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Streaming Media
June 06, 2003

Table of Contents

Clarity Debuts WallNet Interactive Status and Monitoring Module
New InFocus Projector Provides Wireless Mobile Projection
Anark Ships Anark Studio 2
Sony Introduces New Server Software for Network Storage Player
InterVideo Unveils CD/DVD Duplication Software with Direct to Disc Recording
EZQuest Cobra FireWire 800/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Now Available
New Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center Upgrades PCs to Manage Home Entertainment
NEC Introduces two New Projectors

Clarity Debuts WallNet Interactive Status and Monitoring Module

Clarity Visual Systems, Inc. a leading provider of Digital Visual Messaging (DVM) solutions, announced WallNet, a device that uses standard Internet technologies combined with Clarity's RS-232 control capability to enable both interactive and automated monitoring of Clarity displays. WallNet is a hardware and software networked solution that enables both interactive and automated status and health monitoring of Clarity displays.

WallNet is a separately powered external device about the size of a deck of playing cards that monitors an entire wall or bank of Clarity displays. It features an intuitive Web browser interface for viewing the current status of displays from anywhere on a network. The browser interface is also used to configure automatic monitoring of the display system health using specialized software that monitors, detects and alerts operators of conditions that need attention. WallNet is available for the Clarity Bobcat II and Puma product families for $995.00 USD and will ship in July.


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New InFocus Projector Provides Wireless Mobile Projection

InFocus Corporation announced the DP1200x, the first wireless-ready personal projector. The DP1200x works with InFocus LiteShow, the new wireless solution that enables the easiest, most secure wireless projection. LiteShow provides the power of freedom and flexibility, enabling users to project anytime and anywhere. In addition, LiteShow minimizes equipment set-up and teardown and prevents lost or forgotten cables.

Weighing in at less than two pounds (0.9 kg), the DP1200x presents a sleek, narrow profile as thin as a paperback book in the shape of a boarding pass that was designed to fit into a briefcase along side a notebook computer, making it easy to stow and carry all in one bag.

InFocus delivers XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution, 1100 lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 16.7 million colors into the DP1200x. The projector can throw an image between 2.7" to 22.2' wide from distances of 1.5 to 5 meters. Using UHP BackMirror technology from Philips, the DP1200x is the first projector to include an innovative lamp system called UHP Micro Lamp allowing the smaller, more convenient size not typically found with projectors.  For more information, visit the InFocus Corporation web site at or contact the company toll-free at 800.294.6400 (U.S. and Canada) or 503.685.8888 worldwide.


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Anark Ships Anark Studio 2

Anark Corporation announced the immediate availability of Anark Studio 2. Based on Anark Studio's seamless integration of 3D, video, images, audio and interactivity, the newest version now offers a wide range of content delivery options in addition to new productivity features.  Featuring the new cross platform Anark Player and Anark Client, Anark Studio allows users to create for both Macintosh OSX and Windows, with applications such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, self-contained screensavers, Web, and now video.

Creative professionals involved in corporate presentations, training and learning applications, visualizations, product demonstrations, interactive marketing applications and more are adopting Anark Studio for its visual quality, ease of use and low deployment costs

Anark Studio 2 is available immediately and is priced at $995. Customers upgrading from previous versions can purchase the software for $149. Additionally, competitive upgrade and student pricing is available.


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Sony Introduces New Server Software for Network Storage Player

With the introduction of new BZNP-100 Version 2.0 server software for its NSP-100 Network Storage Player, Sony is now offering content and control of up to 100 NSP-100s's on a centralized system using FTP Push mode, or virtually an infinite number using Pull mode.

Other enhancements to Sony's IP-network appliance, which serves as "store and forward" system for audio, video, text and graphic files, include the use of multiple fonts for text content, network delivered upgrading of NSPs' firmware, a group function, scheduled distribution of content, and control and set-up of NSP-100's via a web browser.  Video files may also be ingested into the system in the DVCAM file format (i.e. AVI-DV with 1-frame of audio interleave.)  

Transmitted over IP networks, high-quality, customized multimedia content can be automatically stored onto the NSP-100's internal hard drive and played out as programmed and scheduled on a connected display device, including a Sony PlasmaPro  monitor, SuperSmart projector or television set.

Sony's BZNP-100 Server Software, Version 2.0, offers encoding, customized playlist creation and file transfer/distribution capabilities.  Designed to work on Windows XP and 2000 operating systems, the software quickly and easily converts digital video (DVCAM AVI files) bitmap graphic data and text files into the MPEG-2 format used by the NSP-100 player. Users can then follow the program's graphical user interface to create custom playlists, and then distribute the finished material with easy, drag-and-drop capability over private or public networks to the Network Storage Players.

The new software also permits preview of video and graphic materials, as well as video capture from a DVCAM camcorder via an i.LINKIEEE1394 digital interface to a PC.  It additionally offers the capability to ingest MPEG2 and video files with closed captioning, when files are prepared by a compatible encoder.

With the BZNP-100 Version 2.0 server software for the NSP-100 Network Storage Player, the new "pull mode" feature permits any number of NSP-100's to be used on a network system, making it ideal for point-of-sale and point-of-information applications, including retail, education, museums and attractions, hospitality, corporate communications and training.

A lightweight (just 2.2 pounds) unit about the size of a hardcover novel, the Network Storage Player features a 40GB hard disk drive offering nine hours of storage at 8Mbps (18 hours of storage at 4Mbps).  It displays high-quality MPEG-2 encoded video at bit rates of up to 9Mbps, as well as full-color bitmap (up to 24-bit RGB) images and scrollable text.

The unit is designed for use in small-, mid- and large-scale environments in which content is distributed to sites over a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or private network (PVN). It can be paired with a single display or for larger environments it can be connected to a corporate intranet or extranet as one of many units deployed throughout an enterprise to locations anywhere in the country or around the world.

In addition, the NSP-100 features an on-screen menu - accessible by controls on the box or the accompanying remote control - which offers ease of use comparable to a VCR.

Available now, Sony's NSP-100 Network Player and the BZNP-100 Version 2.0 software have suggested list prices of $1,995.


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InterVideo Unveils CD/DVD Duplication Software with Direct to Disc Recording

InterVideo, Inc. announced InterVideo DVD Copy, a fast and easy way to make true 1:1 copies of personal DVDs and CDs without any loss of quality. Equipped with InterVideo's UniPass technology, DVD Copy records in a single pass, rather than making the user wait while the video is buffered on the hard drive before
recording. InterVideo DVD Copy does not support copyingCSS-encrypted movies.

With DVD Copy's intuitive, single-screen interface, even a novice can create duplicates of their DVD movies in just three quick, easy steps. Users simply select the source, destination (CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R/RW/-RAM disc or hard drive) and video format (DVD, VCD, SVCD or DivX).

DVD Copy is available at InterVideo's web site,, with an MSRP of $59.95 and will soon be in leading retail stores. DVD Copy is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP systems.


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EZQuest Cobra FireWire 800/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Now Available

EZQuest's first FireWire 800 product - the Cobra FireWire 800 / USB 2.0 external hard drive - is available now. Because it has both a FireWire and a USB port, the drive can be used to transfer or back up files on both Mac and PC desktops.  With capacities up to 250GB, it is ideal for transferring and storing large amounts of data.

FireWire 800 allows data transfer as fast as 800mbs per second, the
equivalent of a CD full of data, every 10 seconds.  When two or more of our drives are striped together via FireWire 800, data transfer rates of up to 75MBs per second can be achieved.  This is more than twice as fast as FireWire 400 or USB 2.0.  In addition, FireWire 800 is capable of bursting data over 100-meter cables - twenty times as far as FireWire 400.  

The Cobra FireWire 800/USB 2.0 drive is housed in a light-gray, streamlined case that is fully shielded with 0.6mm metal.  It comes ready to use, and includes a built-in universal auto-switching power supply, a cable and software.  The Cobra drive is compatible with Mac OS 8.6, Mac OSX and WIN 98SE, as well as later Mac and WIN versions.  It is stackable and ships with Intech Hard Disk Speed Tools, a RAID level-0 striping software for Macs.  It is also compatible with the striping software that comes with Windows 2000. The new drive comes with a one-year warranty.  MSRPs are $299 for 120GB; $459 for 200GB and $589 for 250GB.

Cobra+ FireWire hard drives with Mac 400 ports are also available from


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New Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center Upgrades PCs to Manage Home Entertainment

Adaptec, Inc. announced the availability of VideOh! DVD Media Center, a comprehensive solution that enables consumers to convert their existing home PC into a media center.  With Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center, home-PC users can easily create, control, store and enjoy digital content, including TV shows,
home movies and photos. Users can choose television programs they want to watch from a free online programming guide, record, pause, rewind and replay live TV and edit and burn shows to high-quality DVDs or video CDs - using their existing PC.

Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center is a complete hardware and software solution, which includes a TV tuner, MPEG-2 hardware encoder, free access to an online programming guide, as well as software for personal video recording and full-resolution DVD or video-CD creation.  The solution is available in both a PCI-card and external version, which allows home-PC users to connect the device to their computers quickly and simply.

VideOh! DVD Media Center is a complete solution, which includes a
125-channel, cable-ready TV tuner and MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoding hardware.  The package also contains a remote control, audio/video cable and a complete version of the award-winning Sonic MyDVD software for editing and burning DVDs and video CDs.

Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center will be available in mid-June at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $199.99 (USB version) and $169.99 (PCI version) at leading retail stores, including Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry's and MicroCenter, as well as


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NEC Introduces two New Projectors

NEC Solutions (America), Inc. has introduced two new SXGA+ LCD projectors, as well as a new five-in-one unit.The GT6000 and GT6000R, the latest in NEC's GT Series line of large venue installation projectors. The new projectors are the industry's first LCD projectors to enable pixel-for-pixel display of SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) content, matching the resolution of many of the latest notebook computers for superior image quality. The GT6000R for rear screen applications is additionally the industry's first projector to ship with a usable lamp life of up to 9000 hours for less frequent lamp changes and decreased total cost of ownership.

With NEC's ImageExpress networking technology, the new projectors are easy to manage over a wired network via the integrated RJ45 jack or wireless/wired PC Card network connectivity.  Systems administrators can control and diagnose the projectors remotely from virtually anywhere, saving maintenance time and manpower.  They can also set up and receive email error notifications and give real-time cable-free presentations.  NEC's new
exclusive, 24 hour/7 day net.neighbor technical assistance line ensures that a knowledgeable networking technician is only a phone call away.

The GT6000 contains several technologies to give users the ultimate in customizability.  Its lens memory function controls lens attributes like zoom, focus and shift depending on input resolution and input selected for fast and easy source transitions.  With powered horizontal and vertical mechanical lens shift, users can maintain image quality when projecting from off-center screen installations, and when combined with NEC's exclusive 3D ReformT horizontal, vertical and diagonal keystone correction even greater installation flexibility is possible.

With two card slots offering the ability to add input/output cards as needs develop, the GT6000 offers superior upgradeability.  And NEC offers a variety of optional lenses and an extended-life lamp that can operate at a reduced brightness for up to 4500 hours of lamp life, making it easy to customize the projector for different applications as needs change.

The GT6000R offers users the perfect product for rear screen applications in critical display environments where the built-in redundancy inherent with the product's dual lamp design is a necessity.  It is designed for long-term operation in command and control environments and network operation centers and ships standard with two extended-life lamps for a usable lamp life of up to 9000 hours.

The GT6000's dual lamp design allow users to run both lamps for up to 5300 ANSI lumens of brightness or run one lamp and achieve up to 2700 ANSI lumens of brightness.   The GT6000R projects up to 2000 ANSI lumens with both lamps or up to 1000 ANSI lumens using a single lamp.  Both projectors offer extreme flexibility in aspect ratio control.  Users can even project 4:3 data on a 16:9 screen and fill the full 16:9 screen display with non-linear image management that maintains the normal look and feel of the information. Image quality is enhanced by NEC's exclusive SweetVisionT technology for enhanced interlaced processing and display, and by Faroudja DCDiT technology for film-like reproduction and elimination of video artifacts. NEC also incorporates its own exclusive 3D 10-bit video decoder to further expand contrast and enhance color and skin tone accuracy while reducing video noise.

The GT6000 will be available in June through NEC's nationwide network of channel partners.  Its suggested retail price is $18,995
or $19,995 with the GT20ZL lens included. The GT6000R will ship in
July for $22,995 bundled with the GT 10RLB short throw lens.

NEC alsointroduced the DT20, giving users the functionality of separate digital and overhead projectors in one product for streamlined hardware needs and increased convenience and space conservation.  The projector's integrated document camera also enables direct overhead projection of documents and 3D objects
for superior versatility in classroom, corporate training room, engineering, courtroom and law office applications.  The DT20 follows the DT100, the industry's first integrated five-in-one projector, as the next generation in NEC's DT Series line of multi-function projectors.

The projector's overhead projection feature uses a two-million-pixel
single-plate color CCD camera for high-resolution and realistic original color production.  Users can easily place documents, transparencies, or even 3D objects such as circuit boards, coins and lab objects onto the flat bed atop the DT20 and project the images onto the screen.  The projector's zoom capabilities allow fine text, circuit boards and other details to be easily enlarged without moving the projector, giving users the ability to adapt the
image size to their satisfaction.

The 16-lb. DT20 produces a bright 2800 lumens of light for vivid data and video images in courtroom, classroom, and conference room applications. Its AccuBlendT technology allows for projection of non-native resolution sources up to UXGA.

The DT20 will be available in June through NEC's nationwide network of channel partners with a suggested retail price of $6,195.


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