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Streaming Media
July 18, 2003

Table of Contents

Plextor Releases Dual Format Drive
Atmel Introduces Dual-Output Laser Diode Driver ICs
DPS Now Shipping Dual Format Dual Interface DVD Burner With DDR
Kano Adds Fast FireWire 800 to SureVAULT Plug-and-Play RAID-5 Storage for PC and Mac
Sampo Launches New DVD Recorder
3ware Launches Second Generation Performance-Driven Serial ATA RAID Controllers
Granite Digital Announces 1394B (FireWire 800) Ultra Fast GOLD Cables
Formac unveils new 19.0" LCD

Plextor Releases Dual Format Drive

Plextor is expanding its range with its first Dual Format drive: PX-708UF, which writes DVDs at 8X and rewrites at 4X using the DVD plus format. With the DVD minus format, this drive writes at 4X and rewrites at 2X.  The PX-708UF reads DVD-ROMs at 12X. The PX-708UF comes in external version with a Tray load mechanism.  The Retail package includes: PX-708UF (DVD Recorder), USB cable, IEEE (FireWire) cable, power cable, adapter, Plextor CD/DVD Utility Software (PlexTools Professional), Nero 5.5 and InCD recording software, Pinnacle Studio 8 software, PowerDVD software, 16-language manual.

The PX-708UF is supported by a two-year on-site collect & return guarantee by Plextor, by which any inconveniences resulting from a defect are reduced to a minimum. The firmware is stored in FlashROM which makes it possible to upgrade to the latest version. CD TEXT is also completely supported.  With the PX-708UF, the user has a product for creating own home videos, back-ups, composition of photograph collections, saving music...
PX-708UF Benefits

* Writing DVD+R: 8X
*           DVD-R: 4X
*           CD-R: 40X
* Rewriting DVD+RW: 4X
*              DVD-RW: 2X
*              CD-RW: 24X
* Reading DVD-ROM: 12X
*            CD-ROM: 40x
* Buffer Underrun Proof Technology
* VariRec Technology
* PoweRec Technology (Plextor Optimised Writing Error Reduction Control)
* Supports Lossless Linking (DVD+R/RW)
* Zero Link (DVD-R/RW)
* Supports Background Formatting
* Access Time <100 ms for cd; 150 ms for dvd
* 2MB Buffer
* E-IDE (ATAPI) interface
* Compatible with:
Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
* MultiRead Compatible


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Atmel Introduces Dual-Output Laser Diode Driver ICs

Atmel Corporation announced the availability of its smallest dual-output laser diode driver ICs for the next generation of combined DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW and CD-R/RW end products. The new devices ATR0807 and ATR0808 extend Atmel's family of dual-output laser diode drivers.

The ATR0807 and the ATR0808 are three-channel laser diode driver ICs with two selectable outputs. The two identical outputs can either be used for DVD- or CD-RW laser diodes. Each of them supports currents up to 500 mA. Rise and fall times are lower than 0.8 ns. This allows the development of DVD/CD drives with write speeds of 4-8X for DVD and up to 52X for CD.

These are Atmel's first such products in extra-small 4 mm x 4 mm QFN16 packages for space-saving applications, which makes them the first choice for the new DVD+/-R/+/-RW and CD-R/RW super combo drives that integrate re-writeable DVD and CD drive in one device.

Due to their architecture, the ATR0807/ ATR0808 can also be used for all other applications supporting two different laser diodes. All current DVD standards like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW are supported.  The input impedance of the ATR0807 is 500 Ohm, whereas it is 200 Ohm for the ATR0808.

Samples of the ATR0807/ ATR0808 in QFN16 (4 mm x 4 mm x 0.9 mm) packages are available now. SSO16-packaged versions for low-cost HH drive applications, either Pb-free or in legacy package, are also available. Pricing for both SSO16 and QFN16 versions start at $2.60.


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DPS Now Shipping Dual Format Dual Interface DVD Burner With DDR

Digital Peripheral Solutions Inc. (DPS) announced it is shipping its new Que! DVD 2i dual format dual interface drive with direct-to-disk recording (DDR).

The external DVD burner offers IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 interfaces and supports DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, CD-R, and CD-RW formats for PC and Macintosh.

The Que! DVD 2i with DDR enables anyone using a digital camera or camcorder to record directly to DVD media in real-time without saving images onto the computer hard disk drive. This innovation in DVD authoring software eliminates the need to transfer video from the camcorder to the hard disk then to the burner.

The Que! DVD 2i makes it easy for anyone to produce high-quality DVD videos, photos and audio files as well as data backup and storage. It delivers write speeds of 4X for DVD+R and -R, 2X for DVD-RW, 2.4X for DVD+RW, 16X for CD-R and 10X for CD-RW. In addition, the drive comes bundled with software for PC and Mac, all cables and a universal power supply. It weighs only 3.6 lbs.

The Que! DVD 2i dual format dual interface drive is currently available through Ingram Micro, at Fry's Electronics and via catalog at PC/Mac Warehouse, PC/MAC Mall and PC/Mac Zone and J&R; Music. MSRP is $299.99.


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Kano Adds Fast FireWire 800 to SureVAULT Plug-and-Play RAID-5 Storage for PC and Mac

Kano Technologies has brought the speed of FireWire 800 to its SureVAULT 800 RAID-5 desktop storage systems. The fast FireWire 800 connection allows users more flexibility and throughput over traditional FireWire 400 devices.

SureVAULT 800 is hot-pluggable and is immediately recognized by Mac OS X and Windows XP, without the need for additional software. With FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connections, the SureVAULT 800 can work with virtually any Mac or PC.

The SureVAULT 800 RAID-5 system stripes data to three IDE hard disk drives simultaneously. The system is portable and very easy to install. It uses hot-swappable drive bays and provides RAID's fast, secure and reliable performance.

In case of drive failure, SureVAULT automatically switches operations to the remaining drives, and gives a visual and audible alert. Without shutting down the desktop, the user can hot-swap drives from the RAID array. SureVAULT immediately and automatically rebuilds the data while the user continues to access and write files to SureVAULT.

All Kano products feature custom-designed industrial enclosures that minimize vibrations and dust infiltration. Each chassis has high-volume, low-noise fan ventilation, specially engineered to maintain the optimum operating temperature for maximum drive life and dependability. All enclosures are CE-certified and UL-approved.

SureVAULT 800 RAID-5 systems are available in storage capacities that range from 360GB to 850GB. The SureVAULT system measures 4.75-inches high, 9.5-inches wide and 12.75-inches deep. It weighs 14.5 pounds. The MSRP starts at $2199 for the SureVAULT 800 360GB system.


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Sampo Launches New DVD Recorder

Taiwan-based Sampo Corporation announced the launch of its new DVD Recorder, the DV-R1, made ready for the mass market by Cirrus Logic Inc.'s DVD recorder integrated silicon/software reference platform. With an expected sub-$500 retail price, the DV-R1 will be available in retail outlets in the U.S., Taiwan and Europe later this month.  Based upon Cirrus' flagship CS98200 DVD processor and CS92288 MPEG audio/video (A/V) codec, the DVD recording platform provides Sampo with a complete audio, video and software solution that is now ready for mass-market delivery.

Cirrus' CS92288 MPEG A/V encoding solution provides high-quality video recording over a wide range of bitrates, enabling consumers to enjoy up to six hours of high-quality content on DVD recordable media while retaining compatibility with the installed base of DVD players. The Cirrus' CS98200 DVD Processor supports such capabilities as DVD-Audio and MPEG-4 simple profile support. In addition, the Cirrus platform enables Sampo to integrate IEEE-1394 functionality and supports Kodak Picture CD, and MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) audio formats. The Sampo DVD recorder also leverages Cirrus' audio expertise by incorporating the CS5333 analog-to-digital converter and the CS4362 digital-to-analog converter.


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3ware Launches Second Generation Performance-Driven Serial ATA RAID Controllers

3ware Inc., a provider of high-capacity, switched Serial ATA (SATA) RAID storage solutions, announced the availability of its second generation SATA RAID controllers -- the Escalade 8506 series, and sixth generation Parallel RAID controllers -- the Escalade 7506 series. Building on 3ware's field-tested technology, StorSwitch, the Escalade series now features 64-bit/66MHz PCI bus support for enterprise-ready system performance. Four, eight and twelve port configurations are now shipping to system builders, VARs and OEMs, providing up to three terabytes of reliable, affordable RAID storage per controller.

The Escalade series offers critical features such as multiple RAID level support, device driver support, and remote management utilities. In addition, it now offers 64-bit/66MHz PCI support, enabling faster data transfer rates for overall increased system performance for applications such as high-density server, NAS, video, nearline backup and archival.

The 7506 and 8506 series are based on 3ware's unique non-blocking switched architecture called StorSwitch, which eliminates performance bottlenecks found in traditional bus-based architectures. It improves system performance by enabling the controller simultaneous access to all drives. 3ware also offers its own web browser-based disk management utility, 3DM, which allows remote management and monitoring of disks.

3ware 8506 Series Serial ATA RAID controllers and 7506 Parallel ATA RAID controllers are now available worldwide through authorized 3ware distributors. All products ship in kit form with the required software, manuals and cables.


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Granite Digital Announces 1394B (FireWire 800) Ultra Fast GOLD Cables

Granite Digital, a manufacturer of 1394 ‘FireWire' storage  solutions and cables, announced it's support for the new IEEE  1394B (FireWire 800).  Granite now has a complete line of over 30 different styles and lengths to select from, that support this new faster 1394B standard.

Granite has designed this new FireVue line of cables with speed and reliability in mind.  Using high quality insulating materials, 30u of gold on its contacts and extra filtering noise and crosstalk.

Granite models include:

o 9 pin (1394B) to 4 pin (1394A) from 3' to 32' in length
o 9 pin (1394B) to 6 pin (1394A) from 3' to 32' in length
o 9 pin (1394B) to 9 pin (1394B) from 8" to 32' in length
o 9 pin (1394B) to 9 pin (1394B)  Snap-Ins from 4" to 18" in length

Granite's FireVue Snap-Ins allow for the upgrade of existing RAID/JBOD enclosures to the new FireWire 800 specification.  These snap-in cables replace existing FireWire 400 or SCSI Cables and upgrades existing storage systems to this new higher speed standard.


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Formac unveils new 19.0" LCD

Formac Electronic Inc., a manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced visualization solutions, announced the Gallery 1900 OX, a new flat panel display with 19.0" viewable screen and SXGA resolution of 1,280x1,024.  The latest member of Formac's LCD line displays the identical digital information of a standard 17" SXGA LCD on a 25% larger screen area, which is beneficial for text intensive applications such as word processing, web browsers, databases and spreadsheets.  Featuring a 5:4 screen ratio, the physical screen size of the Gallery 1900 is comparable to a 20" wide-screen LCD.  The ultra-slim bezel design makes the Gallery 1900 OX ideal for dual-monitor environments often used in financial, medical, call  center, or other office applications.  To deliver a superior picture quality with vivid colors and smooth video playback, the new display incorporates Formac's proprietary ColorProof VA technology.  Unique benefits of this technology include an ultra-wide conical viewing angle and industry-leading performance for contrast ratio, brightness and pixel response.  The Gallery 1900 OX comes with a DVI or ADC interface, and is Macintosh and PC compatible.

In addition to its increased image size, the new Gallery 1900 OX incorporates Formac's proprietary ColorProof VA technology with
brightness (250 cd/m2) and contrast ratio (500:1), producing razor-sharp images with vivid colors. The display's conical viewing angle technology minimizes color-shift and eliminates  gray-scale inversion at extreme viewing angles.  Video applications will benefit from the pixel response time of 25ms, delivering smooth full-motion digital video playback, and eliminating the ghosting effect often found on flat panel displays.

Formac's Gallery 1900 OX comes with Formac's Display Connector (FDC), combining USB, power and DVI in one cable to minimize cable clutter on the desktop. The display features an integrated two-port powered USB hub at the backside for plug-and-play connections to peripherals

The design of the new Gallery 1900 OX is based on the Gallery 1740, Formac's 17.4" LCD.  Featuring the identical ultra-slim desktop footprint, the Gallery 1900 OX uses a slim-bezel design to incorporate the increased viewing area.  The new bezel design makes the Gallery 1900 OX the perfect display for dual-monitor environments.

The Formac Gallery 1900 OX is available immediately through Formac Certified Resellers and Shop Formac. The display has an estimated retail price of U.S. $799.


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