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Streaming Media
September 16, 2003

Table of Contents

Leitch Unveils Two New Hardware Control Surfaces for dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity NLEs
Pinnacle Systems Extends Liquid Family with Introduction of Pinnacle Liquid Edition
Sony Pictures Digital Networks Announces Sound Forge Upgrade at IBC 2003
NTI Unveils New Suite of Backup/Recovery Solutions
Canopus EDIUS 1.5 Now Available
Pinnacle Systems Delivers CinéWave 4 for new PowerMac G5
Sonic Debuts DVD Producer 4 and SD-2000 Encoding for Windows XP Professional
Avid Bundles Sonic's ReelDVD Software with Latest Editing and Finishing Solutions
Trace Affex Unveils CD-Artist VI Printer

Leitch Unveils Two New Hardware Control Surfaces for dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity NLEs

Leitch Technology unveiled the JOG-5000 and FAD-5000, two new hardware controllers for the dpsVelocityQ multi-stream non-linear editing system and dpsVelocity dual-stream NLE.

The JOG-5000 external hardware jog/shuttle controller provides tactile precision control for scrubbing, trimming, and editing. It also offers remote deck control such as batch capture and print-to-tape within the dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity user interface. Keypad buttons provide easy access to interface functions, including timeline playback, marking in and out points, and performing three- and four-point edits. The JOG-5000 includes the same features of the earlier JOG-4000 but is improved by a back-lit LCD time code display, USB interface, enhanced keypad layout and more.

The FAD-5000 motorized external audio fader controller provides an easy, tactile interface to dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity's audio mixing capabilities. Featuring eight touch-sensitive motorized faders, the FAD-5000 provides precision control when mixing audio levels.  Furthermore, the bi-directional communication enables the motorized faders to automatically track software level settings during playback. Additional buttons provide remote access to software functions such as solo and mute for each track.

The JOG-5000 and FAD-5000 are expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2003 and will be available through the worldwide network of authorized Leitch Post Production resellers. The combination of powerful, flexible and intuitive software along with the dpsQuattrus multi-stream real-time hardware makes dpsVelocityQ a tightly integrated multi-layer NLE solution. The following are features of dpsVelocity:  real-time, full-quality playback of four streams of video, up to six graphics streams, and four channels of 3D DVE. It also contains the same software interface running on dual-stream real-time hardware, featuring real-time performance of two video streams, two graphics streams and an optional single-channel 3D DVE.


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Pinnacle Systems Extends Liquid Family with Introduction of Pinnacle Liquid Edition

Real-time compositing, effects and DVD authoring are all within the same intuitive interface of Pinnacle System's new professional editing solution: the Pinnacle Liquid Edition.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition is the first professional non-linear video editing application to utilize both the CPU and GPU, providing more than 1,000 real-time 2D and true 3D effects, chroma and luma keys, and up to ten real-time streams. Other professional features include Pinnacle's CX primary and secondary color corrector, as well as Dynamic slow-motion controls. It also offers background rendering, providing editors with continuous creative workflow sans typical editing interruptions.  With Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro, there is analog out to a NTSC/PAL video monitor and tape from the timeline with real-time effects.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition provides direct-from-the timeline DVD authoring. With Pinnacle Liquid Edition, the DVD track appears alongside the standard audio and video tracks. This enables the user to easily create and edit graphic menus directly within the Pinnacle Liquid editing environment. The Pinnacle Liquid also contains wizards and templates to aid in the DVD creation process.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition's powerful XSend capability allows for rapid sharing of clips and projects with Pinnacle Commotion Pro, Adobe After Effects and Macromedia Flash MX.  It is also compatible with Pinnacle's broadcast products such as Pinnacle Thunder servers and Dekocast graphics systems. With Pinnacle Liquid Edition it is possible to use networked drives as well as local drives for direct playback and rendering in a networked workgroup environment. Pinnacle Liquid Edition projects are compatible with the entire Pinnacle Liquid product line including Liquid blue, Liquid chrome and Liquid silver. Pinnacle Liquid Edition also attaches directly to Palladium Store systems and integrates with Vortex networked news systems.  Consequently it provides an all-in-one solution for journalist editing, craft editing, media management and playout.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition is part of the Pinnacle Liquid line, which includes Liquid blue for multi-format broadcast environments, Liquid chrome for real-time post settings where time and quality are at a premium and Liquid silver for MPEG-2 post editing.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition version 5.5 is scheduled to be available for
$699 in September 2003. Customers can also choose Liquid Edition Pro with analog I/O as well as digital for SRP $999.  Liquid Edition version 5.5 replaces Pinnacle Edition and Liquid Purple, which will no longer be sold.  Pinnacle is also offering a Pinnacle Liquid Edition Productivity Pack, including Commotion Pro, Hollywood FX Pro, TitleDeko Pro, Impression DVD Pro for $499.


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Sony Pictures Digital Networks Announces Sound Forge Upgrade at IBC 2003

Sony Pictures Digital Networks announced at the International Broadcasting Convention that a new version of its Sound Forge software, the company's professional digital audio editor, will ship at the end of September.  This is the first new professional software release from Sony Pictures Digital Networks since it purchased all of Sonic Foundry's desktop production software assets in July 2003.

Sound Forge 7.0 software includes many new features and enhancements, such as automated time-based recording; audio threshold record triggering; VU meters for recording and playback; enhanced Spectrum Analysis tools; DirectX Plug-in effects automation; White, Pink, and Brown noise generators; Media Explorer Previewing; Project File Creation; support for 24fps native DV video files, and more.  The application includes a set of customizable processes, effects and tools for manipulating audio, creating streaming media, and also offers support for a range of file import and export options for most industry formats.  

The MSRP for Sound Forge 7.0 software is $499.95.  Registered users of Sound Forge software can upgrade directly from for only $149.95.  The software (both boxed and downloadable versions) is also available for purchase at the Web site. Sound Forge 7.0 software is expected to ship at the end of September 2003 and will be available at software dealers and distributors worldwide.


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NTI Unveils New Suite of Backup/Recovery Solutions

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. announced the creation of Backup NOW! 3 Deluxe Suite, a new backup/recovery solution with new features and new packaging. Ideal for network, stand-alone and notebook PCs, Backup NOW!  Deluxe 3 Suite provides backup flexibility and added value by including two backup/recovery solutions for the price of one.  Users can make aduplicate of their entire system and restore it to its prior state as well as back up individual files to quickly restore those lost or deleted. NTI Backup NOW!  3 Deluxe Suite provides full image backup and individual file/folder backup using virtually all CD or DVD recordable devices, including the following: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM as well as internal/external hard drives, JAZ, ZIP, MO, USB Pen Drives and more.

Also unique to Backup NOW! 3 Deluxe Suite is Dynamic Drive Support (DDS) and Live Update, two NTI-exclusive technologies.  DDS enables the software to confirm support for any CD or DVD burner, even if the device isn't registered in NTI's drive support database.  Live Update automatically optimizes the backup and recovery software to complement the device.  NTI's new backup/recovery suite offers all of the features of Backup NOW! and a host of new ones:  EasyStep Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes the system recovery tool even easier to use, Simplified Disaster Recovery Support for Windows NT, 2000, and XP, network drive support saves backup images on network drives, Advanced File Filtering for improved control of your backup jobs and Enhanced Backup Write Speed supporting higher-performance CD and DVD media.

Backup NOW! 3 Deluxe Suite also includes additional backup capabilities such as incremental and differential support, a backup scheduler, backup over a network, on-demand compare, restore single files/folders, and Intra Backup Restart, which protects against the possibility of having to restart an interrupted backup job.

The scheduler can be used to carry out full, incremental, or differential backups during off-peak hours without human intervention.  After making a full system backup, only new or changed files need to be backed up. File Exclude /Include features enable users to bypass or select specific file types from multiple folders for backup. Backup jobs can also be appended or overwritten.

With Network Drive Data Source support for backing up all files from networked drives and password protection, Backup NOW! 3 Deluxe Suite will appeal to businesses, healthcare facilities, financial institutions and government agencies. Even system files that are in use, hidden files, and the Windows Registry, can be backed up. For complete volume recovery, a bootable emergency recovery disc can be created to automatically restore the system.  The software can also be used as a cloning utility when setting up new workstations and notebooks. Using the software's wizard-driven interface and on-the-fly data compression capabilities, users can store up to 1.4GB of vital data on a single CD, or up to 9.4GB on a single-sided DVD disc.  The software also enables media spanning over multiple CDs or DVDs, as well as drive spanning for a complete, unattended mirroring of the system's hard drive.

Available now for Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000/XP, the NTI Backup NOW! 3 Deluxe Suite has a suggested retail price of US$79.99. NTI's backup and recovery solution is available at leading authorized NTI retailers worldwide as well as major online retailers.  Users can also purchase Backup NOW! 3 Deluxe Suite at  OEM versions of NTI Backup NOW! are also bundled with some of the industry's leading CD/DVD burners as well as desktop and notebook computers. The software supports eight languages, including Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Spanish and English.


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Canopus EDIUS 1.5 Now Available

Canopus Corporation announced the availability of EDIUS 1.5, an upgrade to the nonlinear editing application Canopus released earlier this year. EDIUS 1.5 features the following: improved bin folder structure and search capabilities for enhanced clip organization and management, the ability to remap missing or moved clips within a project for easier updating. It also contains enhanced timeline management such as batch delete, which permits users to select multiple clips on the timeline and delete them at once. EDIUS 1.5 also introduces support for 32-bit uncompressed video with alpha channel, allowing editors to insert clips made using applications, such as Ulead, and COOL 3D, directly onto the video track and play back in realtime.

Registered users of EDIUS can upgrade to version 1.5 through a free download from the Canopus Web site at The suggested retail price of EDIUS is $599.

EDIUS integrates Canopus's proprietary Effects Technology to provide editors with an advanced level of artistic creativity. EDIUS offers 27 realtime video filters, including White/Black Balance, Color Balance, High Quality Blur and Region. EDIUS also features a selection of realtime video keyers, such as Chroma Key and Luma Key, for use in compositing effects.  It also contains a customizable 2D/3D Picture-in-Picture effect. All EDIUS effects are adjustable and may be combined to produce hundreds of customizable effects.

EDIUS is capable of unlimited simultaneous realtime titles and graphics layers. Its motion and opacity controls allow users to stack multiple title layers for greater creativity. Title Motion Filter effects in EDIUS include Blur, Dissolve, Slide, Wipe and Laser. EDIUS also includes Inscriber and TitleExpress to quickly create high-quality video titles. Editors can choose from more than 170 pre-designed titling templates, then  type in their own text. In addition to templates, editors have the freedom to generate their own titles.

The output quality of a completed video project is just as important as the editing process. EDIUS addresses this by providing multiple format export capabilities with technology featured in ProCoder, Canopus's conversion software. ProCoder LE EDIUS Edition lets users rapidly export to MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime, RealVideo, and Windows Media formats, in addition to Canopus's own DV AVI format.


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Pinnacle Systems Delivers CinéWave 4 for new PowerMac G5

Pinnacle Systems Inc. announced the immediate availability of a new version of CinéWave 4, the hardware and software combination for Apple's Final Cut Pro 4.   It provides full support for Apple's new Power Mac G5. Apple has qualified CinéWave RT and RT Pro 4.0.1 for the new Power Mac G5 as well. CinéWave's real-time, all-the-time online and offline editing features are now available to post-production professionals who demand that type of performance.  CinéWave also now features enhanced support for PAL video.

CinéWave 4 is complete with dozens of new features including:High Quality Offline Support: which saves space, and has Real-Time HD and SD to capture into photoJPEG, D25/DV50 and CinéOffline.

With new high-precision 32-bit floating-point rendering and Final Cut Pro 4's HDR Image Processing CineWave 4 can support "trillions of colors" after RGBA rendering with Adobe After Effects.  Support for Steinberg Nuendo and up to eight tracks of audio out with Final Cut Pro 4 delivers a sophisticated sound. The presence of a new TARGA Ciné Codec for PC delivers cross-platform

Film-Friendly: Real-time reverse telecine from 30 or 29.97 FPS video capture to 24 FPS footage in both HD and SD formats with support for DV, PhotoJPEG and CinéOffline. Real-time pull-down restores 30 and 29.97 FPS output for tape.

Full CinéWave 4 systems now start at a suggested retail price of $3,995. CinéWave 4.0.1, with comprehensive support for the new Power Mac G5, is immediately available at no charge from CinéWave 4 is required to take advantage of the free CinéWave 4.0.1 software upgrade. CinéWave 4 upgrades are available for $295 suggested retail price.


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Sonic Debuts DVD Producer 4 and SD-2000 Encoding for Windows XP Professional

Sonic Solutions has debuted the latest version of Sonic's professional authoring system designed to provide highly advanced DVD title production to creative DVD professionals. A new version of its well-known SD-2000 has also been introduced.  It provides advanced MPEG encoding system for the Windows platform designed for the preparation of video and audio assets for DVD authoring.

DVD Producer 4 adds significant features and productivity enhancements to its array of tools designed to streamline the authoring process. With features such as a new PlayList Manager that allows users to easily create multiple independent playback lists of a DVD's contents, and integration with hardware for proofing output to an external video monitor during the authoring process, DVD Producer 4 sets a standard in advanced title production, flexibility, and ease of use.

New in DVD Producer 4 are the following features: FilmPack authoring support - Designed for film and high-end multimedia producers requiring the maximum in DVD authoring flexibility; DVD Producer 4 supporting dual-layer (DVD-9) authoring; Volume Info; Regional Coding; CSS; CGMS; and APS copy protection schemes.

DVD Producer 4 now includes fast and automatic transcoding to Dolby Digital from PCM formatted audio files.  For real-time proofing during authoring, DVD Producer 4 integrates hardware to output video to an external video monitor. Real-time proofing involves outputting a multiplexed stream from the authoring system that exactly matches the playback characteristics of a DVD player to deliver WYSIWYG title checking
during the authoring process.

DVD Producer 4 controls all aspects of starting position, audio, and subtitle stream selection as the multiple independent playback order lists of their DVD assetswith up to 64,000 possible links.   Sonic's SD-2000 advanced MPEG encoder for Windows XP Professional is designed for feature film and high-end multimedia professionals who need the very best in video and audio encoding using the PC platform.Previously only available for the Macintosh platform, the SD-2000 for Windows XP Professional will incorporate the latest UI and workflow enhancements designed to improve the usability and productivity of the encoding system. In addition, the new version of SD-2000 is intended for workstation integration with Sonic Scenarist, capable of high-end DVD title creation.

Sonic DVD Producer is an integrated and complete DVD-Video and DVD-ROM authoring system. Incorporating powerful menu design technology to create DVD menus that would typically require the use of separate graphics and video editing applications, DVD Producer's menu design engine enables the automatic creation of animated-motion buttons with drag-and-drop simplicity.  It also incorporates a familiar text tool for creating stylish button labels and menu headings with drop shadow effects.

DVD Producer also features JumpAnywhere, an advanced point-and-click navigation programming interface that eliminates userscripting while delivering highly-advanced interactivity. Other features include: custom Jacket Picture creation, real-time bit-for-bit project proofing, and full support for open DVD technology.  This allows finished DVD-Video discs to be edited, by either adding or deleting video and audio content.

By incorporating Sonic's AuthorScript, which is a powered multiplexing and formatting engine, and WriteDirect a single-step DVD Volume creation, DVD Producer is able to output to the widest range of DVD-recordable devices. DVD Producer is available in both a software-only version, as well as a version that is integrated with Sonic's SD-series hardware video encoding solutions.

A single PCI card, the SD-2000 encoder includes SDI digital video I/O, multi-channel digital audio I/O and integrated RS-422 machine control and linear timecode reading. The SD-2000 includes real-time MPEG-2 VBR and CBR encoding and decoding, Dolby Digital encoding and decoding, as well as support for complete DVD title de-multiplexing and proofing.


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Avid Bundles Sonic's ReelDVD Software with Latest Editing and Finishing Solutions

Sonic Solutions  announced at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) that Avid Technology, Inc., will bundle Sonic's DVD creation software ReelDVD LE with Avid Xpress Pro, Media Composer Adrenaline, NewsCutter Adrenaline FX, and NewsCutter XP systems.

Built on the same technology as Sonic's Scenarist authoring system, the standard for Hollywood feature film DVD production, ReelDVD is designed to empower video professionals with fast, efficient and easy-to-use DVD creation capabilities. The combination of ReelDVD LE and Avid's award-winning content creation solutions provides producers and editors with the ability to edit analog or digital video (DV), encode projects to MPEG-2, and author compelling DVD titles with motion menus, exciting slideshows, and multiple audio and subtitle streams. ReelDVD also enables users to produce titles with the highest level of DVD player compatibility.

Avid Media Composer Adrenaline and Avid NewsCutter Adrenaline FX are currently available through Avid's worldwide reseller network. Avid Xpress Pro and Avid NewsCutter XP with Avid Mojo systems are expected to be available later this month

(, (

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Trace Affex Unveils CD-Artist VI Printer

Trace Affex announced that it has introduced its latest and most advanced ink-jet color CD/DVD printer, the CD-Artist VI that prints directly on CD-R/RWs, DVD-/+R/RWs and CD/DVD business cards. This printer is the third-generation Trace Affex CD/DVD printer to use HP's powerful, color ink-jet technology and represents a significant leap forward in imaging technology, performance, and ease of use.  Perfect applications include studios, service bureaus and sales and marketing tools requiring precise, high-quality CD/DVD presentation.

Based on HP's 6122-series DeskJet printer,  the Trace Affex CD Artist VI achieves the highest print density in the industry -- up to 4800x1200 dpi.  In addition, it uses enhanced PhotoREt III color layering, color optimization and color resolution technologies that produce sharper images, natural skin tones and brilliant colors on any ink-jet printable CD/DVD surface.  This enables a wide range of users to achieve results that addressable dots, alone, cannot accomplish.

The Trace Affex CD-Artist VI comes with a steel-locking tray, which easily snaps in and allows printing on standard CD/DVD-R discs.  Snap-in trays for special-sized CD-R business cards are available as an option.

Featuring industrial-grade construction, the Trace Affex CD-Artist VI can be connected to a PC via a USB cable included with the printer. The CD-Artist VI supports both USB and parallel connectivity to the PC.  CD-Artist VI is compatible with all the major Windows graphics software.  The minimum PC requirement is a Pentium 133MHz with 64 MB of RAM.

MSRP for the new CD-Artist VI is $1895.


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