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Streaming Media
May 27, 2003

Table of Contents

Canopus Launches MPEGPRO Real-time Encoding and DVD Authoring Solutions
NEC Europe Chooses Sonic MyDVD and CinePlayer for Recordable DVD Drives
Sigma DVD Decoder Chips Proliferate into a Widening Range of Advanced DVD Players
Clarity Provides Digital Displays to Verizon Network Operations Center
NewTek Announces Genesis Video Production System
Magix Announces Audio Cleaning Lab 2004
Primera Announces Software Developer's Kit and Network Software for its Bravo Disc Publisher
Media 100 Announces Shipments of 844/X Version 2 and XBLUR Effects

Canopus Launches MPEGPRO Real-time Encoding and DVD Authoring Solutions

Canopus Corporation has announced a new line of professional real-time MPEG encoding and DVD authoring solutions for DVD producers, multimedia professionals and video enthusiasts. The first products to be released in this series are the MPEGPRO MVR and the MPEGPRO EMR. Both products feature advanced pre-filtering and variable bit rate encoding capabilities to provide excellent quality MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video even at low bit rates, making it a solid solution for preparing video for CD, DVD or network transmission. While the MPEGPRO MVR is a PCI-based board, the MPEGPRO EMR is an external unit that connects to the computer through the USB-1 or USB-2 port and lets users create MPEG streams, even on a laptop computer.

Both MPEGPRO MVR and MPEGPRO EMR feature advanced image filtering, such as 3D digital noise reduction, 3D frame synchronizer, line time base corrector and 3D Y/C separation (NTSC only), to provide enhanced image quality. The MPEGPRO line supports both Main Profile at Main Level MPEG-2 (MP@ML) and I-frame-only encoding. When using MP@ML, the MPEGPRO MVR and MPEGPRO EMR deliver the high-quality video and audio MPEG-2 output required by today's video professionals. MP@ML features true IBP frame format, which provides the high-quality video at the low bandwidth. In addition, MPEGPRO MVR and MPEGPRO EMR's variable bitrate capability (from 1Mbps to 15Mbps) is one of the most effective techniques used to maintain video quality while reducing file size.

With composite and S-Video inputs, the MPEGPRO Series is scalable up to full-D1 resolution with NTSC and PAL format support. On the audio front, this series supports MPEG Layer 2 audio compression.

The MPEGPRO Series features the company's family of MPEG tools that provide powerful MPEG encoding and editing capabilities. Users encode MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files in real-time directly from DV and analog sources using Canopus's MediaCruise control software, which features an easy-to-use GUI for effortless capture and encoding. Canopus is also including MpegCutter, a handy MPEG-editing tool for basic editing tasks. In MPEGPRO EMR, MPEGExplorer for advanced desktop search and preview of MPEG files and MPEGRe-encoder for high-speed conversions of high-bitrate MPEG files to lower-bitrate files, is also included. The award-winning Ulead DVD Workshop SE is also included, bringing a rich palette of DVD authoring tools to MPEGPRO Series users.

MPEGPRO MVR and MPEGPRO EMR will be available this month through Canopus authorized dealers and system integrators for a suggested retail price of $499 each.


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NEC Europe Chooses Sonic MyDVD and CinePlayer for Recordable DVD Drives

Sonic Solutions announced that NEC Europe, a leading provider of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions, has selected Sonic MyDVD4 and Sonic CinePlayer 1.5 as the DVD creation and PC playback software to power their ND family of DVD recordable drive products. With MyDVD and CinePlayer, NEC MultiSpin DVD Writer ND-1100 and ND-1300 users are able to quickly and easily create and watch DVDs of their favorite home videos and photos with Hollywood-style motion menus, animated buttons, and high-quality DVD slideshows. And with OpenDVD(R) technology, the DVD projects they create can be re-edited later at any time to add and delete content and change menus.

NEC's MultiSpin DVD Writer ND-1100 is a 4X DVD-recordable drive supporting the DVD+R/RW format, and the new ND-1300 DVD-recordable drive is a quadruple-speed multi-format writer that supports both DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW, and gives users the freedom to choose which rewritable DVD format they want to use to create home movies, to record music or to store images and data. By using Sonic MyDVD, NEC MultiSpin DVD Writer users are able to create, archive and share home movies on DVD. With Sonic CinePlayer, users of the high-performance DVD R drives are assured the highest-quality PC playback of their DVD and Video CD titles.

(, (

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Sigma DVD Decoder Chips Proliferate into a Widening Range of Advanced DVD Players

Sigma Designs, a leader in digital media processors for consumer appliances, has announced that its EM8500 family of DVD decoder chips are now used worldwide by more than eleven manufacturers of advanced DVD players. These advanced DVD players turn Internet video content, based on MPEG-4 and DivX Video, into everyday television entertainment.

With MPEG-4, DivX Video and various music formats gaining popularity across the Internet, users can now enjoy a wide range of downloadable content directly from their DVD players. Driven primarily by increased compression efficiency, MPEG-4 is enabling providers to offer a new range of innovative video products and services over bandwidth-limited networks and low cost CD discs.

Sigma Designs' line of feature-rich, high quality, single chip DVD player solutions with MPEG-4 video decoding allows manufacturers to satisfy the growing consumer demand for cutting-edge multimedia technology. Sigma has also worked closely with DivXNetworks to enable playback support for all versions of DivX Video. Sigma Designs' EM8500 family represents the first DivX certified chipset available on the market.

More than eleven manufacturers have introduced advanced DVD players in the past six months based on Sigma's EM8500 family of decoder chips. The following manufacturers have announced products that are available today.

o  Cosmic Digital

o  Jamo

o  Kiss Technology

o  Link Concept

o  Lite-On IT

o  Momitsu

o  Mustek

o  Neuston

o  Shenzhen Skywood

o  V Inc

o  Xoro


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Clarity Provides Digital Displays to Verizon Network Operations Center

Clarity Visual Systems, Inc. a leading provider of Digital Visual Messaging (DVM) solutions, announced an installation of 67-inch Clarity Lion UXP Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Displays at the renovated Verizon Network Operations Center (NOC) in Arlington, Va.

The NOC has sixteen Clarity 67-inch AP/LCD Lion rear-projection units configured in two separate 4x2 walls connected to data center servers where all of the network elements report. On the screens, the displays show a variety of text and graphics that represent network elements, network topology and alarm systems. The rectangular NOC is a long narrow room, roughly 5,000 square feet, with workstations for 34 staff in three shifts around-the-clock. There is an adjacent training room and ‘war room' with video conferencing capabilities for emergency operations.

Both Clarity walls are viewable together and are divided by a set of world clocks and four television screens with cable and satellite feeds from CNN and The Weather Channel. The displays can accept input from the local area network and have VCR and DVD capability.


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NewTek Announces Genesis Video Production System

NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of 3D animation and video products, today announced Genesis, the first video production system designed from the ground up for the needs of worship service media production.  Drawing on NewTek's video and graphic production technologies, the needs of live production, editing and graphic creation are all addressed with a powerful turnkey solution designed for easy operation.

The Genesis system meets live-production needs for worship services with an 8-input switcher for cameras and video decks. Genesis also includes hundreds of effects, animated backgrounds, graphics, titles, fonts, and other elements that will give productions a professional polish.  Plus, Genesis is compatible with other graphics software, from Adobe Photoshop to Microsoft PowerPoint.  Genesis is versatile, with real-time video output of broadcast quality formats from Beta SP and D1 to DVCam and Mini-DV, as well as web-streaming.


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Magix Announces Audio Cleaning Lab 2004

Magix, a leader in Personal Rich Media software and technologies, announced the availability of Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2004, a restoration tool for cleaning, restoring, and burning vinyl, cassette, CD or MP3 music to CDs. Following the success of the Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3.0, Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 quickly removes hissing, crackling and scratches and from old recordings and makes it easy to add custom effects, record Internet radio or burn CDs with dimensional sound quality for a stereo surround-sound listening experience.

Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 is fully automatic with four wizards to make digital remastering and CD creation a snap: a Cleaning Wizard for removing noise; a Sound Optimizing Wizard for correcting volume fluctuation, enhancing the sound and adding effects; a Track Creation Wizard for partitioning each track; and a Burn Wizard for CD mastering and burning. Simply connect your stereo system or VHS player to your PC soundcard to import music from LPs, cassettes, and soundtracks from home movies or drag and drop your digital audio files directly into the software--the automatic wizards will do the rest.

Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 also features easy Internet radio recording with a programmable timer that ensures you'll never miss a show, a full-featured music jukebox, track fading for creating transitions between songs, and an Object Editor for applying realtime, non-destructive mastering effects.


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Primera Announces Software Developer's Kit and Network Software for its Bravo Disc Publisher

Primera Technology has announced its new PTBurn Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for its Bravo Disc Publisher. Also announced is a new low-cost network software package for Bravo based upon the PTBurn SDK.

The PTBurn SDK is a programmer's toolkit of text-based commands that control all functions of Bravo such as burning, printing and robotic movements. This allows programmers to integrate Bravo into a wide variety of customized disc publishing applications where unique data and disc face labeling is required in a "one-off" fashion. A few examples of applications that need this capability include medical and diagnostic imaging, on-demand music, audio and video, kiosks, and digital photo minilabs. These applications typically have their own front-end user interface and use Bravo as an output device.

The PTBurn SDK is available at no charge to qualified software developers and integration companies. A developer's application and agreement must be signed between Primera and the developer before code is released. A specification of API commands is available now. Actual code will be released on or about July 1, 2003.

Primera also announced today a version of PTBurn for disc publishing over a corporate network. The new PTBurn Network Software allows up to 5 users to send CD or DVD recording and print jobs to a Bravo remotely from client PCs. The software runs on virtually any server/client network under Windows 2000/XP and sells for $299.95. Additional 5-user license blocks are available for $299.95 each. There is no limit on the number of users that are able to send jobs over the network.

PTBurn Network includes a range of useful features such as job status, priority job queue management, type of disc (CD/DVD), multiple copies, replacement fields and more. Disc labeling software called SureThingT CD Labeler is built into PT Burn Network for designing disc faces that Bravo prints directly onto the surface of CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. It is anticipated that PTBurn Network will be shipping by mid-August 2003.


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Media 100 Announces Shipments of 844/X Version 2 and XBLUR Effects

Media 100 Inc., a leading provider of advanced media systems, today announced first customer shipment of the Finishing Release award-winning 844/X family of real-time vertical editing systems the industry's first real-time 10-bit 50-pixel Gaussian Blur capability.

The Finishing Release is the largest expansion of 844/X features since first shipments of the system began a year ago, and supports new toolsets for color correction, unlimited-layer compositing, editing and audio.  The new software also includes support for XBLUR, which the Company is delivering to customers one month earlier than initially announced.


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