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Streaming Media
September 02, 2003

Table of Contents

Univenture Announces the UniKeep CD 40
Primera Technology Introduces DVD±R Recording in DVD Duplicator and Publisher Systems
Sencore Introduces New Portable CP5001 All-Display ColorPro Color Analyzer
Kinomai Introduces K-Navigator Software Solutions
InterVideo Delivers Enhanced DVD-Audio Support for Audigy 2
1GB DDR266 Memory Module for Apple 12-Inch Powerbook (867 MHz G4) Model Now Available
Ricoh Unveils New 8X DVD+R Media
Pinnacle Creates A Digital Bridge From The PC To The TV With Sigma Designs

Univenture Announces the UniKeep CD 40

Univenture, Inc., an award-winning manufacturer of media packaging solutions announced that it has launched the UniKeep Disc 40. The new 40-disc, bookshelf-sized view case binder was developed in response to strong customer demand for a greater capacity version of the UniKeep Disc 10.

For business-to-business applications, the UniKeep Disc 40 is easy to ship and presents a significantly more cost effective media storage and display solution that is secured inside a durable bookshelf-sized binder. For a compelling brand packaging solution, the binder overlay or insert can be printed in a wide variety of custom designs and colors. The consumer public can also easily purchase a variety of Disc 10, 20, 40 and 80 view case binders online

Easily storing up to 40 discs, this UniKeep product snaps shut to securely protect the contents inside. Product features include 10, four-disc Safety-sleeve® pages and an optional graphic / index page and pocket. Like all UniKeep™ products, the Disc 40 is made from durable 100% polypropylene and is curbside recyclable.

An eight-disc page is also available for the full sized UniKeep, providing storage for up to 80 discs in the 1-1/2" case binder, a 100 disc binder solution is offered as well. All UniKeep disc binder storage products are compatible with Univenture's Safety-sleeve disc storage pages.

The on-the-shelf convenience and easy shipping of the UniKeep Disc 40 has many commercial solutions such as presenting and packaging multiple CD music sets, books on disc or for data archival purposes.


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Primera Technology Introduces DVD±R Recording in DVD Duplicator and Publisher Systems

Primera Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of CD and DVD duplicators and printers, announces it's integration of DVD-R and DVD+R recording formats for the Composer and Bravo lines of CD/DVD duplicators.

The Composer, ComposerPlus, ComposerPro and ComposerMAX Optical Disc Duplicators and the Bravo Disc Publisher with PC compatibility now include Pioneer's A06 drive for burning both DVD-R and DVD+R media.  As Apple does not support DVD+R drives, the Bravo Disc Publisher with Mac compatibility will ship with DVD+R disabled.

The new general-purpose drive records DVD±R at 4x speed and CD-Rs at 16x speed.  All Composer Optical Disc Duplicators and Bravo Disc Publishers are now shipping with the DVD±R recordable drive.


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Sencore Introduces New Portable CP5001 All-Display ColorPro Color Analyzer

The new CP5001 All-Display ColorPro is a portable color analyzer for calibrating all video display technologies including DLP, LCD, plasma, CRT and more. The CP5001 calibrates front and rear projectors as well as direct view displays.

The easy-to-use graphical interface greatly decreases calibration time with easy to follow measurement screens. The CIE and RGB screens make calibrations simple by illustrating exactly which colors need adjusting.

The portable, handheld operation and high-resolution color display of the CP5001 makes it easy to align displays on location—the home theater, mall, medical operating room, convention center and more. The performance specifications of the CP5001 mean you can calibrate video display anywhere with lab grade accuracy. The specifications of the CP5001 are NIST traceable.

The CP5001's custom software lets you download calibration data to a PC for documentation, data storage and report generation.

The CP5001 comes supplied with an attractive, durable carrying case for protecting your instrument between calibration jobs as well as a 30' serial extension cable and camera tripod-mounting bracket for calibrating front projector displays.


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Kinomai Introduces K-Navigator Software Solutions

The French company Kinomai will present its K-Navigator range of software solutions for smart digital video navigation at the 2003 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) to be held at the RAI Exhibition and Congress Center in Amsterdam, September 12-16 (Booth 10.449). A specialist in real time video and audio analysis, Kinomai has already gained a solid reputation as a leader in generating meta-data for broadcast automation requirements. K-Navigator is ideal for archivists, television newsroom journalists, broadcast technicians and program managers at broadcasting companies, video editors, subtitlers and other post-production technicians, and editors at media monitoring companies. It also promises better control to end-users of personal video recorders.

With its K-Navigator line of software solutions, Kinomai is applying its proven know-how in real time meta-data generation to the needs of digital video navigation. The solutions are based on a two-level approach: audio and video key properties are computed on the fly from the incoming audiovisual stream and identify meaningful events (change of shot, appearance of a pre-learned image, change of background sound, applause, etc.). Successively, and at any given moment, "broadcast grammars" are used in conjunction with the computed multimedia properties to generate a table of contents of the incoming video. As an example, a television news broadcast will be automatically broken down into segments corresponding to the different news items it contains. Similarly, a tennis match will be broken down into played points and the most dramatic points will be identified. For a talk show, interviews will be segmented and highlighted. A movie feature will be broken down into chapters, offering navigational capabilities similar to those of a DVD.


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InterVideo Delivers Enhanced DVD-Audio Support for Audigy 2

InterVideo, Inc. announced the first software solution that fully supports the DVD-Audio functionality of Creative Labs' Sound Blaster Audigy 2 series audio products. InterVideo's DVD-Audio Pack option for the WinDVD 5 Platinum and Gold editions enables users to navigate DVD-Audio discs and enjoy the extra features this format provides such as photos, discographies, slide shows and more. With the Creative hardware and InterVideo software, users can enjoy the full Advanced Resolution, multi-channel experience DVD-Audio offers.

WinDVD 5 provides a single solution for playback of DVD-Videos, VCDs, SVCDs, and audio CDs. With the introduction of the DVD-Audio Pack, InterVideo adds navigation controls and playback capability for the latest high-definition standard in music listening--DVD-Audio. Easy to use, the new add-on pack automatically detects DVD-Audio sources. Users can navigate the audio content, skip tracks, play music, or access the special audio disc menus to view slide shows, pictures, lyrics and bonus sessions with ease.

The Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card is the first PC-based audio solution that plays back Advanced Resolution(TM) DVD-Audio at 24 bits/192 kHz in stereo and 24 bits/96 kHz in six-channel surround sound. Creative's Sound Blaster Audigy 2 series is a great companion to InterVideo's WinDVD 5 DVD-Audio Pack combination, providing users a complete solution for enjoying full fidelity music as well as features such as interactive menus, full motion video clips and web access, previously not available on audio CDs.

(, (

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1GB DDR266 Memory Module for Apple 12-Inch Powerbook (867 MHz G4) Model Now Available

Trans Intl. announced the worldwide availability of a 1 gigabyte (GB) DDR266 (double data rate) memory module for the Apple Powerbook G4 (867 MHz 12 inch model).  Trans Intl.'s 1GB memory module will double this Powerbook's main memory to 1152 megabytes (MB) of available RAM.

The Apple 12 inch Powerbook (867 MHz G4 Model) has one memory expansion socket for main memory expansion, with 128MB RAM soldered on the logic board. Trans Intl 1 GB DDR266 memory modules allow the system's memory to be upgraded up to 1152 Megabytes MB (maximum), which was earlier limited to 640 Megabytes (MB) bringing Apple 12 inch Powerbook memory capacity equal to other Apple Powerbook G4's.

Trans Intl. memory modules conform to Apple's stringent electrical and mechanical design guidelines.  The 1GB DDR266 Memory Module operates at a clock rate of 133MHz and transmits data at 266 Mbps.


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Ricoh Unveils New 8X DVD+R Media

Ricoh Company, Ltd., a leading writable DVD drive and media manufacturer, announced its next generation DVD+R media products.  Unveiled at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, the new 8X speed DVD+R media allows 4.7GB of data to be burned in less than 8 minutes while maintaining backward compatibility with previous generation writers.  The company will begin shipping the new media to OEMs and media manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Japan in 4Q of 2003.


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Pinnacle Creates A Digital Bridge From The PC To The TV With Sigma Designs

Sigma Designs, a leader in digital media processing for consumer appliances, announced that its EM8551 media processor will be used in Pinnacle Systems new Pinnacle ShowCenter, a digital media management and playback solution. The EM8551 provides a highly integrated solution for MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and DVD decoding, based on Sigma's REALmagic Video Streaming Technology.

Pinnacle's ShowCenter provides consumers building a multimedia home network with instant access to digital libraries, without moving the PC into the living room. Consumers will be able to easily access digital video, music and photos from any room of their home by pressing a button on the Pinnacle ShowCenter remote.

The Pinnacle ShowCenter consists of the EM8551-based set-top box encased within a brushed metal housing. The dedicated Pinnacle ShowCenter remote control and the Pinnacle ShowCenter Multimedia Management PC application are also included. The Pinnacle ShowCenter STB features a user-friendly, powerful graphical interface for the TV and comes with a network cable for connection to a PC. The integrated PCMCIA slot can be used for an optional wireless connection to the PC.

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