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Streaming Media
July 15, 2003

Table of Contents

Verbatim ships Thermal-Printable 4X DVD-R Media and expands Digital Vinyl CD-R line with Inkjet-Printable 50-disc Spindles
Canopus Announces Support for Adobe Premiere Pro in DVStorm2
Disc Makers Set To Unveil Its MacElite Automated CD and DVD Duplication and Printing Systems
Philips Introduces bCool Series of Compact Ultra-Portable Projectors
Proview Announces Licensing Agreement With Xerox
Panasonic Introduces Set-Top DVD Recorder With 120GB Hard Drive
SAI releases GreatVideo! v2.0 Recordable DVD-Video File Converter for Apple Mac OS X
Minnetonka Audio Announces SurCode for Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoder Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro

Verbatim ships Thermal-Printable 4X DVD-R Media and expands Digital Vinyl CD-R line with Inkjet-Printable 50-disc Spindles

Verbatim Corporation is now shipping its new DataLifePlus Thermal-Printable 4X DVD-R media.  The printable DVD-R discs offer the same 4.7GB capacity and 1-4X write speed found in Verbatim's DataLifePlus DVD-Recordable media, but the new media also provides a surface coating that allows full compatibility with leading thermal printers, including the Rimage Everest printer.  Verbatim Thermal-Printable DVD-R discs provide the feature most requested by consumers, businesses and professionals: an unobstructed surface that allows them to print photos and artwork on the entire disc surface.

Verbatim Thermal-Printable 4X DVD-R discs have a blank white thermal, scratch-resistant surface coating that was specially formulated by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Verbatim's parent company.  The proprietary surface coating optimizes thermal printing for crisp, clear reproduction of graphics, text and logos with outstanding contrast and brilliant colors.

At 4X speed, an entire 4.7GB DVD-R disc can be recorded in about 15 minutes.  The DVD-R format also offers broad compatibility—it can be played back by most of the DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players in use today.  Verbatim DataLifePlus Thermal-Printable 4X DVD-R for general media has a price of $3.99 per disc.

Verbatim Corporation announced it is shipping a new inkjet-printable version in convenient, 50-disc spindles.  Like the original discs, these 80min/700MB CDs combine reliability and high performance with the look and feel of a 45-rpm record—complete with vinyl-like grooves.  In addition, the Inkjet Printable Digital Vinyl CD-Rs have a coated label area compatible for printing using inkjet CD printers.

Verbatim Printable Digital Vinyl CD-Rs provide professionals and businesses with a high-quality solution for personalizing and distributing music, video or marketing CDs that are unique and memorable.  Musicians and recording studios can create their own CDs for demo recordings, concert sales and promotions.  Replication houses, filmmakers, and photographers can use them to create distinctive-looking discs for distribution.   Businesses can use them to make product demonstrations and catalogs that are noticeably different.

Verbatim manufactures the new Printable  Digital Vinyl CD-Rs with a specially formulated inkjet printable coating that allows the ink to adhere to the surface.  The new Printable Digital Vinyl CD-Rs feature Verbatim's patented blue azo recording dye technology, which provides recording stability and resistance to UV irradiation.  To protect against scratches that can damage or destroy data, the disc's reflective layer is safeguarded with Verbatim's special dual-protective layer.  The price for a 50-pack spindle is $49.99.


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Canopus Announces Support for Adobe Premiere Pro in DVStorm2

Canopus Corporation has announced support for Adobe Premiere Pro with its DVStorm2 and DVRaptor RT2 real-time editing solutions. In addition to the advanced features found in Adobe Premiere Pro, including a streamlined interface, multiple nestable timelines, and powerful new audio controls, Canopus NLE customers will continue to enjoy the render-free editing capabilities promised with DVStorm2 and DVRaptor RT2. Both feature Canopus's hardware DV codec chip that relieves the system's CPU from Adobe Premiere Pro's software-based DV renderer, leaving more CPU power available for realtime effects processing.
DVStorm2 and DVRaptor RT2 deliver real-time capabilities, according to Canopus, including simultaneous render-free DV and analog video output, five simultaneous real-time video tracks in DVStorm and three in DVRaptor RT2, unlimited simultaneous real-time title and graphics layers, real-time video filters, real-time audio filters, and real-time 2D and 3D transition groups, alongwith full YUV 4:2:2 editing and processing.
Canopus will offer Adobe Premiere Pro as a software bundle option to DVStorm2 and DVRaptor RT2 later this summer.

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Disc Makers Set To Unveil Its MacElite Automated CD and DVD Duplication and Printing Systems

Disc Makers, a manufacturer of CD and DVD duplication systems, will unveil its new line of Macintosh OS X compatible CD and DVD duplication and printing systems at the MacWorld CreativePro Conference and Expo in New York this July.

The MacElites feature an interface that allows users to design disc-label artwork, copy CDs and DVDs, and archive images of frequently copied titles to their hard drive. The systems include a 2400dpi inkjet disc printer, and are available in configurations ranging from one to four CD-R or DVD-R drives. The multi-drive configurations allow MacElite systems to provide substantially higher throughput per hour than single disc systems. Depending on the model selected, the MacElite comes equipped with a 125 or 200-disc input capacity.

MacElite duplicators connect to a G4 Mac via FireWire and are field-upgradable to additional or faster drives. Prices for the one-drive MacElite1 start at $3,990. Disc Makers backs up all MacElite systems with a three-year warranty on the robotics and one year on the drives and other components.


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Philips Introduces bCool Series of Compact Ultra-Portable Projectors

Philips has introduced its bCool Series ultra-portable projectors, designed to make mobile presentations easier and more powerful.The bCool Series includes two models: the bCool XG1 offers XGA native resolution and weighs 3.5 lbs. The bCool SV1 provides SVGA native resolution and weighs 4.2 lbs. Both units use the latest DLP technology and miniature 180-watt high-efficiency lamps to achieve a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and deliver 1,700 and 1,400 ANSI Lumens, respectively.

The bCool projectors utilize an ultra-miniature DLP light engine to achieve unprecedented levels of light output. Precise optical components provide image definition beyond what is possible with typical compact projectors. For situations where full projection power is not needed, Philips offers its exclusive SmartDimmer feature that also extends lamp life.

Smaller and lighter than many laptop computers, the bCool Series projectors are built to withstand heavy wear, according to Philips, with a rugged magnesium alloy case. The bCool projectors come with a padded, soft carrying bag and cable pouch.

The Philips bCool Series features a wide choice of video and data inputs, including composite video, S-video, component video, RGB data (D15 VGA compatible), as well as DVD-D and USB inputs. Philips' SmartSet auto-alignment system and highly intuitive menus are designed to make set-up fast and easy, even for the novice user. A zoom lens provides additional flexibility for changing screen sizes in varying room conditions. In addition, the bCool series features Philips' exclusive PAS (Philips Air System) and SmartDimmer that work in unison to reduce audible noise to 33dB for the bCool XG1 and 32dB for the bCool SV1. The projectors also feature Digital Zoom, Digital Freeze, Digital Keystone Correction, and Picture in Picture.

The Philips bCool series features a 180-watt short arc, high-efficiency lamp that is end-user replaceable. Under normal usage mode, the average lamp life of the bCool series is 1,500 hours, but this can be extended to 2,000 hours in SmartDimmer mode. Lamp life is conserved with the special SmartSave feature that automatically switches the projector off when not in use. Additionally, the projectors are backed by a three-year limited warranty covering parts and labor.  The bCool XG1 projector will be available in August and will retail for $3,650. The bCool SV1 projector will be available in September with a retail price of $2,250.


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Proview Announces Licensing Agreement With Xerox

Proview Technology, Inc., has announced a trademark licensing agreement with Xerox Corporation to develop, sell, and distribute Xerox-branded LCD ultra-thin flat-screen monitors.  The Proview designed and manufactured Xerox LCD monitors will provide crystal-clear images, vibrant colors and reliable performance. Common features include plug-and-play and wall-mounting capabilities, fast video response, one-touch automatic adjustment, high contrast ratios, and intuitive user controls.  Three models are offered, and all are PC and Mac-compatible.

The Proview Xerox-brand monitors are available immediately in the U.S. at selected office retailers, catalogers, and through valued-added resellers. The units will be in European markets this summer.


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Panasonic Introduces Set-Top DVD Recorder With 120GB Hard Drive

Panasonic has introduced the DMR-E100H, a new set-top DVD recorder with a built-in 120GB hard drive as the newest member of its "DIGA" line. The DMR-E100H gives consumers the option of recording on either DVD-RAM or DVD-R discs or storing up to 160 hours of video on its hard disk drive. The DMR-E100H is designed to enable users to compile personal movie libraries or for archiving, preserving, cataloging and enjoying family videos. The new model can be used for storing and playing back digital video and photos from a compatible digital video camcorder/camera with an SD Memory Card slot or PCMCIA slot.

The DMR-E100H will be available in August at an MSRP of $1199.95.  One touted DMR-E100H feature is that it can record MPEG-4 image data at the same time it is recording MPEG-2 data to the hard disk. The DMR-E100H can also transfer MPEG data to an SD Memory Card at high speeds for storage or for use in other devices. For example, you could transfer a recorded TV program from the DMR-E100H to an SD Memory Card and then use a compatible digital video camcorder/camera to view the program away from the home. In addition, MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 data recorded by such devices can be transferred to the DMR-E100H via an SD Memory Card for editing or storage on the hard disk. The DMR-E100H can also convert MPEG-2 data to MPEG-4 and copy it onto an SD Memory Card in a single step.

One touch of a button is all it takes to record data from the DMR-E100H's hard disk drive to a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc at high speeds. Recording from a DVD-RAM disc to the DMR-E100H hard disk drive is also possible.

The DMR-E100H lets users view a previously recorded program onto a DVD-RAM disc or the hard disk drive while simultaneously recording a different program. With Chasing Playback, users can also view the recorded portion of a live program, from the beginning, while continuing to record that program until its completion. The Time Slip feature also allows viewers to replay a scene recorded 30 seconds earlier without disrupting the recording process, simply by touching a button on the remote.

Auto Renewal Recording, a PVR-like function, lets users automatically record a favorite show every day or every week onto the hard disk or DVD-RAM disc.

Users can also create original videos on DVD with the DMR-E100H. Using the DV input terminal and DV cable, images can be recorded from a digital camcorder directly to the hard disk drive or a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc. To make editing easier, the DV Automatic Recording mode creates a playlist, which consists of a sequence of thumbnail still images each representing a different scene.

Thumbnail display of contents is also possible for recording to a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc. Since each scene is displayed with a thumbnail image, users can select the sequence of scenes they want to play back.

The DMR-E100H also features Progressive Scan, which ensures optimum picture quality when viewing DVD movies.

The DVD video recording technology used in the DMR-E100H complies with the DVD-RAM recording formats standardized by the DVD Forum. DVD-RAM provides a single format for computer and video-based applications. The format offers high storage capacity on removable media, high-speed data transmission, exceptional picture and sound quality, fast random-access memory, and rewritability up to 100,000 times.


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SAI releases GreatVideo! v2.0 Recordable DVD-Video File Converter for Apple Mac OS X

Software Architects, Inc., a supplier of disk drive utilities that use the Universal Disk Format (UDF), has announced its release of GreatVideo! DVD Video File Converter v2.0 for Apple PowerMac systems running OS X.

GreatVideo! provides everything you need to download, convert, and use video files recorded from consumer DVD video recorders and camcorders on an Apple computer system. DVD video recorders record live video to the VR file format (a slightly different format than the DVD-Video format that is incompatible with the Apple UDF reader). The VR format is specified by the DVD Forum for video recording on consumer recordable DVD devices.

GreatVideo! can mount, read and copy recordable VR-formatted DVD discs on a Mac system, and convert the contents to QuickTime video formats for editing, authoring, and mastering on a Mac system.  The software is compatible with all Apple editing and QuickTime-compatible third-party editing software.

GreatVideo! provides consumers with three functions:
o Input of recorded DVD video to Mac OS systems
o Conversion  from the VR format to more usable video formats using QuickTime
o Output of video and audio files by recording DVD video discs that are playable on consumer DVD video players, on all types of recordable DVD devices and media.

GreatVideo! performs "drag & drop" conversion of VR format DVD video files to 21 industry-standard video file formats, including Sorenson, Motion JPEG, and Intel Indeo Video, plus many more. The software uses QuickTime as a conversion platform to convert files to traditional video formats readable by most popular video editing, authoring and playing software, including Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.  Advanced features include selecting the compression rate, number of key frames per second, bit rate, and color as allowed by specific video formats.  Great Video! supports all types of recordable DVD drives, including DVD-RAM/R, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and the DVD "Multi" combination drives. It also supports writing out data files with the same "drag & drop" interface.  Price: $99.95 US. Available July 2003


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Minnetonka Audio Announces SurCode for Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoder Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro

Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. has announced the latest addition to the SurCode professional software encoder product line, SurCode for Dolby Digital, a 5.1 surround Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoder plug-in built into the new Adobe Premiere Pro digital video editor. SurCode for Dolby Digital is included as a Trial Version encoder that is tightly integrated into the Adobe Premiere Pro Media Encoder. Now both MPEG-2 video and AC-3 surround (or stereo) audio can be encoded and multiplexed simultaneously within Adobe's latest release of its flagship non-linear editor.

The release of Adobe Premiere Pro with SurCode for Dolby Digital enables video and audio editors seamless access to the full set of professional Dolby Digital encoder options. For the first time, 5.1 Dolby Digital for DVD authoring can be encoded directly within the surround mixing environment featured in Adobe Premiere Pro.  SurCode for Dolby Digital information and activation ($295) is available at

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