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Streaming Media
April 15, 2003

Table of Contents

Plextor Unveils Feature-Rich 52/32/52 CD-R/RW Drive
ADS bundles Muvee autoProducer with Video Capture/Conversion Products
Artbeats Announces 30 New Stock Footage Collections
All4DVD Unveils FireWire 800 ArtDrive
Digital Asset Management Trade Society Debuts at NAB
VBrick Reveals VBXcast MPEG-4 Network Video Appliance
Mitsubishi Introduces Second-Generation Plasma Display Line-Up
Formac unveils 20.1" TFT for $999

Plextor Unveils Feature-Rich 52/32/52 CD-R/RW Drive

Plextor Corp, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CD-related equipment and software, has announced the availability of the PlexWriter Premium CD-R/RW drive. The high-speed 3-in-1 internal 5.25-inch half-height drive features 52X CD-Write, 32X CD-Rewrite, and 52X-max CD-Read. PlexWriter Premium includes PlexTools Professional software to enable a unique combination of user-controllable recording features, including:

-SecuRec password protection for discs

-GigaRec allows high capacity storage up to 1 GB on a 700 MB disc

-Q-Check checks and graphs the results of written disc quality - C1/C2 errors, track and focus errors, and  beta/jitter errors

-Silent Mode enables users to vary tray load/unload speed,spin up/down speed and write/read speeds.

-PoweRec allows for superior quality and stable recording at maximum speed.

-VariRec allows adjustment of the laser power to produce the highest quality audio recording possible

The Plextor PlexWriter Premium drive is scheduled for shipment to distributors and resellers in North and South America in late April 2003, with an MSRP of $129.


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ADS bundles Muvee autoProducer with Video Capture/Conversion Products

MuveeTechnologies has announced that it has licensed muvee autoProducer DVD Special Edition to ADS Tech, a leader in consumer video solutions. Muvee autoProducer DVD SE will be bundled with Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD+DV, two new real-time DVD video capture devices from ADS Tech that were recently launched at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas. Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD+DV take advantage of the latest USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity to deliver powerful yet simple video capture and conversion capability in full-resolution, DVD-quality. They will ship in May this year with estimated street prices of $179 and $269 respectively. Underlying the program's simple six-button interface is patent-pending technology that dramatically simplifies the video creation process, enabling anyone to automatically create high quality finished productions from raw video hundreds - even thousands - of times faster than any other approach.In addition to printing back to DV tape and saving in AVI, WMV or Video CD MPEG-1 formats, autoProducer DVD SE supports MPEG-2 input and also lets users save their creations as DVD-Video or SVCD-ready MPEG-2 files either for playback on their PCs, or on most consumer DVD players when authored onto DVD- or CD-R/RW media using third-party authoring solutions.

(, (

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Artbeats Announces 30 New Stock Footage Collections

Spring flowers, waterfalls and country roads are some of the latest in beautiful and compelling imagery presented by Artbeats, an industry leader of royalty-free stock footage for broadcast, desktop video and multimedia. At NAB, Artbeats announced the availability of 30 new collections ranging from elements of nature and family life to small towns and cityscapes. Whether it's a feature film or a corporate presentation, Artbeats provides a variety of affordable high-quality images appropriate for use in any project.

All standard and high-definition products are licensed royalty-free for all uses including broadcast, feature film, multimedia and Internet. The footage is sourced from 35mm film or computer generated and most Artbeats' titles are available in NTSC or PAL format for Macintosh and Windows. The files are delivered in Apple QuickTime format in 1080p (1920 x 1080) encoded with Photo JPEG at a high quality setting and frame rate of 30fps. High-definition versions are available where noted. Pricing for Artbeats NTSC and PAL collections range from $249-$699, with HD collections ranging from USD $799-$899.


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All4DVD Unveils FireWire 800 ArtDrive

Enclosing the latest in technology with an attractive outer shell, all4DVD, Inc. unveils the Art Drive, a one-of-a-kind FireWire hard drive and DVD Recorder designed to appeal to the visually-minded, not just the technology fan. Developed in conjunction with Swiss artist Johann Ulrich, every ArtDrive features a unique piece of custom art, transforming the ordinary product case into a showpiece of
artistic inspiration.

ArtDrive Product Line Details:

* Super fast FireWire 800 with 800 Mbits data transfer rate
* High performance hard drives 7200 rpm, 8MB cache
* Mac / PC cross platform compatible
* all4DVD/Hitachi 120/180/250 GB FireWire 800™/ USB-2hard drive 7200 rpm, 8
MB cache
* all4DVD/Hitachi 40/80 GB FireWire 800/USB-2 buspowered hard drive 5400
rpm, 2 MB cache

Prices range from $299 for the Idol 40GB HDD to $459 for the Sphynx 4X DVD recorder.


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Digital Asset Management Trade Society Debuts at NAB

The Global Society for Asset Management (GSAM) made its official debut at NAB 2003 with a roster of founding members that include leaders of the digital asset management industry, including Ascent Media Group, Artesia Technologies, Avid Technology, and RightsLine. GSAM (pronounced "Gee-Sam") is the first international trade and professional association to target the important and fast-growing field of Digital Asset Management (DAM). Among GSAM's goals are:

* Actively influencing standards that promote openness and interoperability between enterprise systems.
* Reducing the complexity of the digital asset management field by
demonstrating best practices across multiple vertical industries.
* Providing an accessible forum for sharing of lessons learned globally.
* Aggregating, promoting and sharing the expertise of thought leaders in the field.
* Identifying the potential of new areas of the field as they evolve and emerge.

GSAM is completely independent and vendor neutral, and with branches in the USA, Europe and Asia, it is also truly international in scope.  


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VBrick Reveals VBXcast MPEG-4 Network Video Appliance

VBrick announced the release of VBXcast, its first intelligent MPEG-4 video appliance, at NAB in Las Vegas. For the first time, VBXcast allows organizations of any size to simply "plug in" and broadcast video to and from anyone, anywhere, on any network. By bringing the power of visual communications to anyone with Internet access, VBXcast tears down the "bandwidth barriers" that prevented organizations from taking full advantage of the rich experience of video. Now, with VBXcast, the military can extend its reach between headquarters and field operations for real-time information sharing, training and surveillance. Corporations may conduct product launches and compliance training reaching each employee's desktop, laptop or PDA wireless device - regardless of location. And for distance learning, one teacher can now reach thousands of students.

VBXcast is a portable network video appliance that connects easily to standard video devices such as a video camera, DVD player or VCR. It compresses the video and audio into an MPEG-4 format and delivers the stream over any network to PCs or set-top-boxes. MPEG-4 uses bandwidth more effectively, allowing it to extend the reach of visual communication to everyone with Internet access. It's versatile, allowing viewers to watch video through standard players, as well as VBrick's freely distributed StreamPlayer.  

VBXcast is immediately available and pricing starts $4995.


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Mitsubishi Introduces Second-Generation Plasma Display Line-Up

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America has introduced its second-generation line-up of plasma displays, featuring both Enhanced-Definition (ED) and High-Definition displays. In the Platinum Series of products, Mitsubishi introduced the PD-4220 EDTV-Upgradeable and PD-5020 HDTV-Upgradeable plasma displays.

In the Diamond Series, the company announced the PD-4230, PD-5030 and PD-6130 HDTV-Upgradeable plasma displays. Scheduled for release in early summer 2003, these displays transform into fully integrated ED and HD televisions, with all the features and functions of a one-piece EDTV/HDTV by adding the HD-5000 Digital Receiver-Controller connected via the proprietary MonitorLink connection.

Mitsubishi announced suggested value pricing as follows: PD-4230-- $7,499; PD-5030 -- $11,499; PD-6130 -- $20,499. Pricing on the PD-4220 and PD-5020 was not announced.


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Formac unveils 20.1" TFT for $999

Formac Electronic Inc., a leading manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced visualization solutions, has announced the launch of its Oxygen line, an aggressively priced line of flat panel displays.  The new Oxygen line extends Formac's Platinum LCDs, featuring the same progressive design and advanced TFT technology.  The lower price point of the new LCD line
corresponds with a standardized warranty and pixel policy.  For a limited time, Formac offers introductory pricing for pre-orders of the Oxygen LCD line.  The introductory price of the Gallery 2010 is  $999, and the company is also taking preorders for its 17.4-inch Oxygen LCD at $499. Formac's LCDs are compatible with PCs and Apple Macintosh workstations.


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