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Streaming Media
April 25, 2003

Table of Contents

Kano Technologies Presents Automated CD-R and DVD+R Disc-Publishing System Line
Macrovision Announces License Agreement for Distribution of the Microsoft Windows Media Data Session Toolkit
Macrovision Announces VOD Copy-Protection Contract With General Dynamics Interactive
FOCUS Enhancements Provides Video Blending for the Sony CoCoon Video Recorder/DVD Writer
Ulead Digital Image Slideshow Software Now Available for Mac
Genesis Microchip Processors Enhance ViewSonic LCD Display Products
NIST Conference to Showcase Latest in DVD Tech and Standards
Sonic Foundry's ACID Xpress Provides Interactive Enhancements to 'Standing in the Shadows of Motown' DVD

Kano Technologies Presents Automated CD-R and DVD+R Disc-Publishing System Line

Kano Technologies introduced its new line of automated disc-publishing systems this week.  The ATLAS CD-R and K2XTREME DVD+R publishers are the latest additions to Kano's broad line of CD and DVD duplicator and publishing systems. The ATLAS Standalone CD-R Publisher features simple, one-button operation. No PC or software is required, so users can duplicate up to 100 CDs at a time with the push of a button.  Two 52x CD-R drives support disc-to-disc recording in all popular formats, including CD-ROM, Photo CD, CD-DA, CD-G, Multi-Session, and CD-Plus.  Prices start at $2495.

The ATLAS NAS CD-R Publisher features plug-and-play connectivity directly to any standard network through its TCP/IP interface.  The system includes an integrated PC, hard drive, 52x CD-R drive, and four-color ink-jet printer. An intuitive GUI allows any network client to create up to 100 CDs and customized over the network. Prices start at $6495.

The K2XTREME DVD+R and ATLAS CD-R PC-attached Publishers feature robotic design to meet the needs of the most demanding corporate disc publishing environments.  The K2XTREME model supports up to two 2x DVD+R drives recording in the DVD+R format.  The ATLAS model supports up to two 52x CD-R drives recording in all the popular standard CD formats. These units include an integrated, four-color Hewlett Packard 970 ink-jet printer.  Both models may be attached to a network using any standard PC.  Publisher software supports recording both standard-size CDs and business card CDs across the network.  Prices start at $7995.

All Kano products feature custom-designed, industrial enclosures created for the ATLAS and K2XTREME systems.  The exclusive design minimizes vibrations and dust infiltration.  Each chassis has high-volume, low-noise fan ventilation, specially engineered to maintain optimum operating temperature for maximum drive life and dependability.  All enclosures are CE-certified and UL-approved.  All products are available now through Kano solution providers.


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Macrovision Announces License Agreement for Distribution of the Microsoft Windows Media Data Session Toolkit

Macrovision Corporation, one of the world's leading developers and vendors of content protection and security technologies, announced a license agreement with Microsoft under which Macrovision will provide worldwide record labels with the capability to design and produce "dual session" music CDs that contain both Red Book audio files, which play on traditional home and car stereos, and also include "second session" files that can be played and stored on a consumer's PC and portable devices. Microsoft and Macrovision will work together to ensure great consumer experiences while, at the same time, providing a robust rights management environment for record labels.

By virtue of this agreement, record labels will have access to a comprehensive copy protection, authentication, and digital rights management (DRM) solution for their music CDs from one source for worldwide deployment. Macrovision has agreements with replicators in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

This license agreement allows record labels to enable consumers to make personal copies of music CDs while protecting content with multi-level security features that address practices such as unauthorized file sharing. PC-based playback of CDs and transfer to portable devices is enabled using the Microsoft Windows Media Data Session Toolkit, a new component of Windows Media 9 Series that enables media companies to create and deliver high-quality content via a "second session" for playback on the PC and other devices using Windows Media DRM. As media and entertainment companies look for ways to protect their content, the toolkit can be used to preserve a great  playback experience on the PC and other devices. Macrovision's CDS  technology secures the "first session" data and also authenticates that the CD is in fact an original copy. Once authenticated, second session files can be played, stored or exported to secure portable devices.


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Macrovision Announces VOD Copy-Protection Contract With General Dynamics Interactive

Macrovision Corporation has announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with General Dynamics Interactive to copy-protect Video-On-Demand (VOD) programs distributed to hotels worldwide.

General Dynamics Interactive offers hotels Hollywood movies and a digital interactive platform called the Intrigue Multimedia System. Intrigue is an in-room entertainment and information system featuring digital VOD, high speed Internet access, electronic shopping, and video games, all via a television in guests' rooms or their own laptop computers. In contrast to analog VOD systems, Intrigue offers truly interactive digital features, including the ability to pause, fast-forward, and rewind anytime within 24 hours of starting a movie.

Macrovision's copy-protection technology is incorporated within each digital set-top box capable of viewing VOD programming deployed by General Dynamics. It is designed to enable consumers to view VOD and PPV programming, but prevents unauthorized copying on DVD recorders and significantly distorts unauthorized copies on VCRs and D-VHS recorders. It is now incorporated within 100 million digital set-top boxes deployed by hospitality, cable, and satellite operators worldwide.


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FOCUS Enhancements Provides Video Blending for the Sony CoCoon Video Recorder/DVD Writer

FOCUS Enhancements, Inc., a worldwide leader in video production and conversion technology, recently announced that its FOCUS FS460 set-top-box video processing chip provides video blending capabilities in the NDR-XR1, part of Sony's CoCoon line of digital video recorders. The FOCUS chip provides the unique capability of merging computer generated graphics with two additional video streams and displaying the composite studio-quality image on one TV display. By using the FS460, Sony was able to create the graphical user interface images in computer space and perfectly convert them directly into the TV video space pixel-by-pixel, providing a functional and attractive user interface.

The FOCUS FS460 is a member of a family of low cost, high performance video processors used to convert high-resolution computer graphics into stunning TV images, in both Standard and High Definition formats. The FS460 has a three channel mixer, special effects processor (for fades, wipes, sizing and moves) and Macrovision 7 protection.

CoCoon, or Connected Community On Network, is a series of products that provide a new style of audiovisual entertainment centered around the home television and create entertainment appropriate for a new merged multimedia era. The CoCoon family of home AV gateway products are equipped with large capacity hard disks that enable consecutive recording and playback of video and a broadband Internet connection that provides access to a variety of network services. The NDR-XR1 includes an 80GB hard disk which will provide up to 90 hours of recording time. A DVD-R/-RW is also included for DVD creation. Among the features of the NDR-XR1 is the ability to setup and activate the PVR remotely over the Internet or using a cellular telephone.

Windows CE and XP drivers are available for the FS460. Sony was able to convert bitmap user interface images directly into alpha masks (images to be combined with other video or graphics) using a Java application that interfaced directly with to the FS460 drivers.

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Ulead Digital Image Slideshow Software Now Available for Mac

Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of image and video editing, 3D animation, and DVD authoring software, has introduced DVD PictureShow, digital image slideshow creation software, for the Macintosh platform.

DVD PictureShow fills a niche in the Mac consumer software market for a digital photo slideshow product solely designed to quickly create slideshows on both CD and DVD media. With the high adoption rate of digital cameras, the increasing growth rate of DVD burners, and the ubiquitous use of CD burners, Ulead is uniquely positioned to offer consumers and OEM partners a cross-platform solution for digital image slideshow creation with support for both CD and DVD media.

DVD PictureShow for Mac lets consumers assemble digital images and create sophisticated DVD navigation and polished menus using templates such as "holiday", "vacation", and "romantic". Adding text, music, and menu backgrounds give slideshows a personal touch. The software burns to either CD or DVD discs for playback on a TV using a standard DVD player or on a computer using a CD or DVD drive.

With an intuitive step-by-step workflow, DVD PictureShow for Mac lets anyone create high quality, digital image slideshows to watch on TV or a computer. Within each slideshow, it's easy to assemble, arrange, rotate, and set the interval time between photos. Once the slideshow is created, consumers can preview a project with the software's DVD remote control emulation. When it's time to burn the slideshow, the software will automatically detect the recording device on the computer (CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-R) and burn as requested.

Ulead DVD PictureShow for Mac is available online at for $29.95 for a downloadable version. OEM versions will be available in early May.


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Genesis Microchip Processors Enhance ViewSonic LCD Display Products

Genesis Microchip Inc., a world leader in the development of display technologies, announced earlier that ViewSonic Corporation has selected Genesis Microchip display controllers for use in its newest LCD monitors. The technology will provide display users with both analog and digital connectivity, as well as the ability to view several image resolution formats, including XGA and SXGA.

The controllers will be used in ViewSonic's VP171b, VP181b, VP191b, VX500, VX700, VX800, and VX900 products, helping to make these products ideal for viewing everything from detailed graphics and text to Web pages.

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NIST Conference to Showcase Latest in DVD Tech and Standards

Declining prices and new software have combined to make DVD authoring tools available to home computer users. The change is bringing capabilities to home computer users that, as little as two years ago, were affordable only to professional video producers. In addition, private and public sector organizations are considering the use of DVD to manage and preserve their digital assets.

DVDs are used increasingly in arenas ranging from instructional training to preservation of large amounts of digital information. They also are showing up as a replacement for VCRs in many American living rooms and corporate offices.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the DVD Association (DVDA) are holding their fourth annual international conference, DVD 2003, from June 9-11. DVD 2003 will allow industry professionals to see firsthand how DVD technology is influencing a variety of fields, including health care, finance, and homeland security.

Topics for the three-day conference include: blue laser technology and HD-DVD, the interactivity of simulations and games with DVD, writable DVD standards and interoperability, the role of DVD in digital preservation, DVD usage in the federal government, and niche markets.  In addition to the technical program, DVD 2003 will feature short courses on DVD applications and vendor exhibits showing the latest in DVD authoring and replication tools.

DVD 2003 will be held at NIST headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD. Pre-registration is required.


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Sonic Foundry's ACID Xpress Provides Interactive Enhancements to 'Standing in the Shadows of Motown' DVD

Sonic Foundry Inc., a leading digital media software solutions company, announced Artisan Entertainment has incorporated ACID Xpress in its DVD release of "Standing in the Shadows of Motown," the Grammy-winning film about Detroit's hit-making Funk Brothers.

ACID Xpress, Sonic Foundry's creation tool, will serve as the DVD's "Virtual Recording Studio," allowing consumers to manipulate loops cut from original Funk Brothers' recordings to create new songs. Sonic Foundry also supplied a number of samples from their loops for ACID libraries so that arrangers can further experiment with the Funk Brothers classic Motown sound.

The critically acclaimed "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" chronicles the history of the Funk Brothers, the backing band behind most of the greatest hits released by Motown Records. During their career, the Funk Brothers played on more number-one tracks than the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, and the Beatles combined, which could possibly make them the greatest hit machine in the history of popular music.

ACID Xpress is the free, simplified version of Sonic Foundry's ACID PRO software, the company's professional loop-based music creation tool that allows users to create original, royalty-free music. ACID Xpress allows loop-based music newcomers to get a taste of how easy it is to create their own songs using the intuitive "pick, paint, and play" interface.


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