  ATI, a leader in graphics innovation, introduced three new product families yesterday during the annual Game Developers Conference in San Jose, CA.

The new line of products has offerings for entry-level, mainstream, and hardcore PC gamers. The XTASY 9800PRO delivers fast and visually advanced performance. It features a 256-bit DDR interface, full Microsoft DirectX 9 support, and an 8-pixel pipeline to deliver real-time graphics. The XTASY 9600 series delivers DirectX 9 performance to the mainstream market with quad pixel pipes and dual vertex engines.  It is built on a .13 micron process.  The XTASY 9200 series brings much of the power of its brethren to PC users on a more conservative budget.

VisionTek plans to bring products based on each new family of products to its retailers, e-tailers, direct marketers, and system builders as these products becomes available from ATI. VisionTek's current line of XTASY products is available at leading retailers including CompUSA and Fry's Electronics.  VisionTek graphics products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and toll-free technical support.  VisionTek is also honoring all XTASY retail product warranties to consumers who purchased VisionTek retail packaged products anytime in the past and they are continuing to provide toll-free technical support on all XTASY retail products purchased from VisionTek's retailers.


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Teradyne Tests Amlogic's Next-Generation Device for DVD Players

Teradyne, Inc. has announced that Amlogic, Inc., a leading supplier of highly integrated system-on-a-chip solutions in the multimedia and Internet consumer markets, has selected Teradyne to test a next-generation DVD decoder. Amlogic's selection of Teradyne, in a competitive design win, was based on the test economics and converter test capability of the J750 test system and Teradyne's global applications support.

The J750's high-throughput parallel test capability provides as high as 95% parallel test efficiency for up to 32 devices. The zero footprint system delivers up to 1,024 I/O channels contained in a test head, and offers a suite of options, including the Converter Test Option, Memory Test Option, Redundancy Analysis, and Mixed Signal Option, that broaden the range of testing capabilities. The system also features IG-XL test software that combines the power and performance of the latest PC technology and Windows NT operating system with the familiarity of standard Windows productivity tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic. The J750's small footprint and high parallel test throughput provide the most economical approach to testing complex VLSI devices with embedded memory and analog cells.

(, (

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MPEG LA to Hold MPEG-4 License Information Meeting at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre on 19 March

On Wednesday, March 19, MPEG LA will hold a public information meeting concerning the MPEG-4 Visual and Systems Patent Portfolio Licenses in Amsterdam at the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre.

The information sessions will be organized according to the following schedule:

• 10:00 -10:30 Introduction/Overview
• 10:30 -11:15 MPEG-4 Visual Unique Use and Consumer Recorded Video
• 11:30 -12:30 MPEG-4 Visual Internet Video, MPEG-4 Visual Stored Video
• 12:30 -13:45 Lunch (on own)
• 14:00 -14:45 MPEG-4 Visual Mobile Video
• 15:00 -15:45 MPEG-4 Systems
• 15:45 -16:00 Enterprise Licenses

All parties with an interest in using the MPEG-4 Visual and Systems standards are invited to attend any or all of these sessions. Mr. Larry Horn, MPEG LA Vice President of Licensing and Business Development, will conduct the individual sessions and review the licensing programs.

During the last year, there has been substantial interest in the MPEG-4 patent licensing terms. MPEG LA received feedback across the different business sectors that will utilize MPEG-4 and marshaled 20 MPEG-4 Visual and 7 MPEG-4 Systems essential patent holders to consensus enabling MPEG LA to issue one-stop licenses that are responsive to marketplace needs.

The MPEG-4 Visual Patent Portfolio License, which was issued on November 25 of last year, provides fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory access under a single license to essential patents owned by 20 companies, including Canon Inc., Curitel Communications, Inc., France Telecom, Fujitsu Limited, GE Technology Development, Inc., Hitachi Limited., Microsoft Corporation, and Sony.

The MPEG-4 Systems License, which was issued on February 4 of this year, includes essential patents owned by Apple Computer, Inc, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, France Telecom S.A., Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and Sun Microsystems, Inc.

MPEG LA was an innovator of one-stop technology standards licensing, beginning with a portfolio of essential patents for the international digital video compression standard known as MPEG-2, which it began licensing in 1997. One-stop technology standards licensing enables widespread technological implementation, interoperability and use of fundamental technologies covered by many patents owned by many patent holders. MPEG LA provides users with fair, reasonable, nondiscriminatory access to these essential patents on a worldwide basis under a single license.


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AUNA TLC and OpenTV Sign Agreement to Launch New Interactive TV Services on AUNA TLC's Digital Television Platform

OpenTV, one of the world's leading interactive television companies, and AUNA TLC, a Spanish telecommunications operator offering integrated and personalized services of TV, telephony and Internet in Spain, today announced that OpenTV's interactive middleware and OpenTV Streamer products are being incorporated into the AUNA TLC service. These integration efforts allow AUNA TLC and its content suppliers to develop a comprehensive suite of interactive services for the OpenTV platform.

AUNA TLC owns a broadband network in Spain that reaches over 2.5 million homes and businesses. AUNA TLC has well over 1.6 million customers.  One third of them are cable television customers, making AUNA TLC the largest cable operator in Spain serving Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville among others. The new services being developed by AUNA TLC and powered by OpenTV technology include the following:

• E-mail, chat and SMS services, allowing viewers to communicate through their television
• Games services, so that viewers can use their TV as a games console
• Enhanced TV services that can allow viewers to select different video streams, with, for example, different camera angles for sporting events
• Pay-Per-View services which can be impulse purchased through the remote control

It is expected that OpenTV technology will be deployed on all of AUNA TLC customers' digital set-top boxes. AUNA TLC customers with existing digital set-top boxes will be invited to update their set-top box configuration to receive OpenTV's technology, enabling the customers to enjoy AUNA TLC's new interactive services.


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muvee Technologies Launches New autoProducer DVD Edition

muvee Technologies, a pioneer in smart automatic video production, has unveiled muvee autoProducer DVD Edition, introducing MPEG-2 input and output into its flagship product. This new element enables users to save their muvee productions as DVD-ready MPEG-2 files for subsequent DVD authoring, giving them the added benefit of preserving the quality of their creations. In addition, muvee autoProducer DVD Edition features the ability to accept raw video input in MPEG-2 format and a new MPEG-1 codec for better quality VCD production. muvee autoProducer DVD Edition also sports a brand-new brushed aluminum interface.

In addition to printing back to DV tape and saving in AVI or VCD MPEG-1 formats, muvee autoProducer DVD Edition now lets users save their finished productions as DVD-ready MPEG-2 files, which can be played back on a PC or dropped into any external DVD-authoring program to be written onto DVD-/+R or DVD-/+RW media. muvee autoProducer DVD Edition also supports SVCDready MPEG-2 formats, giving users the added flexibility of writing their MPEG-2 content onto low-cost CD-R/RW media—without any loss of quality—that can also be played back on most consumer DVD players.

muvee autoProducer DVD Edition retails at $59.95 (Home User license) and is now available in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese as a direct software download from muvee Technologies' website at Existing registered users who have earlier licensed versions of muvee autoProducer can purchase the DVD Edition upgrade for $19.95, and this will
also be available only via direct software download from the company's website.


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Discreet Unveils cleaner XL for Microsoft Windows

Discreet, a division of Autodesk Inc., recently introduced cleaner XL for Microsoft Windows. Based on the latest Microsoft .NET technology, cleaner XL is the next generation successor to its award winning cleaner 5 streaming and encoding software.

Cleaner XL builds upon its cleaner legacy as a pioneer in media mastering and streaming.  With major performance improvements, an innovative user interface, and impressive workflow capabilities, Discreet cleaner XL delivers new and unmatched features allowing professionals to master and encode video content for output to all major digital media formats from Web streaming and DVD to wireless, PDA and mobile distribution.

With the growth of digital content delivery for the PC desktop, DVD, and wireless devices, digital media consumers are demanding dramatically improved playback experiences in a wider variety of formats. To ensure users get consistent results across all delivery mediums, cleaner XL encompasses more than 180 professional presets and high-quality filters with total control over encoding parameters—allowing compression artists to fine-tune their media for highest quality output. Additionally, the new innovative workflow in cleaner XL makes managing large volumes of work easier. Watch Folders automate the entire process of encoding multiple jobs with drag-and-drop ease.

Cleaner XL features an innovative document-based interface that allows users
to prepare one job while processing others.  New Watch Folders, drag-and-drop capabilities and job templates streamline the workflow and allow customers to complete projects with greater efficiency.  Optimized to take full advantage of multiple processors and Intel's new Hyper-Threading technology, cleaner XL delivers accelerated performance gains, making media encoding easier and faster.  Cleaner XL provides support for 60 of the most important media codec formats including new HD video and multi-channel audio capabilities of Windows Media 9 Series, QuickTime 6, MPEG-4 w/ AAC audio, MPEG-2 and Kinoma for PalmOS PDAs.

Cleaner XL is available in North America for an SRP of $599.  The upgrade price is US $179.  International OS language versions of cleaner XL will be available in spring 2003.


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Laird's capdiv Direct DV Recorder Now Shipping

Laird Telemedia announced earlier that its miniature capdiv Direct DV Recorder, designed for videography, ENG, EFP, and field acquisition applications, is now shipping. Based on Laird's own hard-drive record and playback technology, the highly portable digital IEEE-1394 (FireWire) tapeless recorder/player streamlines recording and transfer processes with instant access to recorded material for editing and post-production.

The capdiv, measuring in at just 1.75" high x 4.125" wide by 5.562" deep, offers a direct DV recorder pre-formatted internal hard-disk drive, which enables the system to function as an HDD or as a VTR, complete with front-panel controls for record, play, and pause. When used as a VTR, the capdiv can accept "start" and "stop" record commands automatically from the trigger/record button of any DV camcorder. During shooting, capdiv records video as raw DV content into a proprietary file scheme that allows a virtually unlimited number of clips to be appended.

Operating in HDD mode, the capdiv Direct DV Recorder performs an almost instant conversion of raw DV content into an extended AVI format that can be imported into most NLE systems. NLEs configured with Final Cut Pro or Avid Xpress DV will recognize the capdiv Direct DV Recorder as an external hard drive. As a result, the video content is available instantly and ready for editing. Operators also may use the system for archiving purposes, recording to both tape and HDD simultaneously.

The capdiv Direct DV Recorder from Laird Telemedia is a full turnkey DV capture system, requiring no additional equipment purchases. Laird Telemedia products, including the capdiv Direct DV Recorder, are available now from a worldwide network of professional distributors.


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Video Without Boundaries & Lafayette Electronics Team To Launch New Line of Interactive Consumer Electronics

Video Without Boundaries, Inc. announced recently that it will license the Lafayette name for its set-top boxes. As a result of this strategic licensing agreement with Lafayette Electronics, Video Without Boundaries will produce a set-top box under the Lafayette brand beginning in Q2. The Lafayette-branded units will appear in specialty retail stores and coincide with the introduction of Lafayette's new line of home audio and video electronic products.

"The agreement provides VWB with both brand recognition and key specialty retail distribution channels, while also offering exposure for the Lafayette brand in the emerging convergence market," said Steve Cavayero, President and CEO of Lafayette Electronics. "VWB's product designs and upgradeable capabilities are unique, and fit our strategy of associating our brand with a fully integrated convergence product at an attractive price point."

"Lafayette was a household name in the 1960s and 70s, and the response to the revived line since their rollout at CES in January 2003 demonstrates that the brand still carries strong positive associations for quality and performance," said Jeffrey Harrell, president of Video Without Boundaries. "The agreement is both a powerful endorsement of our technology and an important step in our efforts to gain distribution through a variety of different channels and brand identity with the consumer."

Video Without Boundaries plans a series of strategic announcements in coming weeks that will extend its reach to specialty electronics, online retail and other segments


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