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Streaming Media
March 21, 2003

Table of Contents

Disc Robotics Announces DVD+R/RW Autoloading DVD Duplicators.
Plextor Chooses Sonic MyDVD for DVD+R/RW Optical Drives in Japan
NewTek to Premiere Video Toaster [3] at NAB
SanDisk Introduces 4GB CompactFlash Card, New Flash Readers, and New SD Cards
Toshiba Selects ViXS' XCode Chip to Provide High-Quality Video Over Wired and Wireless IP Networks
InterVideo and DivXNetworks Expand Licensing Agreement To Target Global PC OEM Market
Intersil Introduces Elantec EL4511 Sync Separator for HDTV
MPEG Finalizes MPEG-4 High-Efficiency aacPlus Specification

Disc Robotics Announces DVD+R/RW Autoloading DVD Duplicators.

The DiscMultiplier series of autoloading CD and DVD duplicating/authoring systems by Disc Robotics now support the DVD+R format. DVD+R/RW is quickly becoming an industry favorite for its superior speed and compatibility. Now, the DiscMultiplier line of autoloaders are available with Plextor PX-504A 2.4x DVD+R/RW writers. Disc Robotics, Inc. sells to dealers, resellers, and VARs with a reseller program that offers competitive prices and solid support.


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Plextor Chooses Sonic MyDVD for DVD+R/RW Optical Drives in Japan

Sonic Solutions announced that Plextor Co., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CD-related equipment and software, has selected MyDVD to bring DVD and Video CD creation capabilities to the PX-504A, its first-ever DVD recordable DVD+R/RW drive. By including MyDVD 4 with drives shipped in Japan, Plextor adds exciting DVD creation capabilities including Direct-to-DVD recording, Hollywood-style motion menus, animated buttons, and high-quality slide shows to its internal DVD writer.

The PX-504A DVD+R/RW drive is the industry's first DVD writer designed to meet Plextor's exacting standards for high-quality recording of DVD and CD discs and delivers 4X DVD+R Writing and 2.4X DVD+RW Rewriting. Users can create, edit, and share customized DVDs and CDs using video, photos, audio, and data. The PX-504A gives users the ability to back up and archive up to 4.7 GB on a single-sided Recordable DVD disc, and to create photo and video albums for viewing with DVD players. With OpenDVD technology, included as part of MyDVD, home users are also able to open previously-burned DVDs and Video CDs so that they can be edited, updated, saved and re-burned with new video content, to recordable DVD and CD media.

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NewTek to Premiere Video Toaster [3] at NAB

NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video products, has announced that they will unveil Video Toaster [3], the next generation software for NewTek's integrated PAL/NTSC live- and post-production studio-in-a-box, at NAB 2003, Booth #SL2844.  The update provides hundreds of new features and work-flow improvements, including enhanced integration of Video Toaster with a wide range of popular hardware and software video and graphics tools.

ToasterEdit's real-time uncompressed layering and compositing is supplemented with 3D positioning, rotation and scaling of layers, with soft and colored borders, cropping, shadows and many other parameters available. ToasterEdit now features full spline-based control of all animateable parameters.  Additionally, ToasterEdit projects can now be imported into all mainstream 3D, editing, compositing, streaming and DVD authoring applications with no rendering using the new ToasterEdit Project Codec developed for Video Toaster [3].

In Video Toaster [3] DV cameras attached to the computer are now automatically detected and made available as live sources for switching, just as though they were attached directly to Video Toaster's inputs, and an unlimited number of DV cameras may be connected at once without significant overhead. The ToasterVision virtual monitors now include Proc-Amp controls that allow for calibration of a computer monitor to reference video monitors.  Video Toaster [3] also includes a completely redesigned CG, as well as new advanced batch capture and EDL features.

Video Toaster [2], regularly priced at $2995US, will be $2495US from now until Video Toaster [3] ships, and those purchasing during this special promotional period will receive the Video Toaster [3] software update at no additional charge for the downloadable version, or may purchase a convenience upgrade on CDs for $99.  Price of the Video Toaster [3] software update, when it becomes available, will be $595US for registered Video Toaster [2] owners.  Price of Video Toaster [3] to be announced on release, but no less than $2995


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SanDisk Introduces 4GB CompactFlash Card, New Flash Readers, and New SD Cards

SanDisk Corporation introduced a 4GB CompactFlash (CF) card at CeBIT, as well as a line of flash memory card readers and two new SD cards. With the new announcement, SanDisk is leveraging its production 0.13 micron NAND flash technology and a new high-density component package to quadruple the capacity of its largest capacity CF card. The card, which is in the popular Type I CF format, was introduced at a press conference at the CeBIT trade show.

The company also introduced a new line of single slot ImageMate card readers for a variety of popular flash memory cards. One single-slot reader (SDDR-91) accepts CompactFlash Type I and Type II cards along with the IBM MicroDrive cards, the second (SDDR-93) has a slot for SD and MultiMediaCards; the third model (SDDR-95) has a slot for SmartMedia and the xD-Picture Card and the fourth model (SDDR-97) works with the Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO. The latter model is the first card reader in the industry for both the Memory Stick and the Memory Stick PRO. The new single slot readers have a suggested retail price of $19.99, except for the SmartMedia/xD model that is priced at $24.99.

SanDisk's1 1GB and 512MB SD Cards, postage stamp-sized flash memory cards capable of storing large amounts of data, audio and video. The 1GB SD card quadruples the current capacity of SanDisk SD cards. With the 1GB SD card, consumers can store up to 30 hours of digitally compressed music, more than 320 minutes of MPEG-4 compressed video or more than 1000 high-resolution digital images.


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Toshiba Selects ViXS' XCode Chip to Provide High-Quality Video Over Wired and Wireless IP Networks

ViXS Systems Inc., the video networking company and a leading developer of video distribution solutions, has announced that the ViXS' XCode chip, which provides broadcast-quality video distribution over any local, wired or wireless IP network is now integrated with the new Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) AVM79R reference design.

The TX7901 MIPS reduced instruction set computer (RISC) processor based AVM79R reference design is a leading-edge evaluation system targeted at media center applications. TAEC will make the AVM79R reference design available to manufacturers seeking to reduce their development costs and speed their time-to-market for digital set-top boxes, media gateways and other multimedia consumer electronic platforms that manage networked home entertainment products.

ViXS' XCode integrated circuit can adjust the bit-rates, resolutions and formats of multiple MPEG video streams in real time, adapting each stream to changing network bandwidth. As a result, products such as media gateway set-top boxes can distribute broadcast-quality video to any networked display device in the home, such as HDTVs, plasma and LCD TV monitors, PDAs, web tablets, personal computers and personal video recorders. Each device can simultaneously receive up to eight different programs and fully benefit from networked PVR functionalities. By managing the video stream, XCode is the first to guarantee 30 frames per second of flawless, high-quality video over any type of Internet protocol network, including 802.11.


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InterVideo and DivXNetworks Expand Licensing Agreement To Target Global PC OEM Market

DivXNetworks, the company that created the patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and InterVideo, a leading provider of DVD software, announced an expansion of their existing licensing agreement to distribute DivX-powered InterVideo software products directly to hardware OEMs, including manufacturers of PCs, video cards, camcorders, disk drives and consumer electronics products.

Last year, InterVideo licensed the leading DivX video technology for use in its award-winning suite of retail video software products, including WinDVD, WinDVR, and WinProducer. The new agreement will enable major OEMs to bundle DivX-enabled InterVideo software directly with their hardware products. DivX video compression technology is a popular video encoder/decoder that offers DVD-quality video at sizes 7-10 times smaller than MPEG-2 and ranks among the world's most popular video technologies, with over 75 million downloads and an average of over 2 million downloads per month.

(, (

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Intersil Introduces Elantec EL4511 Sync Separator for HDTV

Intersil Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog and wireless networking solutions, has unveiled the its integrated circuit capable of separating synchronization signals in high definition television (HDTV) systems. Intersil's Elantec EL4511 automatically detects and accepts synchronization from multiple video and data sources, saving designers expensive sync detection and decoding software and hardware in DTV, HDTV, data and video projectors, and broadcast video equipment.

The Elantec EL4511 accepts sync on green, separate sync and H/V sync inputs, automatically selecting the relevant format. It has been designed for compatibility with a wide range of video standards, operating with horizontal line rates from PAL/NTSC/SECAM rates up to 200kHz and including bi-level and tri-level sync standards. It includes a qualification scheme that rejects high frequency noise and other video artifacts such as color burst.

The EL4511 optionally offers a serial interface for selecting auto standard detect or forcing standards, and enables read-back of line rate, line-per-field and field rate information. It offers small package options and operates on 1 mA typical supply current over the full -40(degree)C to +85(degree)C temperature range.


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MPEG Finalizes MPEG-4 High-Efficiency aacPlus Specification

Coding Technologies, leading provider of audio compression technologies for mobile, digital broadcasting and the Internet, announced that MPEG has finalized the specification for MPEG-4 High-Efficiency AAC, also known as aacPlus. Only the formal approval by the ISO's national bodies remains in the MPEG-4 standards process. As a superset of AAC, High-Efficiency AAC is both backward and forward compatible with existing AAC content and decoders. Based on Coding Technologies' Spectral Band Replication (SBR), the newly finalized spec is already available in evaluation and developer kits for immediate productization.

In independent quality testing by organizations like MPEG and the European Broadcasting Union, aacPlus outperformed all other codecs in terms of audio quality per bit. Due to this performance, SBR was selected in 2001 as reference model for bandwidth extension technologies inside MPEG. Finalized last week in the results of the 64th MPEG meeting, High-Efficiency AAC (MPEG-4 aacPlus) is part of the core effort of MPEG to keep the MPEG-4 standard the most efficient and complete coding system on the market today.

Libraries and reference source code for MPEG-4 aacPlus encoders and decoders are available on Mac OS X, Win32, Linux, as well as multiple DSPs. Developers can contact Coding Technologies directly for immediate access to evaluation kits.


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