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Streaming Media
March 11, 2003

Table of Contents

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 Now Available
Micro Solutions ships Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD+RW backpack drive
CyberLink Announces PowerDirector Pro 2.55 at CeBIT 2003
StageTools Releases MovingPicture v4.4
HP Announces Media Center PCs with Advanced DVD Functionality
MedioStream Releases New PC-Based Software DVD Player
Dell Delivers New Wide Screen Notebook Computer

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 Now Available

Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video editing, image editing, and DVD authoring software, has announced that Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7.0 is now available. This latest version of Ulead's professional video editing software offers professional videographers flexible, software-only, real-time editing, display, and output features.

MediaStudio Pro outputs in real-time to a second display device using a graphics display card such as the Matrox Parhelia 128MB AGP graphics card. The software is unique in its ability to output both video fields, not just one, for full-resolution output to a monitor, TV or tape deck.

The box version of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 is available for $495 with the electronic download available for $475. Existing MediaStudio Pro users can upgrade to version 7 for $249 for the box version and $229 for the electronic download. VideoStudio users can upgrade to MediaStudio Pro 7 for $299 for the box version and $279 for the electronic download. MediaStudio Pro 7 is available at and through a variety of resellers.


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Micro Solutions ships Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD+RW backpack drive

Micro Solutions, Inc. has started shipping its new Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD+RW backpack drive. The new external backpack DVD+RW gives computer users an easy-to-use, portable, removable storage device for creating, storing, and sharing their own collections of home videos, photographs and music as well as backing up data. With a DVD+R recording speed of 4x when using 4x media, the drive is among the fastest on the market.

The new backpack DVD+RW comes standard with software to create video and data DVDs, as well as music and data CDs. Video production software comes with tools that let users import images from digital camcorders to create DVDs, adjust and organize videos, create animated button images and backgrounds, add music, and apply special effects. Other features enable users to convert their digital photos into slideshows, make digital scrapbooks with picture borders and captions, create animated button images and backgrounds, and add music to accompany menus or slideshows.

Not just for video and music disc creation, the backpack DVD+RW also provides a compelling way to archive important files for safe and permanent record keeping.  Users can store, edit and share up to 4.7GB of data on a single DVD disc. The dual-purpose drive also will read and write to CD media and can be used with both desktop and laptop PCs, making it an economical, portable storage solution.

The software bundled with the backpack includes the following:

• Sonic Solutions MyDVD, for creating, editing and storing videos on DVDs
• CyberLink PowerDVD, for playing DVDs
• Micro Solutions SpeedyCD, for creating data and music CDs—the new version supports DVD media and can be used to create or duplicate data DVDs

In Addition, Micro Solutions simplifies video and data disc creation by including printed, step-by-step tutorial booklets that guide users through the process in clear, easy-to-understand terms. The backpack DVD+RW features Micro Solutions' new silver and blue enclosure with a weight of just three pounds.

The backpack DVD+RW drive records and plays DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-R and CD-RW media formats. It has speeds of 4x DVD+R, 2.4x DVD+RW, 12x DVD read, 16x CD-R, 10x CD-RW and 40x CD read. Because DVD data transfer rates are nine times that of CDs, the 4x DVD+R data transfer speed is equivalent to that of a 36x CD.

DVD video recording and playback require an Intel Pentium III 500MHz processor or equivalent (Pentium 4 1.6GHz or faster recommended), Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 128MB RAM (256MB recommended), 11GB available hard drive space and at least 8MB of video RAM. The drive ships with device drivers for Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP and has buffer underrun protection.

The backpack DVD+RW (model number is 224101) has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $349.00. Available this month, the drive comes with a one-year warranty.


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CyberLink Announces PowerDirector Pro 2.55 at CeBIT 2003

CyberLink Corp., a leading developer of digital video software and e-learning solutions, announced today that it will be demonstrating the newest version of PowerDirector Pro 2.55 at the upcoming CeBIT. PowerDirector Pro is a complete moving-making software package featuring video capture, edit, author, burn, and playback for the PC.

PowerDirector Pro is designed with speed in mind. The SVRT (Smart Video Rendering Technology) was first introduced for faster video rendering processing time. Now, the new version has implemented encoding algorithms to add more speed and, at the same time, increase video quality.

New Features in version 2.55 include:

• Auto-Deinterlace: PowerDirector Pro automatically detects interlaced video files and applies a de-interlace function to produce sharper images. This is best for recording videos from TV programs and DV camcorders.

• Automated Constrained Variable Bit Rate Encoding: PowerDirector Pro features an intelligent algorithm to automatically switch to high bit rates for encoding fast moving video sequences. High bit rates yields to better image quality by preserving more detail.

• Better Quality and Faster Video Rendering: The new Speed/Quality algorithm yields to faster video rendering speeds even at higher quality profiles. The new algorithm speeds up the video capturing and encoding processes in real-time mode.

Additional File Support Includes:  

• VOB file support: Allows users to edit DVD titles or re-edit their previously produced DVD titles
• VRO support: to edit DVD-RAM files
• MicroMV DV support: to import MPEG-2 videos from SONY's new MicroMV camcorders
• QuickTime 6 support: to export edited videos to QuickTime movie format
• DivX support: to import, edit, and produce DivX-AVI file  
• AC3 support: to import videos with AC3 5.1-channel audio and to decode Dolby Digital audio in VOB files

PowerDirector Pro 2.55 will commence shipment on March 21, 2003 and will be available throughout CyberLink's retail channels and online stores. The Dolby Digital AC3 Decoder and DivX Codex will be sold separately as optional plug-ins at US$14.95. Users of PowerDirector Pro 2.5 will be able to upgrade to PowerDirector Pro 2.55 free of charges at the CyberLink website.


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StageTools Releases MovingPicture v4.4

StageTools has released version 4.4 of MovingPicture, the company's popular image pan and zoom software. Version 4.4 of MovingPicture supports images of up to 8,000 by 8,000 pixels, a 100% increase in rendering speed, support for multiple processors on both Macintosh and Windows systems, support for Pinnacle Edition and Liquid Series editors, and a host of other productivity enhancements.

MovingPicture is a tool that enables producers and editors to pan and zoom
on high-resolution still images. It takes scanned images up to 8,000 pixels and allows for perfectly repeatable pans and zooms directly from a Windows or Macintosh computer or as a plug-in to most nonlinear editors.

MovingPicture is widely used by broadcasters, documentary film producers,
schools, and corporate and event videographers, including ABC, CBS, FOX,
NBC, BBC, PBS, Discovery, Lifetime, A&E;, and the legendary Ken Burns.

Use of MovingPicture is very simple. The image appears on the screen. Dragging and sizing a framing box icon on top of it changes the view, adding key frames onto the timeline. Editors can preview the motion in real time without any rendering, so the design process is very rapid. The moves can be previewed in real time and finally rendered in high quality without ever leaving the editor's timeline. Motion is field-rendered at sub-pixel accuracy, so motion is very smooth and rendered in full 32-bit color.

MovingPicture is available for the following editors: After Effects, Avid, dpsVelocity, edit, Final Cut Pro, Media 100, Pinnacle, Premiere, RexEdit, and SpeedRazor. A free-standing Macintosh or Windows version is also available. MovingPicture supports Windows, MacOS 9, and MacOS X based systems.

A fully functional evaluation copy can be downloaded from the Web site: The MovingPicture Plug-In is priced at $199. Registered
users can upgrade at no charge.


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HP Announces Media Center PCs with Advanced DVD Functionality

HP recently announced two new additions to its HP Media Center PC line, bringing increased speed and functionality to home entertainment enthusiasts. The new HP Media Center PCs 864n and 854n enable users to record live TV -- similar to personal video recorders (PVRs) -- burn the content to the DVD writer, and watch the DVD in many standard home DVD players. Additionally, both Media Center PCs feature a six-in-one media card reader, improved graphics, faster processors and larger hard drives than previous models.

All HP Media Center PCs include Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, which gives users access to many digital entertainment features. Included in Windows XP MCE are features like the ability to record and pause live television, a free electronic program guide and the ability to download, alter, or burn their own digital music, digital photos, digital video, and DVDs. The system can be operated in a standard PC format with a keyboard and mouse or with an easy-to-use remote control.

The new models now come standard with a DVD+RW/CD-RW drive (DVD writer and CD writer combo drive), providing increased storage options and advanced viewing capabilities. Users also can now record television and burn it to DVD for viewing with most standard home DVD players with new Sonic MyDVD software.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the powerful HP Media Center PC 864n includes an Intel Pentium 4 2.66/533-MHz processor, a 160-GB hard drive (allowing for more than 100 hours of recorded TV storage), and 512-MB DDR SDRAM. The 864n also provides plenty of memory to store digital music, images, and video files but features superior sound quality with Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX-certified 200-watt speakers and the Creative Labs Audigy 5.1 multi-channel sound card.

For users looking to purchase an advanced home entertainment PC for a lower price than the 864n, the HP Media Center PC 854n features an Intel Pentium 4 2.53-GHz/533-MHz processor, 512-MB DDR memory, and 80 hours of recorded TV storage capacity via a 120-GB hard drive. HP Media Center PC 854n users also can now choose to upgrade the PC audio system by adding speakers separately.

Both models also offer more than double the graphics memory than previously available with a high-resolution 128-MB NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 graphics card, providing users with an advanced, high-quality graphics experience. The six-in-one media card readers on the front panel of the devices enable users to quickly and easily transfer digital data from all common flash media formats allowing them to download images or files directly from the media card of a digital camera or handheld.

All the PCs in the HP Media Center line include a remote control, 48x CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, PVR TV tuner card, HP Media Center keyboard providing easy access to entertainment features and volume control knob, an infrared receiver, TV-out, one front-access and four rear-access USB 2.0 ports, one front-access and one rear-access IEEE 1394 port, an IR blaster to control a set-top cable or satellite box, a 10/100 Base-T network interface, and an optical mouse.

HP Media Center PCs also include a variety of valuable software programs such as the intuitive HP Pictures and Video Toolkit, which makes it possible for users to download, save, edit, and share digital photos and home movies. The toolkit features software applications such as ArcSoft Showbiz video editor, PhotoImpression, Greeting Card Creator and FunHouse software, Sonic MyDVD, as well as the HP Memories Disc Creator.

The HP Media Center PC 854n retail model will be offered in retail outlets starting March 16 for an estimated street price of $1,399. The 864n will be available from select retailers starting March 23 for an estimated street price of $1,699.


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MedioStream Releases New PC-Based Software DVD Player

MedioStream, a leading provider of PC-based software for recording video to DVDs and CDs, recently announced the release of neoPLAYER, one of the industry's first fully Microsoft DirectX VA compliant software DVD player that allows consumers to play commercial or home-made DVD or Video CD discs on the PC.  neoPLAYER continues in the tradition of other easy-to-use products from MedioStream by offering a simple, straightforward interface for consumers to access key features and enjoy video discs on the PC.

The release of neoPLAYER complements neoDVD, MedioStream's suite of video authoring solutions designed specifically for consumers. neoPLAYER is the ideal solution for low-cost, no-compromise DVD playback on the PC.  In addition to parental control and VCD/SVCD/DVD karaoke options, neoPLAYER plays all DVD-ROM games and titles.  Other highlights include of neoPLAYER include the following:

• Closed Captioning support  
• Smooth multi-speed fast forward modes  
• Smooth zoom and pan support during movie playback  
• High quality NTSC and PAL MPEG-2 decoder  
• AC3/Dolby Digital support for up to 5.1 channels

neoPLAYER is certified by Macrovision and Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). The new software is available for purchase at MedioStream's Web site ( for $39.99 through electronic software download.

Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 98(Gold or Second Edition), Windows ME, Windows 2000 (Professional) or Windows XP (Home or Professional)  
• Intel CPU 350 MHz or higher; AMD CPU 450 MHz or higher  
• 128 MB system RAM  
• 20 MB available hard drive space  
• DVD-ROM drive  
• Macrovision Compliant 4MB (or greater) AGP Graphics device with YUV  
• Color-space conversion  
• Audio device which supports 44 and 48 KHz 16 bit audio  
• Microsoft DirectX 7 or higher enabled graphics subsystem  
• Microsoft DirectX Media 6 or greater


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Dell Delivers New Wide Screen Notebook Computer

Dell has announced the newest member of the next generation of its desktop-replacement notebook line, the Inspiron 8500.

The Inspiron 8500 excels at gaming, digital entertainment, and video editing with its wide screen UltraSharp display, cutting edge NVIDIA graphics and Intel Pentium 4-M processors. The new notebook features a 1.5-inch slim design, moonlight silver and Venice blue color scheme, and optional display back personalization. Starting at $2,299, the 8500 is the first Dell notebook to include a wide aspect (15.4-inch) screen that allows for viewing of wide screen movies, side-by-side display of documents and Web content. All systems include two USB 2.0 ports and one IEEE 1394 port, integrated modem and Ethernet ports, and hardware audio volume and mute buttons.

To allow connectivity flexibility, systems can be configured with optional integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth capabilities. The Inspiron 8500 also comes with QuickSet, a customizable software application that takes the guess work out of power management settings, system status monitoring, enlarging icons for high resolution displays, and more.

To meet a range of productivity, entertainment, and security needs, the new notebook comes with Microsoft's Windows XP Home Edition operating system, WordPerfect Productivity Pack, Dell Juke Box powered by MUSICMATCH for listening to digital music, Dell Picture Studio for processing and sharing digital photos, six months of America Online, DellNet by MSN or Earthlink membership (new members only), and Dell's SecurityCenter. Dell SecurityCenter, powered by Network Associate's McAfee anti-virus technology, is a collection of applications designed to provide customers access to anti-virus, firewall, and privacy protection (parental controls, ad blocking and personal information control).


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