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Streaming Media
May 30, 2003

Table of Contents

InterVideo Enhances WinDVD Recorder Software with Program Scheduling Features
Canto Releases Free Update to Cumulus HELIOS Companion
Plextor Introduces DVD+R/RW Drive with Dual Interface Releases ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.3
SmartSound Reduces Price of Music and Audio CDs
CFXHosting Develops Virtual Private Server for Macromedia Developers
IBM Introduces New eServer System
MicronPC Introduces the Millennia 920I Desktop Computer

InterVideo Enhances WinDVD Recorder Software with Program Scheduling Features

InterVideo, Inc. announced that Decisionmark's TitanTV EPG (Electronic Program Guide) has been integrated with the latest release of WinDVD Recorder. With TitanTV EPG, consumers can use key words to quickly locate the codes of  favorite television programs for scheduled viewing and recording. When combined  with WinDVD Recorder's Direct Recording technology, users can bypass their hard  drive and record the programs directly to a CD or DVD.  The ability to burn CDs  (VCDs and SVCDs) is also new with this release of WinDVD Recorder.

Real-time burning eliminates waiting while the video file is saved to the PC's hard drive, compressed and ultimately burned to a disc. With this feature and WinDVD Recorder's broad device support, consumers can record video captured from many sources--camcorder, DV camera, digital TV set-top box or VCR--directly to disc for immediate playback. The software can also be used to archive videos and to convert old home movies from VHS tapes to CD or DVD.

WinDVD Recorder incorporates the advanced features of WinDVD Platinum for broad  DVD playback capabilities and key features of WinDVR, a comprehensive program for viewing and recording TV broadcasts with a PC. By providing both recording  and playback functionality, WinDVD Recorder is a software replacement for a VCR.


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Canto Releases Free Update to Cumulus HELIOS Companion

Canto, a global leader in Digital Asset Management solutions, announced that Cumulus HELIOS Companion 1.0.1 is immediately available. Cumulus HELIOS Companion will automatically synchronize Cumulus catalogs and HELIOS EtherShare and PC Share volumes when users store new files or make changes to existing files in the HELIOS file system, thus maintaining a familiar user workflow and eliminating the need for manual cataloging. Cumulus HELIOS Companion is compatible with the Cumulus Workgroup and Enterprise Edition.

Cumulus HELIOS Companion 1.0.1 is a service update to the previous version. It will be offered with an improved ICC Profile support, so that users can choose the ICC Profiles in the HELIOS environment from a list while converting assets, for example, into other formats. Another innovation is the possibility to define the compression quality.

Furthermore, the new version is compatible with HELIOS Service Controller for centrally starting, stopping and monitoring all HELIOS services and also includes enhanced protocol functionalities, a more powerful and more stable synchronization functionality and improved EPS format support.

Cumulus HELIOS Companion 1.0.1 is immediately available. Updates and demo versions can be downloaded from the Canto website


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Plextor Introduces DVD+R/RW Drive with Dual Interface

Plextor Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of DVD and CD recording equipment, has announced the new PX-504UF DVD+R/RW drive.  The external DVD/CD burner delivers 4X DVD+R Writing, 2.4X DVD+RW Rewriting, and 12X max DVD-Reading; the versatile 6-in-1 drive also supports 16X CD writing, 10X CD rewriting, and 40X CD reading.

The PX-504UF DVD+R/RW drive features Plextor's first dual interface to support both Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and full-speed compliant IEEE-1394 FireWire for high-speed data transfer.  Now PlexWriter customers can share a single DVD/CD recorder among multiple Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows-based personal computer systems.  The new Plextor drive also bundles a package of premium digital media software from Roxio, including Easy CD Creator® 5.3 DVD Edition, and PhotoSuite® 5 SE and Toast 5 Lite.


Back to Contents... Releases ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.3

ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.3 is a universal multimedia CD creation tool with a wide spectrum of possible applications.  The program lets you create CD menus and shells, add images and sounds to create multimedia programs and interlink files (pages) between each other and the external sources, including the Internet.  

If you ever installed a program from a CD, you probably saw a menu that guided you through the process of installation.  Now, with ArtrixMedia Menu Studio 3.3 you can create your own autorun shells without any special knowledge. You can also create your own presentations, slide shows, photo/video/multimedia albums, educational courses, promotional and marketing materials.

ArtrixMedia Menu Studio 3.3 comes with a powerful set of features and options.  The program supports all major multimedia files formats - BMP, JPG, GIF (including animated GIF), ICO and WMF for image files, MP3, WAV, MID, AVI and MOV for audio and video files.  You can choose between a variety of buttons (including so-called "interactive buttons"), special effects and styles (including 3D) that come with the program.  You can even incorporate Web pages and Flash files in your presentation with this program.  Naturally, the application also runs external files, browses through external folders, and is capable of opening Internet links.

ArtrixMedia Menu Studio 3.3 is available for download for $39.95 for a home license and $49.95 for a commercial license.  


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SmartSound Reduces Price of Music and Audio CDs

SmartSound Software has announced a reduction in the price of CDs from its library of royalty-free audio content, making it more affordable for users to add new CDs to their existing collection of SmartSound music. The price of Professional CDs has been reduced from $129 to $99.95, and the price of Multimedia CDs has been reduced from $69 to $49.95.  Each CD contains approximately 15-20 pieces of original, royalty-free music. When used with SmartSound products such as Sonicfire Pro 3.0 and Movie Maestro, the user can create professional-quality soundtracks that add drama and punch to any visual media project.

SmartSound audio CDs are available for use with Movie Maestro and the new Sonicfire Pro 3.0, launched last month. Among the new features of Sonicfire Pro 3.0 is the ability to preview, purchase and download single audio tracks from the SmartSound library - even tracks they don't own - for immediate use. A 44k track can be purchased for $19.95, making a great option for users under a tight deadline or needing a special piece for a project.


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CFXHosting Develops Virtual Private Server for Macromedia Developers

Leading Macromedia hosting partner CFXHosting has launched a new, full-control Virtual Private Server hosting solution on a Windows platform designed specifically for the Macromedia developer. The CFX-Advanced VPS plan partitions each client on a server into an isolated area. Clients are given full control of their own operating system, gaining dedicated server control of their partitioned section of the server. Unlike traditional shared hosting environments in which many web sites fight for the server resources, each site remains independent of one another and is therefore not affected by the performance of other sites on the server.  

This hosting configuration is made possible by CFXHosting's proprietary software solution that allows multiples copies of operating systems to be run simultaneously on one server. Clients receive root-level server access - via telnet or terminal server -- which is identical to that given in a dedicated hosting environment. In addition to IIS or Apache access, clients have control over their own operating system, including remote rebooting capabilities, the freedom to install customer applications, and the ability to host additional web sites and web applications in their partitioned area.


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IBM Introduces New eServer System

IBM announced a new low-end IBM eServer system that offers 110 percent more performance at one-third lower cost than its predecessor, making it an attractive option for small- and medium-sized businesses. With this new system IBM now offers customers a complete range of servers from high-end to low-end with POWER4+ technology.

IBM integrated POWER4+ microprocessors at the high-end with the introduction of the IBM eServer pSeries 690 and p670, at the mid range with the eServer p655 and p650, at the low-end with the p630 and now with the new IBM eServer p615. This new IBM eServer system delivers a high-performing, low-cost, one-or two-processor.

As with all the POWER4+ servers, IBM offers support for AIX 5L, IBM's UNIX operating system, and Linux, bringing customers wide application support. According to HP, as of last month there are only about 300 applications available today running on Itanium.

Available in rack-mounted or deskside versions, the eServer p615 is an entry-level system ideal for small and medium size businesses or divisions of large enterprises. Customers can also cluster multiple systems together to perform dynamic and powerful applications for scientific research or data modeling.

Key features of the p615 include:

o  IBM's POWER4+ microprocessor. The POWER4+ microprocessor is a
"server on a chip" that contains two one-gigahertz-plus processors, a high-bandwidth system switch, a large memory cache and I/O.

o  Expanded Internal Storage. Containing over one terabyte of internal disk storage, the p615 has eight times as much disk storage capacity as the Sun V240 (1.17TB versus 144GB) and 2.6 times as much disk storage as the HP rx2600 (1.17TB versus 438GB). Ample storage capacity enables customers to run powerful applications without having to buy additional attached storage devices. Six PCI slots allow connectivity to a wide variety of other servers and devices.

o  Full Remote Operation. Information technology leaders and system administrators can manage the p615 remotely using a handheld wireless PDA or other wireless devices.

The new IBM eServer p615 has a starting price of $5,745.


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MicronPC Introduces the Millennia 920I Desktop Computer

MicronPC (MPC) announced the Millennia 920i, its most powerful desktop PC for small businesses and consumers.  This new system incorporates the Intel 875P chipset, which delivers increased performance.

The Intel 875P chipset incorporates Performance Acceleration Technology, which accelerates the speed of data between the processor and system memory, and Communications Streaming Architecture, which doubles networking bandwidth in conjunction with the Intel Pro 1000 Gigabit Ethernet controller.

The Millennia 920i replaces the Millennia 910i, which was the industry's first desktop to ship with Serial ATA RAID.  The 920i also features integrated Serial ATA RAID, which enables the striping of data across multiple hard disks to provide superior hard drive performance.

The 920i also incorporates a variety of enhanced system features, such as the Intel Pentium 4 processors with hyper-threading technology and an 800mHz system bus.  This high-speed system bus supports faster dual-channel DDR 400 memory, virtually doubling the bandwidth and improving overall system performance.


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