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Streaming Media
August 15, 2003

Table of Contents

Genarts Announces Sapphire Plug-In for Discreet burn
Canopus Co. Ltd Licenses DivX Technology As Default Video Software Codec for Licensed Products
SmartSound Releases New Addition to Music Library
United Media Multicam Announces Support for Adobe Premiere Pro
Rimage Announces Support for Smarte Solutions' Next Generation Piracy Management Technology
NewTex Extends Lightwave Bundle and Upgrade Program
Digital Anarchy Releases Texture Anarchy For Photoshop
TRITTON Technologies To Distribute DVD CopyWare, Bundle With Viper DVD+R/RW Drives

Genarts Announces Sapphire Plug-In for Discreet burn

GenArts Inc., a leading provider of  digital visual effects plug-ins for the film, broadcast and video industry, announced the immediate availability of Sapphire Plug-ins for burn, Discreet's new Linux-based background rendering software.

With the new version of Sapphire Plug-ins, inferno, flame and flint artists will be able to use burn to process projects that include Sapphire Plug-ins faster than ever before, thereby increasin productivity and maximizing creative time.

Sapphire Plug-ins for burn are available immediately from GenArts for $2000 per dual processor workstation, or $1600 each for 4 or more. The software can be obtained directly from the GenArts web site at: and can be purchased from GenArts, or from Discreet resellers and sales representatives.

Sapphire Plug-ins provide the Discreet customer base with a collection of over 200 state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects that can quickly and easily transform any film or video clip. They are fully and seamlessly integrated in the Discreet user interface, and include many useful tools such as Glows, EdgeRays, LensFlare, Glint, Blurs and RackDefocus, as well as a host of sophisticated effects such as Lightning Zaps, FlysEye, JpegDamage, HalfTone and Textures. Sapphire Plug-ins are resolution-independent and include multi-processor support for faster rendering.


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Canopus Co. Ltd Licenses DivX Technology As Default Video Software Codec for Licensed Products

DivXNetworks Inc. and Canopus Corp. announced a comprehensive technology licensing partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Canopus will include DivX Pro, the professional version of the popular DivX video technology, as the default video software codec across the company's licensed software and hardware products.

With a wide variety of products, Canopus is a leader in the content production market for professionals and video enthusiasts. DivX Pro is the most advanced video compression technology on the market and includes innovative encoding techniques and built-in video processing tools to meet the rigorous demands of digital video professionals. Canopus will include DivX Pro in their video production products, including the popular MTV series of video capture boards and ProCoder, the company's advanced multi file format converter.

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SmartSound Releases New Addition to Music Library

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leading provider of soundtrack creation technology for visual content creators, announced the release of Edge Volume 6: Chill-Out/Cool Moods/Lounge. This collection of music - including acid jazz, downtempo, bossa nova and lounge - captures the hip yet cool sound of today's most popular TV commercials. The Edge Series offers SmartSound users access to cutting-edge music not available from any other source. It is the latest of 56 self-published, royalty-free music and sound libraries available for exclusive use with SmartSound's Sonicfire® Pro and other SmartSound soundtrack creation software products.

Edge Volume 6 features music appropriate for scoring any footage that needs a fun yet hip sound. Professionals will find these tracks ideal for reaching younger audiences without alienating other audience segments. The 12 tracks on the CD offer a range of musical styles, letting users invoke feelings from retro kitsch to cool relaxation.

SmartSound music and sound library CDs are available in two formats: 44k ($99.95) and 22k ($49.95) and can be purchased through SmartSound resellers or directly from SmartSound Software. Individual tracks from the entire SmartSound library are available for purchase from within SmartSound Sonicfire Pro version 3.0/3.1 software. 44 kHz tracks are $19.95 each.


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United Media Multicam Announces Support for Adobe Premiere Pro

United Media, Inc. announced that its United Media Multicam Software will support the new Adobe Premiere Pro software. United Media's Multicam Software allows video professionals the ability to edit multi-camera events, in real time on-the-fly, using 2 to 4 camera sources. Multicam is the only software of its kind and gives the video professional superior flexibility and exceptional creative control of editing multiple cameras at a very affordable price point.

Multicam integrates seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro on the PC platform under Windows XP. After completing your multi-camera within Multicam, easily export directly to Premiere Pro's timeline for adding realtime effects and titles.


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Rimage Announces Support for Smarte Solutions' Next Generation Piracy Management Technology

Rimage Corporation, a leading provider of integrated CD/DVD publishing solutions, and Smarte Solutions, Inc., a leader in piracy management solutions, have announced the availability of the SmarteCD Enablement solution for use with the Rimage line of CD-R publishing products.  The two companies will leverage availability of this feature to drive sales within the media publishing system and piracy management software markets, respectively.

The software-only feature enables Rimage systems to efficiently produce authorized titles with Smarte Solutions copy protection, in a variety of environments, including software publishers, fulfillment houses, on-demand retail and kiosk delivery systems. These authorized duplicates can be created using standard CD-R media.

Publishers can now create secure master discs using SmarteSECURE™? and SmarteMANAGER™?, then use SmarteCD-enabled Rimage systems to quickly produce any number of secure duplicates for use in testing, preview, beta programs and on-demand production - saving time and resources while ensuring process security.

Fulfillment houses are now able to swiftly turnaround duplication orders on SmarteCD-enabled Rimage systems directly from media masters supplied by their customers who are using Smarte Solutions - increasing margins while expanding customer bases.

On-demand retail and kiosk delivery systems built around Rimage publishing units can now offer Smarte Solutions' suite of piracy management products to their publishing clients to burn piracy-managed products (i.e. software, music CDs, etc.) at the point of sale.  Combine these copy protection capabilities with the Everest II off-set quality print technology, standard on all Rimage Producer II publishers, and in-store delivery systems can now create discs with all the attributes of mass produced titles -- secure copies of the software and game titles with full-color, indelible surface printing of photographic quality.

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NewTex Extends Lightwave Bundle and Upgrade Program

NewTek is pleased to announce that we are extending the offer to include eyeon's professional compositing software, DFX+ with Module 1 - Visual Effects and Module 4 - 3D Tools, a $1785 value, free with purchases of new seats or upgrades of NewTek's LightWave 3D [7.5]. In addition, this offer also includes a free upgrade to LightWave [8] by download when it ships later this year. Registered owners of LightWave [7.5] and earlier versions who pre-purchase a LightWave [8] upgrade for $495US during this period will receive DFX+ immediately, at no additional charge, and will receive the LightWave [8] upgrade in electronic form when it ships later this year. Purchasers who are upgrading from LightWave [6.5] or earlier versions will also receive an electronic upgrade to [7.5] at the time of their purchase.


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Digital Anarchy Releases Texture Anarchy For Photoshop

Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective special effects software for Adobe, Apple, and Discree products, announced the availability of Texture Anarchy for Photoshop. Texture Anarchy includes three plug-ins designed to create infinite, seamless textures and borders. Texture Anarchy provides an easy way of creating complex, sophisticated textures that can look organic, artificial, or surreal. Graphic designers who want textures for backgrounds, 3D programs, photo objects, or other design needs will find Texture Anarchy to be a suite of powerful, intuitive plug-ins.

In all three filters, the user has complete control over the textures. An easy to use user interface provides a powerful front end for experimentation and creation. Four modifiable light sources, a complete gradient editor, and 38 different base noise types allow an endless number of textures. The textures are generated mathematically using sophisticated fractal algorithms. This allows the texture to be scaled up or down indefinitely and used at any resolution.


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TRITTON Technologies To Distribute DVD CopyWare, Bundle With Viper DVD+R/RW Drives

TRITTON Technologies announced that it will distribute Redxpress' DVD CopyWare in North America.  DVD CopyWare is extremely powerful, affordable and easy-to-use and allows consumers to backup their entire DVD collection, including DeCSS encoded movies without any loss in audio or video quality. It is available today through and other top technology catalogs and computer retail stores for $59.99 MSRP.  TRITTON will also bundle the software with its popular line of Viper internal and external DVD+R/RW recordable drives.

DVD CopyWare offers a simple point and click DVD backup solution allowing consumers and video professionals to protect their home movies, motion pictures and other DVD video assets in the case of damage, loss, or theft.  Users simply launch DVD CopyWare, insert the DVD they wish to copy and click "backup."  The software offers a back-up choice of complete DVD-to-hard disk transfer or an incremental DVD caching process. With its unique, integrated 'Click and Burn' technology, the software makes it easy for users to select or omit special features and language options and then burn an exact, crystal clear copy with no data loss and no compression in less than one hour.  Final DVD productions can be viewed on most home, computer and portable DVD players.

TRITTON will bundle DVD CopyWare with its line of Viper DVD+R/RW recordable drives. The Viper TRI-066x is a 4x internal IDE DVD burner that lists for $299. The Viper TRI-064x is a 4x external DVD recorder that lists for $399. The Viper TRI-044x DVD drive connects via USB 2.0 and FireWire (IEEE1394/iLink).  Both drives also ships with Pinnacle Systems Instant CD/DV software.


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