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Streaming Media
August 01, 2003

Table of Contents

NewSoft Introduces Presto! VideoWorks Platinum Video Editing and DVD Authoring Software
Plextor Supports Leading DVD Format Standards with New Dual DVD±R/RW Drive
NewTek Previews LightWave 3D [8] at SIGGRAPH 2003
ADS Tech Scores a Triple Play with Instant DVD Family
Globalstor Expands Features of TransPro II
'RAM-Compatible' Logo and Compatibility Working Group Established
Discreet Unveils 3ds max 6
TEAC America Introduces 4X DVD+/-R/RW Dual Desktop DVD-Recorder Drive

NewSoft Introduces Presto! VideoWorks Platinum Video Editing and DVD Authoring Software

NewSoft announced the release of Presto! VideoWorks Platinum, a complete video editing and DVD authoring suite that now includes an IEEE 1394a FireWire (i.Link) card. Featuring Direct MPEG-2, Presto! VideoWorks Platinum gives the user the ability to encode directly from a DV camcorder into MPEG II in real time. Using Direct MPEG-2, users will no longer need to deal with large AVI files or have long waits while rendering or re-rendering.  Presto! VideoWorks Platinum is now available with an MSRP of $84.95.

Using Presto! VideoWorks Platinum, users can turn their computers into multimedia production stations for creating movies or slide shows with a menu, animated titles, zoom, text, and chroma effects.  Users can delete unwanted scenes, combine separate video clips and even add transitions to make the change from one clip to the next appear more natural.  Also included is Presto! DVD Composer, which allows users to transform memories into DVDs and VCDs to play on in a home theater.

Presto! DVD Composer can also be used as an independent software package that allows users to capture from footage from a DVD camcorder or digital camera.  Once captured the content can then be styled to include background, menu, text and coloring. Once complete it can then be burned onto a DVD or VCD.


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Plextor Supports Leading DVD Format Standards with New Dual DVD±R/RW Drive

Bridging the gap between the two leading DVD recordable format standards, Plextor Corp., announced its first ever drive to burn DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and CD-R/RW discs.  The new Plextor drive helps remove the risk of purchasing a DVD/CD burner that does not comply with future DVD recording standards, and gives customers greater flexibility in choosing which DVD recordable media they use today.

Plextor's PX-708A drive supports 8X DVD+R and 4X DVD-R Writing; 4X DVD+RW and 2X DVD-RW Rewriting; and 12X max DVD-Reading.  The new DVD/CD burner also boasts high-speed 40X CD-R Writing, 24X CD-RW Rewriting, and 40X max CD-Reading.  The internal ATA/ATAPI-5 interface drive includes a bundle of premium digital media software from Roxio, Inc. including Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1 Basic DVD Edition and PhotoSuite 5 SE.

The Plextor PX-708A is a highly versatile DVD/CD burner specifically designed to deliver high-quality recording performance.  The drive gives users the ability to create, edit, and share customized DVDs and CDs using video, photos, audio, and data.  Lossless-linking technology enables users to perform basic editing tasks directly on the DVD disc, so there is no need to reload DVD content back to a PC to make minor changes, and no need to re-burn an entire DVD after making small edits.

The unit features a 2MB data buffer and burst data transfer rates of 33 MB/sec., allowing users to burn a 4.7GB DVD+R disc in approximately eight minutes.  All Plextor DVD/CD drives are designed for easy installation with Microsoft Windows-based personal computer systems.  The PX-708A features an ATA/ATAPI-5 (EIDE) interface, support for horizontal or vertical drive bay orientation, and Plug & Play compatibility with Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP operating systems.

Buffer Underrun Proof technology prevents buffer underrun errors, so users can multi-task during a recording session.  PoweRec  (Plextor Optimized Writing Error Reduction Control) technology is a sophisticated write strategy for stable recording at maximum speeds.  VariRec  allows adjustment of the laser power to produce the highest quality audio recording possible.

Premium Software Bundle - Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1 and PhotoSuite 5 SE Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1 Basic DVD Edition includes feature-rich digital media applications desired by today's "digital consumer" to capture, edit, manage and burn photos, videos, music, and data to CD or DVD.  Among the most compelling new applications in Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1 is DVD Builder . Roxio's new DVD Builder allows users to easily capture, edit and combine video and photo to create Hollywood-style DVDs of users' home movies and photo slideshows on CD, VideoCD, SVCD or DVD. Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1 also boasts a sleek new user interface to empower users of all skill levels to enjoy creating, copying, and customizing CDs and DVDs.

Roxio PhotoSuite 5 SE allows consumers to capture, organize, edit and share digital photos. It includes simple electronic albums and a combination of automated and advanced photo editing tools, including the ability to easily remove red-eye and wrinkles, lighten or darken, crop and rotate.  Consumers can also print and share online or quickly E-mail them without leaving the program. With PhotoSuite 5 SE's integrated Easy CD Creator burning technology, Plextor consumers will be able to burn photos to CD, Video CD or DVD.

The Plextor PX-708A DVD±R/RW drive is scheduled for shipment to distributors and resellers in North and South America in August 2003. The PX-708A drive has a price of $299.00 USD.


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NewTek Previews LightWave 3D [8] at SIGGRAPH 2003

NewTek, Inc., previewed the new technologies of LightWave 3D [8] at SIGGRAPH 2003, Booth 2848. NewTek's LightWave includes enhancements in dynamics, character animation, modeling workflow, animation workflow, texturing tools, and more. LightWave combines a photo-real renderer with intuitive and powerful modeling and animation tools, and is used worldwide as a complete 3D production solution for broadcast graphics, games, print, web, and visual effects for film and television.

LightWave [8] adds hard body dynamics to its suite of physical simulations tools, as well as improvements to cloth and other soft body dynamics. The character animation system is improved with faster inverse and forward kinematics, a more powerful and flexible control system, and the addition of dynamics for character skeletons - for example if the animator sends a heavy ball on a collision path with a character, the character will automatically react to the strike with real-world motions, based on where the ball impacts the character.

LightWave 3D Overview:

* Fast, versatile Modeler
* Powerful scripting language
* Character Animation tools
* Particle Effects
* Expressions
* Numeric entry (and math in input fields)
* Unlimited points and polygons per object
* Unlimited images
* Unlimited surfaces
* Easy import of Illustrator data
* Easy integration with other effects production tools.

LightWave 3D [8] Includes:

* Improved workflow in Layout and Modeler
* Rigid Body Dynamics
* Improved Soft Body Dynamics
* Faster IK, FK
* Bone Dynamics
* More powerful and flexible character animation controls and tools
* Improved character setup workflow
* New Particle System Tools
* Animatable UV coordinates
* Improvements to Lscript scripting language and to the API

LightWave 3D [8] is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2003, for a suggested retail price of $1595US. LightWave 3D [7.5] is available now at authorized NewTek resellers worldwide for a suggested retail price of $1595US, and those who purchase from now until LightWave 3D [8] ships will receive a free electronic upgrade to LightWave [8]. Registered owners of LightWave 3D [7.5] or earlier are eligible to purchase an upgrade to LightWave [8] for $495US.


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ADS Tech Scores a Triple Play with Instant DVD Family

Leveraging the advanced MPEG-2 hardware technology incorporated in its USB product line, ADS Tech is now shipping a complete family of USB Instant DVD products designed to meet the needs of a broad range of users. DVD Xpress, Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD +DV are external Plug-and-Play devices that enable users to bring audio and video into a desktop or laptop PC for editing and burning to a CD or  DVD that can be shared or archived. With a product line that spans from the most basic video capture solution to one of the industry's most complete consumer video production solutions, consumers also have a growth path to the future.  They can move up to Instant DVD products with expanded capabilities when they are ready.

ADS Instant DVD products provide users with a way to connect both analog and digital devices such as a VCR, camcorder or DVD player to their PC via their USB port for downloading video and converting it to the DVD format.  The latest video encoder/decoder chips and an advanced hardware MPEG2 codec are included to compress captured video 100:1 in Real Time, while providing high-quality video on-screen. Analog support lets consumers preserve their older taped videos (which deteriorate after only 10 to 15 years), by converting them to the DVD format and archiving them on CDs or DVDs that can last nearly 100 years.

All of the products in the USB Instant DVD family include CapWiz 3.0,  one of the only video capture applications that let you preview video at full resolution; and Video Studio 7 SE DVD with advanced video editing features such as video speed (fast motion or slow motion video) and support to edit DVDs created on set top DVD recorders. Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD +DV also include DVD Movie Factory and Muvee auto-Producer software. With DVD Movie Factory, users can capture video from Instant DVD, add other captures and burn the video to disc or use the Direct-to-Disc feature and archive their video tape collection directly to CD or DVD. Muvee autoProducer enables users to create professional-looking videos simply by importing the captured video, adding background music, and selecting a style for automatic production.

DVD Xpress Features
·Advanced MPEG-2 hardware encoder
·Audio and video capture via USB
·Primary applications: Capture and burn VCD, SVCD or DVD discs
·Software:  Video Studio 7 SE DVD, CapWiz 3.0
·Connection: USB 1.1 or USB 2.0
·Video Capture:  MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 at up to 15 Mb/sec.
Suggested Retail:  $129.99

Instant DVD 2.0 -- In addition to providing capture and burn  capabilities, Instant DVD 2.0 is a full codec device that enables users to decode MPEG video for output to a TV or record to CD, DVD or tape.  With hardware decode, users can also preview their video production on TV before burning to disc.

·Full hardware encode and decode - capture and send out to VCD, SVCD,  DVD or tape
·Full-featured Video Capture In and Out device
·Audio and video capture via USB
·Connection:  USB 1.1 or USB 2.0
·Primary applications: Capture, Edit, Burn and send to TV or preview  on TV before burning
·Software: Video Studio 7 SE DVD, CapWiz 3.0, DVD Movie Factory, Muvee autoProducer
·Convenient Feature: Capture direct to disc- Archive movies direct to  disc
·Video Capture: MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 at up to 15 Mb/sec. constant or  Variable bit rates - custom capture settings
·Video Pre-processing filters - temporal and spatial filters to help  remove noise from TV signals and old video tapes.
Suggested Retail:  $179.99


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Globalstor Expands Features of TransPro II

Globalstor Data broadened support for the broadcast and video industry when they announced expanded features for their DVD TransPro II Digital Dailies Solution.  Designed to burn daily  "takes" or "rough cuts" directly to industry standard DVD-R media for convenient, view-anywhere, random access to the day's shoot, TransPro II now supports the industries broadest selection of high-quality, image file formats giving film professionals an even more powerful means of electronic dailies distribution.  Adding support for Windows Media Player 9, QuickTime and Avid OMF ensures faster, easier dailies production and considerable savings in video production time and money.  This feature will allow the formats to be saved to the DVD along with the video or to be saved to a network drive, allowing users to access video through popular video editing software.

Offering a source preview/confidence check window, realtime, encoding and frame accuracy of one GOP, TransPro II is field-proven to be a clear improvement over earlier generation, tape-based solutions.  Seamlessly blending the creative and performance features that today's high-end users demand, the system's simplicity and economy make the TransPro II an ideal addition to mid-range corporate applications as well as professional.

NTSC and PAL compatible, the TransPro II is configured with a Pentium  4 and 512MB RAM running Windows 2000 Pro.  An IDE-based 80GB hard drive and a high performance 4X DVD-R drive ensures, quick project turnaround as well as the ease-of-use and application flexibility. The TransPro II includes a 17" LCD/flat panel monitor (touch screen optional) with a matching keyboard and mouse.

The TransPro II imports both time code and chapter points with scene  and take information from an EDL (Edit Decision List) of the associated dailies video and creates a DVD-R disc with complete, random access, DVD menu control to as many as 99 chapters. The TransPro II can also be used to store a copy of the DVD image on the hard drive that can be recalled at anytime to burn additional DVD copies, or for archival purposes.

Available for direct sale through Globalstor Data or to OEMs for  development into specific applications, the TransPro II is now shipping with a two-year factory warranty. TransPro II has an MSRP of $14,151.


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'RAM-Compatible' Logo and Compatibility Working Group Established

The Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) announced a number of measures it is taking to further speed the expansion of the recordable DVD market.  Among these moves, the RDVDC has created a new "RAM Compatible" logo to designate products capable of recording and playing back -- or just playing back -- video images on DVD-RAM discs in the Video Recording Format.

It also announced the establishment of the Compatibility Working Group
to ensure interoperability of products using RDVDC-supported recordable DVD formats (DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW).  With a growing number of companies manufacturing recordable DVD products, the RDVDC established the Compatibility Working Group to support newcomers to this market.  The group also looks to encourage the development of new products, further ensuring the compatibility of recordable DVD products.

The group has set up three Sub-Working Groups that cover the following
    1.  Tools and testers for development of discs and devices
    2.  Compatibility between various discs and apparatus
    3.  Applications

Established in April 2001, the Recordable DVD Council has grown to 94
corporate members (56 in Japan, l7 in Asia, 17 in North America and 4
in Europe) as of July 31, 2003.  The organization is dedicated to
expanding the market for the recordable DVD products that comply with the recordable DVD formats (DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW) specified by the DVD Forum.  


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Discreet Unveils 3ds max 6

Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc. announced the newest version of its 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution-3ds max 6.  Discreet delivered this announcement before the 3D and 2D graphics professionals attending the international SIGGRAPH Exhibition in San Diego, California.  This major software release will offer advanced customer-driven capabilities that enable the professional 3D artist, developer, and designer to evolve to a higher level of quality, sophistication, and productivity-as they create top-selling games, motion picture visual effects, or intricate visualizations for building design, industrial, or government simulation.

The many features in 3ds max 6 software are being integrated directly from requests by leading film effects, design visualization, and game development customers including SEGA Corporation Japan.  Designers and animators across all professional design industries will enjoy the depth and breadth of the new 3ds max 6 features to create their 3D designs with more creative tools and speed.

New features in the 3ds max 6 software release will include: advanced schematic view for easier viewing and better management of complex scenes; integrated mental ray rendering software; vertex color painting; design visualization tools and interchange support with Autodesk and other computer-aided design (CAD) and CAD-related solutions; integrated reactor 2 with stuntman and vehicle dynamics; distributed network texture baking, and features that provide greater accessibility to the software for power users.  Also included in the release will be a particle flow system for creating realistic fountains, fog, snow, splashes, contrails, explosions, and other environmental effects.

3ds max 6 software is expected to be available in fall 2003 with pricing at US $3,495.   Upgrade pricing is US $795 from 3ds max 5, and US $1,295 from the 3ds max 4 release.  Customers are encouraged to join the Discreet Subscription Program, which allows access to new software feature extensions, patches, upgrades, and e-learning content for an annual fee

( )

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TEAC America Introduces 4X DVD+/-R/RW Dual Desktop DVD-Recorder Drive

TEAC recently announced the introduction of its new DV-W50D Dual DVD-Recorder drive, a 4X DVD+/-R/RW IDE/ATAPI DVD-Recorder drive.  The TEAC DV-W50D offers support for both DVD+R/+RW and DVD-R/-RW recording formats.  With the dual format, consumers are now able to create DVDs that are playable in virtually any DVD players and take advantage of full CD recording, rewriting and reading functions.

It writes at 4X speed to DVD+R and DVD-R, rewrites at 2.4X speed to DVD+RW and 2X speed to DVD-RW media and plays DVD movies at 12X speed.  The drive is capable of recording to CD-R media at 16X speeds, rewriting to CD-RW media at 10X speed, combined with a higher read speed for CDs at 32X speed maximum.

The DV-W50D meets the new global DVD-Recordable standards set in August 2002 by the DVD Forum and allows users to maximize new high-speed, write-once and rewritable media.  The DV-W50D drive utilizes an
IDE/ATAPI interface for easy integration and upgrades.  It supports a
variety of DVD recording applications and is available in either white
or black bezels.  The DVW50D/KIT retail kit comes complete with the
installation hardware, recording and video editing software, DVD video
player software, full backup software and is ready for quick and easy
installation on Windows systems.

TEAC DVW50D DVD-Dual drive is available at Fry's Electronics Retail
stores throughout the United States, and through TEAC America's
Distribution partners.  The retail price is $279.99.

( ), (

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