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Streaming Media
June 20, 2003

Table of Contents

Pacific Digital Bundles Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Basic Integrated Software with its DVD+R/+RW Burners
InterVideo Releases Two New Versions of WinDVD 5; Adds Audio Booster and Centrino Packs.
CyberLink releases PowerDVD 5
Independent Filmmakers Get Distribution Support from CustomFlix New service helps filmmakers who independently publish gain audiences, promotion, and sales.
Self-Destructing DVDs Face a Breakdown with Consumers; 321 Studios Survey Reveals the Average DVD-Viewer Finds New Self-Destructing DVD Technology Unfavorable
Information Today, Inc. Announces Launch of Annual Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook
Sealed Air's Cryovac OS System Keeps New Flexplay DVD 'Oxygen Free'
DVD-RAM Recorders Capture 70% Consumer Marketshare in First Quarter

Pacific Digital Bundles Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Basic Integrated Software with its DVD+R/+RW Burners

Pacific Digital Corporation is now bundling Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Basic with its new DVD burners, beginning with the Pacific Digital 4x DVD+R/+RW Burner for PCs. Roxio's integrated software suite allows users to capture, edit, manage and burn music, data, photos and video onto a CD or DVD. In addition, the software supports +VR real-time capture and offers on-the-fly video recording for conversion of personal videos into DVDs.

Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 can also be used to back up all of a user's critical files to CD or DVD media. It includes disc-spanning that enables the user to make a file level back up of their entire hard drive across multiple CDs or DVDs. It can also retrieve an entire hard drive, a group of files, or an individual file from a multidisc archive.

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InterVideo Releases Two New Versions of WinDVD 5; Adds Audio Booster and Centrino Packs.

InterVideo, Inc. has announced the release of WinDVD 5, the latest version of its software for DVD playback on a PC. InterVideo has also unveiled two new add-on packs that enable users to customize WinDVD playback capabilities. The Audio Booster Pack enhances users' listening experience by delivering surround sound and increased user control. The Centrino Pack enables extended battery life when playing DVDs on Intel lower-powered laptop CPUs such as Centrino.

New capabilities now available with both WinDVD Gold 5 and WinDVD Platinum 5 include:

--  Movie Encyclopedia: A searchable database of movie facts that detects the DVD that is playing and shows information on the movie, actors, director, etc. Movie Encyclopedia also allows users to add information to the database as new titles become available or if a movie isn't in the system.
--  Hyper-threading Support: With optimizations for Intel's Hyper-threading technology, WinDVD customers can now watch DVDs while working on their computer or surfing the Web.
--  Enhanced Playback Features: Users can create their own playlists with audio tracks or video files from DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs and CDs. They can bookmark favorite DVDsand save them as a file (.bmk) that can be exported or archived, or grab a screen captureof a cool image and save it as wallpaper or email.

WinDVD Platinum 5 offers many features that are not included in the standard Gold edition. In addition to DivX support, gamma correction, and a host of video effects, WinDVD Platinum has advanced audio functionalities including Dolby Virtual Speaker Technology, a technology that replicates , 5.1 surround sound with only two speakers, and support for DSP Audio Effects, Dolby EX, Dolby Pro Logic II, and Dolby Headphone technology. With 96-kHz/24-bit audio decode support, WinDVD Platinum consumers can also enjoy high-quality audio.

New features that have been added to WinDVD Platinum 5 include:

--  Progressive De-interlacing: a state-of-the-art algorithm that creates a smooth, clear display of interlaced video content originally meant for the TV on a progressive device, such as a PC monitor, an LCD panel, or a plasma display.
--  Stackable Video Effects: WinDVD 5 offers a number of Video Effects to enhance the picture quality such as Sharpness and Cinema Effector that is designed to produce clearer video for better looking movies. And now, the image can be customized with the ability to apply multiple effects simultaneously.
--  Optimized Display Presets for a TV/LCD/Monitor/Projector: WinDVD offers display settings for different viewing scenarios that can make the display more appealing.
In addition to the new Movie Encyclopedia database and support for Hyper-threading and bookmarks, WinDVD Gold 5 now includes many of the high-end features that were previously only available with WinDVD Platinum. These features include:

--  Consolidated Browser: Helps users keep track of captured images and favorite bookmarks
--  LanguageMate: An edutainment feature that helps users learn a new language while they're watching their favorite movies
--  Video Docking: Lets users dock the GUI to the toolbar for an unobstructed view while watching a DVD
--  Windows Media Audio (WMA) Format Support
--  Full TV Color Adjustments: Features designed to make adjusting picture brightness and contrast easy and intuitive

Audio Booster Pack

With InterVideo's new Audio Booster Pack, both Gold and Platinum WinDVD 5 users can create a customized home theater experience with advanced technologies such as SRS TruSurround XT. In addition to delivering virtual surround sound over just two speakers or headphones, TruSurround XT includes SRS TruBass for a more theater-like bass response, and SRS Dialog Clarity for crisper, clearer dialog. TruSurround XT also creates 3D audio from mono and stereo material.

Centrino Pack

InterVideo's new Centrino Pack is designed to help users extend the battery life and playback time of mobile PCs featuring Intel's new Centrino technology and other Intel laptop CPUs.

WinDVD Gold 5 has a suggested list price of $49.95. For a limited time, InterVideo is offering WinDVD Platinum 5 with a special introductory offer of only $79.95 -- a savings of $20.00 off the suggested list price.   The Audio Booster Pack for enhancing WinDVD Gold's 2-channel audio has a suggested list price of $24.95. The Centrino Pack for enhanced battery life and playback on lower-powered CPUs such as Centrino has a suggested list price of $39.95.


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CyberLink releases PowerDVD 5

CyberLink Corp., a developer of digital video software and e-learning solutions, announced the release of PowerDVD 5.

PowerDVD 5 features several video and audio technologies designed to enrich the DVD experience on the PC. These new technologies include:

CyberLink Eagle Vision Technology (CLEV): PowerDVD 5 addresses image quality issues with LCD monitors with its new CLEV technology that automatically adjusts a scene's colors and contrasts to enhance the video image sharpness and detail. The same technology can be applied to CRT monitors, as well.

CyberLink PanoVision Technology (CLPV): Widescreen LCDs are gaining popularity, but still some embrace letterbox screens. No matter which format the user prefers, PowerDVD 5's CLPV technology adopts a non-linear stretching approach to playback 4:3 movies in wide-screen modes without distorting major portions of the scenes. Also, PowerDVD 5 features an optional cropping technique to totally remove image distortions.

CyberLink Multi-Channel Environment Impression (CLMEI): CLMEI is a proprietary technology which can take any two-channel encoded audio track and decode it in multi-channel audio. With this technology, users with multi-speaker systems can playback 2-channel encoded audio tracks (such as MP3s or audio CDs) in multi-channel virtual surround.


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Independent Filmmakers Get Distribution Support from CustomFlix New service helps filmmakers who independently publish gain audiences, promotion, and sales.

CustomFlix, pioneers of on-demand DVD-Video publishing, have announced a new service developed specifically for independent film and video makers looking to find their audience.  The CustomFlix Online Promotion program, available immediately to CustomFlix members, provides a process for film and videomakers to reach broad audiences worldwide to promote and sell their workdirectly to consumers.  With each new CustomFlix membership, a videoproducer or indie filmmaker automatically has his or her work made available toglobal audiences via the major Internet selling sites, including Amazon, eBay,Yahoo!Stores, and Froogle.  In addition, their programs are included in the CustomFlix Video Shop, a new online store at

In addition to the integration with online commerce sites, the CustomFlix VideoShop provides a new online storefront for independent film and video makers tosell directly to interested viewers. Based on  a growing catalog of titles,the CustomFlix Video Shop enables buyers to purchase films and videos from awide range of genres.  Titles are grouped by category to simplify the purchasingexperience with select videos being featured in product spotlights.  Examples ofcategories include Aviation and Space, Biography, Military History, Health,Feature Film, Film Festival, Music, Sports, and Videography.  

Titles from film and video makers who are CustomFlix members are automatically included in the Online Promotion Program as well as the CustomFlix Video Shop. Title set-up costs start at $49.95.


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Self-Destructing DVDs Face a Breakdown with Consumers; 321 Studios Survey Reveals the Average DVD-Viewer Finds New Self-Destructing DVD Technology Unfavorable

In a survey released  by 321 Studios, makers of DVD copying software, 76 percent of respondents stated that they would not be interested in renting a self-destructing DVD. This survey was conducted in response to the recent reports that Flexplay and The Walt Disney Co. home video unit, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, will launch a DVD rental program this August that makes DVDs unreadable after 48 hours.

The 321 Studios survey asked consumers, "Would you consider renting a self-destructive DVD?" 3,839 respondents answered no. The results of the survey demonstrate that consumers are not only uninterested in the rental of impermanent home entertainment technology, they find the concept unfavorable to their rights as consumers.

In addition, consumers are displeased with the negative environmental impact of these products. The creation of these non-recyclable, one-use products will create unnecessary landfill waste or release harmful toxins into the air when trash is incinerated. Environmental experts agree that self-destructing DVDs are extremely harmful to the environment. Instead of producing a disc that would be used when rented by 50 to 100 persons, the resources and energy used to create that disc will be multiplied by 50 or 100 times. Consumers that rent DVDs - like the 5,051 respondents that participated in the survey overwhelmingly prefer to either to purchase or rent traditional DVDs.

Survey results include:

--  76 percent (3,839 respondents) of DVD users surveyed stated that they would not be interested in renting a self-destructing DVD.
--  15 percent (758 respondents) replied that they would rent a self-destructing DVD only if the price were low.
--  Nine percent (454 respondents) stated that they would consider renting a self-destructing DVD.


321 Studios administered a national survey targeting consumers that have Internet access. This survey was conducted with the purpose of uncovering information from consumers about DVD replacement. Industry studies by design involve small samples of participants for exploratory research purposes. This survey was administered on 321 Studios' Web site and via an opt-in option. The survey garnered participation from 5,5051 unique visitors to the 321 Studios Web site.

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Information Today, Inc. Announces Launch of Annual Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook

Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced the launch of the Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook, a new annual publication for technology managers and executive decision makers who are implementing rich media within their organizations. The Sourcebook, appearing in print in December 2003, will reach 25,000 qualified recipients in key market segments that are rapidly adopting rich media technology including enterprise, government, education, e-learning, and media and entertainment verticals. The Sourcebook will blend a comprehensive directory of solution provider companies with highly practical articles on choosing, installing, and justifying a streaming initiative. The tightly edited publication will examine vertical market case studies; business and technology ROI; future-proof buying decisions; emerging, scalable standards for video and audio streaming; and more.

"Streaming media technology continues to play a vital role in enabling corporations to increase the profitability, efficiency, and productivity of their business. The 2004 Sourcebook will provide the knowledge and real-world business examples corporations need to implement streaming media technology and solutions within their organization," said Dan Rayburn, executive vice president, Streaming Media, Inc. "Until now there has been no go-to guide outlining the technical and business know-how so desperately needed."

Mark Fritz, contributing editor to EMedia and former conference chair for the V2B Conference & Expo, will edit the Sourcebook. "A cross between a magazine and a book, this volume will fill an information gap," said Fritz. "It will offer business information, technical information, and a definitive directory of streaming hardware and software. We intend the Sourcebook to be the Readers' Digest of Streaming Media and therefore a must-have for anyone interested in applying this technology."

Adam Pemberton, publisher of EMedia, The Digital Studio Magazine, said the Sourcebook will "help advertisers reach qualified enterprise buyers through a media mix that includes Web, exhibiting, and print. Our research shows a positive interest in a higher-circulation printed annual. Our large Web audience allows us to develop a qualified subscriber base for the Sourcebook, and our on-staff editorial knowledge of digital media and streaming promises a quality product."

Cover priced at $20 U.S. the Sourcebook will be free to U.S. and Canadian subscribers who register before September 1, 2003. Register to receive a free copy by visiting: Free listings in the directory can be submitted at


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Sealed Air's Cryovac OS System Keeps New Flexplay DVD 'Oxygen Free'

Sealed Air Corporation reported that Cryovac OS System packaging has been selected by Flexplay Technologies, Inc. for that company's upcoming introduction of the Flexplay-enabled DVD, which has a 48-hour viewing window that begins when the disc is removed from its package.

Once exposed to air, an oxidation reaction begins that renders the Flexplay DVD unplayable after the specified viewing period elapses. Sealed Air has been working with Flexplay Technologies, Inc. for several years developing a specialized package.

The core technology of Cryovac OS Systems is a proprietary polymer in a multi-layer film. The scavenger is part of the packaging film and invisible to the naked eye, giving consumers a clear view of the product. Cryovac OS Films are initiated "on demand" by the customer on a patented ultraviolet light-triggering system developed by Sealed Air. Originally developed to protect perishable foods, the technology behind Cryovac OS Films can be adapted easily to preserve many oxygen-sensitive non-food products like the Flexplay DVD.


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DVD-RAM Recorders Capture 70% Consumer Marketshare in First Quarter

As sales of recordable DVD products continue to skyrocket, feature-rich, standalone consumer (set-top) recorders based on the DVD-RAM format are leading the way, having captured 70.2 percent of the U.S. DVD consumer recorder market in the first three months of 2003, according to market information company The NPD Group.

In the past year, sales of consumer DVD recorders have grown almost tenfold and DVD-RAM recorders accounted for 62.8 percent of standalone consumer recorders sold between October 2001 and March 2003.  According to the Recordable DVD Council, such figures confirm that DVD-RAM continues to be the format of choice for consumer DVD recorders.

DVD-RAM technology makes a wide variety of unique features possible, such as on-disc editing and "Chasing Playback," that allows users to begin recording an entire movie or TV show and then later start watching the program from the beginning, as the balance of the program is being recorded.  Equally as important, the format's defect management and error correction system allows users to more readily record on and read discs with scratches and fingerprints.  The format's high-speed, random access read and write capabilities similarly allow the recorders to manage the vast amounts of data required by today's digital

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