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Cutting Edge

Product Name : ShareStor

Hard Drive (GB) : No

CD/DVD Drives (number @ speed) : 28@40X

CD/DVD Recorders (number @ speed) : 2@24x

Expandability : Yes

Configuration : Host-Dependent

Multiprotocol Support : No

Price(s) : $980-4,300

Company Description:
Cutting Edge is a leading developer and provider of network storage solutions including Network Attached Storage (NAS), CD/DVD-ROM servers, CD/DVD-ROM towers, CD recording systems, jukeboxes, libraries, and fully fault-tolerant RAID arrays. We can provide any amount of storage from a few hundred megabytes to hundreds of terabytes. We specialize in custom-configuring total solutions to your exact specifications.

Web Site:

8191 Center St
La Mesa , CA

Telephone: 619/667-7888 ext. 230

Telephone 2: 619/667-7888 ext. 215

Fax: 619/667-7890

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Network Storage Towers