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Canopus Corporation

Product Name : EDIUS

Target Market : Professional, Corporate, Commercial

Capture (FROM) Formats : DV, Analog

Capture (To) Formats : DV - Type 1

Analog Capture Card : Optional

DV FireWire Card : Not Included

Batch Capture : Yes

Scene Detection : yes

Fast Scanning : yes

Video Output : Tape, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG - 2

Audio Output :

Aspect Ratios : Both


Frame Size : Custom

Editing Views : Timeline

Editing Modes : A/B Roll, Ripple, Slip

Video Tracks (1-99) : Unlimited

Multitrack Audio Mixing : yes

Customizable Cross-Fades : yes

Slide Show Creation :

Real-time Effects Rendering : yes

Effects Real time (Transitions) (1-99) :

Effects Palette (Real time) (2D effects) (1-99) :

Effects Palette (Real time) 3D effects (1-99) :

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts : no

Chromakey : yes

Lumakey : yes

Color Correction Controls : Hue, saturation, brightness; vectorscopes/ waveform

Keyframes : yes

Frame Cropping : yes

2D Effects :

3D Effects : 40+ effects via Xplode & EDIUS FX

Title Effects : Bundled w/ Inscribe TitleExpress

Levels of Undo (1-99) : Unlimited

Preview to 2nd Monitor (hardware-dependent) : yes

Preview Zoom : no

Preview Quality Control (Low-High for faster rendering) : no

Still Image Pans : no

Picture-in-Picture : yes

EDL Import : yes

DirectX Effect Support : yes

Imported Image File Formats :

AAF Support : no

Additional Audio Features : A/V split editing, audio level/pan keyframe, voiceover,

Smart Rendering (no re-rendering of already-rendered MPEG : yes

DVD Authoring : No

Key DVD Authroing Features :

Hyperthread or Dual-Processor Optimization : no

PC/Mac Included :

Hardware board included : DVStorm2 or DVRex RT/Professional

Additonal Software/Plug-ins/Utilities Included : ProCoder LE

System Requirements : Win XP

Pricing : $599 (scalable w/ boards)

Company Description:
Canopus Corporation manufactures award-winning, non-linear video editing, MPEG-2 encoding, DVD authoring, and 3D DVE products for video professionals and enthusiasts. The company's DVD authoring solution, Amber for DVD, combines Canopus' MPEG-2 encoder with Spruce Technologies' DVDVirtuoso authoring software to provide a comprehensive, affordable DVD authoring system that delivers the high-quality video and audio MPEG-2 output essential for DVD authoring.

Web Site:

711 Charcot Avenue
San Jose , CA

Telephone: 408/954-4500

Telephone 2: N/A

Fax: 408/954-4504

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DVD Authoring Tools Non-Linear Editing Software