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Streaming Media
April 04, 2003

Table of Contents

Boris FX Unveils RED 3GL at NAB 2003
Addonics Announces Serial ATA Storage Product Family
KDDI R&D; Labs to Showcase MPEG Authoring and Transmission Software at NAB 2003
Digital Voodoo Introduces HD|Lust, a Full Bandwidth 4:4:4:4 HD Card For The Mac
Producer II CD/DVD Publishers Now Shipping with Version 6.0 of Rimage Producer Software Suite
Bella Corporation Introduces DV Editing Keyboards
Leitch to Serve as ASACA FireFly OEM
RE:Vision Effects, Inc. Releases Twixtor v3.0

Boris FX Unveils RED 3GL at NAB 2003

Boris FX, a leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film production, has announced the next version of Boris RED.  Boris RED 3GL is among the first integrated 3D compositing, titling, and effects application to implement OpenGL, delivering unprecedented performance at an affordable price to over twenty nonlinear editing applications.  RED 3GL offers customers an expanded compositing and effects environment with over thirty dynamic new filters, tools, and technologies to maximize their creative potential.

Boris RED 3GL Feature Highlights include the following:

• OpenGL hardware acceleration
• Optical Flow technology for high quality footage timing and motion blur
• Advanced title animation includes precise control for character randomization and jitter
• Over 30 new filters, including Lens Flare, Light Zoom, Film Grain, and Wire Removal
• Expanded 3D effects environment offering unprecedented 3D animation capabilities
• Optimized render speeds and workflow
• Standalone NLE integration for Avid and Final Cut Pro with Automatic Duck Composition Exporter, as well as Media 100 Program Export
• Plug-in integration for Sonic Foundry Vegas Video
• Video output to television monitor using Matrox Parhelia, Pinnacle Cinewave, AJA, Canopus, Media 100 cards and others, and video out  through FireWire  
• Animated 2D and 3D charts featuring user input and spreadsheet import
• Enhanced animation includes new interpolations and automatic keyframe generation
• New Text tool for direct placement and editing on the video image
• Animated gradients and grids
• 3D bump maps and depth of field
• Image warping and morphing technology
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts, saved custom workspaces, History  palette, and Filter palette with custom filter sets
• Expanded support for Photoshop 7 and Illustrator 10 files

Boris RED 3GL will be shown at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas from April 7-10, in booth # SL1539 of the Las Vegas Convention Center and on the Boris Motion Graphics Tour beginning in May 2003.

Boris RED 3GL will ship in the second quarter of 2003.  Upgrades from earlier versions of Boris RED are $295.  Owners of Boris FX, GRAFFITI, and CALLIGRAPHY may upgrade to Boris RED for $999.  The suggested retail price for new purchases of Boris RED 3GL is $1595.  Customers purchasing Boris RED 2.5 or Boris Motion Graphics Pack after April 3, 2003 will receive a free upgrade to Boris RED 3GL.


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Addonics Announces Serial ATA Storage Product Family

Addonics Technologies recently became one of the first storage developers to announce a complete family of high-speed Serial ATA storage solutions, which includes a line of ATA host controllers, IDE/ATAPI conversion boards, external hard drive kits and RAID solutions to support Serial ATA's 150-MB/sec transfer rate.

The initial rollout features seven different Serial ATA solutions, and includes an external Serial ATA storage solution. The new Addonics Serial ATA product line includes:

-- IDE to Serial ATA Converter (ADIDESA) - $35 MSRP
-- Serial ATA PCI Host Controller (2 ports) (ADSA2) - $39 MSRP
-- External Serial ATA Upgrade Kit (AKBSA) - $59 MSRP
-- Combo External Serial ATA Upgrade Kit (AKCOMSA) - $89 MSRP
-- Serial ATA Combo Hard Drive (AEMED35SA) - $115 MSRP
-- Serial ATA Removable Combo Hard Drive (AERHD35SA) - $105 MSRP
-- Combo RAID System (AERAID35SA) - $169 MSRP

With limited models of Serial ATA hard drives available, Addonics offers converters and cable solutions to enable standard IDE hard drives and ATAPI devices to be used as internal Serial ATA or External Serial ATA storage device. Addonics External Serial ATA storage solutions provide users with external storage devices without compromising performance in the data bus. Addonics has even added BUS power to its cable design so that low power storage devices can be powered directly from the External Serial ATA port. Customers who already have Addonics external data storage equipment can transition to Serial ATA with a minimal investment.

Serial ATA also improves the system airflow by utilizing a new thin cabling system to simplify the connection between the host controller and the data storage devices. Serial ATA devices can also be hot-swapped without shutting down or restarting the system and no software changes are required. The new interface also makes it more cost-effective to integrate RAID and multidrive systems into present storage applications.

Addonics has several external solutions for easily upgrading to Serial ATA. The External Serial ATA Upgrade Kit adds an external Serial ATA port via a system's PCI slot or the standard DB9 connector hole available on back of many computer chassis. The Addonics Combo External Serial ATA Upgrade Kit has the same features, but includes the Serial ATA PCI Host Controller for users who do not have a Serial ATA port in their system.

With either kit, customers can use any Addonics storage devices in the company's Pocket and Mobile series, which includes the Addonics Pocket DVD, CDRW, DVD/CDRW, DVD-R/RW, CD-ROM, Mobile DVD/CDRW, Mobile CDRW, Pocket ExDrive, Combo Hard Drive, CD DigiCopier, or DVD DigiCopier. In addition, the booting support in Serial ATA also enables systems to boot from the Addonics external storage devices.

For a hard drive solution, the Addonics Serial ATA Combo Hard Drive, and the Serial ATA Removable Combo Hard Drive Kit are the most flexible hard drive kits on the market. With these kits, any standard 3.5" IDE hard drive can become an external Serial ATA hard drive, a removable hard drive, or become part of a high performance RAID system. There are no special tools required to install a hard drive into either kit.


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KDDI R&D; Labs to Showcase MPEG Authoring and Transmission Software at NAB 2003

KDDI R&D; Laboratories will introduce their latest MPEG authoring and transmission software for the professional and "prosumer" market at the NAB 2003 Show in Las Vegas from April 7 to April 10, 2003. The featured products and technologies are MPEG solutions for broadband, mobile, and HDTV applications. Authoring software for mobile (MPEG-4) and broadband video (SMIL) content, fast MPEG-4 / HDTV MPEG-2 nonlinear editing software, a MPEG-4 based live video transmission system, and MPEG watermarking software will also be featured.

The seven MPEG solutions featured at NAB are:

1) ezmovie Creator series - a video content encoding and authoring software for mobile applications. An MPEG-4 encoding engine achieves high quality compression. Users utilize a GUI-based authoring tool or execute the program from the command line. Application software and an SDK are also provided.

2) MPEG Edit Studio Pro ver.1.2 - a high quality nonlinear MPEG-4 and HDTV MPEG-2 editing tool used in broadband video streaming and digital TV broadcast. It provides nearly degradation-free, frame-accurate, fast MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 editing for the IBP structure. MPEG Edit Studio Pro features, such as fast logo insertion, scene indexing, a variety of conversion capabilities, and a software-based HDTV player with a jog/shuttle controller, can greatly shorten the editing process.

3) MPEG Intelli Player - a professional MPEG -1/-2/-4 software player for frame-accurate playback, intelligent trick play, and mark-in/out operations of MPEG (IBP) files. Users can playback MPEG-2 SDTV, HDTV, and MPEG-4 files, and can browse or find desired scenes using fast/slow, single-step, and forward/reverse playback with audio scrubbing.

4) QualityMeeting - an error-resilient MPEG-4 based live audio/video transmission system over broadband IP networks. QualityMeeting can smoothly transmit audio/video streams using KDDI's proprietary bandwidth adaptive rate control technology (BARC), and audio visual error concealment technology (AVEC).

5) Preview Navigator One - software which enables users to create and publish SMIL2.0 content for the RealOne player with interaction, navigation, and presentation functionalities. Detailed settings can be made by using simple operations, and rich streaming content can easily be created with enhancements such as on-demand presentation, timed-web navigation, and synchronized thumbnail indexes.

6) Digivits -- provides integrated video transmission monitoring by automatically measuring video quality at each remote link point of transmission chains. Reduced Reference (RR) and in-service test signal (ISTS) methods are supported for video quality metrics.

7) MPmark -- digital watermarking software for video media that is embeds a watermark into original video data before compression. The watermark can be detected directly from MPEG compressed bit stream without decoding for a fast detection process. An SDK is provided to allow developers to create watermark embedding/detecting software, develop software that controls video players according to the detected watermark, or to accept video data from a content holder, embed watermarks in it, and return it to the holder.

The technologies developed by KDDI R&D; Labs are offered for licensing, distribution, or OEM to companies worldwide. Potential customers include multimedia, DVD, broadband content production companies, software companies, broadcasters, MPEG encoder manufactures, and system integrators. For mobile applications, customers include wireless carriers, service providers, solution companies and content producers.


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Digital Voodoo Introduces HD|Lust, a Full Bandwidth 4:4:4:4 HD Card For The Mac

Digital Voodoo has introduced HD|Lust, a high definition capture and playback card featuring 2 HD SDI Input, 2 HD SDI Output, 12 channels of AES/EBU Digital Audio, and simultaneous SD SDI downconversion. HD|Lust offers full bandwidth 4:4:4:4 or 4:2:2:4 video input and output for the Macintosh, and is expected to ship this year.

Digital Voodoo will be demonstrating HD|Lust at NAB 2003 in Booth SL-2431.

Key features of HD|Lust include the following:

• 2 x BNC 10 bit HD SDI Outputs
• 2 x BNC 10 bit HD SDI Input
• 1 x BNC 10 bit SD SDI output
• 10 bit 4:2:2:4 or 4:4:4:4 dual link video output
• 10 bit simultaneous SD in HD 4:2:2 mode
• 12 Channels AES/EBU digital audio
• Cross platform codecs supplied for the ultimate in workflow management
• Can be selected to operate in either 1080i/1080PsF
• Functions as a second Mac monitor when not in use for real-time uncompressed playback
• Video output preview for Adobe After Effects and Discreet Combustion
• 16 bit colorspace support for Adobe After Effects
• Built-in safe area generator helps when using applications that don't include this function
• Video genlock allows HD|Lust to be locked to station reference


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Producer II CD/DVD Publishers Now Shipping with Version 6.0 of Rimage Producer Software Suite

Rimage Corporation announced today that it is now shipping a new version of their Producer Software Suite on all Producer II CD/DVD Publishing Systems. Version 6.0 represents a significant enhancement, with new industry standard protocols, multi-platform support for both end-users and developers, and clients that are easier to use and install.

QuickDiscJ, a java based client application, is new to the Rimage Producer Software Suite. It gives Windows and Mac users alike the ability to create and send jobs to any Rimage Publisher right from their Desktop. QuickDiscJ features several new additions, including a simple label template selection interface, with merge fields for text, making the process of labeling CDs and DVDs easier. The label templates can be easily customized or added to. Also, users can make Mac and ISO/Mac Hybrid discs right from their desktop with one click of the mouse. QuickDiscJ also features automatic job status updates that track the progress of your job and system resources. QuickDiscJ will maintain a look and feel native to the system OS.

The original QuickDisc for Windows has been significantly enhanced to include the same feature set as QuickDiscJ. The Producer Software Suite ships standard with both.

A new version of Rimage's label editing software, CD Designer, has several timesaving features that will contribute to the over all user experience, including a new print preview feature, on-screen text editing, quick conversion of labels for different printers, and a component browser that allows users to easily select graphics, shapes, borders, and other design elements.

The new 6.0 platform adopts industry standard XML protocols, making things easier for developers. The incorporation of java APIs for multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) also makes developing powerful applications simpler. Version 6.0 is fully backwards compatible for all existing applications.


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Bella Corporation Introduces DV Editing Keyboards

Bella Corporation, a leading supplier of digital video solutions, announced earlier the introduction of their new series of keyboards designed specifically for digital video editing. The keyboards boast an integrated jog/shuttle controller and work with leading video applications including Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV, Adobe Premiere, and more. The keyboards can also be used as standard keyboards, enhancing applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and others.  

The built-in, fully programmable jog/shuttle controller allows users to have precise control of timelines and video clips. The outer ring of the shuttle turns 90 degrees in either direction, allowing play and hold at a desired speed. The inner wheel allows for more finite frame-by-frame control - the faster you spin the wheel, the faster the video moves.

Each keyboard comes with easily installed software that includes presets for most popular applications, while additional presets will be available via a free download from the company's Web site. Users may also create their own presets for their favorite applications. Also included on the keyboard are Web, email, and multimedia keys for added convenience.

The new series of products will be shown for the first time at Bella Corporation's booth on April 7 at the NAB 2003 Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Further details of the product line as well as price and availability will be announced at that time. Bella Corporation's booth number at NAB 2003 is SL 1667, located in the new South Hall.  Over $5,000 worth of top video editing software, including Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV, and Ulead MediaStudio Pro, will be given away at the Bella Corporation booth in daily drawings.


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Leitch to Serve as ASACA FireFly OEM

ASACA Corporation, a high density storage solutions leader, has announced an OEM agreement with Leitch Technology Corporation, a global leader in the design, development, and distribution of high performance audio and video infrastructure to the professional video industry.  According to the agreement, Leitch will begin integrating ASACA's new FireFly DM series digital virtual libraries into their broad portfolio of server products and will provide worldwide distribution and support to the broadcast and professional video production industries.

Integrating new Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) disk drives, FireFly delivers up to 48 terabytes of data per library at an unprecedented 400MB/s.  Paired with Leitch's main product lines including Video Processing and Distribution, Video Servers, and Post Production solutions, FireFly will be fully equipped to address every aspect of  the professional video production process.

Incorporating as many as 192- 200GB or 250GB Serial ATA drives within a single ASACA library, FireFly provides high speed transmission of data on demand, similar to an online RAID, but is uniquely capable of remaining in a quiet state until needed. As a result, FireFly is an electronic library based on hard disk drives, offering superior performance and tremendous capacities, without the price tag of traditional online storage.

Those interested can visit ASACA at booth #SL521 at NAB 2003 (April 7-10). Leitch will demonstrate a broad range of high performance audio and video solutions at booth SU4525.

ASACA's FireFly DM Digital Virtual Library systems integrating 200GB Serial ATA drives will be available in first quarter of 2003 and 250GB Serial ATA drives will be available in second quarter of 2003. FireFly users can cluster as many as 10 cabinets together for up to 480TB of data storage. FireFly DM is expected to have a starting price of $100,000.00.

(, (

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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. Releases Twixtor v3.0

RE:Vision Effects, Inc. today released Twixtor version 3.0. Twixtor enables users to speed up and slow down image sequences with visually stunning results. In order to achieve its image quality, Twixtor synthesizes unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence, employing the next generation of Vision's proprietary tracking technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel.

Twixtor Pro 3.0 adds significant new functionality by giving the user more options to guide Twixtor on problematic footage. With Twixtor Pro 3.0, users can:

• Help Twixtor Pro disambiguate the motion of multiple objects, specifying up to 3 foreground layers.
• Use up to 12 tracking points to help guide Twixtor Pro's motion estimation. By using the tracking points, users can explicitly tell Twixtor where a pixel moves from one frame to the next in order to guide the calculation of motion vectors. Users can set the position of each point at each frame by hand, but more importantly, these points can be positioned from frame-to-frame using the host application's point-tracking features.
• Users can guide Twixtor by creating and animating shapes to show Twixtor Pro where objects are actually moving when Twixtor Pro exhibits tracking problems. Interactive feature registration is directed through the host program's drawing and roto tools (splines and polylines), not through a grid of mesh points. As such, there is no new interface to learn.

Twixtor 3.0 is available as an After Effects plugin version that also works with Discreet combustion, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Pinnacle Systems Commotion. The regular version is priced at $329.99 and the Twixtor Pro version is $595.00. Upgrades from the regular version to the Pro version are $265.00 and upgrades from Pro 2.0 to Pro 3.0 are $100.00.

Twixtor Pro is also available as a Shake plugin and is priced at $795.00 for a full license and $318.00 for render-only licenses. Upgrades from the previous versions are available for $300.00 for a full license upgrade and $120.00 for a render-only license upgrade.

Twixtor Pro 2.0 continues to be supported as a Discreet Spark, priced at $695.00, and as a native eyeon Digital Fusion plugin, priced at $495.00.

RE:Vision Effects will show a demo of Twixtor 3 at NAB 2003 in the Adobe Partner Pavilion (SL2507).


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