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Streaming Media
May 09, 2003

Table of Contents

Hewlett-Packard Drops DVD 300I Price
Mustek Adopts DDX Amplifiers to Power New Line of DVD Receivers
Canoga Perkins Introduces SDI Video Extender
Sony Launches DCR-PC105 Mini DV Handycam
Anark Announces Anark Studio 2
Key Digital Systems Introduces HDTV Switchers
Kano Intros 200-Disc, Rack-Mountable DVD+RW Library
Intersil Unveils Differential Receiver/Equalizer for Video Over CAT-5 Cable Applications

Hewlett-Packard Drops DVD 300I Price

Hewlett Packard has dropped the price on its DVD 300i internal DVD writer from $299.99 to $279.99. Additionally, the new HP DVD 300e external DVD writer is also available to consumers for a list price of $399.

From now through June 28, participating retailers and e-tailers are periodically offering consumers a free gift with the purchase of the HP DVD 300i writer, the HP DVD 200i writer or the HP DVD 200e writer. The free gifts, ranging from gift certificates to memory upgrades, are designed to allow consumers to enhance their HP video editing experience.

The new HP DVD 300i internal DVD writer and the HP DVD 300e external DVD writers enable users to preserve edit and share data nearly twice as fast as previous DVD writers from HP. Using a DVD write-once speed of up to 4X, both devices are capable of writing an entire DVD in as little as 15 minutes. The HP DVD 300e and HP DVD 300i also make it easy for users to quickly store data, record music and back up and transport information on DVDs and CDs. The devices, which write to +R/+RW DVD discs, allow for greater compatibility with tested DVD players and DVD-ROMs * and flexibility in the video-editing process.


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Mustek Adopts DDX Amplifiers to Power New Line of DVD Receivers

Apogee Technology announced that Mustek Incorporated of Taiwan, a leading producer of DVD players, scanners, digital cameras and other consumer electronics, is expanding its product line by introducing a family of DVD receivers using Apogee's all-digital, high efficiency DDX audio amplifiers. These new products will be distributed globally through high volume retail chains and under the "Classic" brand name.

Mustek chose DDX amplification because of its advanced audio features and compact size. Apogee's latest DDX-8000 series digital controllers include equalization, mixing, bass/treble, compression, bass management and other features. With these built-in functions, Mustek can improve sonic quality while at the same time reducing overall system complexity and cost. In addition, with Apogee's line of high efficiency power devices, Mustek can produce a family of slim profile DVD receivers meeting the needs of the low, medium and high power home theater system markets.


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Canoga Perkins Introduces SDI Video Extender

Canoga Perkins, a leading supplier of fiber optic extension equipment and CWDM systems, today announced a new SDI video extender. The 3320 SDI Video Xtender is designed to transmit native serial digital video (SMPTE 259M) at the standard bit rates of 143 Mbps, 177 Mbps, 270 Mbps and 360 Mbps. The 3320 SDI Video Xtender accepts a standard D1 copper input and converts it to single mode fiber optics for distance extension of up to 100 km. The 3320 Video Xtender can be used by content providers to greatly extend the distance of Broadcast Video, SDI Video, MPEG-2 Video and CCTV video.

The 3320 Video Xtender converts the input electrical signal present on a 75ohm BNC connector to an optical signal for transmission over singlemode fiber optics. Speed selection of 143 Mbps, 177 Mbps, 270 Mbps or 360 Mbps is accomplished by using easy to follow menus. The 3320 is fully SNMP compliant for management and can be used with Canoga Perkins' CanogaView Smart Element Manager.

The 3320 Video Xtender can be housed in the UCS 1000 multi-technology platform, which is NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified, or ordered as a standalone tabletop model.


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Sony Launches DCR-PC105 Mini DV Handycam

Sony Electronics has introduced the DCR-PC105 Mini DV Handycam camcorder. Weighing in at about 16 ounces, the compact camcorder combines a one-megapixel imager with Carl Zeiss optics to produce video with 520 lines of horizontal resolution that has crisp detail and color clarity.  The new camcorder also incorporates an intelligent pop-up flash to ensure that the still images (1152 X 864) are captured in bright and vivid resolution even in tough lighting situations.

For convenient access to the camcorder's numerous modes and features, the camcorder offers a touch panel 2.5" SwivelScreen hybrid LCD display with access to its entire menu.  The hybrid LCD, a new feature for Sony's Mini DV camcorders, allows for increased visibility in challenging outdoor lighting situations such as bright sunlight.  The touch panel also compliments a spot focus mode that overrides the auto mode by focusing in on an object with a touch of the LCD screen.

With the DCR-PC105, users not only enjoy the benefits of a digital camcorder and digital still camera in one, but can also turn the camcorder into their own video conferencing system.  With USB Streaming, users can stream live or recorded video of their day at the beach by connecting the camcorder using a USB connection to a PC with Internet access, and employing video conferencing software such as the Microsoft(R) Windows NetMeeting application.

The DCR-PC105 also comes equipped with MPEG Movie EX, which allows it to capture mini-movies with audio onto Memory Stick media up to the length of the media's capacity.  Video clips can either be captured directly onto Memory Stick media, or recorded on tape and later converted in-camera to MPEG1. These clips can be easily shared with friends as an e-mail attachment or included on Web sites and office presentations.

The DCR-PC105 model will be available in June for about $1,000.


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Anark Announces Anark Studio 2

Anark Corporation announced Anark Studio 2, the newest version of the company's multimedia authoring software. Building on the first version's visual quality, ease of use and ability to integrate interactivity, 3D and more, Anark Studio 2 answers the demands of multimedia innovators across the globe with a wealth of additional features and functionality.

Designed with a flexible workspace, drag and drop behaviors and industry standard timeline, Anark Studio 2 allows real-time compositing and integration of 3D, video, images, audio and interactivity. And now, with an even wider array of delivery options and cross-platform Anark Client, Anark Studio 2 allows users to create for both Macintosh OSX and Windows players, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, self-contained screensavers, video and Web.


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Key Digital Systems Introduces HDTV Switchers

Key Digital Systems, a leading developer of digital and HDTV technologies is now marketing a family of high performance HDTV switchers for professional home theater, retail and industrial applications.

Designed to meet the growing challenges of intra-brand and cross-platform connectivity faced by all industrial, retail and home theater customers, these KDS (Component, RGBHV) switchers can be used independently or in combination to maximize video performance. The KD-MSW8x3, KD-SW4x1 and award-winning Auto Switch KD-SW2x1 Switchers are part of Key Digital's growing line of state-of-the-art offerings enabling video customers the best possible A/V performance and connectivity at affordable pricing.

Key Digital Systems offers versatility with its new KD-MSW8x3 matrix switcher. Designed for flawless switching and distribution of up to 8 inputs of Component (YPrPb) and Audio (L, R, Digital PCM) or up to eight inputs of RGBHV and Digital Audio (L, R, digital PCM) to three independent video outputs, this powerhouse is the core of many retail and industrial designs. The KD-MSW8x3 accepts all SDTV and HDTV formats. For VGA switching, the KD-MSW8x3 supports resolutions up to 1920x1080p @ 60 Hz. As with all KDS products, front panel manual control buttons for each output ensures easy system management. An infrared remote and RS232 port allows connection to control systems such as Crestron, AMX, Panja, and Dataton. The KD-MWS8x3 is rack mountable (2U) and daisy chainable for input expansion.

Featuring switching for up to 4 inputs of Component (YPrPb) Video and Audio (L,R, digital PCM) or up to 4 inputs R,G,B,H,V plus digital PCM Audio, the KD-SW4x1 Flash 4 switcher is ideal for retail or industrial applications. Engineered to excellence with Key Digital Systems' signature attention to detail, the Flash 4 accepts any SDTV and HDTV formats including 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p,1080i/540p and 720p. For VGA hook-ups, the KD-Sw4x1 supports up to 1920x1080p @ 60Hz. Like its big brother KD-MSW8x3, the KD-Sw4x1 unit offers fingertip control via front panel operation, the convenience of infra Red remote control, and RS 232 port provides connection to and direct access control systems such as Crestron, AMX, Panja, and Dataton. In this case, all video inputs and outputs have female RCA cable connectors. Rack-mountable (1U) and daisy-chainable for installation convenience, the Flash 4 is a superb addition to any state-of-the-art home theater!

The KD-Sw2x1 AutoSwitch uses a unique and creative design to provide customers with access to just one HDTV monitor with Component (YPrPb) input the ability to view two separate sources of Component (YPrPb) Video from sources such as DVD players or Digital Set Top Box.

The KD-MSW8x3 lists for $1,599.00; the KD-SW4x1 at $599.00; and the KD-SW2x1 at $299.00. Customers wishing to purchase the KDS Family of Switchers (KD-MSW8x3/KD-SW4x1/KD-SW2x1)


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Kano Intros 200-Disc, Rack-Mountable DVD+RW Library

Kano Technologies introduced the first 200-disc, rack-mountable, DVD+RW library at the Storage World Conference 2003 in Anaheim, CA. The Kano X-Finiti Model RW200 features two-to-four Kano DVD+RW drives mounted in an exclusive BA-200 library system from Kubota Comps Corporation of Japan, a leading manufacturer of optical-storage libraries.

The X-Finiti brings DVD+ formats to the network storage environment. With current single-sided media, the X-Finiti's 200-disc configuration provides 940GB of data storage. However, its industrial-grade, robotic disc-changer-and-flipping mechanism is also compatible with future double-sided DVD+RW media, which will increase its capacity to 2TB.

The X-Finiti 200-disc libraries are scalable and, with a rack-mountable 7U chassis and SCSI-2 interface, up to three libraries can be daisy chained together. The X-Finiti will be available in June with a starting price of $8900.


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Intersil Unveils Differential Receiver/Equalizer for Video Over CAT-5 Cable Applications

Intersil Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacture of analog and wireless networking solutions, unveiled the first device in a new family of differential receivers/equalizers for video over CAT-5 cable applications. Intersil's Elantec EL9110 features 150 mHz of bandwidth at -3dB and consumes only 33mA from a 5-volt supply. The EL9110 is ideal for use in twisted-pair receiving, VGA over twisted-pair and security video applications.

The Elantec EL9110 is used in video switches that typically traverse 1000 feet of cable. The EL9110 contains a high-speed differential receiver with five programmable poles. The outputs of these pole blocks are summed into an output buffer. Equalization length is set with the voltage on a single pin. It also contains a tri-stateable output, enabling multiple devices to be used in a multiplexing application. Gain can be adjusted up or down by 6dB using the voltage gain control signal. An additional 6dB of gain can be switched in to provide a matched drive into a cable. The EL9110 operates over the full -40(degree)C to +85(degree)C temperature range.


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