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Streaming Media
June 13, 2003

Table of Contents

Rimage Now Shipping Everest II CD/DVD Label Printers
Cyberlink Adds Direct-to-Disc Recording, DVD-Video Import in PowerProducer 2.0
Univenture Launches New Full Service Website
Leitch Bundles dpsVelocityQ NLE with Sonic ReelDVD Studio
Ulead Digital Media Software Included with Orange Micro's Next-Generation FireWire PCI Card
Faroudja Introduces New Digital Video Processors and Display Packages at Home Entertainment 2003 Show
I/OMagic Expands Its Data Storage Line-up With New CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive

Rimage Now Shipping Everest II CD/DVD Label Printers

Rimage Corporation announced it is now shipping Everest II, the next generation of its thermal retransfer CD and DVD label-printing technology. Everest II, which is available both as an automated and standalone printer, is the featured print technology on all of Rimage's automated Producer II CD/DVD publishers. Everest II includes professional-level CD and DVD label printing technology, with durable, full-color, photo-realistic, offset-quality printing. Rimage has also introduced several improvements in this version, including:

--  Cost Reduction: A 30% reduction in the cost of ribbons and the
availability of a wide range of low-cost Everest-compatible media options.
--  Speed: Full-coverage, full-color labels in less than 60 seconds.
--  Better Than Ever Output: Surpasses even the original Everest, with enhanced printing of solids, more vibrant colors, and increased clarity and crispness. Everest II provides
outstanding results again and again.
--  Full-color, full-coverage labels at less than $0.30 per print, compared to more than $0.40 before.
--  Monochrome Black and Grayscale images at around $0.10 per print.
--  CMY+W Ribbons, allowing advanced label printing with silk-screen effects, had per print costs formerly at $0.60, which have now been reduced to about $0.40.


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Pinnacle Systems, Inc. announced that it has begun shipping Liquid chrome, a new compositing and editing system that debuted at the 2003 National Association of Broadcasters convention. Pinnacle has also unveiled new configuration and pricing options for Liquid chrome, with a starting price of $14,995.

Liquid chrome enhances the complete line of Pinnacle Liquid networked editors, which includes Liquid blue for multi-format broadcast environments, Liquid chrome for real-time post settings where time and quality are at a premium, Liquid silver for MPEG-2 post editing, and Liquid purple for broadcast software-based DV editing applications.

Designed for professional post-production, Liquid chrome combines three Pinnacle components: Pinnacle Liquid editing software, the TARGA 3000 compositing engine, and the K2 single-chip 3D DVE-into a comprehensive and cost-effective turnkey editing solution. Liquid chrome features codecs for I-frame MPEG-2 4:2:2 up to 50 Mbps, uncompressed and DV25 video formats, as well as extensive real-time 2D and 3D DVE capability, four real-time video streams,  unlimited layering,
and Pinnacle Liquid's effects processing that renders complex, many-layered effects without interrupting workflow. Liquid chrome gives users a suite of creativity-enhancing
software including the TitleDeko Pro character generator, Commotion Pro image editing and compositing, Impression DVD Pro authoring, and Pinnacle Liquid CX color correction.

Customers can purchase a complete Pinnacle Liquid chrome turnkey system including the Pro Digital & Analog breakout box for $24,995.


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Cyberlink Adds Direct-to-Disc Recording, DVD-Video Import in PowerProducer 2.0

CyberLink Corporation, a developer of digital video software and e-learning solutions, has announced the release of PowerProducer 2.0, a full-step upgrade to its DVD authoring tool. Targeted at the consumer level, PowerProducer features a simple user interface and features the patented Smart Video Rendering Technology (SVRT) to speed up the rendering process so that only the edited parts of the video are rendered instead of the whole video length.

Aimed at consumers with digital still cameras and camcorders, PowerProducer 2.0 is designed to enable those consumers to store movies and photos on DVDs and CDs that can be shared on PCs or TVs.

New features in this version include:

-- Right-to-Disk Recording: to transfer DV files from digital camcorders  
into DVD movies directly without buffering to hard disk.  This feature  
greatly increases transfer times and reduces hard disk space.
-- DVD Video Import: support DVD-Video, DVD +/-VR and DVD play list to  
import videos.  Now users have the flexibility to import various video  
files from different sources as long as they are non-CSS movie titles.
-- Editable DVDs: the DVDs that users produce can be edited later to make  
new DVD titles. Allows users to work on new projects from existing work.
-- Disk Defragmentation: a helpful utility to collect empty spaces on a  
DVD disc to optimize disc space available on a DVD.
-- Direct DSC Support: to acquire images directly from digital cameras.
-- For the digital photo hobbyists, PowerProducer now features audio  
overlay and image transition effects allowing users to produce  
animated slide shows that can be viewed on the PC or TV.

PowerProducer will be released in May 2003.  It will also be available in various OEM versions to be bundled with hardware products.


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Univenture Launches New Full Service Website

Univenture, Inc. an international leader of media packaging solutions, has launched a new full-service Web site.  The Web site,, is designed to provide a wide selection of products to meet the diverse needs of its customers.
Web site visitors can now access the most popular products of Univenture's
large product line from an pull-down menu located at the top of each
page, including its Safety-Sleeve packages and UniKeep binders. The company also provides a variety of purchasing options, includingPaypal, from an online shopping cart with order tracking to printing and
faxing an order in.

(http:// )

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Leitch Bundles dpsVelocityQ NLE with Sonic ReelDVD Studio

Leitch Technology Corporation  and Sonic Solutions announced that Leitch's dpsVelocityQ non-linear editing systems will now include Sonic Solutions' ReelDVDStudio DVD authoring software.

The combination of dpsVelocityQ with Sonic ReelDVD gives non-linear
editors access to the advanced DVD creation capabilities of ReelDVD, which is built upon the same DVD formatting technology incorporated into Scenarist, Sonic's high-end professional authoring system. ReelDVD extendsthe limits of affordable, professional DVD creation by providing Dolby Digital audio transcoding, enhanced support for audio, and expanded subtitles in a simple user interface. DpsVelocityQ combines the dpsQuattrus multi-stream, real-time hardware with an enhanced version of dpsVelocity software to create a fully integrated, multi-layer NLE solution with an exceptional combination of real-time power, quality, and affordability. Features include real-time, full-quality playback of four
video streams, up to six graphics streams, and four channels of real-time
3D DVE, including perspectives and warps.

Sonic ReelDVD Studio is included with all new dpsVelocityQhardware/software bundles and fully integrated turnkey solutions purchased after April 1, 2003. Existing dpsVelocityQ owners can upgrade their currentSonic DVDit! SE to the retail version of ReelDVD at special pricingdirectly through the Sonic Solutions Web site (


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Ulead Digital Media Software Included with Orange Micro's Next-Generation FireWire PCI Card

Ulead Systems, Inc., a developer of video editing, image editing, and DVD authoring software, and Orange Micro, a developer of add-on cards for PC and Macintosh, announced that special editions of VideoStudio 7, video editing software, and Photo Explorer 8, digital media management software, are now shipping with Orange Micro's latest Orange Link FireWire 800/1394b PCI card. The FireWire 800/1394b represents the next generation of FireWire cards with double the connectivity speed of current Firewire 400 cards. VideoStudio 7 offers advanced, real-time preview and output technology that leverages the increased read and write speed of the FireWire 800/1394b. This technology enables consumers to see their video editing decisions immediately and output video in real-time to a DV camcorder.
VideoStudio 7 is also bundled with Orange Micro's popular OrangeCombo USB 2.0/FireWire Notebook Card, a portable card for laptop computers that provides the newest interface technologies, USB 2.0 and FireWire, on a single card. Ulead VideoStudio 7 is offered with a variety of other Orange Micro PC cards including: OrangeLink-FireWire Card for Notebooks, FireWire/Ethernet PCI Card, FireWire/USB 2.0 PCI Card, and the FireWire PCI Card. Photo Explorer is also currently bundled with Orange Micro's iBOT FireWire Webcam.

(, (

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Faroudja Introduces New Digital Video Processors and Display Packages at Home Entertainment 2003 Show

Faroudja, a division of Genesis Microchip Inc. and a leader in the development of video processing technologies for professional and home environments, demonstrated its Digital Video Processors and Digital Display Packages at the Home Entertainment 2003 Show in San Francisco.

Product introductions include:

NRS-DVI ($3,995)

The NRS-DVI is Faroudja's next-generation Native Rate Series processor that utilizes Faroudja's suite of video technologies to convert standard analog interlaced NTSC signals to high-bandwidth digital signals. The high-quality digital signals are sent from the processor to the display's Digital Video Interface (DVI) at the digital display's native resolution. Additional features include Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi) and 3:2 pull-down deinterlacing, TrueLife Enhancement, HDTV transcoding, DVI pass-through and RS232 control. The NRS-DVI outputs the following progressive scan rates: 852x480, 800x600, 1920x540, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x768, 1366x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1365x1024, and 1920x1080.

DVP1000 ($6,995)

The DVP1000 offers all the features available in the NRS-DVI with the addition of selectable rate output resolution and HDTV cross-conversion. HDTV cross-conversion converts 480p/720p/1080i HDTV sources to the display's native resolution for improved HDTV performance, bypassing the display's internal processing. The DVP1000 stores up to eight display "Profiles," allowing multiple displays to benefit from a single DVP1000 processor.

DVP2000 ($14,995)

The DVP2000 is a new processor featuring an internal DVD transport that yields 6.75mHz bandwidth performance, digital noise reduction, and a proprietary audio stage with AES/EBU outputs, enabling audiophile quality DVD and CD sound. SACD and DVD-A compatibility is also featured. The DVP2000 also outputs the same progressive scan rates as the DVP1000.

FDP-DLPHD10 ($14,500)

Optimized for Home Theater applications, this new DLP Projector employs the new HD-2 DLP microprocessor, which delivers 1280x720 resolution and native support for 720p, as well as a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio for HD capability. The projector's sealed light engine has been designed to improve black level and an 1800:1 contrast ratio, vibrant colors, and better light efficiency. Built directly into the projector, Faroudja's internal video processing includes advanced 3:2 film logic with edit detection, DCDi to eliminate the jagged edges seen on moving angled lines in video, and color enhancement.


This Projector Package consists of a three-panel D-ILA projector with 1365x1024 resolution, and higher-level color and grayscale reproduction capabilities. Optimization includes adjustments for gamma, gain, bias, black level, shading and pixel shift to heighten contrast ratio, black level, color reproduction, and accurate image sizing. A custom anamorphic lens is included to take full advantage of the DILA resolution and light output. The D-ILA projector packages are available at $44,995 with the NRS-DVI and $50,995 with the NRS-DCS.

(, (

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I/OMagic Expands Its Data Storage Line-up With New CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive

I/OMagic Corporation, a leading developer and marketer of data storage and digital entertainment devices, announced that it has expanded its product line-up with the launch of its latest combination device--the "CD-RW & DVD-ROM Combo" drive. The CD-RW & DVD-ROM Combo writes CD-R at 48X, rewrites CD-RW at 24X, reads CDs at 48X, and reads DVD at 16X. The "CD-RW & DVD-ROM Combo" allows for the creation of MP3, audio, video and data CDs, and the ability to watch movies on a user's home computer. The "CD-RW & DVD-ROM Combo" is Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98 and 95 plug 'n play-compatible.

The I/OMagic "CD-RW & DVD-ROM Combo" has an introductory price of $99.99 and is currently available in Circuit City stores.


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