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Streaming Media
July 25, 2003

Table of Contents

Rimage Adds Endeavor to the Producer II Line
NewTek Introduces VT[3], Integrated Production Suite
Artbeats Takes You Through the Seasons and into the Country
Discreet to Unveil New Product at SIGGRAPH 2003
EZQuest Shipping Boa FireWire and USB 4X DVD+RW/-RW External Drives
Enterprise Offers Serial ATA RAID with 4 Terabyte Capacities in 3U chassis
3Dlabs Demonstrates OpenGL Shading Language
CyberLink to Introduce Disc Defragmentation for DVD Media In PowerProducer 2

Rimage Adds Endeavor to the Producer II Line

Rimage Corporation announced the addition of the new Endeavor CD/DVD Publisher to its Producer II line of products.  Endeavor was designed specifically to give front office and lower volume environments exactly what they need by combining many of the strengths the Producer family is known for-power and reliability, indelible, full-color off-set quality label printing, networkability, and software-with several new features geared toward offices and other  environments with low-volume needs-a 5-tray disc collator, easy front loading 50-disc input tray, and a small footprint (only 9 inches wide).  Endeavor provides the maximum in flexibility for environments where individual needs vary, but high-quality output is required.

The Rimage Producer Family has long been known for its robust, high-volume production capabilities.  Endeavor was created to bring many of those features into the front office, such as:
· Networkability - each unit sits on your network, just like an office  laser printer, allowing networked users to submit jobs and produce CDs  or DVDs right from their own desks.
· Rimage's powerful Producer Software Suite, featuring the QuickDisc user interface (for PC or Mac), our CD Designer label editing software, and advanced disc publishing capabilities.
· Everest II label printer for full-color photographic quality CD and DVD label printing. Recognizing that, though offices may have certain high-level requirements, they would also have specialized needs, several features specific for the office market were added, including:
· A remarkably small footprint - its width a mere 9 inches - because office space is valuable.
· Flexibility - users can collate (for individual and custom jobs) or duplicate (for short runs of exact copies), according to the needs of  their job.  A 5-tray disc collator sorts and organizes individual jobs, and a 75-disc output bin handles short run duplication.
· Easy front-loading 50-disc input holder.

This automated solution is capable of recording and printing up to 55 discs per hour.  Each unit ships standard with the Everest II thermal retransfer label printer for full-color, offset quality labels that won't scratch or fade.  The self-contained robotic system makes for no hassle operation, and is conveniently equipped with a front access door that swings open for quick reloading of discs.  Endeavor is available now, with configurations starting at $9,995.


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NewTek Introduces VT[3], Integrated Production Suite

NewTek, Inc., announced the official shipment of VT[3], an integrated production suite that provides a comprehensive toolset for all professional video production needs from network broadcast to web streaming.  VT[3] provides real-time layering and effects for video and graphics in virtually any input standard or file format and operates internally in uncompressed D1 component video.  NewTek's VT[3] includes integrated timeline and storyboard editing, paint, 3D modeling and animation, titling, keying, and live-switching.  Live production capabilities include live switching of DV cameras and decks connected via the host system's Firewire ports, as well as switching of 8 component, 8 Y/C or 24 composite sources (or combinations of the three types) with the SX-8 option.  Any of the hundreds of DVEs supplied with the software may be applied to live sources, as well as titling and graphics from the integrated character generator as a downstream key. On the post production side, in VT-Edit the number of layers and effects that can be applied to clips is limited only by the power of the host system.  VT[3] includes full 3D control of the position, rotation and scaling of layers, with soft and colored borders,  cropping, shadows and many other parameters available.  VT-Edit also allows full control of all animateable parameters.  For both live and post production, VT[3] offers component, Y/C, composite or optional SDI  output, as well as web-streaming.

VT[3] offers built-in integration for a wide range of popular tools for film and television visual effects, including Digital Fusion, After  Effects, combustion, 3ds max, and more.  VT[3]'s built-in frame buffer output support for these applications provides artists with instant feedback on what their shots, graphics elements, and composites will look like at broadcast time.   In addition, VT[3] includes a new VT Project Codec that lets any application that supports AVI files use VT project files with no conversion or rendering, allowing VT[3] to integrate into virtually any production pipeline.

VT[3] New Features include:
- Mix and match any combination of uncompressed, compressed and DV,  play resulting project in real-time, instantly
- Full 3D control of layer position and rotation, with shadow, color correction and other effects
- Spline-based control of all parameters in VT-Edit allows virtually  every characteristic of a project to be animated
- VT-Edit Project Codec allows use of VT-Edit projects in any  application that supports AVI files, without rendering or conversion
- Default file format is AVI file for storing project data. This works fully with the VT-Edit Project Codec, placing VT-Edit project data  into the AVI file.
- Enhanced DV Support
- DV cameras attached to the system are automatically patched into the Switcher
- Native DV playback using an optimized codec and native YUV decompression and compression.
- DV is recorded directly, without decompression/recompression
- Record analog sources to compressed DV in real-time
- Unlimited number of attached DV devices supported
- DV deck control
- VT-Vision onscreen monitors can be color calibrated to match reference video monitors
- Over 100 new VT-Script commands
- Import and export of EDL (Grass Valley, CMX, Sony, Excel) in VT-DDR and VT-Edit
- Batch Capture with frame-accurate capture, Recapture, Print-to-Tape
- Character Generator - Fully redesigned with major interface and workflow improvements
- Complete justification, alignment, ruler, grid and guide snapping  tools
- Flexible layering and grouping controls
- New gradient editor and gradients bin
- Details View within Storyboard, allowing you to enter project settings in a spreadsheet-like mode.
- Tool Shed - Provides a common plug-in environment to offer high  level tools and save user settings (grouped in Tool ChestTMs) for VT-Edit.
- Zebra stripes for 75IRE and illegal video
- Auto Calibration for 75IRE bars, 100IRE bars and video pass-through mode (requires optional SX-8)
- Interactive graph of all the animateable variables of the currently
selected clip.

VT[3] is available now in North America, priced at $2995.  Registered VT[2] owners may purchase an upgrade to  VT[3] software for $595.


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Artbeats Takes You Through the Seasons and into the Country

Artbeats announced the release of several new collections at SIGGRAPH 2003. From fall foliage and winter wonderlands to covered bridges and picturesque farmlands, Artbeats' latest collections include a wide array of images suitable for any project. Artbeats' new titles include Country Scenics (V-Line), Establishments - Country, Farmland Scenics, Summer and Fall Scenics (V-Line), Winter and Spring Scenics (V-Line) and Dreamlight 2. Artbeats will showcase its newest products and dozens of other collections at SIGGRAPH 2003, booth number 3337.  Artbeats footage is available in HD-1920X1080, D1 NTSC-720X486 or D1 PAL-720X576 resolution. All imagery is broadcast resolution or higher and has exceptional artistic and technical quality.

Artbeats' new collections include:

Country Scenics (V-Line)
This product will include various beauty shots of the countryside shot on video. See timelapse skyscapes over open fields, picturesque farmlands and other rural landscapes.

Establishments -Country
Covered bridges, beauty shots of rural America and many patriotic displays of American pride make up this exquisite collection. This is one compilation that is sure to warm your heart.

Farmland Scenics
Experience the beauty of a Sunday drive in the country! This collection features many different types of barns both old and new along with various pastoral scenes. A high definition version of selected clips will also be available.

Summer & Fall Scenics (V-Line)
Twenty-two captivating scenics of nature's glory during the summer and fall months all shot on video.

Winter & Spring Scenics (V-Line)
This collection features both the intensity of a winter wonderland and the magnificence of spring in the rural countryside.

Dreamlight 2
Contains new ethereal textures, light effects and evolving filaments in the tradition of Dreamlight 1. This second set offers a new look that will make it a great companion to Dreamlight 1!

All standard and high-definition products are licensed royalty-free for all uses including broadcast, feature film, multimedia and Internet.  The files are delivered in Apple QuickTime format encoded with Photo JPEG  at a high quality setting and frame rate of 30fps. The footage is largely sourced from 35mm film and most Artbeats titles are available in NTSC  or PAL format for Macintosh and Windows. High-definition versions are available where noted. Pricing for Artbeats NTSC and PAL collections range from USD $229-$699 and HD collections range from  $799-$899.


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Discreet to Unveil New Product at SIGGRAPH 2003

Discreet, a division of Autodesk Inc., announced its major product and program initiatives for SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego (July 29th - 31st), the annual international conference for professionals in 2D and 3D graphics and multimedia design.  Discreet will unveil new product, and showcase recent releases of its broad range of 3D, visual effects, and streaming media solutions used in feature films, broadcast commercials, and multimedia delivery.

Discreet will announce a new product for the 3D sector on the opening day of SIGGRAPH. Discreet's core animation products 3ds max and character studio software for modeling, character animation, and rendering will be demonstrated utilizing project work from high-profile games, design visualization, and film effects customers.

Discreet will demo combustion 2.1, the latest version of its desktop 3D compositing, effects, and vector paint software. Discreet's combustion software has been used in a range of feature films, television commercials, and programs.  Discreet and 3Dlabs will offer free hands-on Discreet combustion 2.1 training classes at the 3Dlabs booth #2814, with topics including 'An Introduction to combustion', 'combustion for 3D Animations', and 'combustion for After Effects Artists'.  

Discreet will feature demonstrations of its flame 8 visual effects and compositing system-presented by some of the industry's most talented visual effects artists from Industrial Light + Magic (Terminator 3 and The Hulk) and Rhinoceros-cutting-edge commercial projects.  In addition, Discreet will show its flame system on the new SGI Tezro visual workstation in private demos.


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EZQuest Shipping Boa FireWire and USB 4X DVD+RW/-RW External Drives

EZQuest is shipping its new Boa FireWire and USB 2.0 4x DVD+RW/-RW external drives.  The drives are compatible with DVD+, DVD- and all CD media - and they are complete solutions for creating video, photo and music discs, and for backing up and archiving data.  The FireWire version comes with Pixela IMX authoring software for encoding iMovies to MPEG 2 and burning DVDs, and Charismac software for burning CDs and DVDs.  The USB 2.0 version comes with Sonic MyDVD Video & CD Burning Suite for authoring DVD movies, and burning DVDs and CDs.  Both versions include Retrospect Express software for scheduling automatic backups.  The drives are available now in the U.S. at an MSRP of $299.

The Boa dual-format drives write to DVD+R and DVD-R media at 4x; DVD+RW and DVD-RW at 2x; CD-R at 16x; and CD-RW at 8x speeds - and they read DVD-ROM at 12x and CD-ROM at 32x speeds.  The FireWire version is compatible with Mac OS 9.1 and 10.1.2 or later; the USB 2.0 version is compatible with WIN 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP.  Both drives have a one-year warranty.


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Enterprise Offers Serial ATA RAID with 4 Terabyte Capacities in 3U chassis

Dynamic Network Factory, announced the Enterprise 16000 Serial ATA RAID.  This 3U subsystem integrates the performance and cost benefits of Serial ATA with the connectivity and existing user base of SCSI.  The Enterprise 16000 Serial ATA RAID is equipped with a Serial ATA-to-Ultra160 SCSI RAID controller to offer fault-tolerant data protection with capacities of 576GB to 4TB.

Enterprise 16000 Serial ATA RAID arrays are storage subsystems for mission critical and high bandwidth applications.  Purpose-built for high volume, fail-safe data storage applications, the Enterprise 16000 Serial ATA RAID sets new standards in its class. It features a backplane design for sixteen hot-swappable Serial ATA disk drives, N+1 load sharing power supplies with PFC, pure aluminum case and components, and specially designed airflow passages.

The array controller is 100% transparent to the host operating system and requires no custom drivers.  The full-featured data protection subsystem supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, and JBOD. Available with either 7,200 or 10,000 RPM Serial ATA drives, the cache of the ENTERPRISE 16000 SERIAL ATA RAID can be upgraded from 128MB to 512MB.  

An environmental monitoring unit ensures system reliability of the Enterprise 16000 Serial ATA RAID.  The environmental monitoring unit monitors the internal environment of the disk enclosure such as power supplies, temperature, voltage and cooling fans.  It not only tracks the enclosure temperature, but also monitors individual disk temperatures as well.  If any irregularity in these systems occurs, the monitoring unit alerts the administrator with an audible alarm, by fax and pager.

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3Dlabs Demonstrates OpenGL Shading Language

3Dlabs Inc., Ltd., announced it will demonstrate the newly announced OpenGL Shading Language running on a Wildcat VP990 Pro graphics accelerator and integrated with the RenderMonkey shader development tool suite at SIGGRAPH '03 (July 29-July 30) in San Diego, California. Also in 3Dlabs' booth (#2814) four leading software vendors will offer SIGGRAPH visitors the opportunity to hone their skills on 3D software design applications in a classroom setting. 3Dlabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.  3Dlabs is shipping a preliminary implementation of the OpenGL Shading Language, which was ratified by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board as an official extension to OpenGL 1.5 and is expected to form the foundation of the upcoming OpenGL 2.0 standard. 3Dlabs will demo the RenderMonkey shader development tool suite with integrated support for OpenGL Shading Language shader development and powered by its Wildcat VP  family of graphics accelerators. In collaboration with ATI Technologies, Inc., both companies plan to release RenderMonkey with OpenGL Shading Language support within three months.

In addition to its product demonstrations, 3Dlabs extends an open invitation to software developers, animators, and content creators to participate in 3D software training sessions in its SIGGRAPH exhibit. Based on the booth theme, ‘Works Well Together', 18 training systems will be equipped with 3Dlabs Wildcat VP990 Pro graphics accelerators and loaded with 3D software programs from Alias, Discreet, Pandromeda, and SideEffects. There will also be a special demonstration from Luxology. A drawing for a free Wildcat VP990 Pro graphics accelerator packed with 512 MB of onboard memory will be held after every session.


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CyberLink to Introduce Disc Defragmentation for DVD Media In PowerProducer 2

CyberLink Corp. has introduced disc a defragmentation utility, which moves all of the content on a DVD to one location so that the total free space on the disc is available for burning video. This utility is currently available in PowerProducer 2.

The disc defragmentation feature supports editable disc format on DVD +/- RW and has data reading efficiency, maximizes free space usage and smoothens playback quality.
PowerProducer 2, an easy-to-use software for producing Movies and Photos on DVDs and CDs. Targeted at the consumer level, PowerProducer is a wizard-style software and features an intuitive user interface includes SVRT, Smart Video Rendering Technology, to speed up the rendering process and keep
the original quality, Disc Defragmentation to optimize disk space, Editable DVDs function to allow users to work on new projects from existing work, Right-to-Disc Recording and Direct DSC support to convert files directly from digital camcorders/digital cameras to DVDs without buffering to hard disk.

( )

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